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December 29 2012
Thank you to all of the doctors, therapists and staff that made my stay at vaidyagrama so pleasant. I have been studying Ayurveda in Berkeley, CA for the past 4 years and wanted to experience panchakarma. It has been a wonderful experience on so many levels – physical, mental and spiritual.
Dublin, CA USA

December 27 2011
I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to come here and heal along with meeting new people. The staff here are amazing. So compassionate and some very tender. Many thanks to everyone involved in making vaidyagrama so special. I am most grateful to have experienced this and look forward to coming again.
Gina Piper

December 27 2011
Dear vaidyagrama team members
Thank you very much for nice accommodation and treatments.
“The human body is an excellent vehicle by which we can reach eternal life. It is a very important boat for crossing over the ocean of nescience which is material existence. O this boat, there is the service of an expert boatman, the spiritual master. By divine grace, the boat plies the water in a favorable wind. With all these auspicious factors, who would not take the opportunity to cross over the ocean of nescience? If one neglects this good chance, it should be known that he is simply committing suicide.” A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
Please do take this instruction seriously.
Deena Caitanya Das

December 24 2011
Dear vaidyagrama
I came here three weeks ago with much hope and concern about improving my health. I leave now with a new outlook on life, and feeling better than I ever thought possible given my relatively short stay here. I learned a lot about myself these past three weeks and believe more than ever in the power of letting go and trusting when given opportunities like vaidyagrama.
The staff here are friendly, caring and professional. The therapists are excellent – especially Mujeeb and Ramesh. A special thank you to Sindhu and Sajitha for taking such good care of me. All the doctors were outstanding and each brings a unique strength to the team.
Finally the oppor
unity to look back and take stock in myself was an unexpected gift that has me excited about the next chapter in my life. I plan to come back to this wonderful place on a yearly basis.
Many blessings
Tom Grant

December 23 2011
I think that the Ayurvedic Healing Village is a very good concept. The doctors are highly skilled in their field. I will certainly return when time permits for a longer course of treatment, and would further recommend other people to the vaidyagrama healing village. Wishing you the best for the future.
Best wishes
Rajes & Logan Govender
South Africa

December 2011
I cannot adequately put into words all that I feel in my heart but I will try.
I arrived here four weeks ago rather tired out from a two year illness. I believed that I would be helped with my physical symptoms but I was not expecting in addition to be spiritually renewed. I was in for a surprise.
The morning and evening prayers brought me a great deal of calm. I highly recommend attending them. They reminded me that beginning your day this way is a wonderful practice. Even without understanding the words of the prayers, I felt them resonate within my soul.
From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and cared for. I very quickly felt I was at home. So many small gestures touched my heart. One day an assistant therapist surprised me with a small bouquet of flowers she had gathered. A few days later another therapist came to visit saying she hadn’t seen me for three days. She wanted to know how I was doing!
Yet another moment that I will remember was when Dr.Shiva saw me sitting on the floor in the yoga hut and quickly returned to bring me my pillowfrom my room to sit on! These gestures may seem small to some eyes but to me they spoke of “true heart”. I felt loved and what better medicine is there in the whole wide world!
I must mention the professionalism of the doctors. Whatever I said to one was shared with the others. This level of teamwork was extremely reassuring. I felt heard by each of them. They reflect not only a high degree of medical knowledge but also a deep faith in what they are practicing. They were each so generous with their time, their suggestions and instructions.
And last but certainly not the least, I feel as if I am blessed with friendship with Dr.Shiva and Dr.Ramkumar!
I will return… could I not!
Lyn Crompton

December 17 2011

To All at vaidyagrama
I am not someone who writes long letters so it will be short.
The care & healing I received here far exceeded my expectations. To leave after 5 weeks pain free and off all medication is a miracle!
So losing 10kg of weight was unbelievable.
The care & healing plus love I received was exceptional. I think the continued improvements being made to the infrastructure will result in vaidyagrama establishing itself as the foremost establishment of its kind in INDIA!
Best wishes plus love to you all

December 16 2011
My salutations and prostrations to all at vaidyagrama
Our deep gratitude goes to all the marvelous doctors, therapists and others who served us so lovingly day and night, the cook that prepared our healthy meals, the cleaners that took care of our home which we stayed for 14 days not forgetting the backroom staff that run this organization.
We are thankful for the doctors’ care and understanding and showing us how to live a healthy lifestyle which we will cherish for a long time. I would definitely introduce and recommend vaidyagrama to all who need to look after their well being.
Prem & Om
Krishna & Pathma Naidoo
South Africa

