September 2014

September 30 2014

Dear vaidyagrama team

I came here with my parents with no expectations or any idea of the place where I am going.

I was angry initially without any consideration of what would happen or didn’t care at first. For 2 months, eventually I was gradually beginning to understand my feelings and problems and got used to doctors and therapists alike.

The prayers at sunrise and sunset are good to our minds and hearts. It feels good and relaxed around the whole vaidyagrama. The poojas they do are like in temples and are by warm, kind and good-hearted people – they make us feel at home.

I should sincerely that most of the time I was ignoring all the therapists and doctors, especially Dr.Haritha. But she has a very good and affectionate way of understanding me. I wish she was my real sister. I thank her very much and I love her for her consideration and acknowledgement as a sister. I thank her for supporting me throughout my stay.

I thank Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Aruna, Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikesh, Dr.Sajna for their cheerful company.

I thank Sasikala checi, Kanaka, Sunitha for their loving, kind and warm conversations we had. I will never forget their jokes and how cheerful they were.

By being here, I feel glad and I hope to come here soon for another delightful visit.


Yours gratefully


Thrissur India / Kuwait

September 29 2014

Dear vaidyagrama team

It was a wonderful opportunity to spend 3 weeks in a place surrounded by such sattvic environment and kind people.

There is no better way how to start your day as with sunrise and morning prayer. And the best way how to calm down in the evening is to be in / feel the evening prayer vibrations.

In vaidyagrama, suddenly we realize how colourful and perfect is the nature. It will be really hard to fall asleep without that pleasant nature’s sounds outside the room/window.

We want to thank all doctors and therapists for their great job and effort! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, for your care and patience.!

Thank you for delicious meals! Everything tasted surprisingly good!

We really felt that we are more important that time during those 3 weeks…

Now we can leave this place feeling lighter (physically and mentally), healthier and inspired.

Thank you a million for everything!

We will miss you and hope to come back again!

Alise and Aguita


September 28 2014

On the 1st of September 2014, I embarked on a journey into the unknown. Unknown I say as I had no clue of what “Ayurveda” was all about and what it entailed.

Now 28 days on, I am returning home a healthier and wiser person, wiser for I know more about myself, me and my being.

To help me along on this journey, I must sincerely thank Dr.Harikrishnan and his team, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Haritha for their care and personalized attention on a daily basis. My thanks goes to Lakshmiji for ensuring that both the medication and food was served on time. To Deviji for her efforts in ensuring that my room was kept clean and comfortable. To the team of therapists, Biju, Madhu, Santosh and Sunil, my sincere thanks in the manner that they dispensed the prescribed treatment with such care, attention and professionalism to ensure correct healing.

One must not forget the powerful admin team that is there in support. Aparnaji who from the very beginning was of immense help. Hakeem, Sonia, Kavitha and all the staff (cleaners, kitchen staff etc.etc.) for their effort in making our stay comfortable.

Dr.Ramkumar’s satsangs were very informative on the aspects of Ayurveda and the talks by Dr.Om and Renu were equally valuable. The serene and tranquil atmosphere at vaidyagrama with its beautiful gardens, group dinners, sing songs at the rhythms of Madhav’s drums, the interaction with fellow patients and exchange of experiences – I am sure went a long way in the healing process.

Overall Ayurveda healing village is very unique in every respect and I wish the team every success in their future projects.

With sincere regards and best wishes

Mustapha Adamjee


September 2014

THANK YOU for your welcoming your happiness

Thank you for all the team especially Madhav and Renuji and Jeeshma and the rest. For Farah and me it was like a family

See you soon!!



September 2014

Thanks for your feeling of peace and love…unconditional love FOREVER!

Peace for Mother Nature



September 2014

THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT EXPERIENCE! I’ve never done this before and it was very good for me.

I’ll talk about this place around me and I hope you’ll make a lot of other projects like this.

Take care

See you soon

Cecili (Chapati Master!)


September 26 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

I came here with no expectation and I was given the most sample of what it is to live in your community. All of your team are the example of “unconditional love” among our brothers and sisters.

For sure and with God’s will, I shall come back…

Let’s keep in touch. Many thanks and gratitude for all you all gave.

Much Light

From the deepest of my heart

Nicole Esther

Paris, France

September 22 2014

I am happy et free


September 20 2014

Dear vaidyagrama team

I left home with lots of pain and stress in my mind.

