September 29 2015

It was a wonderful experience staying at Vaidyagrama. This is my second stay and planning to come every year. Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Arundhathy took good care. The therapists took good care. Especially Shyni very soft spoken and well mannered.

Feeling very relaxed and fresh after my stay in Vaidyagrama. Thank you all for the good care.

Geeta Vijayakumar

Coimbatore India


September 29 2015

To everyone at Vaidyagrama – thank you for making this a special place for healing and convalescence! I am so amazed – and very grateful – at how each person here contributes to our well-being, with their caring hearts and warm smiles, with expertise and still and ready hands, with a healing touch. I am feeling much, much better than when I arrived. Thanks to every single person here. You have my gratitude and deep thanks!

Most Sincerely,

Jenny Beatty



September  28 2015

Loved the stay at vaidyagrama. Caring and knowledgeable doctors, helpful staff. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Things that could be improved for better experience - Bigger beds, solution to mosquito.
Good luck for the place to grow
California, USA

September 23 2015

Third stay in two years!

Pleasant surrounding courteous staff.

Best  wishes for the global convention in December.

Navin kini

Bangalore, India


September 19 2015

What can I say the welcome back was extraordinary! once arrived  safely back at the airport after heart stopping ride with a wrong driver! But all was well, all Smiles with the right guest dispatched in the right taxis in the end.

And finally there was Dr. Ramadas waiting for my arrival finally at 12:45 AM.
The next day word had gone around I was back and staff were at the door led by another who had spotted me, for hugs and beaming smiles!
And that family feeling continued how one can not heal with such constant loves listening and acceptance all from the heart from everyone!
I was in another block this time.
My room was an oasis, my therapists Kalpana, devaki, sindhu, Maheswari just bliss and heart!!!
Sumathi and dhanabhakyam you kept my rooms clean and even smiled with no problem when I spilled my beans literally all over the newly changed bedspread outside. OMG!
Dr.Aruna your sweetness and Listening from the heart made me feel truly heard, full of compassion and knowledge a friend.
Dr.Ramadas you are full of lightness dedication, a buddy as well as a doctor. I love your sense of humour and naturalness....Just beautiful.
Dr.Arundhathi although not my doctor your warmth and cuddles were so lovely what a lovely female complement you make to Vaidyagrama as one of the freshly arrived medical team and prayer given.
Dr.Harikrishnan your constantness and lovely voice at prayer.
Dr.Om you are the wind blowing out the cobwebs. your plant knowledge and preps of medicine an inspiration! still even though I have done several walks with you.
And then last but not least Dr.Ramkumar your satsangs are a delight and inspirational in the depth! It is amazing how one question leads us on a journey of unexpected expansion and joy.
Oops I forgot Aparnaji and geetaji your energy and readiness to serve all needs is heart warming.
Then I Forget deepa, mending my bits and pieces overnight after a hard day cleaning.

And then there is Rema and Manoj, Balu all the Kitchen staff  who had lunch and special meals ready for me everyday.

And then how could I forget the Garden ladies digging, filling, planting and harvesting.

 Without you we would not have flowers for Pooja,nor the Temple sweet fragrance  into our rooms.

 Bringing with them your big smiles and nods. And then there are the birds filling the morning with song, squirrels, cats and  how I miss the  joy filled greetings of reddish brown dogs with curled tail.

 He was embodied freedom  and joy –just giving friendship,-no Demands -just company.

 well I leave yet once again Recharged and filled with renewal faith in the world.

 Vaidyagrama is a family a true village United Nation.

 I can't wait to see the children's home and school and living products completely.

 one suggestion would be -although it is probably the project list all the day the paint the upper part of the walls from the blinth upto the ceiling would Brighten and reflect light into the now very dark rooms.

Maybe old towels too could serve as a mats in the bathroom to dry feet when coming out of the shower something dry to stand on.

Well good bye blessings and smile for all your dreams up and do.

I am sure this won't be my last visit I forgot Sasikala, Sri Lakshmi, Lakshmi and if I have forgotten to name you it is not because you have been invisible to me but just because I cannot remember your name on just because but your smile for all in my heart

Esther pockrandt


September 19 2015

I Love Vaidyagrama

Thank you all!