December 15 2011
I cannot believe this is my penultimate day already! I feel like I have only just arrived, blinked and then suddenly it is 8 days later.
Thank you so much for everything. From the moment I arrived, dusty, minus a night of sleep and seriously in need of a bed, I felt very safe and cared for.
Thank you to the therapists – especially Sameena and also Maya and Laxmi for their expert oil treatments, scrubs and for being so kind and compassionate. Thank you also to Kanaka who’s cheerful smiles, attentiveness etc. was a joy to be greeted by each day.
Thank you to all the interesting & unique souls that have also been staying. I was instantly welcomed and felt so comfortable amongst all.
A huge thank you to Dr.Ramadas and his team – especially D.Shiva and Dr.Harikrishnan for their kindheartedness, patience at answering my endless questions about panchakarma and for being so obliging! I felt very safe in the hands with their expert suggestions etc.
I feel completely recharged and have wetted my appetite enough to return next year for the full 21 days experience!
Finally, this is a wholly unique and sacred healing space – Dr.Ramkumar and his team have created! I feel so very fortunate and grateful to have found it.
With lots of warmth and gratitude
Emily Reed

December 12 2011
Thank you is not enough!
I bow to all of you and to this sacred place with all the elements. It is someone’s good fortune to spend time in this amazing environment.
I have enjoyed my short stay every minute, loved the food, doctors and plants and everything and everyone!
I hope to be back soon!
Malini Kraemer

December 12 2011
Thank you for your warm and caring welcome to India. My journey has just begun but I am sure that this will be a high point. My 26 days here provided a much needed rest and an opportunity to heal and get in touch with the rhythm of my body and the day/earth.
The warmth and kindness of the staff has touched my heart and I leave with the hope of returning one day.
May your efforts here flourish and continue to heal people from around the world.
Linda Wetmore

December 10 2011
I would like to thank all doctors and staff. It was well arranged and thank you very much for your love and affection towards me.
I really enjoyed vaidyagrama gardens and doctors’ care and also hereby giving the regards to Mr.Vinod and his parents and sister. I also enjoyed Yoga.
Thank you
Nursing Officer
Ahamadi Hospital

December 05 2011
3 weeks at vaidyagrama has been a

wonderful retreat for me with lots of time in silence and meditation. I ‘m very grateful to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Om Prakash and Dr.Harikrishnan for taking care and being so considerate.
The treatment was great (I had just wished more attention to the feet during the abhyanga). I appreciate a lot the whole concept of vaidyagrama as a green ecological self sustained community and healing village. It’s in accordance with the Ayurvedic philosophy.
Thank you all
With love
Peter Ljungsberg

December 02 2011
Dear vaidyagrama team
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Medicament can heal. Treatments, food, rest and that all can be paid with money; but the power of healing, power of kindness, compassion, smiles, patience, prayers, attention, service…are priceless. And helped me to go through my treatment here. I leave not only my body toxins also my mental toxins.
Peace upon you
Alexandra Hermano
Malapa, Spain
December 02 20

Dear vaidyagrama team

Before I came here, I had no inclination or knowledge about Ayurveda, as in our family, most of us who are doctors have taken upto English medicine. So this is my first experience with Ayurveda. I came to like my stay here in vaidyagrama after the first few days. The treatments were nice. The food great and simple. The service excellent.
Everybody here in vaidyagrama has care for the patients likes and dislikes. All the doctors took utmost care towards us. I spent my one month here in utmost care and comfort extended to me by all of the staff and doctors. I look forward my visits again.
With love & regards
Mrs.Revathi Venkatesan

December 01 2011
The place : Though the vaidyagrama book says the process is not ethereal, the place indeed is ethereal; as if we are in the abode of Lord Dhanvantari. Use of natural material for the construction shows respect for mother earth. Well planned effective usage of natural resources for fuelling the entire system is laudable.
A budding forest with native trees, plants, shrubs and creepers contrasting the red earth buildings is awe-inspiring. Very soon you might have to name this place as “vaidyavanam”!
The service: The food is simple, sensible and straight to the point; a medicine by itself. Always ends in a satisfactory burp! The happy and ever smiling faces of the staff shows the utmost love and care given by the management to them; the same love and care transcends on us, the patients during their tender services.
A warm welcome, informal consultation in the sit-out, weekly get together (my most memorable birthday ever was celebrated here) and of course the best of all, the patients leaving a “legacy of green” (planting the saplings) are all tender touches that will be remembered ever.
The vaidyas : Extremely impressive; to observe the vaidyas of vaidyagrama provide their utmost care with the conviction in their system! Not only medications, but their advice (sometimes we are chided too!!) on the way of living, makes them stand out as a class apart. They are indeed healers in all dimensions!
My most precious 15 days here – as I was treated outwards, ample time in hand allowed me to look inwards as well! Thanks
With respects to Ayurvedam
Dr.Usha C.