But when I met Dr.Harikrishnan in vaidyagrama, I have a little hope that my pain will slowly reduce. He suggested me to stay 10 days for treatment. When I first went to vaidyagrama, it was very different and I did not know where I am. But slowly I realize the value of the place.

Vaidyagrama is a green carpet. It is a healing village. The surroundings, atmosphere makes me more relaxed. The eight days stayed in vaidyagrama has made a big change in my life cycle which teaches many things. Here I am not treated as a patient. The doctors, therapists are friendly towards me and they are very dedicated. I enjoyed the daily life as well as the outstanding treatments. It restores my good health. I feel that my body was newly born.

In addition to that, many activities are done every evening which makes me more relaxed and comfortable. I feel that I am in a new world for past eight days. But it is very difficult for me to follow this type of lifestyle after leaving from vaidyagrama. But I will try to do that.

I wish to thank everyone here for making my stay more comfortable, pleasant and helping for me to become more healthier and happier. I never forget these eight days in my life. I pray to the God that vaidyagrama is developed with more endurance and wealth.

Thank you for giving me a happy ending.


Karaikudi, India

September 22 2014

Sarve Janah Sukhina Bhavantu!

Dear vaidyagrama

We would like to thank everyone at vaidyagrama for providing us with excellent healing experience. When we examined the various ayurvedic centers located in Kerala on the internet, we were overwhelmed with the large array of choices. Fortunately, the Divine guided us to the right place based on the well designed website and a brief discussion with Aparnaji.

Vaidyagrama is a place that celebrates the continuum of life by providing a tranquil atmosphere and authentic Ayurvedic treatments to achieve holistic health. The professionalism and dedication displayed by the entire staff here, the doctors (Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar who treated us), the therapists, the office staff, the medicine and food caterers, the cleaning ladies etc. were indeed exemplary.

Dr.Ramkumar’s enlightening satsang on Ayurveda were very valuable. We would like to acknowledge Dr.Omprakash for the garden tours, medicine preparation tutorials etc. We have fallen in love with the Malayalam and Tamil cultures (kala + achar) as a result of this visit.

Vaidyagrama, an ayurvedic paradise in the midst of the lush greening, is the best kept secret in Rottigoundanur and Coimbatore. Just as God is a circle (actually a sphere) with the center everywhere but circumference nowhere, we hope that vaidyagrama becomes a center of ayurvedic circle with the circumference encompassing the entire globe. We would love to see India’s visionary prime minister, Sri. Narendra Modi, promoting Ayurveda with vaidyagrama being at the forefront to the international community to attract patients in dire need of preventing body deterioration.

We are leaving this peaceful abode to immerse once again in the fast moving life of USA, to chase the mighty dollar and plunge into the whirlpool of stressful life. But we will try to implement as many of the lessons learnt here as possible to lead our daily life well.

Thank you vaidyagrama once again for your outstandingly noble and compassionate service. May God bless you with a vibrant and prosperous future so that you can continue to eradicate the suffering of the world community for years to come. We hope to see you again in the future.

With warmest regards

Chandra and Ram Patil

Florida, USA

September 14 2014

It was a pleasure for me and my mum for coming to vaidyagrama for treatment. After being here for 4 weeks for treatments, we are happy with the results after treatments. It was eye opening to my mum as she did not believe in the traditional Ayurveda treatments.

I was happy for staying here for 4 weeks. It makes me forget my problems, my family and leave with stressfree mind. The garden around us makes us feel happy and calm. The center is a beautiful place to come for healing purposes. I will recommend the center to my friends and relatives. We would like to thank all the doctors, staff and therapists for their kind support and understanding and patience. They have been helpful to us during our stay. We gain a lot of knowledge. We wish vaidyagrama all the best and hope to see the center grow with the wishes and dreams come true.

All the best and regards

Hope to come again for treatments with more of my family members and friends.

Thank you

Gurdeep Kaur and Karamjit Kaur

September 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

I will miss this oasis of cure and kind attention. I was able to find improvement during my stay here. I got off the strong opium based drugs for my frozen shoulder. I have a way to go before it is completely back to “normal” but I feel it is just a matter of time. It was little hard sometimes to be observing silence but I also felt immense support from the staff, and other patients sharing went a long way to making the living adjustment.

Thank you one and all and may God bless you for your “alternative” program.

Om Namah Shivaya

Rajan Stabler

September 13 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Our big family, healthy happy and full of energy. Thanks to you, wish you all the best in the big work you do!

We are all very different, difficult, used to completely another way of life but you could find the way to each of us! It was surprisingly good!

