September 30, 2017

Dear family of Vaidyagrama,

It was so wonderful to note how well in synchrony and harmony you were working with each other, to make the atmosphere of Vaidyagrama conducive to healing peace of mind and body. Every member of Vaidyagrama has worked sincerely with devotion,  without missing any detail in the upkeep and atmosphere of this wonderful place.

Vaidyagrama to me, has been like a family away from family. Every detail was looked into. Even the slightest discomfort was taken seriously and looked into. Thanks to all the doctors, therapists and support staff who have made me felt like I mattered, and pampered me with their attention and healing hands. Every session, treatments and satsang I have attended has been a learning and nutrition, food for thought.

I feel blessed for having met the right people, right intervention which came at the right time especially in my present state of mind and my son’s life.

God bless the family of Vaidyagrama!

Juliet D’ Souza



September 29, 2017

Thanks to everyone in Vaidyagrama for taking care of my health, and also for providing excellent service for all the needs. I visited in October 2015 last time, during navaratri and this time also I visited during navaratri. Since this was my second visit there was no anxiety or surprise about "what to expect” as it was, and I surrendered to health professionals to take care of me. My treatment was very good and it made a lot of difference.

The food this time, compared to 2015, was a lot better in taste, but I felt quantity was more. During last visit, I assumed the quantity served is what is needed for my treatment, but this misunderstanding was cleared this time.  I tried to eat less as some days my appetite was not that great. Since from my childhood I was taught not to throw food, I was always eating everything in my last visit, and also during this visit until I learnt in satsang that it is not what it is.

The satsangs were useful and informative. Sometimes I saw that people asked questions on totally different subjects, and I thought that time was not well utilized especially in Dr Harikumar’s satsang. It would be beneficial to stay focussed, as my learning depends upon what opportunity I get to listen during my short span of visit. I really enjoyed all satsang sessions and got lot of wisdom to apply those principles to my lifestyle after I return back home.

The staff is very hardworking, friendly and supportive. The massage therapist Laluprasad and others were very good. In 2015 as well as in 2017, I met Laluprasad and he was my therapist.

I got lot of privacy and was able to read philosophical books – sitting in place surrounded by trees and nature. The birds sound was fantastic and one day I was able to see the peacock as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here in Vaidyagrama. You are all doing very great service to mankind. Keep it up. God bless everyone here.

Vilas Kulkarni


September 28, 2017

My heartfelt thanks to all of the doctors, therapists and staff at Vaidyagrama for your loving care and attention over the last four weeks.

Special thanks to Dr Ramadas for his advice to surrender to the treatments and to the Vaidyagrama experience. This helped me through the difficult times and I am leaving feeling cleansed and well on the way to healing both psychologically and emotionally. This was my second time at Vaidyagrama and I hope there will be a third visit to this wonderful community.

With gratitude

Nicholls Leon



September 28, 2017

To everyone at Vaidyagrama..

My most heartfelt gratitude for the treatments, the friendliness, service, helpfulness and especially for the caring that all of you give here.

A big thank you especially to Dr.Harikrishnan for his expertise and wisdom in Ayurveda that helped me overcome terrible pain and stiffness when I was here two years ago. I came back for a tune up and will return.

Thank you also to Dr.Ramkumar for his good-humoured and informative Satsang that transmits Ayurveda and Vedic teachings with warmth and humour.

And to Dr.Ramdas – I so appreciate your resonant chanting and exuberant singing.

See you next year!

Jenny Beatty,



September 27, 2017

Thank you Vaidyagrama for all the care, love for the wisdom and for your patience.

It is not always an easy journey, but on uplifting one. It was transformative. Thank you for showing me the beauty of it all.

Victoria Moser



September 27, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama, Namaskar!

Thank you to all doctors and staff. I am feeling better in my body and also change to my lifestyle. You all are really great because you are doing treatment, with God as witness, and doing it for humanity.

Madan Bihani and Manju Bihani



September 27, 2017

Thank you for your great care. I really lost weight, and my back pain has reduced so much that I can walk now.

Haji Al Qahatani



September 27, 2017

Much loving family, and so proud of you and your expansion. This is my fourth time that I came to the healing space and every time my satisfaction increases more and more. Thank you all for your great hospitality and friendly care.

Khalid Al Mohannadi



September 27, 2017

Thank you for taking such good care of us over the past 3 weeks. It was eye-opening to learn more about Ayurveda and how to adopt simple principles in our day-to-day lives going forward.

We will miss the breezy walks along the beautiful green corridors and the warmth of the entire VG-Team- the Doctors, Therapists, reception and cleaning staff.

Sanjana Raj & Tulika Raj

New Delhi


September 25, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama

This is my first experience & exposure to Ayurveda. I have learnt so many things about my body and my mind. You have taught me a new way of life. The environment is very peaceful.