December 01 2011
Dear vaidyagrama team
First off, thank you for a wonderful experience. Our trip here was short but we leave with an experience that will last a lifetime. We came with the intention of learning more about Ayurveda and being immersed in the environment has allowed us to do just that. As we go back to the hustle and bustle of life in the US, vaidyagrama gives us the outlook and strength necessary to live a holistic and healthy lifestyle. The doctors here have been so caring and clearly have a deep understanding of Ayurveda. We are especially grateful to Dr.Shiva who showed us such compassion and care and went out of his way to help us understand the ayurvedic way of life. The therapists were always so sweet and made us feel truly nurtured. All of the staff – the cleaning staff, cooking etc. – everybody was absolutely wonderful. We look forward to future visits back here and, until, then, hope to maintain the outlook of Ayurveda in our day to day life. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
With love
Arpit & Archana Parikh

November 2011
November 09 2011
Thank you all for an enjoyable 5 weeks. The staff are commendable for their ready smiles and lightness of being. All have their special qualities. The accomodation is exceptional for Indian standards, the garden mgnificent and the medical treatments very effective. It is indeed a place of healing. May all who pass through vaidyagrama (humans and animals) receive the blessings they seek.
With fond memories and much love in my heart
Fiona Workman
Sydney, Australia

November 05 2011
Although this is my very first trip to India, as soon as I arrived in the natural settings of vaidyagrama, I felt at home. I have never felt this calm, peaceful and centred for such a stretch of time. Believe me, with 2 young kids, peace could be a bit challenging...I enjoyed the first 3 weeks as a student although a bit more hands on practice would have been nice. The excursions truly showed us the genuine force of Ayurveda. All speakers were inspiring as well as thought provoking...especially Ramkumar...Thank you Shree and Indu for looking after us with food, drinks and medicine. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who managed us, cleaned our rooms from dust and bugs and cooked yummie (and sometimes not so yummie) meals during panchakarma. Thank you Dr.Harry for helping me achieve my health target and answering all my questions on the process. And Dr.O, Mr.Speedy in gait and chant...your care and enthusiasm are refreshing. Dr.Rajeshji thanks for joining me in salsa and for your peculiar sense of humor. And of course Dr.Ramdas, the true heart and soul of vaidyagrama...I will miss little Rittu cuddling up on my lap during prayers..... Thank you for organising a vet for Tulsi, Dr.Somu. I feel relieved that Dr.Om has kindly offered to look after him. May this act of unconditional kindness lift your karma to another level, Dr.O.
Lots of love and may vaidyagrama continue to grow and live up to its unique vision

October 2011
October 25 2011
Hari Om vaidyagrama! Thank you all for a most life changing experience. What I have learnt here I will carry back into my life in Australia.
Thank you for your inspiration and loving care.
Atmadhara Hewitt

October 25 2011
To all the staff at vaidyagrama a big THANK YOU. You gave me a place of STILLNESS where I was able to hear my soul. Many many blessings on you all.
Joy & Light

October 25 2011
A wonderful experience. Thank you so much for your support and knowledge.
Lindy Anderson

October 13 2011
I am so very grateful for this very special time here at vaidyagrama.
One of the main reasons to come was that I needed to soften & lighten the heart; and that has indeed happened during my time here.

Ramadas is like an ever present benevolent father, available to us. His dedication & wisdom  is inspiring beyond words. Dr.Om is a delight & brings joy just with his presence. His wide knowledge of the plants is amazing.
Maya melted my heart with her nourishing & motherly massages, & all the wonderful staff feel like family.
I do indeed consider vaidyagrama my second home & will hold the presence of this space dearly in my heart.
Thank you to our unrivalled friend and teacher Ram Prasad, for bringing us here & caring for us with such patience & equanimity.
May vaidyagrama continue to grow and prosper, to heal and love all and bring health and happiness to all here and all who visit.

October 04 2011
Incredible! I have no words to say! My stay here has made me into a better person. My heartfelt thanks to one and all at vaidyagrama. May god bless the team with happiness and strength to serve more people who need their help.

