Therapists at vaidyagrama

The healing process is dependent on 4 pillars - physicians, therapists, medicines and patient. All four need to work in harmony, in unison to enable maximum benefit from the healing process.

Many of the senior therapists in vaidyagrama have been a part of our family for many years; they have been trained personally by us and over a period of time have developed tenderness, skill and compassion. The experience gained over several years has stood them in good stead and many of our patients refer to their "hands" with great love.

The therapists at vaidyagrama take care of all needs of patients - they do the treatments, prepare the medicines, serve the medicines, serve the food and generally tend to almost all the needs of the patients.

The younger therapists are full of enthusiasm and have a strong desire to learn to serve; everybody does their work with a smile that comes from within.

We are encouraging our therapists to apply the principles of Ayurveda to their own lives also; in order that they stay healthy to do many more years of good service to the patients.

male therapists at vaidyagrama
female therapists at vaidyagrama

Non-medical staff at vaidyagrama

Apart from the therapists, there are many other categories of staff who are supporting your healing at vaidyagrama. You may not have seen them; you may not even be aware of the work they do to make your stay comfortable. They include the kitchen staff, gardeners, maintenance staff, office staff, housekeeping staff and laundry staff.

Many of them are from the surrounding villages and come to serve you with pure love; they may not be skilled; they may not be educated; they may not speak the language you know. But they communicate from the heart. And they are excited to serve you.

Non medical staff at vaidyagrama