October 29, 2017

I feel I should write my gratitude to Lorilee and Tyler, because it is due to them that I am here. Lorilee is my yoga teacher and mentor. She has taught me so much about Ayurveda and then brought me here, to India, so that I could experience everything for myself and I am so grateful. This Panchakarma cleansing experience at vaidyagrama has reached into depths of my soul and the core of my being, refreshing me.

Re-energizing and creating a new me from the cells outward, I will take this experience with me in my heart, mind, soul and body.

And I’m sure I will be back with my own crew.

Alisha Oslon



October 28, 2017

What a magical place! This is our second time here and it was another wonderful experience - the staff and doctors are amazing. We feel blessed to have been here.

Lorilee Gillmore and Tyler Williams



October 23, 2017

Came with a lot of fear, thinking what type of thing it must be.

But good that it was one of the best layouts I have ever seen. Everything is intricately, carefully done. The Mandir is my weak-point; the library, philosophy, sessions, staff - all was wonderful. The doctors' special attention was touching the heart, and I would like to visit again.

Thank you so much.

Yours faithfully,

Usha Marathe



October 23, 2017

What an experience! First time in India.

Vaidyagrama is a sacred place! Sacred with God and Goddesses, doctors, masseurs etc; and this place touches all community by their prayers, smiles, kindness, care and a great knowledge, and presence of the visible and invisible worlds, the nature, the simplicity.

I didn't know that it could happen. I speak a little English only. But I loved massages, silence, calm, birds, vegetarian food, Ayurveda.

I love to meet other persons from the whole world, and it was very interesting!

I learnt that tomorrow is no problem.

I learnt acceptance.

I learnt positivity of mind.

Thank you very much! Best wishes for you!


Beatrice Marie



October 22, 2017

I am breathing…. Inhale. 1,2,3,4,5. Exhale 1,2,3,4,5

I am deeply grateful. I am awakening to the light of my own true nature. I am growing downwards into my skin and upwards into the light. I imagine each person that comes here has their own unique experience. A microcosm of the Greater Universal life…

It will take me time, quite some time, I imagine, to digest all that has happened for me here.. TRUST, SURRENDER, LET GO, COME HOME. The care, kindness, knowledge and skill,  the challenges, joys, realisation of the profound presence and playfulness of my therapists.... I will hold you in my heart forever…

With love and blessings,

Rachel Lauise Veronica Welsh



October 22 2017

I'm proud to belong to Vaidyagrama family and look forward to my next visit. I would like to say my sincere thank you to all the doctors, therapists and the entire staff... all of them also dedicatedly put a lot of love in what they do to every single person.

I would like to send regards and thanks to Dr.Ramadas, Dr. Arsha and Dr. Harikumar,  also to Bindu, for being excellent. God bless you all!

Meena Pinto



October 17, 2017

Of all your patients, I will probably the only one who decided to come to Vaidyagrama 3 days before I took off, and obviously I had no time to prepare and no time to know what to look for.

I will give 200% marks for the following areas:

* Doctor care and commitment to explain intricate details

* Support staff, cleaning, food, medicine, front office people

(Food was awesome, just a small request if garlic can be avoided.)

* Library

I will make a special mention of a few people - Archana, Biju, Lalu Prasad,  Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar, Dr Ramanand, Dr Sajna,  Dr Arsha.

Last but not least my friend Manu, the little kid chasing cats!

One thing I would recommend a change would be because so many foreigners are coming here I would provide a simple Ipad like device to all patients with following features.

1. Should connect only to IURL so that no surfing is possible.

2. Should be able to enter daily parameters like urine, stool etc.

3. Check in and check out of library

4. Laundry service

5. All slokas

6. Daily calendars and appointment time/ location

7. Contact for doctors

8. Contact for supporting staff.

I feel this will add value and help in scaling up operations the system, once it is integrated with accounting systems, and inventory system can comply with medical record keeping requirement with responsibility based access for 100% security.