October 03 2011
When I came to vaidyagrama, my purpose was to regain my health & myself. I feel to a great extent I have achieved that. And for that, I would like to thank -
Dr.Harikrishnan - for being a good teacher of Ayurveda & taking good care of my small as well as big problems
Dr.Ramadas - always cheerful, pleasant and helpful
Dr.Om Prakash - always smiling; very concerned and caring
Dr.Aruna - always being there for me even at 2 in the night she was always a call away & would attend in 2-3 minutes. My stay in vaidyagrama was comfortable because of her as took care of my every need
Dr.Pavithra - for adding colour to vaidyagrama
Hakeem - very efficient
Aparna - adding the personal touch
I would like to thank the staff for being so gentle & caring & pampering me.
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

October 01 2011
I came to vaidyagrama with no expectations - just a recommendation from a dear friend.
This place is just "awesome"! For me - 'heaven'.
Drs.Ramkumar, Ramadas and Harikrishnan are God's true angels.
I came for healing for my son and have had healing myself as a 'bonus'. This place is so systematic. I am taking back with me a lot of learning, healing and the blessings of all the good souls running this organisation from every level.
Thank you vaidyagrama for 'everything'.
God Bless
Sonu Amarnath

September 2011
September 30 2011
We found vaidyagrama to be an amazing place. The entire plan is just mind boggling. I never thought that anyone could have this kind of vision and then implement it into reality. The entire plan is so in-tune with nature and makes the whole experience - whether it is healing or rejuvenation - superb. The fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of species of flora growing on barren land is testimony unto itself that this place and its creators are indeed blessed.
The staff is just as amazing as the surroundings, always kind, thoughtful and smiling. One can experience utmost harmony with Mother Nature and it gives one hope that there are so many people who do care and will make a difference.
Thank you for your vision - it has provided us with a very memorable experience and I am sure will continue to do so for many years to come.
With gratitude and kind regards
Anita Bhat

September 30 2011
Dear All - thanks to all for your sincere support, care and love! The place is really a paradise, very natural, calm and peaceful. We all feel positive improvement in our health, mood and emotions. Our energy was renewed and refreshed. It is a pleasure to meet and have an open and fruitful conversation with Dr.Ramdas, Harikrishnan. Many things to learn from them....Huge thanks to all of you! Welcome to Kazakhastan!

September 21 2011
Greetings of peace and love. Our heartfelt gratitude to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramdas, Dr.Om, Dr.Aruna and all other doctors, therapists, helpers, cooks, cleaners and patients. My recovery was miraculous and if not for Dr.Harikrishnan's persistence and the others around him, this would not have happened. Of course, there is always divine intervention and healing hands of everyone concerned. I'm able to speak better and walk unassisted and I'm ever so grateful to one and all. I am looking forward for my treatment next year. In the meantime, I'll keep all of you in my prayers. Thank again for caring for me so well. May God bless each and every one of you and bless all of you abundantly with good health, wealth and continued success. My heartfelt gratitude and also a "Big Thank you" from  my family.
In prayers
Santiago Rajappan

September 21 2011
A little slice of heaven tucked away in Tamilnadu India. vaidyagrama has warmed my heart, filled my soul, strengthened my physical body and taught me valuable life lessons. Bordering Kerala, with views of the Western Ghats, this place is set in a tropical wonderland. The purity of the air, the regular fall of rain, the rich green vegetation and the abundance of wildlife has made a perfect location for healing to happen. This coupled with the care, kindness, beauty and professionalism of the staff and doctors truly makes this place uniquely special.
After 11 weeks of treatment, through all the ups and downs....the feelings I have are of goodness, gratitude, peace and comfort. Arriving here, I was very distressed as western medicine had failed me. Leaving here, my pain has almost gone & I have renewed hope, confidence and understanding of how healing happens when we are kind to our body and mind, allowing the proper treatment to run its course...Ayurveda is quietly powerful.
Meeting so many special people...both staff & patients...has etched a mark of love for India on my heart forever.
Thank you to all the staff for your warm smiles, affection, service and kindness through my stay...Dr.Ramdas and Dr.Harikrishnan for their ongoing support, lessons, strength, humor, wisdom and faith. I would not have made it the whole way without the care and warmth of Dr.Ramdas. He just knows how to make everything better! Dr.Om for his enthusiasm. Aparna for her kindness and efficiency.
Absolutly the best start to the day is prayer and meditation. This I will continue at home along with my medicines.
Highlight of the trip was meeting Mother Maya and dressing up in my Kerala sari for Onam!! Lots of fun.
Bye everyone. I look forward to my return...and to seeing the Yoga hall complete where hopefully some day time, activities and classes will take place.
Byron Bay, Australia

