September  2016

 September 30, 2016

My stay in Vaidyagrama has been a unique experience; from the health point of view. Vaidyagrama healing village is located in a typical village environment. It provides a natural healing touch with its healthy herbs and other plants vegetation generating coolness in the atmosphere.

The computer entails a thoughtful layout of building blocks incorporating good engineering, architectural and ‘Vastu’ aspects required for natural care. These valuable features strike your mind prominently once you are settled in the room.

The patient living environment has been further made pleasant by the homely touch of the dedicated, competent and sincere team of doctors and all the members of support staff. They really care and pray for the speedy recovery of patients.

The ‘satsangs’ organized by Dr. Ram Kumar and Dr. Ramadas and other doctors, are extremely valuable and educative, provides an opportunity to the patients to learn in the strength of Ayurveda science and apply it for betterment of healthy life. This also helps the patients in building their confidence.

This is my first exposure to the Ayurveda treatment and found encouragingly successful and it changed my mindset.

Lastly, I wish to record that Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas, who are erudite doctors of repute, possess great professional and traditional influence coupled with their sober, intimate and humane approach to the patient are the contributory factors in recovery of illness and building confidence of patients.

I sincerely wish Vaidyagrama a great success in their noble mission in the time to come.

God bless.

Col. Mohinder Singh

Chandigarh, India


September 29, 2016

I thank God for having given me this precious opportunity at Vaidyagrama. It was a marvelous experience.

My heartfelt thank to the doctors for all their care and patience. They are wonderful people. I am very sorry to compensate my thyroid treatment, but I am infinitely thankful to doctor who have rescued me with her tremendous heart at whatever time, and to the doctorate staff as well. 

India as well as its people is a very unique life experience for me. I will never forget about it.

I am leaving now but I shall return. 

Here I was shown the way of life about how one should live his/her life. This approach at life is been largely missing in Western medicine. I leave my heart with you and I am taking all this love which all of you transmit. 

Many thanks to all the therapists, managers and all other staff who make this place as marvelous as it is on a daily basis.

For me it has been very difficult not being able to express myself due to the language barrier of English. But for my next trip this will not happen since my next adventure is to learn English. 

I have started 3 years ago the route of Ayurveda and every day I thank god and ‘Dhanwantari’ for it. It has induced me my fascination for Ayurveda medicine. 

Thanks to all for your love, comprehension. This is not a good bye. We will see each other in a couple of months.

A big hug from the bottom of my heart

"Vaidyagrama is not a place which can be forgotten. Vaidyagrama is a place of Love."

Mírelys Perez Reyes



September 29, 2016

I want to thank for the wonderful experience I have had at Vaidyagrama. The professional and warm attention of everyone, the beautiful and calm place…

I have had a great experience that beside this has increased my interest for ‘Ayurveda medicines’.

What a great Vedic legacy!! You must feel very proud of that.

Thank you very much, my best wishes for all of you and see you in 2017!


Dr. Irma Gisela



September 29, 2016

Many thank to the entire team of doctors, therapists and all the people who are working at Vaidyagrama, for making my stay at this place a wonderful experience in my life.

Thank you for your enduring care and dedication.

I am returning to Chile with my heart full of love and very happy and thankful to the universe for this opportunity.

Thank you very much again to the doctors for their patience and to you for me not speaking English. I promise for when I shall return that my English will not be an obstacle anymore. 

A very big hug!

Paula Sobrino



September 29, 2016

Every day I saw so many people working for making Vaidyagrama a unique place for the personalized health care and for the welfare of patients.

It is very difficult to express in words all the experience and attention received. Vaidyagrama is full of details and love for the patients.

Hug to the doctors for their time and patience. Love and hugs to my beloved therapist.

A fraternal hug, we will see each other, again.

Patricia Parrabuez Santiago



September 29 2016

Vaidyagrama, a home away from home...

From the moment I stepped in I sensed a shift in my emotions. As I went through the day and met the doctors, therapists, fellow residents I felt a genuinely peaceful atmosphere, a clam we all wish for and seek in our daily lives.

My dream of making/building a serene place while going back to basics for myself was truly manifested when I came here.

This place provides a space for self-exploration amidst nature, love and care of the community. Being in tune with nature, the mind and body is nourished where it needs the most.

With all humbleness, my mother and I would like to thank god for showing this place, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Arsha, Dr. Krishnadas, our therapist Bindu, Mythili, Shiny (both), the staff members who all are directly and indirectly involved for making our stay comfortable. Nice conversations with Geetha ji and Preeti. All your effort and hard work is being felt.

