September 30 2013

A home away from home where we got really pampered. The staff and the doctors went out of their way to make our stay comfortable & memorable. I will definitely recommend vaidyagrama to all our family and friends. Thanks & hope to see all of you again very soon.

Anusha & C.B.Srinivasan, Coimbatore, India

September 29 2013

Hare Krishna! Thank you very much for our very pleasant stay in vaidyagrama. We appreciate a lot the treatments. We wish you great success in the development of the vaidyagrama village.

M.Louise & Archana Devi Dasi, Ujjain, India

September 27 2013

Thank you for all – be without pain, be happy, and to feel younger. You all are wonderful. I left here part of my heart and save you in my heart with myself.

Vaclav Hosek, Czech Republic

September 25 2013

Dear vaidyagrama family

May all beings get rid from all suffering.

May all thus enjoy a perfect celestial treasure of temporal and ultimate virtue and goodness.

By the collection of whatever virtues I and others have done, and shall do from now, be the cause of happiness.

May all whoever see and read this book be free of all the sickness, disturbance, non-virtues, obstacles immediately

From the depth of my heart, I confess again and again whatever non-virtues I have done and rejoice in whatever virtues you have done.

Lee, Malaysia

September 25 2013

I enjoyed my stay in vaidyagrama for 3 weeks. Personal attention given by the doctors is very much appreciated. The staff took good care of us and never failed to give the medicines on time. The treatment was good. Had healthy food. Thanks

Geeta Vijaykumar, Coimbatore, India

September 18 2013

Dear vaidyas & staff

Our stay at vaidyagrama is beautiful & we experienced the healing process. All the staff members are so much co-operative. We have seen improvement in the state of our health.

Especially I am thankful to the founders of this village because they are trying to give treatment found in our own country. Thank you very much

Sumana, Chennai, India

September 13 2013

To everyone at vaidyagrama

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me during my entire stay. It felt like being with family. Everyone is ALWAYS smiling, always ready to help. The love, warmth and caring I received here will always be cherished by me. Thanks once again

Pritish Varma, Chennai, India

September 12 2013

Thank you vaidyagrama – what a very special place you have. So many details you have looked at in everything here, taking care of the earth, the patients, and each other. My visit was very brief – just a few hours – but you took such good care of me, and the doctors were so kind. I am so happy to have found this place, and am eager and happy to share this place with others.

Jennifer Eddinger, USA (

September 10 2013

Dear vaidyagrama

My stay in vaidyagrama was very very memorable – the warmth, hospitality, food, treatments, conversations, accommodation – everything was great. But the most important thing which I was impressed with was HOW GENUINE all this is! Practically for the first time in my life, I saw that actually LIVING the values rather than talking about them can be REAL. Thank you for all inspiration – we will meet soon. I’m definitely coming back for a longer stay. THANK YOU!

Egle Kaceviciute, Lithuania / Ireland / India

September 09 2013

Dear vaidyagrama

I cannot express how thankful I have been after coming here. You all have made my worries about my daughter’s health to not be worries anymore. When I came here, I was very skeptical of how vaidyagrama could help my daughter when so many doctors in USA have been unsuccessful in doing so. And 2 days after we came, my skepticism vanished and I was kind of becoming a spokesperson to my US friends and family about how fabulous vaidyagrama has been in healing her.

I thank you with my whole heart for everything that we have got by staying here and will always remain grateful to God for showing us the way to vaidyagrama.

Thank you immensely to Dr.Harikrishnan for his ever-patient, kind and compassionate nature. How I wish he was my daughter’s physician back home so that we could run to him for everything. His words used to always soothe us and make us feel so much better.

Dr.Om amazed me with his 200% energy level and his presence in everything that happens in vaidyagrama. Will always remember him when I feel like taking a nap because that’s when he used to come and call me for satsang; & satsangs have been the most wonderful experience for me here. They have taught me so much about Ayurveda & new lifestyle to be followed which I am hoping to inculcate in my family. Dr.Ramadas’s chanting every morning and evening is something I will miss very much. Dr.Ramkumar’s wonderful satsang sessions have made me a much more educated person with regard to health. Thank you Sameena and Hakeem for always smiling and helping us with anything that we asked for. Dr.Ramesh Babu – thank you for always smiling and telling me to not be stressed. Sindhu, Devi, Lakshmi, Sasi, Kanaka & Mithun have been a pleasure to be around with. Also will miss the community dinners & the entertainment.

Hope you will all continue to heal everyone more & more.