September 01 2011
Dear vaidyagrama residents
Thank you for the excellent treatment & wonderful hospitality with personal touch - it was a great experience overall. The daily dose of darsanam, sparshanam and prashnam by Dr.Ramdas was rejuvenating. The consultation with Dr.Harikrishnan was very educating, convincing and satisfying. Grateful to the senior vaidya acharyas. Thanks to Dr.Om Prakash, Dr.Pavithra, Dr.Aruna - for their support, concern and treatment. Therapists Mujeeb and Sameena have been very nice to both of us and we had enjoyable sessions with them.
Dr.Ramkumar has a vision, a dream for the growth of vaidyagrama. All the doctors, therapists and support staff are rightfully helping and doing their bit to realise the vision. Salute to him for being a wonderful person and a meticulous planner / executioner. You are creating a blissful, close to nature healing centre with abundant positive energy.
Thank you Aparna for help and guidance. Looking forward to meet you all soon.
Shiv Kumar Mohanka
Commandant, CISF, Orissa

August 2011
August 24 2011
Submit has never really been in my life's vocabulary. HOWEVER at times I've had to here. It's not at all been an easy treatment for me however I look forward to seeing what the next 3 months bring as I am told that's when I'll realise more results from the panchakarma.
It's taken me a while to accept my surroundings and as the hours tick closer to leaving I'm almost sad to be going. Best I go now so I can continue to reap the benefits and perhaps come back some day.
Regardless of how that all sounds, I am most appreciative of Ramkumar's vision and the doctors and staff who are assisting in realising it.
I wish you all the best of luck + love in continuing growth of vaidyagrama.
With all sincerity
Taasha Pfeiffer
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

August 23 2011
vaidyagrama is a blissful oasis of peace, tran
uility and spirituality speaking through all the plants and flowers. A place of renewal through contact with nature and healing loving energy of every single person who is involved.
Dr.Ramadas's warm smile, his constant presence and powerful meditations and chanting accelerate the cellular repair without any doubt. Thank you all for making the stay and treatments into a very special loving gesture.
May you prosper and grow with auspiciousness and good fortune.
Thank you all for all your love.
Ilona Hammans
London / Italy

August 23 2011
A very wonderful, rich and learning experience
The doctors, therapists, staff were caring, considerate, attentive and very helpful and cheerful.
Dr.Ramdas's cheerful presence and being here 24 hours is a boon.
Hakeem's job is probably the most demanding and I appreciate his sincerity and dedication.
As an Indian, I understand we have a certain "collective" way of doing things. This can be our greatest strength but also our greatest weakness. How to balance these opposite "Gunas' the "sharpness" and the eye for detail and acceptance and softness is a constant challenge.
I am sure vaidyagrama will be a living example of how to balance the opposites in a harmonious simple and beautiful way.
I wish it all my heartfelt success
Donca - Many thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan for your knowledge and patience, Dr.Ramdas for your cheerfulness and warmth, Dr.Pavithra for your sweetness and openness, and all therapists for your dedication.
Om! Namaste!
Dr.Sanjay Gupta & Donca
Amsterdam, Holland

August 18 2011
As always, my sincere and eternal gratitude to the entire vaidyagrama family. Many continue to ask "why do you keep returning to vaidyagrama?"...and while the answer is probably a lengthy one, and perhaps not entirely, fully known to me, it is in one way also very simple. I have a deep sense of my health being rejuvenated here; I feel deeply blessed, spiritually refreshed and I am simply thankful.
My deep regards to Dr.Ramkumarji, Dr.Ramdasji, my first vaidya Dr.Harikrishnanji, their dedicated staff.
I wish you all well and continued success in overcoming the challenges you face as vaidyagrama evolves. My support and prayers for your success continue.
Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah
Hari Om
Subhas R.Tiwari
Florida USA

August 18 2011
I thank everybody here who helped me very much in my healing process. Very happy towards my doctors who are friendly and very caretaking. This environment played a very good role in healing. I am completely relaxed and feel very light in myself. I am looking forward to come next year to keep myself mentally and physically healthy.
Thank you very much for your valuable service towards the betterment of life.

August 14 2011
My stay at vaidyagrama has put a smile back on my face, the sparkle back in my eyes, the spring back in my step and the hope back in my heart.
This place is like it is from another world. The tranquility here is 2nd to none. It is very easy to forget about your problems from the real world whilst staying here. The healing energy is amazing. The staff and the treatments they give are simply divine.
The positivity, helpfulness & compassion of all the people who work here should be commended as well as the patience they have for us - "the patients". The last 40 days has taught me a lot about myself, and given me the time to reconnect with the person I would like to be.
I feel brand new again - Healthy & Happy!!
I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to all of you who have helped me feel this way.
Keep up the good work!!
All the best with the expansion of vaidyagrama!
I look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Hugs & kisses and lots of love
Sarah Freeman Vagg
Sydney, Australia