Best regards,

Mikhail Shilin


September  19  2015

"God bless you all"
Thank you for everything

With love,


September  16 2015

Thank you Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.sajna and Dr.Nikhil. You all have been very attentive. I really appreciated all your personal care and explanation of all the treatments i received.
My experience at vaidyagrama has been wonderful. i feel nourished from within, i feel light and peaceful.
Thank you for all the care that you all have given me.

Best wishes,
Nikita prasad


September 16 2015
To all at Vaidyagrama are you are truly wonderful.
From the gardeners with their little Smiles to the Kitchen, cleaners of staff, Therapist and the last but not least the fabulous doctors.
We ask any question and you always have an answer be it body mind and spirit.
This is my first experience at Vaidyagrama and I never felt at any point that I was not being care for during the sometimes challenging treatment.
I will think of often of my time here as very special and privilege.
With love to you all.
Kathy Filton,



September 16 2015

I feel blessed to have had the chance to come and experience.

I have learnt so much and I feel healthier and refreshed the vision is very  inspiring and testament what can be achieved with good intention and the grace of God it is for more Hospital ETS more like a Home where you feel safe and Kate for by professionals in every field about that you can return to 4 guidelines and health healing or all levels body mind and spirit.

 The entire staff are wonderful and their passion for my well being was heart warming doctors r learnt scholars and caring guiding you through Ayurveda experience the therapist r nurturing well trained and can make even the difficult treatments scene good the food is wonderful and the cooking classes have inspired me.

Thank you to all vaidyagrama.

 If you are thinking of coming here do so it is most authentic Ayurveda experience you will receive.

Om Shanti Om Shanti

May God's grace be with you always thanks again 


Felicity Potter



September  14 2015

By the grace of Allah ..First I pray for this vaidyagrama a long life .When I came to know about Vaidyagrama I thought ?. but it was a surprise for me here .
The  doctors are excellent , Therapist are fabulous and the the staff are same.  Always smiling ...the treatment was very good because of you all. The treatment medicine and other needy things were on time .
I thank you all from bottom of my heart. Pray for each and every body a fine and healthy life. Thank god for giving me opportunity to stay here and have a wonderful treatment. 
I feel homely .Very sad to leave this place .I will talk this experience to all my collegues. Hope everybody get well soon.

Thanks a lot and once again
With love 
Zoeb Nooruddin


September 14 2015

Please never change the way you smile.
I will tell everybody about this place about all of you for sure.
I will come back soon I'm going to keep this experience in my heart forever.
Thank you very much to everybody was to take care of me!!!
Warm regards for all of u.
I am sad to leave Vaidyagrama.

Sonia Jimenez Molina



September 14  2015

I leave with mixed feelings I am looking forward to see my family but sad to leave the Vaidyagrama family.
I will be back to experience a wonderful heaven again.
My first experience and I am completely in awe of the richness depth natural way of complete holistic healing.
I feel nourished in body mind and spirit.
Thank you all and everyone at Vaidyagrama for reminding me to return to the basics.
To my Doctors, Therapist, kitchen staff, smiley gardeners, my gratitude and best wishes.
May this Abode of ayurveda be blessed and its essence of plenty always is preserved.
Few suggestion...
  -More light in the rooms please.
  -small hands soap in the toilet (chargeable) is important for hygienic reason.
  -Being informed of treatment time would be going on long way in relaxing or resting instead of wondering when the treatment will be.

Gulzar Karmali



September 11 2015

Leaving after 14 days full of energy and your body.

Thanks a lot to Vaidyagrama and Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna for the extreme care.

Convey my thanks to the entire Therapists and all other staff who given food on time.

See you again in the next year.

Renjith A Aravind


September  07 2015

It was a wonderful experience staying at Vaidyagrama. Here all the doctors and the staff members are excellent. The doctors with whom I have interacted the most are; Dr.Harikrishnan, a perfect gentle man, has thorough knowledge of his field and takes personal care of all his patients, as adorable person!! Dr.Arundhathi :- is such a sweet heart! Extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, takes gentle personal care and gives a feeling of a family member! Dr.Om :- I have never seen a person more active than him, all the time involved in Vaidyagrama’s all the activities, running about and ready to help everyone. I did not get opportunity to interact with other doctors much, but know that they are all highly qualified, experienced and capable.