The doctors are very very good! The staff is very polite, the atmosphere is great!

Thank you again and again that you take us for a 2nd time in your clinic with our small baby. Another clinic refused us.

You helped us a lot! And we promise to be back.

Wish to see you soon.

Big Russian family (Lindmila, Taatsna, Elena, Mikhail, Merklove, Tamara, Maria….)


September 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you all for being so indulgent and catering to my “bad” food habits. A special thanks to Dr.Aruna for giving us a variety of food. Thanks to all the doctors and staff. In one week, I feel rejuvenated – hopefully my pitta and vata will behave!

Vijay Kapur

Delhi, India

September 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you all for a lovely stay of 4 weeks. You all are great and very learned lot. It was a great experience being here and I look forward to substantial improvement in my situation in coming months. Best part of stay was planting of a mango tree by each of us and we look forward to eating the fruit a few years down the road.

Best of luck

Radhey Kapur

Delhi, India

September 11 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

This garden is so beautiful and natural which I love so much. All doctors and staff are wonderful and cheerful.

Every morning and evening I love going to pray with a group. I feel my spiritual being is wonderful here. It is very peaceful and quiet.

Thanks to all and gardens for healing.



September 11 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Best treatment for Parkinson’s was found in vaidyagrama.

The doctors encourage. Their advice is useful. They help take away negative energies. The rest of the team work in a co-ordinated way. They seem happy and not greedy. The massage assistants are cheerful. The cleaning and serving food is efficient. The food is strength giving. The medicine and oil gradually removes vatha and after sometime removes disturbances to the mind and some decrease of tremor.

Harlan Jacobson


September 11 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you very much for this experience that was so different from all we knew before.

During the stay here we could slowly understand the way of Ayurvedic healing by experiencing it on our body and soul.

You have created a very inspiring oasis here with space for healing and calming down.

We both feel now while we are leaving, much more lighter and more open minded for all that might / will come on our way into the future.

We wish all of you the best

WE thank you all

Fenja & Jay

World citizens

September 10 2014

Dear vaidyagrama & Punarnava team

We are so thankful to all of you!

Thanks for :

The caring treatments & the tasty food!

The deeply spiritual and lovingly atmosphere..

The understanding words and consultations

The powerful pujas and devotion with which you sing the mantras!

The silent and holy moments and prayers!

The good humor and smiles!

The satsangs and yoga classes of truly engaged volunteers….

Sharing knowledge with us which will bring us further on our paths of healing!

We wish all of you a good, happy and healthy life within the vaidyagrama community.

With warm greetings from our hearts

Birgit & Volker Deissinger


September 07 2014

Dear Punarnava team

I have been doing Ayurvedic treatment for 13 years and have been to multiple facilities. While each one of them did their part fairly well, but the experience here has been EXEMPLARY.

I must state that I truly experienced what Ayurveda can do to your body and overall well being if performed in the right manner. You guys, all of you have maintained the discipline of Ayurveda to the precise level in every aspect.

Doctors, therapists, room servers, office staff, junior doctors have unmatched dedication and earnestness towards service!

I walk from here with a lasting impression of 28 days of my stay here.

As an area of improvement, I would like to mention that a “rubber mat” for the therapists to stand would reduce the repetitive stress injury on the therapist joints and more importantly improve their productivity of therapy.

Overall a great experience! I followed the detailed instructions and intend to continue to do so after my return.

Thank you!

Peace! Peace! Peace!

Vinod Nair

Fremont, CA, USA

September 05 2014

I am thankful to spend 10 days to rejuvenate, to take stock of my life. It has been an interesting, albeit curious experience. From learning about Ayurveda teachings to learning how to rest, had immense positive effects on body and mind. I’m glad for this “pause”.

The treatment is very effective although it appeared to be mild initially. The professionalism of every member of the staff is highly commendable.

Never have I seen or experienced a place like vaidyagrama where you practice what you preach. The philosophy / ideology behind the mission truly is inspiring.

Thank you for the healing.


Pamela Teo


September 05 2014

Dear vaidyagrama team

My second visit to vaidyagrama after two years has been just enjoyable. The people still serve with care and affection regardless of their duties here.

I am especially thankful to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Ramanandan for their care and for Drs. Sajna and Harikesh for frequently checking on me. And to all the therapists taking extra steps to work on problem areas during massage and increasing my mobility. And to the girls who brought medicines and food/water daily and countless others working in the background. Lastly to Soniya for putting up with me daily requests for internet coupons, always with a smiling face.

