October 31, 2020

This was our second visit. We are totally satisfied with the treatment. The experience has been good. Everyone was so lovely and supportive, which helped us through the treatment. The therapists were lovely and nice. Thanking you for helping us heal!

Kriti & Madhuri Rekhi

Chennai, India


October 29, 2020

Thank you to ALL the staff at Vaidyagrama especially Dr.Ramadas. Whilst I could only get myself to stay just for 3 days, I did learn things about myself from the talks with Dr.Ramadas that I shall take back with me to reflect on them. I intend to practise his advice and become a calmer, happier, content person. Best wishes to all here.


Praveen Manghnani

Mumbai, India


October 22, 2020

Had an excellent stay here for 5 weeks.

Very systematic, natural, well thought-out! The doctors and staff are very good.

Returning next year, after 7 months.

Ajay K. Lakhanpal

Goa, India


October 21, 2020

Dear All,

I am happy to share my experience at Vaidyagrama. It was a different valuable experience. I was comfortable during the treatment. Doctors’ consultations were good, and they are very caring. Though it was a short visit of 8 days, I am satisfied by the guidance and treatment whichever was given by them. I also participated in the pooja in the evening daily, which was so pleasant.

Overall, the hospitality was very good with supportive staff in Vaidyagrama.

Definitely I will recommend to my friends and plan to visit another time in the future to take care of my health.

Thank You!


Thirukumaran. A

Tamil Nadu, India.


October 19, 2020

To all at vaidyagrama - It has been a home- that has been a therapeutic- home. Hope I can get more people to benefit the way I have. Mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually it has been magic! In simple words.

Thank you everybody at vaidyagrama, especially Maya, Radhika, Suraj, Shalini.

Bless all of you in advance and look forward to seeing you again…

Sultana Abdullah

Delhi, India


October 16, 2020

Dear All,

It was a unique experience, and I am satisfied with the service and care given by the team.

It is a hospital with a homely atmosphere. Thank you for your hospitality. Hope to come back soon again.


Yash Todi,

Assam, India


October 16, 2020

I still cannot believe that I stayed 21 days at vaidyagrama. Staying here for these many days has changed me to a whole new person.

I thank all the Doctors, Physicians, Therapists for guiding, helping to move the process in this whole journey.

Each day has been a new experience of learning new things, and this will stay with my self forever.

Nothing of this would have been possible without Geetha aunty! Many thanks to you… Thank you, Aunty, for convincing everyone…Without you, the stay was impossible.

(P.S.) Thank you Radhika AKKA for taking care of me....!!! 

Thank you all for helping me! 

Akhila Kaveri,

Tamil Nadu, India


October 14, 2020

Dear All,

I am totally satisfied with the treatment and hospitality that you have shown to me, especially, the doctors who were so caring that I could get well soon. Thank you for all your kind hospitality and treatment.

Thank You!

Aravindan. J,

Coimbatore, India


October 2, 2020

I am very impressed and happy with all here at Vaidyagrama. Everybody is so kind and so caring and very skilled and learned.

The doctors have an incredible amount of knowledge. I am an Ayurveda doctor myself, and so I am a good judge of this. I am very impressed with how they grow their herbs and make their formulations as well.

This village needs to be duplicated, and I hope someday I can help duplicate it in the Himalaya Mountains with my non-profit there.

I look forward to returning for more treatments.

The junior doctors, Soniya and Ardent are also great. Anjali took great care of us and Ranjith is a most effective therapist.

Thank you everyone, for such a rewarding experience!

Dirk Edward De Jager,



October 2, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for everything. I am not an expert. I am not sure how the treatment went! I am not feeling great, but it is not anyone’s fault. I am left feeling as to how the treatment went basically, as I feel worse than when I arrived. But I am hopeful that I will see results soon and over the next few months.

Lots of good feedback – Very kind staff, beautiful nature, very supportive doctors, very good treatments (except that Shirodhara had some issues), oils and materials. Suggestions would be to have doctors observe the 1stShirodhara. Food was good – I do not usually eat rice, so it was difficult for me. If there was a millet or quinoa, it would be good! Thank you so much!!

Jemima Croker,



October 2, 2020

My experience at Vaidyagrama has been very unique. I feel it is a blend of a hospital, a hotel, a resort, but most of all that, it is a temple! What I take back most is the feeling that I have become closer to God.

The treatment was just an excuse to get away from my otherwise hectic and maddening schedule, but I think I got much more.

I must admit however, that I do have much relief from acidity, and my stomach and my whole being feels so much lighter and more energetic. I also lost 2.5kgs in a week!

I think in terms of feedback, I found it hard to consume the hard water. And I found the cotton towel given (always new) was frustrating, because I could not effectively wipe off the water and oil after the bath.

I salute to the humility, the knowledge, and the eagerness of all the senior doctors here (such a rare quality) – I bow down to all of you! I found all the staff extremely polite.

I shall look forward to more visits. I wish the team all success!

Dr. Mini Panicker,

Mumbai, India