August 11 2011
To have a vision and then realise it intelligently calls for courage and conviction. The healers at vaidyagrama have both.
To be at vaidyagrama is like being in the gentle embrace of Mother Earth who absorbs and heals afflictions. Everything is done to make the heart and head, love and hard work, the left and right to remain in a creative balance.
For my son Gautam and me, it has been a rejuvenating experience as the loving care and deep healing will remain with us for time to come. We also hope to contribute our little bit to the vaidaygrama efforts to help rejuvenate the earth and her capacities for our own well being and that of generations to come.
We thank our newly acquired vaidyagrama family.
Veena Sharma
New Delhi

August 10 2011
Namaste! We came to vaidyagrama with the hope that healing will happen despite western medicine saying 'there is no cure"!
We have learnt that there is a "cure" and that the ancient wisdom that is practised here has given us a hope for a better life. The hospital and surroundings have created a therapeutic, spiritual blend that is unlike anything we have experienced.
Heartfelt thanks to Dr.Om Prakash who put up with us during fun & challenging times, Dr.Ramdas for his loving caring nature, meditations and consultations and Dr.Harikrishnan for his insight and knowledge.
Many thanks to our therapists and the staff for our stay.
Much love
Peter & Lavina Moschou

August 10 2011
I came here hoping to overcome some minor niggles but the healing and change that has taken place over the past 15 days is perhaps more deep reaching and profound than I can even imagine at this time. My heartfelt thanks to the unflappable, ever smiling Dr.Ramdas, who gently cajoled and guided me through my inner journey with radiant love and deep insight. As he says, everything is always changing and so, too, have I over the past fortnight. I also take away some friendships from vaidyagrama that I will always cherish.

August 07 2011
I am so grateful to have had some time here at vaidyagrama. It was short, but I believe, very fruitful. The beauty of vaidyagrama, the surrounding area, and its staff won my heart from the first day. There are few places where peacefulness, contemplation, spirituality and healing are so interconnected. I felt as though I was staying among family and friends. I can think of no better place to come to for healing and rejuvenation. Best of luck to all of the staff in expanding vaidyagrama to accomodate more people well. And best of luck to future patients. May you heal and rejuvenate fully so that you can go on spreading the peace you may have found here.
With Love
Poonam Desai
Chicago USA

August 07 2011
Dear vaidyagrama staff
What an amazing (albeit short) experience. The care the entire staff has given is indescribable. From making sure we take our medicines daily to regular consultations from the doctors, we always felt that we were in capable hands. Keep up the work and this wonderful "experiment". I'm excited to see how this place grows and progresses over the next few years.
Chicago, USA

July 2011
July 28 2011
To be here for 30 days has been an adventure and I have learnt so many important things. My whole body and soul is filled with new fresh energy. I am so grateful for all the healing hands and hearts here at vaidyagrama.
All my love
Carina Njord

July 22 2011
Dear friends at vaidyagrama
Though our stay here has been short, we feel embraced by your welcome and warmth; feeling that we are a part of the vaidyagrama family.
What you are creating here already manifested is an inspiration - from the ecological, healing and spiritual - Gandhiji will be smiling.
May the word of your centre spread in all 10 directions of the cosmos
Thank you
Shantum and Gitanjali Seth

July 20 2011
What can one say about their time spent at vaidyagrama? Life is like a roller coaster with ups & downs, twists & turns, at every corner. Panchakarma is like the grand daddy of all roller coasters! As I've watched everyone else on this ride, battled my own demons, and soared to new heights, I can truly say without the care and attention of all the doctors, therapists and all of the staff, we surely wouldnt make it through. This is a magical healing place, however one must be ready to throw their hat over the fence (ie. be ready to surrender and put your all into it) in order to see the full power. And as we all resist, fight & struggle, vaidyagrama's doctors and staff are always right there by your side supporting you just as you need it. With all my light & love, I wish everyone here and all those who come in the future peace, great joy & happiness. Thank you vaidyagrama for a wonderful ride. I enjoyed every moment (well except for the really bad days!) of this roller coaster ride.
Ashwari - Mandy Martin
Indianapolis USA
Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize

July 13 2011
Thank you for the excellent treatment, wonderful hospitality and great experience. It is truly amazing to see that each and every member serves you with a smile and great affection. I was wonderfully surprised by the experience; it was thoroughly rejuvenating. I would certainly incorporate the practices on diet into my day to day life. It is also a truly awakening experience on how to derive happiness out of a simplistic and healthy attitude. All the other patients that I spoke to also shared the same experience. I will be back in vaidyagrama more often. I feel I have become 10 years younger.
Thanks to all the vaidyagrama Ayurveda hospital team members who looked after and treated me so well.
Vijay Ramakrishnan

