Vaidyagrama Ayurveda healing village  is an NABH accredited Ayurveda hospital

vaidyagrama offers online consultations through Zoom or other such media for patients who find it difficult to travel in this turbulent period.

Please contact to set up an online appointment with one of the vaidyagrama physicians.

A natural Ayurveda healing village

TOLL FREE - 1800 123 2230 | Email​: Address: 15 (1), Rottikaranur Road Thirumalayampalayam Post Madukkarai via, Coimbatore 641 105, Tamilnadu INDIA
Nature's own space. Healing in true sense.
Learning at Vaidyagrama 

My eventful commute to Vaidyagrama typically sees me at school around 9am. I have an hour to spend before class starts at 10am, and I usually do some of my morning chanting meditation then.

I’ll get asked a few questions from patients as to what I’m doing and it gives me a chance to tell them about my beliefs and practices in ISKCON – but otherwise most people know what it’s about, bid me a good morning and get on with their work.

I walk over to my classroom at 10am and Dr Ramdas greets me, not with a ‘good morning’, but rather ‘a very good morning’, and his warm smile. We ...
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Vaidyagrama, the healing village
16/01/2011 - Ivy Ingram

The drive to Vaidyagrama took about an hour through lush green land dotted with palm trees, small houses, and fields. We were surrounded by vegetation, and before long small mountains appeared in the distance. As we drew closer to them, our driver explained that an engineering school was being built at the base of the mountains by Ammachi’s philanthropic organization.

When we turned off the main road and onto Vaidyagrama’s dirt entry road, he said we were about 4 kilometers from the border with Kerala (the next state over from our state of Tamil Nadu). Several of the staff came out to greet us as we pulled up at the entrance.

There was a flurry of introductions and exclamations. I was eager to meet Aparna
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The Transformational village 
14/02/2011 - Dr Claudia Welch

... Five students who have been through the program at The Ayurvedic Institute are ...
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Healing journey in Vaidyagrama About 1 ½ years ago it was suspected for 2 days that I had a cancer of the bladder. It was a very interesting moment. I considered that it could be true and looked at my options. Actually within moments it was clear that I would immediately go for my long postponed Panchakarma and take full responsibility for my health. If after that I was to be terminal I would want to spend the remaining time with my guru in the ashram. It all turned out well and there was no cancer but my resolve to finally make time for Panchakarma was now clear. MORE...

Vaidyagrama means a healing village. An assemblage of Ayurveda Vaidyas sharing a common Vision. A community of Ayurveda hospitals, that is authentic and provides authentic treatment, a space that will be green and environment-friendly, a space that follows the principles of Ayurveda and vastu shastra, and is essentially disability friendly, a natural setting with maximum energy conservation and management techniques, a hospital; also a learning facility, an ashram; a spa; a temple of healing, an optimum healing environment, an endeavor, a major step towards the Vision, of Punarnava ... Read more

Vaidyagrama Ayurveda healing village has 12 patient blocks and each block has 4 patient units and 1 treatment block. Each patient block has four patient units; and each unit has a foyer, bathroom, bedroom and balcony. A verandah from the patient block leads to the treatment units. Two treatment units are part of each patient block. Each treatment room has separate change rooms, treatment rooms and bathrooms. There is a common medicine pantry. Your treatment program starts with a consultation wherein your physicians and you get to know each other better. Accordingly an Ayurveda ... Read more

Beginners or advanced: Vaidyagrama offers training with various experts for beginners and advanced – to all seekers of authentic Ayurveda knowledge in India and overseas. We believe that Ayurveda is truly learnt in the experiential mode. Hence at vaidyagrama, our endeavor is to make learning a 24 hours relaxed learning experience rather than a limited 5 hours classroom experience. Tailored for you: Vaidyagrama has customized Ayurveda programs to suit the need of a group and based on the time available. The courses run from 3 weeks to 6 months or more.  ... Read more

Vaidyagrama ayurveda healing village actually comprises a group of small Ayurveda hospitals each having 12 patient units and a resident medical director. The idea is to increase the physician-patient interaction which contributes immensely to enhancing the healing process. Every medical director is helped by 1-2 additional physicians to ensure that the patient receives the attention and care that is required. Further all the physicians meet every day to discuss regarding the patients, to share experiences and to learn from them. Thus vaidyagrama aspires to also be a learning space where physicians ... Read more