Vaidyagrama setup, glad to note, is still serene and peaceful barring occasional construction noise and dogs barking at night.

I do wish the internet access will improve soon so we do not need to go outside to get access (in wind, rain and darkness) nor experiencing frequent interruptions in service.

Lastly a little disappointment that my treatment had to be cut short due to unforeseen health issues. Hope this effect will be temporary and will continue to experience the benefits I felt during the first 2 weeks.

All in all, it was still a worthwhile stay and hope to come back soon.

Wish all the people at vaidyagrama Godspeed, and hope vaidyagrama will continue to grow and prosper.


San Jose, CA, USA

September 05 2014

Dear All

In the course of my work as a documentary film maker I have heard several great Ayurveda acharyas comment on that profession and the epistemology of the science they practice. If the soul had no causal concerns, it would not have manifested in a body, they say. In the last ultimate analysis therefore, “being alive” is vikrti, a diseased state, according to Ayurveda. A healthy homeostasis of the body in panchabhautic terms is maintained by the three forces operating in it being in harmony with each other while discharging their functions of movement (vaata), metabolism (pitta) and assimilation (kapha). These three doshaas that sound like shortcomings to lay ears such as mine get deranged often they say, resulting in all kinds of diseases and suffering.

Understanding these things is one thing but practicing a line of treatment cure based on the principles of Ayurveda is entirely another. This is my second coming to vaidyagrama and four years later, my diabetes complications seem to have increased with advancing years. Out-of-control sugar levels, aches and pains in joints, and neuropathic insensitivity of legs etc. had made my spirits very low as I boarded my flight from Mumbai to Vaidyagrama. One week of kashaya dhara, one week of pizhichil and four more days of takra dhara – along with kashayams and choornams taken internally (combined with a strict Ayurvedic sattvic diet) have done wonders I must say.

My insulin intake has dropped from 90 units to 15 units per day. Sugar levels are normal after a long long time. Somehow I can sense that my vital signs have returned for good.

My vaidyaas here have pointedly referred to pitta and kapha doshaas having angered my bodily systems. I really have no idea how they did it or what counterweights they put in those two faulty legs of my tridosha tripod to get it planted firmly on health grounds once again. All I know now is that I am healing for sure. Also I have a firm health agenda before me for the future. In terms of mild exercise, regular walks and a self-controlled diet regimen. No pain, no gain.

K.Balakrishnan Nair

Mumbai, India

September 04 2014

Dear vaidyagrama staff

My wife and myself we came for business talk with Dr.Ramkumar. It just happened that we could not meet Dr.Ramkumar and the people we were going to meet.

Instead we decided to stay back and have some treatment for experience ourself what it is like. It was amazing and really enjoyed the treatment. It was only 10 days treatment. We could take because of time factor, but it was really worth it. We both feeling very light, energetic and refreshed.

We wish we could stay longer and take the full advantage but we will come back soon to get the full treatment. The staff are very good. The environment is very pleasant. The one big suggestion is for food. It can be little tastier and have more variety.

Radha Vinod Das

Ujjain, India

September 03 2014

Two weeks stay here is very interesting experience for me. I believe that also beneficial experience. I would like to make out better Ayurveda philosophy and my staying here confirmed my belief in its effectiveness.

All circumstances and conditions  space, food, ways, flavours, procedures and personal constitute in it. I hope that it helps me to feel more self sufficient, happy, healthy and resistant in my day-to-day life in Moscow then.

Many thanks to personnel! Their responsibility, skill and goodwill are deserved of all my commendations.

Especially I would like to thank my doctors, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash, as well as therapists, Ms.Sameena and Ms.Jayanthi.

With my warm regards


Moscow, Russia

September 03 2014

My husband and I were invited here by our friends. They have been here already, and extremely recommended this place to us. And we decided to go. When we just arrived we were a little bit confused, maybe we were not ready completely. It passed 17 days. We are going to leave vaidyagrama in 3 days. And now, I think it was very good experience for us! It was sometimes hard and strange because it was new. But I know, before we get something good, we have to work hard! We are used to living in a big city, having bad food, watching TV, using internet, going out etc. But unfortunately we often forget about ourselves. Here we were able to look in our souls, and get something very important. Of course it was very good for health as well!

Doctors and other staff are very kind and friendly people. Thank you for making our stay very pleasant. You are very good.

Pavel & Alla

Moscow, Russia