All the therapists, who treated me are well trained and take very good care. They are all well mannered and soft spoken.

All of them in this lush green environment with morning and evening prayers have made this place so fabulous and awesome that I feel like coming here again and again. God bless all the doctors and the staff members with all my best wishes.

Meera Mathur

Jaipur India


September  07 2015

Sarve Bhavanthu sukhina!

Subrat and Family

Bangalore India


September 06 2015

Whenever you would like to experience Compassion and empathy, come to Vaidyagrama.

Thank you so much




 September 06 2015

Thank you so much to the doctors, therapists and all of the staffs who make Vaidyagrama such a special place. This is my first visit to India and my first Ayurveda experience and I feel Privileged to have had where experiences at Vaidyagrama. I will always remember my time here with great kindness and hope to return some day.

Best wishes to all



September 5 2015

Blessings to you all each and everyone.

Leaving after 21 days, my second visit to your healing village.
Feeling great quite the journey learning to expect the unexpected.
My every need was looked after and the solitude was earned.

All the best

New Zealand


September 5 2015

“Om tat sat om”

All glory to Lord Sri Dhanvantari
“Om Namo Narayana”

I was delighted to stay here in the divine abode of Lord Dhanvantari Vaidyagrama.
It's more than an Ashram atmosphere rather than an Ayurvedic set up.

The food quality is excellent and so also the treatment procedures.

I was very much delighted to participate in the agnihotra and holy chanting of Lord Vishnu Sahasranama in the morning and Sri Lalitha Sahasranama in the evening I got good rest here.
Real India lives in villages I was so happy to see so many patients from different part of the globe.
I wish all success of “ Vaidyagrama “and pray to the almighty Lord to bestow all good health, long life, peace, prosperity and illumination to one and all here.

“Om tat sat”

Sri Brahmanishtanda



September 3 2015

My first ever Ayurvedic experience very impressive full of intrigue and awe!
I'm not sure how to describe Vaidyagrama.

It's definitely not a resort an Ayurveda resort  and does not feel like Hospital either.
Although my stay here is relatively short I felt like I know Dr.Ramadas for a long time he's way more than just a doctor.
I would admit it's not easy it's intense and request discipline but at the same time very enjoyable.
Rice porridge attempted to open my inner taste buds and Ghee allowed me to reach a new tolerance level that I did not know what was there. Then again all is well that ends well.
Thank you for everything.
The best chance I got to spend time with myself without any other Strings Attached.

Ashih Shah



September 3 2015

I have been following Ayurveda for 7 years plus and have visited a few Ayurveda hospitals and done Ayurvedic massage in the past.
But Vaidyagrama is far superior, It is the best for the most Superior Ayurveda Centre for anyone seeking healing and Wellness.
The doctors are all magnificent they are more than the doctors.

The doctors here are real Scholars stepped in ancient scriptures on knowledge.
The Therapists are professional strong and yet gentle the staff the cooks whom I never met, the gardeners, cleaners and house keeping all work in perfect harmony to made by the Vaidyagrama special place that it is.
I give thanks to Lord Shiva for bringing me here to experience a divine around me at Vaidyagrama. The morning and evening prayers are as important and necessary is other healing journey.
So I was happy to go for prayers this was my first visit but I know that I will come back again and again
“sarvey bhavantu sukhinah “
Thank you all for creating this beautiful place called Vaidyagrama
“Om Namah Shivaya.”

Viva Kermani


September  02 2015

Dear Dr.Haritha and Dr.Harikrishnan and all the friendly staff

It was so glad to be here in Vaidyagrama healing village. The place is truly the best.iam really much more relaxed and healthy.

This place is so beautiful with very good food often and always friendly people and doctors.

I felt so comfortable,

But the most important point for me - that the doctors give us an example for living

I like also the prayers morning and evening and the very interesting satsung. Maybe I came back next year and another point is paradigm shift. I am impressed and this is an inspiration for me.