All the Doctors- Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, and Dr.Ramanadan are all experienced.

The programmes and satsangs will be very much missed. The therapists are all very good, and everyone is smiling.

A special thanks to Dr.Radhika who was a big support. She was monitoring us so well. You have taught me a lot about food.

Thanks to everyone who keep the surroundings spic & span.

Anandi & Geetha Vijayakumar



September 24, 2017

After spending these 20 days with your care, I feel like a new born.

I feel full of love and beauty, because this place is full of love and beauty.

Thank you for the efforts of everyone for making Vaidyagrama a place where you can continue to take care of life.

Thanks gratefully,




September 22, 2017

To all at Vaidyagrama,

I must say that when I was coming here, I was quite uneasy about it- but now that I have completed 3 weeks- and am feeling so much better than when I came. I have to take it all back.

The doctors, therapists, and staff have been absolutely wonderful-gentle and understanding. And I thank you all, with all my heart, soul. May God bless you all and I hope to see you all once again.

With best regards to you all- May Vaidyagrama prosper!

Veena Soota

September 20, 2017

You are one of the best things that has happened to me, to say the least. I shall miss you.. and this experience will be treasured. The awareness about how simple lifestyle changes can help us lead a healthy life is the major take-away from this visit. I have learned that there are so many small day-to-day activities which I have been doing wrong all my life.

I have sometimes thanked my neck pain because of which I get a chance to experience this place. The treatment, no doubt,  is unique and rejuvenating; but apart from that the Puja, Satsang and the place itself together just make this place a heaven. And so many interesting people around from all parts of India and the world.

The doctors and all the therapists and the staff have been really caring, and I cannot thank them enough.

Yours Thankfully,

Ankur Bhilwaria


September 19, 2017

Vaidyagrama has been a refreshing eye-opener, and a very much welcomed change of experience which has helped me open up to new perspective and I am sincerely grateful for that.

A big thank you to everyone who helped and supported me through this journey, especially to Dr Ramadas, Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramanandan, also to the staff and therapists who treated me so well and gave me company all through namely Mr Rajesh, Ms Preethi, Ms Aparna, Junior doctors- Dr Sajna, Dr Aruna, Dr Krishnadas, Dr Mubash, Dr Arsha, the therapists- Mr Lalu and to all the others whose names I have forgotten to list, thank you all.

Although seriously the amount of names I have listed is a testimony itself to the highly personalised care one gets at this establishment.

My sincere thanks to you all.

God bless!!

Yours Lovingly,

Raoul D Souza


September 18, 2017

The journey at Vaidyagrama continuesand I feel deep gratitude in being here to heal. A big, warm thank you to my doctors and their gentle (but firm) guidance, all the therapists, the medicines, the oil, the plants and this space, with all the unseen people hence-behind the scenes….

In gratitude,

Mrinalini Chawla



September 18, 2017

Vaidyagrama is the "space" to be in, sometime in your life! Having spent 3 weeks here, I feel Im on the right path for my health, and therefore, happiness. Dr. Ramanandan and his able team has been one of the best things that could have happened to me, and Im looking forward to the healing process that's expected to complete in the next 3 months.

A big thank you to Dr.Ramkumar; really enjoyed your extremely informative talks and satsangs, and for creating such a wonderful ambience.

Hope to be able to contribute to greater success of Vaidyagrama in future. All my best wishes to the entire team who put up their supportive bit in ensuring a seamless process.

Vishal Choudhary



I came in the last week to accompany Vishal and see for myself what is Vaidyagrama all about. It’s a little oasis where you understand the idea of 'unconditional love', acceptance and sharing. It gave a beautiful time to break away from the daily chores. Time to reflect on how much you need to let go. The team of Doctors, support staff and every single being is amazing and supportive, encouraging and smiling. The presence of divine healing energy and pure bliss is intrinsic in Vaidyagrama air.

Truly blessed and thankful. This is an association to life!!

Namita Chaudhary



September 18, 2017

Team Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of me. A special thank you to Dr.Ramanandan to his team of doctors for their infinite patience.

Reshma 1 and Reshma 2, I will miss your early morning smiles...

Best regards,

Chavi Jolly



September 18, 2017

After my 5th visit here (each for 3 weeks & one for 5), it is heartening to note that things are only going better to better. The smiles, the care, the concern of all doctors, therapists, the house keeping team, the ladies that clean the room, the  gardeners, Hakim etc. is really amazing. Everyone goes out of their way to make things better. This is even if your doctors tell that anything you like to eat is not good for you.

What struck me was that most faces were recognized from earlier visits- shows that they are looked after well & so there is no need to look elsewhere.

Vaidyagrama has a heart.

Rashid Kidwai,

New Delhi

September 14, 2017

My experience and stay at Vaidyagrama gets better and more meaningful every time I come back.