I have 25 yearsexperience in automating for large companies and will be glad to help you.

Great mission! I will spread this message to my people, and hope to return with my son and my wife in 2018.

Vijay Nurani



October13, 2017

I have been in severe chronic pain for years now, and the condition is extremely debilitating it robs you of you; even ability to think rationally to process information to approach life with the essence of acceptance.  There have been many times I have contemplated suicide as Western medicine can only go so far.

I am hoping with the treatment I received here, and by sticking to my dinacharya and diet, with seasonal adjustments, that I will eventually be pain-free.

Loving care is what I received here from my medical team headed by Dr Ramadas, and including my therapists Mythili, Shalini as well as Sameena.

I thought the food was good, though I initially did not enjoy the rice gruel Kanji.

Holistic preventive health care what is surely needed in the West.

Elizabeth Ryan



October 12 2017

I live simple, live healthy. This is going to be a new thread, and after learning it at Vaidyagrama, I'm deeply thankful for your care, for your hospitality, your kindness and so much other attention that did have a great impact on me.

Yes, we can live and make a better world for all and you are all the living evidence that this is real and possible. It was like I have met a real family here,  and will be cherishing my memories of time here. My deep gratitude to the entire medical team who understood me better than I did. I will not forget all you did!

My huge Thanks to all of you involved in making this great moment. I pray for many more blessings upon you with my deep love.

Laurent Tschiersch



October 12 2017

Things happen at the right time, you say. This was a right time for me to stay at Vaidyagrama, and it will for sure change one's life in one or the other way, and I am now leaving this place full of happiness, enthusiasm, peace, and feeling rested.  

There are a few places in this world that can give us fresh air amidst the craziness of our modern lifestyles, making us realise what is really important and what is not. Vaidyagrama is one of these places.

Thanks to all of you the Vaidyagrama family for making this happen!

Take care and au revoir!

Michael Grin



October 12 ,2017

Dear Doctors & Team at Vaidyagrama,

With great joy, I am completing my third trip to Vaidyagrama, where I can say it’s the best place to experience Ayurveda. With so many writers, Gurus, speakers, often we lose touch with the experiential aspect of Ayurveda in India. Keep the great work and see you very soon!.

Thanks Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari & Team.

Leo Fernando Del Canto,



October 12, 2017

This is our first experience. Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Athulya & Dr.Radhika, all doctors are so wonderful and helpful. I have not met anyone this caring & humble in my life. The therapists and staff are also helpful. Anytime I needed anything they were there with smile. All my treatments were also good. We really enjoyed all Satsangs by Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas and Dr. Ramanandan. We learnt a lot from them. This is a very well managed Ayurveda Treatment centre.


Arvind Patel & Jyotsna Patel



October 11, 2017

Only when you dream, will you have the ability to make them true!

Difficult to express in words what is created and manifested here, by most wonderful team led by Dr. Ramkumar.

I leave in deep gratitude to Dr. Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr. Ramanandan and associated Dr. Aruna, Dr. Sajna, Dr. Arsha, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Mubash.

 My beautiful caring therapist Shiny, bless u always; and thanks to Manjusha and Shalini too.

Thank you Shakuntala and Devi, you made sure that everything was spotless. Thank you.

The kitchen, front office, garden staff - all of you together make it so complete.

Thanks for the gift of rejuvenation... Warm wishes, and  hugs in deep gratitude.

P.S: Mosquito challenges were handled well by admin.

Vandana Sarin



October 8, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama

Thank you doctors for the wonderful experience of your treatment and hospitality.

The therapists and staff are also brilliant, caring and very helpful. I like the atmosphere of Vaidyagrama and it is very peaceful and loving.

Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari & other doctors.

I am very happy this time for the treatments and your loving care.


Sangita & Sunder Gulabani,



October 08, 2107

I thank Dr. Prathap and Dr. Kalpana who introduced Vaidyagrama for my Ayurveda treatment for holistic health wellness.