July 04 2011
My time at vaidyagrama has been brightened by my daughter Emily. As you know, she is also my teacher. My mission for my life is the same as what everyone at vaidyagrama Ayurveda hospital is doing : to change lives, to increase consciousness, to heal the planet.... one person at a time!
Adele Glaser
New Mexico, USA

July 04 2011
Wow....I must have an accumulation of good karma from a previous life to find myself in a place so divine! vaidyagrama Ayurveda hospital has inspired in me a kind of love that I have never felt before. The inspiration that I have received here will be a gift to the world.
Emily Glaser
New Mexico, USA

June 2011
June 29 2011
What a blessing and a gift vaidyagrama is for the world! I am so grateful that this place is here on our planet sharing the light of Ayurveda with all of us who need it so. At vaidyagrama, as a student and now as a patient, I have learned to listen for Nature's rhythms. I have learned to let go of "right" and "wrong" and to open to what is present as it is. This place is full of teachers - indeed, they are everywhere you turn - and while I know I will likely get to re-learn many of these truths over and over again, the presence of vaidyagrama in my life will remain as a living teacher. My gratitude is unbounded for the sweet, loving souls that have held me here with such care and simplicity, such grace. vaidyagrama inspires in every meaning of the word - it breathes life into you, it lifts you up, and lights you up with the inner light of the divine.
May this healing work continue and spread its peaceful energy throughout the world.
Jai Bhagavan
Ivy Ingram
United States

June 26 2011
It is a great privilege to be here in such an inspirational restful and loving environment, surrounded by nature's smells and sounds. I marvel at how India has preserved its ancient science of Ayurveda, and traditions of philosophy and meditation - through the inspiration and vision of vaidyagrama so many people are benefitting. Thank you to all the people who sustain this wonderful center.
With love and gratitude
Patricia Kelleher, Ireland

June 19 2011
Is an increase in your suffering always a misfortune? Not always, I think now. It was indeed fortunate for me in that it brought about an unplanned but lucky meeting with Dr.Ramkumar at Ahmedabad early this month. Just by chance. Or by God's will as Dr.Ramkumar says. Be that as it may.
However my stay for last 2 weeks here has opened my eyes to see in practice, what I have been reading in books about Ayurveda. The wonder that is Ayurveda is no longer a matter of imagination for me; now that I have experienced it working wonders on my body.
I did not come with the belief it will render me arthritis-free, like a miracle, and I am not going back with the pain at zero level. But I have experienced substantial releif not only in respect of my knee problem but also in regard to other body parts. A substantial relief in totality; physical, mental and spiritual. The ethos and ambience of the vaidyagrama Ayurveda hospital, the grace and dignity of all te doctors and the courtesy and warmth of all the members of the staff here made their contributions to convert this place into a veritable heaven. List of names is long and uncalled for.
S N Sinha, Advocate
Ahmedabad, India
P.S. - I wish to see a replica of vaidyagrama in Ahmedabad sooner than later. God bless

June 15 2011
vaidyagrama has been one of the best places at many levels. To begin with, the location and the environment is so serene and calm that it feels like a resort than a health facility.
The attention and care by the doctors has been very timely and extensive. The hospitality and commitment to service has been phenomenal right from the doctors to the therapists to the housekeeping and support team and last but not the least the co-ordinators and the administration team.
Their ability to go over and above their call of duty is truly fantastic and commendable. Above all at a personal level, I am greatly indebted to the entire Punarnava family for making June 11th (my 25th wedding anniversary) a truly memorable and special event.
Hoping to be back again.
Satyadurga Subramanyan

May 2011
May 18 2011
Thank you to the wonderful doctors and staff at vaidyagrama! I was looking for a personalized "whole body" natural approach to my illness rather than having to take harmful prescription drugs, and I certainly found that approach here! I am most appreciative of the care that I have received from everyone here and plan to be back next year.
Mahalo & Aloha
Ann Fielding
Maui, Hawaii, USA