Apart from the healing of body, it’s the healing of mind and the healing of soul that gives me a sense of being at peace with the world.

The lessons I have learnt of acceptance are beyond measure. The warmth and the humility of all the doctors and staff, the compassion that I have been treated with, makes me feel blessed to the core.

I leave knowing that I shall be back next year, Inshah Allah.

I leave knowing that my mind and body will continue to heal for many months to come.

What has been especially heart-warming is seeing the vision envisaged by the founder doctors come to fruition, and to know that there is still so much growth to come.

Good luck and a big Thank you!

Tarifa Barma,


September 13, 2017

Vaidyagrama is a really special place-like an oasis and I am very thankful that I had the chance to be here for 3 weeks. Thanks for taking care of me and all the best for the Vaidyagrama team!

I hope to see you again in the near future!


Munich - Germany

September 13, 2017

Last day, last treatment, last satsang and last puja!

Don’t want to leave, but responsibility calls.

My second time at Vaidyagrama and once again it has been an incredible experience! Living Ayurveda on a daily basis is a blessing and I am hoping to take more nuggets of wisdom with me.

Thank you Vaidyagrama family,

Dr Ramadas for your knowledge of Ayurveda and wisdom, taking such good care of me! Dr Aruna and Bindhu for my wonderful treatments.

A special thanks to Sonia and Hakeem for making my wish of a ‘traditional saree’ come true, it was far and beyond the call of duty.

Preeti and the kitchen staff for the nourishment. Preeti, I look forward to the cook book.

A heartfelt thank you to Dr.Ramkumar for all your support and guidance, I look forward to joining the vg family. Vg is a great example of a true and authentic vision and I hope it stays that way for years to come. See you next year!! My love and thanks to all the staff working behind the scenes!

Love and gratitude always,

Ragini Varia


September 13, 2017

Healing is inevitable in a place like Vaidyagrama where the doctors are sincere, wise and patient, and where the calm and cool ambience only tends itself to recovery.

Rupika Chawla & Navin Chawla

New Delhi


September 09, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Having just planted my Papaya tree I am feeling more at peace than I have in a very long time. And I feel so hopeful for a better and brighter future for myself. The words of thanks seem insufficient. The care and consideration I have received in just 2 short weeks is above my expectations. Thank you so much the wonderful doctors for clearing with my difficult problems so calmly and so well. Thanks for listening to the changes in my body and for making me feel heard.

Thank you to the wonderful caring therapists who have treated me so well and always with a smile!

Thank you for lots of great teachers in Satsang, it is so good to hear from such wise Vaidyas. Preeti and staff, my thanks for the delightful food. I never craved anything else.

I feel I have very less road ahead, but I feel my time at Vaidyagrama has prepared me well for the journey; and I pray I can return again next year when the bad habits might return. I look forward at that time to seeing new projects and initiatives of Vaidyagrama.

Punarnava has developed as it is, not just as a place but a living, breathing, feeling, entity that is always growing. Just like the Papaya tree, it has planted a seed in my heart that will bear fruits of health, peace and happiness.

Oh, and the Community Dinners are absolutely wonderful!!!

Om Shanti Om!

Faith Erika Warner,



September 9, 2017

Thanks to the VG family, as I complete my second year of treatment. The best part about VG is that you dont feel like a patient. I loved my stay here and am looking forward to my next. Thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, all my therapists, especially Lakshmi chechi, who went above and beyond and took care of me like her own daughter. Special thanks to Vidya & Vaishnavi.

Love to all,

Sylvia Suresh,



September 9, 2017

Thanks to Vaidyagrama. It has been an awesome 21 days of my life. Thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Radhika, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Athulya & all the therapists. Thanks to everybody for the hospitality. My skin is clear & I have become relaxed & calm.I have learned so much from Vaidyagrama. Thank you very much; these 21 days were the most peaceful & relaxing days of my life.

Lots of love & light to all!

Blaize D’ Souza

September 9, 2017

Om Namo Narayanaya

Blessed all staff, therapists, and doctors.

Thank you for a wonderful stay and best service from all departments- Vaidyagrama is like an ashram where all can take refuge and recharge.

The community spirit and selflessness is remarkable.

May God bless you in health, peace and success for many years to come.

Swami Sitaramananda,

Sivananda Ashram - USA


September 9, 2017

Om Nama Shivaya!

Sincere thanks to all my doctors, therapists and staff who contribute to the running of this unique and special place. It is truly inspiring and rejuvenating experience to stay here, a real inspiration.

Swami Narayananada

Sivananda Ashram - Vietnam

September 09, 2017

Thanks so much for taking great care. It was a wonderful experience and I feel better within a short time. All the doctors, therapists and staff are great. I wish you all the best!