Thank you

Radhika, CA, USA

September 09 2013

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. This has been an experience that has impacted my life in the greatest of ways. I am leaving here after 4 weeks carrying with me more health than I have had in an extremely long time, and for the happiness this brings me, I have many of the wonderful people here at vaidyagrama to thank.

Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan for your kindness and patience. I have seen many doctors and you have definitely been one of the most understanding and kindest. You made me feel so comfortable, and soothed many of my worries.

Thank you Dr.Om for your never ending energy and assurances that everything will be fine. I truly appreciate everything you have done.

Thank you Dr.Ramesh Babu, for always smiling and telling me to be calm. I will always remember you telling me to “be happy”.

Thank you to the staff / massage therapists (Sindhu, Sameena, Devi etc.) for always having a smile on their faces, and being willing to help with anything.

And, of course, thank you to Dr.Ramkumar, for always being so kind and funny.

I really did appreciate my time at vaidyagrama, in which you all have healed me more than I thought was possible.

Thank you for everything,

Bhavani Bindiganavile, San Diego, CA, USA

September 09 2013

Dear vaidyagrama team

Thank you for great experience and knowledge you shared with us.

You have created a little heaven that people trust and to know that they can and should come back for new great experience. Thanks to all doctors, therapists and everyone who took care of us.

We wish you safe and happy journey on your noble path.

Alexei & Helen Maximov, Russia / USA

September 04 2013

Dear & Near Dr.Ramadas sir

Words are not enough to express my happiness and joy. Vaidyagrama is not only healing but for “Lord Dhanvantari” is purely present in this place that is the “varaprasadam” for all the sick visitors.

Also this is the time to say best teamwork – it is amazing. All the doctors, therapists, assistants are very capable and talented persons. I am very thankful to all.

Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om Prakash, Dr.Aruna Hakeem, Hakeem, Shyni, Maya, Lakshmi etc. are very talented and capable in the field. Specially the prayer hall, the conduct of homams for making the stars and gods blessings is present surrounding the place. I am fully enjoying vaidyagrama. I pray all the gods and goddesses, Lord Dhanvantari will give more strength to you to give more healing to all.

May God bless all

Yours lovingly

V.Balakrishnan, Chennai, India (and USA)

September 04 2013

When I came here I had a vague idea about the nature of treatment and stay here. After getting treatment for 21 days. I am going with the feeling of better health condition. I appreciate the devotion and courtesy of the doctors here and their constant monitoring of condition of the patients. I appreciate the dedicated service of the staff. More than above, I appreciate the pujas and homams performed for the health of the patients of vaidyagrama; and the serene atmosphere here. Thanks to one and all

S.Surya Prakasa Rao, Hyderabad, India

September 04 2013

Lord Dhanvantari is actually existing in this place. Each and every person is personification of love and affection. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. A thousand thanks to all those persons who started this vaidyagrama.

Soorampoodi Kusuma, Hyderabad, India

September 04 2013

I came to vaidyagrama upon the recommendation of couple of friends. I found it much more wonderful than what my friends told me. It was refreshing to see the doctors always smiling, pleasant and friendly. Always willing to clear our doubts and explain the treatment process (which we seldom find in those large corporate hospitals)

The staff too have been very friendly and cordial. The peace which I found here was amazing.

Here I would like to mention a very special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan. He has been wonderful.

Thanks a ton to Dr.Omprakash who has now become a member of our family. Always cheerful and always there when we needed him.

Thanks a ton to Sameena and Kanaka. You guys are great.

Words are not enough to express my happiness and gratitude to all of you. Thanks again and again to each one of you for being so sincere and committed.

Thank you vaidyagrama for doing such selfless service.

Thank you for strengthening my belief in Ayurveda, Indian culture and tradition.

Phani Ratna, Hyderabad, India

September 04 2013

To my Dearest Vaidyagrama family

It was such an honor to me to know each one of you. Many thanks to the one who has had this smart idea to have vaidyagrama, such a wonderful place, a very good hospital to have treatment, a nice place to clear our mind from all the stress we have in our life.

This experience – it was my first challenge in my life. I never thought that one day I will be alone for anything, especially treatment, for close to 2 months. This experience, it made the biggest change on me. I used to be so desperate and so sensitive and any thing can make me cry, especially after I had this serious leg problem.