Lastly grateful to Dr. Ramkumar for sharing his wisdom through ‘satsangs’ and little conversations we had.

My special thank to Dr. Ramadas for sharing life philosophies in the daily evening sessions.

This is a place to come back when life in outside world gets overwhelming.  Also a regular maintenance probably might be better.

Humbled and Grateful!

Nilufer Shaikh and Mummy

Mumbai / Hong Kong


September 27 2016

Most gracious to my team of doctors beginning from Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Jyothi and Dr. Mubash! Twenty days have gone since I first arrived at Vaidyagrama. For more than a decade now I have been having ongoing issues (health) that were just not getting resolved with western allopathy medicine. So looking to find a way to reduce the symptoms of my ailments and to learn anther way of lifestyle better suited for my ailing issues, my search for a reliable alternative style treatment began which culminated (through internet search) at Vaidyagrama, an Ayurveda green healing village. First time coming to India, although I knew Ayurveda treatments were prevalent in Kerala. I chose to find one just outside its borders in Coimbatore as I could speak the language and that would facilitate my living conditions while getting the treatment.

The very first night I came into Vaidyagrama, I felt I had made the right choice. My treating doctor Dr. Ramanandan was waiting at the door when it was close to midnight to welcome me and take me to my room. Room conditions were comfortable in size, space and an attached bathroom with a small dinner space made it complete for me. This good feeling in me only enhanced as the days went by with the daily visits monitoring by the doctors and loving support of the therapists. Despite ‘Onam’ holidays/leave causing change of therapists, my care was never compromised as there was consistency in the service/treatment given where my safety and well being was always reassured especially since I have never had Ayurveda massages, etc. in the past. My special thank to this bunch of old and new therapists namely Devaki, Geethu, Reshma (both) and Praveena.

Although obesity was one of the issues being treated and weight loss being one of the aims, I still never went hungry- had always enough to eat some really freshly tasted cooked red rice Kanji, green gram dal and vegetables. It still resulted in approximately 5 kg weight loss during my stay here. I slowly started gaining confidence as my health issues improved in various aspects. One of the aims I had was to find out what to do or don’t do in future after leaving Vaidyagrama that will empower me with optimal health. That opportunity came and was given by the ‘satsangs’ delivered mainly by Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas. The open forums of question/answers during Dr. Ramkumar’s one and half hour hours ‘satsangs’ daily gave me a chance to clear my doubts while giving me clarity of how to live a healthy life post Vaidyagrama.

Blessed was I to find such a lovely healing place and my closure here would have been more complete if the stores could have made available strong packing material in terms of boxes, easily available strings to tie a weigh scale. A lot of waiting time and red tape involved in this. Being an Australian resident knowing the Australian custom requirements, each ‘Kashayam’ package in future has to be sealed fully with a candle and then the labels clearly and professionally attended. Failing which a lot of questions and time will be wasted in explanations whether we have put in our material or done it at home. End result being the packages being confiscated. The bottles were bubble wrapped and the tapes around the bottle covers were sometimes not sealed properly and that would be a cause of some spillage in the box/bag especially for foreigners who go through a few transits before reaching the destination. The luggage during each transit is again transferred or thrown into the conveyor belt and if bottles packages not sealed well, it will end up spilling.

Lastly, my very special thank to the volunteers Geetha and Preeti who gave a lot of kind support and assurances. They are an indispensable part of Vaidyagrama. Their approachable mannerisms, wealth of knowledge, service has only added to the goof name of Vaidyagrama.

I go now with a lot of confidence and hopefully will return with other family members in the years to come. I wish Vaidyagrama the very best in all their efforts to the wellbeing of all patients who come from here locally and abroad.


Fond Regards,


Sydney, Australia.


September 26 2016

My sincere thank to all the staff of Vaidyagrama.

M. Kadhirvel



September 24 2016

This is my second time at Vaidyagrama. So I would like to thank everyone again for all the care and attention. I know that after I leave from here I will begin to feel the positive effect of the treatment. The first time when I came here I felt a lot of improvement in the months after the treatment… and this time I can already feel my health is balancing at again.

This place is a blessing, thank you very much!

Jehan Johar



September 23 2016

Thank to the staff of all Vaidyagrama.  Thank you for everything I can’t say it is my best days here, but am sure that I have meet very kind people. And am happy with that, wish all of you best in your life.