My stay for 14 days was very purposeful. I can say that I have undergone physical and psychological metamorphosis. I am carrying full faith in my mind that the treatment given here will trigger proper rejuvenation of my body and enthusiasm with high spirit in the mind.

The stay here in Vaidyagrama was comfortable, with the natural ambience, and a serene atmosphere. I felt safe in the hands of traditional, learned, dedicated, ancient Vedic Ayurveda team of senior scholarly doctors with the highest degree of vidva and rich experience.

All the staff members are well-trained, and they take care of the inmates with lots of care and concern.

My special thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Medical director, who took personal care in making the program for treatment and advising the medication. I have great gratitude to all his team of doctors, therapists and staff in all fields. I thank Ms. Aparna for having coordinated to coin my program and to make it happen.

P.N. Papanna



October 07, 2017

Thank you, Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna and all the wonderful doctors.

Thank you, therapists, cooks and all staff. Once again, my stay has been amazing. Very healing. I really appreciate the care given to details, your deep wisdom, and your commitment to authentic Ayurveda.

Jacinta McEwen



October 07, 2017

Such a well-rounded holistic experience of Ayurveda healing lifestyle.

I feel very grateful for all the kind and caring attention given by the community of Vaidyagrama. Thank you to Dr. Ramadas, thanks for the delicious food, for the care of the therapists, cleaners etc. You all made my stay here very comfortable.

I send you blessings and best wishes for your vision to guide, inspire, and spread wisdom to all who are open to it.

Thank you for your gift of inspiration to continue on my path of love.

Ayla Garlick



October 03, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience. The therapists and other staff were brilliant. I have enjoyed my stay and found it very peaceful and serene. Thank you Dr Ramdas for treating me with patience and care, and your advice has made me reassured that I am on the road to happy life. I feel so rejuvenated, and am best assured that I will be returning.

 And I cant thank you enough for the hospitality. 100% satisfaction.

 Most importantly, a big thank you to Archana and her colleague. These two ladies were very attentive and made my stay truly exceptional.

Faridah Fatima Nabbale



October 2 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama,

I love the philosophy you have in the healing village, and I am happy to be a part of your Vision. I hope that you continue to grow as a community, guiding local people to a more sustainable future, while passing down the culture of Ayurvedic medicine in a genuine, authentic manner. Thank you for having me for treatment, though it was only for such a short period of time. It was a great experience getting away from city and being treated in traditional medicine.

Thank you,




October 2, 2017

After the hectic pace of city living, and in spite of correct exercise and correct diet, there is so much space to cleanse, rest, renew and align. With simplicity, commitment and authentic care, this is the place to receive the true blessings of health through care of the mind, body and spirit. Thank you Vaidyagrama for being the true torchbearers of Ayurveda wealth and wellness.

Mini Sastri,

New Delhi


 October 1  2017

Dear Vaidyagrama Kudumba (Family),

Thank you one more time, for making the last three weeks here at Vaidyagrama meaningful. On a physical space, from illness to wellness; on a mental space, by providing a duly healing space; and on a spiritual plane, by learning deeper lessons to come into anxious mind.

I am deeply impressed by the clarity of mind you have as an organisation and individually in each doctor & therapists.

This is my second time here; and on each of these visits I have cherished the calm, the serenity, the chanting (by Dr.Ramadas & Dr.Harikrishnan too), the Satsangs (especially by  Dr.Ramkumar), the greenery, the co-existence of all elements of nature, the individual attention of the doctors, the warmth of the therapists, and above all, an opportunity to take learning, surrender, co existence, simplicity to a deeper and more beautiful meaning.

God bless each one of you in your collective vision of serving through a Healing village!

With Gratitude,

Vandana Malik,

New Delhi


 October 1, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama,

It has been a great and different kind of experience for me. I have never seen a place like this before. Truly amazing. Love the experience.. Keep it up!

Atul Gupta



October 01, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama

Thanks to all the staff here who make this environment feel like home. Thank you, for taking such good care of me. It has been a great experience for me, and I would come back again.