I believe that God loves me and He made my dream come true. I used to go to many doctors but no one even gave me hope. Then I heard from my friend about the place. And then I talked with Dr.Ramkumar, and the first time I talked to him, I had a very good feeling. Many thanks to you my Dearest Dr.Ramkumar; you were my angel who gave me hope just in small short phone calls. You made biggest change especially in my mind because I was hopeless. After that I came to India with the hope that my health will be better.

For the first few days, I had difficulty to adjust and settle in this place. I couldn’t take my medicines and food. Then I had to meet my Dearest Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Aruna. All of you many thanks for being very supportive; I will never forget anyone in this nice place.

After awhile, taking so much care and love with support from all of you, I realize that even the therapists were so nice, loving and caring. This is what I really like about this place. Everyone is very nice; I love all of you.

Everyone has made some positive change which helped me to go through all these difficulties. Even the doctors who were not looking after me, they changed a lot in me; all of you became as a family to me. And I will never forget all these nice days in my life.

I write this while I feel so sad to leave all of you. I will miss you, I wish all the best to each one of you. And many thanks, love and hugs

Bayan, Al Basher, Saudi Arabia

September 04 2013

Don’t forget me…really I like all the staff…so good. Thanks to all

Asma, Saudi Arabia

September 03 2013

To all at vaidyagrama

Had a great time for 19 days. Nice food. Nice weather and nice people. Great treatment. Plan to return soon.

Regards and well wishes

Mukundan Pullat, Kerala, India / Kuwait

September 02 2013

Thank you Drs.Ramkumar, Ramadas, Harikumar and Harikrishnan

For your vision in creating an atmosphere of healing in this tranquil, beautiful village – rather than just a medical care unit. Dis-ease of body and mind wither here, thanks to all the love and concern all of you, together with your amazing team of junior doctors, therapists, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, administrative/office staff, shower on us. We are the patients but you are the ones with true PATIENCE! Thank you again and again for your kindness, diligence, untiring effort and sympathetic ear you lend us, the shoulder to lean on, and the hand that pats us and comforts us when we are ready to cry.

Please excuse my stubbornness, my “strong opinions”, and my constantly troubling you – but deepest warmest thanks to all of you for your care & attentiveness. A special thank you to our therapist, Sajitha, who was always on hand when needed and to Dr.Om Prakash (who really is omni – everything!). My love and very best wishes to all of you and to vaidyagrama for its continuing growth and evolution. Hari Om Tat Sat

Aruna Chulani, Mumbai, India

September 01 2013

Dear doctors, staff and all vaidyagrama family

Thank you all for a wonderful, unforgettable experience – unforgettable because I can see myself coming back again and again, so no chance of forgetting! (except maybe the kanji!!). It felt absolutely at home to be here, the surroundings are so beautiful, and the planning has been done so carefully to make the stay convenient & pleasant to all. I truly love the layout and the way the rooms have been planned and arranged – very comfortable and soothing, especially the sit-outs. I think half my healing came from that.

There is incredible relief from the pain that I was undergoing (though mine was nothing compared to what so many others are undergoing). Have met so many sincere and inspiring people here, both staff & patients. Sincerely pray that I will be able to keep up the good work you have started here, and after all your love & care, am now confident that I will do so.

Special thanks also to all our ever-cheerful and hard-working therapists

With deepest thanks and regards

God bless you all

Maya Chulani, Mumbai, India

Suggestions for your consideration

1) Maybe a full time resident housekeeper to oversee to patients’ daily needs & requests – that may save the doctors time & effort

2)  An extension in the Yoga hall or a number to call to find out if program or satsang timings changed or cancelled etc. Alternatively, if don’t want meetings in Yoga hall to be disturbed, inform each block therapists to inform patients in that block, or give alternate extension number for daily activities

3) Make local SIMs available to patients who want. They can be informed beforehand or on website and just keep half-a-dozen handy. Some of us from India may not need, but the people from abroad would find it helpful

4) Maybe patients could be informed of their schedules well ahead of time. Again, for those of us who are used to punctuality, it is a bit frustrating, not because of time itself, but because we then don’t know what to do or whether to start something else

5) Everyone is unique and has unique needs. Please consider the nature of their therapy and if possible, give allowance for that – i.e. slight variations in routine. The doctors have always had a ready ear to listen to us, and we know they have to follow the prescribed course of action, and we also understand why. But many patients also know their own bodies and its needs

6) It was very helpful to get our bills and medicines a day before leaving, and if you can do it for all patients, I think they would appreciate it, and truly enjoy the last day of their stay here

7)Please work on electricity!

Thank you all very much again for a worthwhile experience, and hope to meet all again soon.