Ghazi Albesha

Saudia Arabia


September 24 2016

The staff especially doctors were extremely attentive.

I thank you for improving my ‘VATA’ situation.

Hoping the continuing medicines and life style advice will resolve the problems.

Thank you Again.

Raj K Sharma

New York


September 23 2016

Being here at Vaidyagrama has been an enriching experience. The doctors are knowledgeable and wonderful. They wear many hats to keep the soul of Vaidyagrama alive. Here doctors not only practice medicine but conduct prayer ceremonies, sing and dance.  

The therapists are hard working and sincere and understanding.

Kudos to Vaidyagrama for leading a different path and good luck for the future

Megha Wasan



September 21 2016

Thank you to all my doctors and therapist, thank you to Vaidyagrama. I feel l like all the cells of my body were empty and then refilling with new and clean nutrients

Thank you for making me feel the experience of Ayurveda in the most deep sense, living it.

See you Again

Guillermo Godoy

Santigo, Chile


September 21 2016

Dear Dr. Hari Krishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr Arundhati, Dr Mubash,

Thank you for fixing me again. I feel very better and happy. It was nice to see you again and to experience all the beauty of Ayurveda treatment. Thank you for my therapists, Kalpana, Lakshmi, Indu, Nimmi, and Anita for taking good care of me. Thank you to all Vaidyagrama staff for being nice and helpful.

I am going to miss you all.

Wish you all the best.

Tatyana Glushchenko



September 21 2016

I enjoyed my stay in Vaidyagrama. This is my third visit, coming her since 2014. I appreciate the humbleness and care taken by doctors, Dr Hari Krishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr Arundathi and Dr Mubash.

I enjoyed the spiritual prayers and Satsangs.

The therapists Nimmi, Lakshmi and Anitha took good care of me making my stay comfortable.

I am looking forward to come here next year to rejuvenate my heath.

Thanks Preeti for improving the menu, it can be made more tasteful.

Geeta VijayaKumar

Coimbatore, India


September 21 2016

The Ayurveda treatment given in Vaidyagrama, Punarnava are very beneficial. Here, food is very light and simple. I had a lot of body pain and left knee was very painful when I came but in last two weeks most of my pains have gone. I am taking medicines with me to continue to get further relief.

My doctor Harikrishnan and all other doctors are very nice. They are patient and have given attention to my health problems. The staffs and therapists are good. All other patients were also very friendly.

Here it is a holistic treatment. We have prayers in the morning followed by Pranayama for about 10 to 15 minutes, and prayers in the evening. In the Mandapam Hall, we have Q & A session with Dr. Ramkumar in the afternoon and in the evening by Dr. Ramadas. We ask question on many issues and they are answered.

I was there for 2 weeks and I had a good experience.

I thank everyone for healing me to regain my health.


Meera Wadhwa

Coimbatore, India


September 20, 16

Vaidyagrama is an amazing place. The vision of health and well being founded on deeper life principles seems to accelerate the process of finding ones own potential to be healthy and the values here certainly promote simplicity, less is more and peace.

The fellow guests are wonderful and the mix of time alone and together seems to a great recipe for healing supported and supporting others.

The staff members are very attentive and also seem to embody a sense of calm, simplicity and fun as well as efficiency.

The doctors and therapists are all fabulous and each ‘Satsang’ or consultation is handled with great love and attention.

Thank you all for this gem!


London, UK


September 19, 2016

Thank you for making my stay at Vaidyagrama healing and happy. Dr. Kesari (calming nerves) you replied to all the queries in your soft spoken voice calming my nerves whenever required. Thank you.

Dr. Arundhati (smiling and positive), I thank you for being patient with all my emotional upheavals during the course of my four weeks of treatment. You brought with your smile and positivity.

Thank you Dr. Arsha though for a very short time that I came to know you during my stay. Thank you.

Dr. Mubaash (quiet and smiling), thank you for taking care during my stay here.

Dr. Harikrishnan (smiling Hitler), thank you for making my stay very happy, positive and healing. Thank you for all the conversations about movies, shopping, ethics, protocols and Ayurveda. Thank you for being tolerant to my emotional tantrums, traumas, physical changes I had during my four weeks of stay. All my healing would not have been possible without your care and understanding. You are gods’ chosen one for the “healing touch.” I pray you go a long way in healing all who come to seek your touch. Thank you once again for all your help, assistance in the progress towards my healing. I am returning home a new person.