April 2011
April 30 2011
It was a most rewarding experience for my wife and I and all our delegation to spend 26 wonderful days in vaidyagrama healing village in Coimbatore. We were touched by the most kind and caring attention given to us during our stay here. We thank all the doctors, therapists and all the other staff who have looked after us so well.
Both Nasreena and I wish to specially thank senior Dr.Harikrishnan and his able assistant Dr.Aruna for their constant and untiring attention given to us during day and night. We are grateful also to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Om Prakash, Dr.Somu and Aparna for their help at all times.
We also thank Lima, Kavita, Emily, Ivy and Lynn for ensuring that we get healthy and wholesome food at all meal times.
The panchakarma treatment has done us all a world of good both in mind and body. Nasreena feels better now than at any time during the past three years. Her rheumatoid arthritis is now at a very low ebb. One of my own ailments (a chronic one) has vanished altogether. The rest, I hope, are on their way out!
IN short, all of us leave vaidyagrama in a better state of health than when we arrived here. We were deeply impressed by the concept of achieving good health by living in harmony with nature.
Finally, we are most grateful to Dr.Harikrishnan, his family and the staff for the wonderful farewell party they gave us last night. We were totally captivated by the charming Shreelakshmi and her graceful and marvellous dancing.
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
Former President of the Maldives

January 2011
January 12 2011
This morning, I leave after a one month stay at vaidyagrama. The care given by all of the staff here has been gentle, kind and extremely nurturing. A special thanks to my primary doctors : Dr.Ramdas & Dr.Om Prakash – you are both gems. Your dedication and love of Ayurveda is transmitted through your daily care. Dr.Om your being so full of joy and enthusiasm, it is an inspiration and I enjoyed laughing with you! My primary therapists safira and Maniyamma hold a special place in my heart. Healing hands & warm hearts, Thank you….
The seed has been planted and the vision of Dr.Ramkumar is slowly blossoming. I have deepest respect for the tradition and for all of the vaidyagrama family. I was fortunate to be here for the new year homa & beautiful puja, a blessed way to start 2011. This soul is very happy to see true Ayurveda in practice. This is the way we are all meant to live; in harmony with nature, in sync with ancient spiritual principles & practices. This all creates the balance within. May God and Guru’s continue to provide this grace & blessings on you all. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
Jaleila – California, U.S. of A

January 09 2011
To all the elements that are part of this sensitive space called vaidyagrama
I am deeply connected with the nature
Now I know that I am part of Her
I am the Nature, I feel the Nature, I live the Nature
I am all the Elements
My mind have Space and can fly
My body is the Earth where I can grow up
My energy, my internal fire, agni, makes me transformed
The air outside and inside of my body makes me feel the vibrations sounds of the cosmic energy
My feeling has been wake up when the Nature wakes up
Now I feel all, the perfection, the intelligent
Now I feel all the universe inside of me
I am part of all, I am the present, I am the nature
Thank you for your guide, take care and to be with me in all the treatment.
With love
Maiten Elis Zamorano Ferrari (Brasil – Argentina)

January 08 2011
To our Dear Friends at vaidyagrama
Our deepest gratitude to all those who have taken care of us over the last 3 weeks. Your warmth, love and laughter have been healing and rejuvenating. Thank you to all for making a place like this possible – bringing forth the best that Ayurveda has to offer every day, making it a living science and art. This village and all that it stands for is very close to our hearts. We hope that it continues to bring healing to all who come into this living space – not only the patients but the doctors, administrators, therapists, staff, and all of your families, the earth and all beings involved. We will see you all next year!
With much love & thanks
Pritesh, Premal & Avani Patel

January 08 2011
Dear All
It has been an enlightening experience for me at vaidyagrama – the Healing Village.
Thanks to Dr.Ramkumar’s long cherished vision and patience, this has finally become reality! And we are all reaping the benefit from it.
This has been a home away from home for me I have been very touched by the sincere love and care by all members of staff. What sets you apart from the rest is your service from the “heart” never lose this, a potent combination with the treatments to heal.
Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash for their TLC.
Take care and with God’s grace continue on your noble “hearts” journey to heal.

January 07 2011
To All at the vaidyagrama village
Thank you all for the amazing experience. It certainly opened our eyes to making a dream a reality. You all live the dream of what an ideal world should be.
For myself I could easily have gone through the full treatment had I had the time to. The treatment of a whole body, mind, soul cleansing is how I see my own health.
For my husband, the internal world is something he needs to relate to first before he can return since his profession is his life and his life is very busy in the external world. This is his first baby step forward.
It is reassuring to know that there people in the world like yourselves that embrace the past, apply it in the present and create a wholesome caring future.
With lots of gratitude
Rajen and Anitha Pather, Durban, South Africa

January 01 2011
Dear beautiful team of vaidyagrama
Thank you for amazing days here and incedible chance to spend a New Year eve in your company.
During my stay I never felt as if it is not my home. I felt your love and care all the time. Thank you for this warmth!
Please grow bigger and let the spirit of true healing through love and peace be always present in your acts.
Lots of blessings