September 27, 2020

It was really a great experience to meet the Sattvic lifestyle and the treatments.

I would carry the principles of this lifestyle forward to lead a peaceful, meaningful and a healthy life.

Thank you Vaidyagrama and all members!

Yours lovingly,

Maneesha Keerthi,

Andhra Pradesh - India


September 27, 2020

This is my second visit. I continue to be inspired and impressed.

Dr. Mani Akkineni,

Andhra Pradesh - India


September 27, 2020

It is very impressive, and the kind of people treating us is awesome. Very passionately done and people here are putting their soul into it.

Heartful talks, Heartful smile. So energetic and it made me to keep myself calm and peaceful.

So inspiring to have this kind of lifestyle that followed ethical and human values.

Thanks to have these 2 important days in my life here.

Thank you!

Kiran Kumar, 

Hyderabad - India


September 27, 2020

Once again, we are back in Vaidyagrama, this time for the 10th consecutive year. Thanks to COVID fears, the number of people is few, particularly the foreigners due to travel problems. But the treatment, atmosphere and general environment remain as good as ever. The food is very good too. 

One can only join for the large number of people who could have liked to be here enjoying their annual ‘pilgrimage’. We only hope and pray that by next year things would be back to normal.

Wish everyone happy times ahead!

M K Rathindran,

Tamil Nadu - India


 September 26, 2020

I am taking treatment at Vaidyagrama hospital. Here the doctors are taking care of all the patients. I am alright while going home. If I need treatments in future again, I would like to get treatment from this hospital. No words can express what we felt being here. Especially thanks to Dr Harikumar, Dr Sonia and Dr Ardent. God bless you all. All staff and Workers are also very good. Thank you!

Pramod Ajitsaria,

Assam - India


September 22, 2020

Day 25 - We would say its only 25 days, but with only a few people I really did feel like I was here for a long time, a place like home. It was such an experience being here and surely a real blessing. I did not come with a lot of expectations, but it turned out to be healthy, fun and days with enlightenment. I would really love to make up time and try my best to come here every year at least once for its such a detox from the world outside there. 

My doctors Dr Ramadas, Dr Ardent (I am sorry if the spelling is wrong), Dr Renjisha and my two therapists (Kalpana and Geethu), they both made me feel warm. The days when I had to stay alone, I would always spend some time with them talking and laughing a lot. There is nothing to tell about my doctors - They made sure every day I went 1 step closer to getting better and made me know a lot of stuff about Ayurveda and my own body. This will for sure help me alter my daily life in a better way and make my future a healthy and happy one. 

Here I learned that everyday small activities play a big role in our health and life. I am hoping to come here again and hope I could also bring my friends and family here.

Sushma Athethee Muthukumar,

Coimbatore - India


September 21, 2020

Thank you so much for the care provided and for the teachings given. I had a wonderful time at Vaidyagrama. It was a self-realization time for me. A special thanks to Dr Ramadas; he was not only treating the body but also the mind and soul. And very patiently teaching the ways of Ayurveda though we are very new to that.

My special thanks to Dr Sonia and Dr Ardent for clearing our doubts and taking good care. Therapists Shalini, Shiny and Radhika was very friendly and gave excellent care.

I really enjoyed the Satsangs and learnt a lot of things.

Looking forward to visiting you all soon!!

My Sincere thanks... God bless you all!

Nithya Kumaran, 

Tamil Nadu - India


September 15, 2020

Blessings of all beings of light, I was guided here. Very thankful to the universe for introducing wonderful healing place. My wholehearted blessings to all who healed me.

Jyothi Reddy, 

Telangana - India


September 13, 2020

Thanks a lot, it was really a good time, nice place. A big thank you, Dr Ramanandan, Dr Vinod, Dr Sajna, therapists Ms. Radhika, Ms. Sindhu for the care you all have provided. Always with a smiling face and never upset or rude. Special Thank you, Dr Vinod and Ms. Radhika.



Sagaya Mercy, 

Tamil Nadu - India 


September 7, 2020

A big thank you Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ramadas, Dr Vinod, Dr Anupama, Dr Sajna, Therapists Ms. Radhika, Ms. Sindhu, Ms. Lakshmi for the care you all have provided, always with a smiling face and never upset or rude. 

It was very good to be in your care, which made me feel like in a happy home. I want my mom to recover from her illness with all your good care and medication.

Cancer is not an easy illness to be treated. Thank you all to your efforts.

Thank you, Dr Siby. Special thank you Radhika.

Please maintain this same kindness, and my wishes for Vaidyagrama to grow bigger and bigger and available across the world.


Lalithapriya.T on behalf of Lily Thirunavukkarasu,

Tamil Nadu - India


September 5, 2020

On behalf of Monica, Radha, and myself...

This trip was planned one day before and we did not know what we were coming for. We thought it could be 2-3 days of exploring facility and experiencing treatments. But we ended up staying full 7 days and thoroughly enjoyed the ambience of facilities, friendly staff, professional doctors. 

It is very homely, and we are sure to return to this place. I am looking forward to our association to make a difference in women’s health care by Ayurveda and Allopathy.

Dr. Mani Akkineni, 

Andhra Pradesh - India


September 01, 2020

On behalf of the patient Mr. Prabhu Chandran, I am here to write the pros and cons of the Vaidyagrama on request of Dr Vinod who oversees the patient.

I personally thank the team of Vaidyagrama for their efforts in caring for the patients with the oldest medical system of Ayurveda. 

After coming over and made observation here, I record the following pros and cons of VG.


1) Supportive Doctors

2) Natural food

3) Reception people are highly responsible

4) Good ambience


1) Could have more communication with family members

2) For allopathic advice, certain facilities could be improved.

“Everything can be sacrificed for the truth, But TRUTH cannot be sacrificed for anything”

With Regards, 

Velu Raj, 

Tamil Nadu - India