A big hug and thanks to all lovely warm smiling and young girls helping the doctors to heal the patient.  Thank you Kalpana, Indumati, Laxmi, Anita and Nimmi for taking good care of me during my stay. The process of healing would not have been complete without your helping hands.

Thanks to Devi, Mallika and Shenbhagam for making my stay very comfortable, nice and clean. Thank you once again.

Thanks to Ms. Aparna, Ms. Geetha, Mr. Hakim, Dr. Aruna and Ms. Preeti.

Thank you all for healing me.

Kavita Sinha

Kolkota, India


September 19, 2016

Thank you Vaidyagrama for transforming my painful days and nights to peaceful ones. The last 7 weeks has been a roller coaster ride with its many ups and downs. It is with your constant support throughout this journey that I’m leaving a very happy and healthy individual. I’ll forever be grateful and will definitely be back for more!

Lots of love,


Seattle, America


September 19, 2016

Feeling loved and rejuvenated!!

It has been a beautiful enriching experience! All thank to the most caring, nurturing and positive atmosphere. The therapists, Shiny, Bindu, Jayshree and Mythili are gems! Their smiles and warmth will stay with me forever. Their passion and selflessness is a shining example to follow.

Loved all the discourses. Taking home so much knowledge but most importantly mindfulness. Dr. Ramadas- wow! He is a great doctor with empathetic ears. His bhajans in the morning transcend me to another place. Thank you.

Ramkumar and Ramadas discourses were amazing. Could listen to them all day. Thanks to all the support staff who work tirelessly. Geetha ji and Aparna ji- thank you!

Vaidyagrama is truly a special place- made so by special people.

Thank you.

Jalpa Patil

Mumbai, India


September 19, 2016

An amazing come back to nature and back to our roots experience during my stay. It reinforced my belief in our country’s rich knowledge of our minds and bodies.

Thank you to all the beautiful souls (the doctors, the therapists) who made the experience so wonderful and personal.

I really enjoyed Dr. Ramkumar’s satsang and Dr. Ramadas’s prayers.

The gentle loving care of Dr. Ramadas and Shiny, Bindu, Vasanthi, Jayshree and Mythili was above and beyond.

So glad to know to have come here and will try to do so again.

Thank you!


Mumbai, India


September 17, 2016

It is the best Ayurveda community one can go for treatment, rejuvenation and learning. I see passion for healing in the founders.

Ashwin, Zorba the Buddha

Delhi, India


September 19, 2016

I really appreciate all the help and treatments that have been given with so much love and dedication. My stay in Vaidyagrama was so blissful. And it was a beautiful learning and spiritual experience. Roshini, Indu and Lakshmi my treatment therapists were always smiling and they are amazing! My doctor, Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Arundhati were gentle souls. Dr. Kesari was fun to be with and enjoyed his Kashayam class. I have also enjoyed his kashayam class.  Enjoyed Dr. Ramkumar’s satsang sessions and loved the musical nights with Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ramanandan. Aparna and Geetha were very helpful whenever needed and not to mention all the ladies and men who are indirectly involved in making the stay at Vaidyagrama so beautiful. I will definitely try to come back every year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the team of Vaidyagrama. Love you all!

Radha Reddy



September 17, 2016

What an amazing experience! The staff members, the doctors and the therapists all have this beautiful calm aura that makes you fall in love with this place. Shyni, Mythali, Jayshree were just the most selfless human beings. Loved the discourses everyday and my doctor was amazing. I would love to come here again.

God willing!

Thank you,

Preeti Punchhi



September 16, 2016

All of you together are playing great “Sound of Music” in tranquility and quietness.

Keep playing!

With all my best wishes

S.S. Mukherji



September 16, 2016

Those who serve the mankind serve the god. Only blessed children can serve god.

I am very happy to be here.

With all my best wishes,

Latika Roy



September 12, 2016

To all Vaidyagrama staff,

It was an amazing place to get treatment. All the staff members were very friendly and polite. Thank you all for the good care and hospitality.


Coimbatore, India


September 11, 2016

Thank you yet again to everyone at Vaidyagrama for your small thoughtful actions, loving, nurturing and supportive care.

Much love always,




September 12, 2016

What an exceptional time! Thank you all for your compassion!




September 9, 2016

To Vaidyagrama Team,

As always it has been another enjoyable stay getting my body well needed care.

Even without the treatment aspect, the place and surroundings is very calming. This is my sixth visit. I am happy to note that the place is not only continuing to grow but also the treatment and care is still of the highest caliber.