Nitish Agrawal,



September 8, 2017

Wow! When I was thinking of coming here, friends suggested places that were in my price range. Each thought in my mind and my tight budget told me that the logical choice to make was not to go to Vaidyagrama.

But I listened to my heart. This is the second place that I have found in my life that I can only describe as real. Its a place where theory and practice come together with good results and where actions are based on principles. The environment is a grounding one. The people are striving to be their best. What beautiful examples of generosity and compassion!

In addition to a huge thank you to all the doctors and therapists for their amazing work and for keeping this place alive; & special thanks to Dr.Ramkumar for his emphasis on regular practice and to Dr.Ramdas for his advice to think positively.

I dont want to change anything about this place. I only hope as Vaidyagrama expands, you consider building more simple rooms for the people who would like to come and cannot afford it. You do so much excellent (and important) work for the communities and you have an amazing treatment centre that is not cheap in anyway(nor should it be). I would love to see Vaidyagrama more accessible to the people in between the wealthy and the impoverished.

With nothing but gratitude, amazement and joy that this place exists.

Petra Lamberson,



September 5, 2017

Reset, Recharged, on the road again!

This is the sixth time that I am coming to this sacred place. This time I felt all my time here like a Celebration.

Celebration of life!

Life is too short to stay grumpy! I want to stay at ease with myself and at the same time alert-like I feel now.

Life is too short to waste it with so many problems and heaviness in the mind. Why not just to be content and happy.. We are so rich.

You are awesome! All of you.

I am very happy to be a part of Vaidyagrama family.

It was the best place to celebrate my 20 years of Ayurveda clinic.

Thank you

Heike Seegebarth,


September 05, 2017

First visit of many to come.

Thank God for having this place on earth.

Thanks for that people who make it possible from that very first seed till now.

May all of us be blessed.

From now on for breakfast: acceptance, then kashayam.

Paula Clarke,



September 5, 2017

Fantastic experience!!!!

Gary Dyson,


September 2, 2017

This is my first time staying at Vaidyagrama as well as my first visit to India. I had heard many good things about Vaidyagrama and this experience has met every expectation. From the top down, every doctor and staff member have made my stay more welcome and comfortable. From the moment of arrival, I have been more present and at peace. We live in a world of computers, cell phones and fast paced lifestyle. Vaidyagrama has been my haven of healing for the past 13 days. I am grateful for everyone that has contributed to my time of rest and hope to make Vaidyagrama my sanctuary in the future when its needed again.

Thank you for everything!

Mark Harris,

New Mexico


September 2, 2017

This is my third visit to Vaidyagrama in last 6 years. It is with immense heartfelt gratitude that I thank everyone at Vaidyagrama for the exceptional care, hospitality, service, presence, knowledge and for sharing this holistic, integrated and profoundly wise model of living in harmony with nature, with others and with ourselves.

The doctors and staff (from administration and maintenance and housekeeping to therapists, cooks and guest relations) are unparalleled in their commitment to service -always radiating a smile or acknowledgment with a hand on the heart and a sincere desire to make a difference in the quality of ones treatment/stay.

Very special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr Ramkumar, Dr Athulya, Dr Kesari and Lakshmi for the gracious and humble ways in which you each share your knowledge and gifts of care.

Each time I return home to the USA, I incorporate and align a layer of the Ayurveda lifestyle into my life and as a result I experience better health, more self-awareness, greater discipline, increased energy and improved relationships-internally with my own mind and body and externally in relation to others. I still have a long way to go, but it is a journey that I embrace with more conviction and optimism than ever before.  

Thank you Vaidyagrama FamilyI look forward to seeing you again next year.

Blessing and Love to you all!

Monique Parker,

New Mexico


September 01, 2017

My last evening @ VG is spent with ever smily Maheswari as she lovingly padabyangas me with the hope that I sleep well. Whether or not I do, no longer matters. I go back tomorrow with all the gifts/ tools/ knowledge be accept and be patent the love devotional and effort of so many will pay off.

When asked whether she was enjoyingherself, one of my new friend hesitated and said, it was not her idea of “fun”; For me it was fun. I was learning, healing, having lunch with a fist sized butterfly, her hand matching mine, listening to Dr.Ramadass magnificent baritone, being pounded with shape, surrounded by love, nature, perfectionism, the patter patter of rain drops and chatter chatter of @ least 6 different birds....What not to enjoy!

Thank you Vaidyagrama team and all of you those I saw and met daily (Dr Ramanandan, Dr Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Devaki, Geethu, Maheswari, Kanaku, Preeti, to name a few) and those who labour behind the scene to keep the essence up. Meeting Aparna ji albeit briefly, was like catching up with an old friend. That is the spirit and energy of Vaidyagrama. A few moments is all it takes to make a connection comes through. May Vaidyagrama always be surrounded by grace.

With much love, respect and gratitude,

Mukeeta Jhaveri,