I will continue to recommened this place to others who are in search of similar care.


Chennai, India


September 6, 2016

My wife and I were blessed to have come here for the wonderful treatments and hospitality everybody was too warm and friendly to us. And the food was excellent. The therapists and doctors were wonderful! Everybody was so humble. We are really going to miss Vaidyagrama.

So in appreciation we are leaving behind my daughter and grandson; Pushpa and Lal.

God bless everybody in Vaidyagrama!

Ratilal and Pushpa

South Africa


September 4, 2016

What a blessing to have discovered this place! We were looking for healing, and what we found is so much more: a healing community that demonstrates that other ways of living is possible.

It is inspiring to witness how the care, which is practiced here, recovers its full and fundamental meaning, by extending for beyond the idea of a clinic.

Our hearts are full of gratitude towards our passionate doctors, always generous and listening. They accompanied us through out the process with their sensitivity and compassion, their spiritual guidance and their humor.

Thanks to all our therapists, for their sensitivity, their care and skillfulness.

We specially thank Sajith, Vinod and Sachin; and Devaki for her maternal care, Reshma and all the other therapists in our block, and our wonderful angel Pravina, which took care of us with love and patience!

Thanks to all the staff members, the housekeepers, the gardeners, the receptionists, the people in the office. Thanks Aruna for letting us witnessing your cooking!

Thanks Aparna, Geetha and all the volunteers for their devotion and generosity.

Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar for his spiritual guidance and inspiration.

And finally, thank you Dr. Ramanandan for accompanying us on this journey with your compassion, humor, lightness and patience.

With all our love,

Carla and Thomas



September 4, 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama,

I wasn’t around for enough time to enjoy your treatments. But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the impressive and quick improvement of my boyfriend’s condition.

You have done beyond of what I could ever expect! Thank you so much!

Hope to visit again in the future

Dana Vilker



September 2, 2016

Vaidyagrama- “world of healing”

Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar for this beautiful concept. Thousands have been healed and blessed. Many more to come!

Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Harikumar have been my friend philosophers and guide. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

My therapist, Snr. Reshma from day one you have taken care of me, during my pain you were Florence Nightangle- love you so much dear!

Jnr. Reshma just one week with you but had a great time, I wish you all the best!

Dr. Shivjyoti, your beautiful smile brought me out of my emotional turmoil.

Thanks to each and everyone of you at Vaidyagrama!

Vilasini Nandanan



September 2, 2016

Once again had a wonderful stay. All the care under Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna and my therapists (Shiny K. and Shiny Mol), has benefited me in health and to relax my mind. All the stress vanishes with the positive energy at Vaidyagrama.

The ‘satsang’ by Dr. RamKumar and his continuous guidance always amazes me. His simple explanations to the most deep and complicated questions are so easy to understand.

Dr. Ramadas with his simple screen displays makes things easier to understand. I thank you, Dr. Ramadas for all your concern and advice.

Dr. Ramanandan, his smile is so good. His ‘satsangs’ are so easy to understand and grasp fully.

One point to mention is that, thank you, bringing required changes in the food. It is for the better.

Your cleaning staff members who are so careful of everything and the laundary service has improved a lot.

Thank you to Hakeem and his co-staff (Balu, Manoj and gardeners) for taking such good care of us and services to all our comforts.

Thank you Aparna and Kavita for your continouous concern

Looking forward to being here next year again.


Rashida Anees



September 2, 2016

I was drawn back to Vaidyagrama in less than a year. I needed to be looked after, the warmth, the care, the nurturing and I have received it all from everyone here. Dr. Ramadas presence alone makes me feel better.

Dr. Ramkumar’s wisdom clears my mind. Dr. Aruna is quietly reassuring. My therapist Bindu has pampered and rejuvenated me, a little Mythili has supported her in looking after me.

Thank you to the entire team here for making me feel special, for their constant attention and genuine concern.

Tarifa Barma



September 2, 2016

To my Vaidyagrama family,

I returned back to this little slice of heaven after a year- to step back into a routine so nurturing, so pure and so caring.

I cannot ask for more from what I receive here and can only thank God, thank my family and thank myself for giving myself this time and space to heal.

Thank you to Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Hari Kumar for their continued wisdom, to my therapist Devaki and to sweet little Pravina-who grows everyday.


To Dr. Ramadas for filling up the space with his presence and most of all to Dr Ram Kumar.

Thank you again!


Shireen Gandhy Jungalwala


P.S Aparna too!