October 31 2015

I came here on the recommendation of a friend. Wanted to run on the first day and now when it is time to leave, I don’t want to go. Thank you – the doctors, therapists all for nurturing me when I needed it the most. I feel truly blessed to have found you and like a homing pigeon promise to return.

Jyoti Singh Visvanath

New Delhi India

October 30 2015

I am Vilas Kulkarni, who came here from October 18th to October 31st 2015 for couple of issues.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here living a simple life, close to nature and get most authentic Ayurveda treatment. I like the discipline hard and tried to follow all the Recommendation of doctors which are good for healing.
Having a lot of busy life in USA for job family, swadhyay activities. I found this break very useful for giving attention to myself.
I also used this time to do the spiritual  reading of dyaneshwari and Bhagavad Gita which enhanced peace within me.
The doctors and all the staff are wonderful. The Garden, trees maintained around are also very beautiful and keeps right atmosphere for healing.
The satsang or information sessions were very useful and I am sure, we can use them to change our lifestyle to make it better as per Ayurveda recommendation.
The prayers Puja, go Puja and recitals of Slokas maintained Pious Atmosphere. In USA I would have never attended so many Poojas in several years. The doctors are the pujaris is which is so good thing. One suggestion I can give to make the atmosphere better is to add thought Oriented spiritual sessions during Satsang maybe once or twice a week. A topic from Bhagavad Gita will be good. I am leaving tomorrow but hope to come back again.

Vilas Kulkarni

October  28 2015

This is my first time here and my whole family has been here. My parents enjoyed the stay and treatments and the relaxation given at Vaidyagrama. Shall be here again very shortly. Hats off to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash and the rest of the team. A commendable effort and job. Results are going to be phenomenal. However my only suggestion is to improve the cleanliness in the treatment room needs jet pressure cleaning everyday. Excellent Work by Biju and vinod.

All the best !!!

Rajkumar Chellamuthu

Trichy India

October  26 2015

It is hard to put in words that what an extraordinary place vaidyagrama is. Healing at so many levels. 
From the admirable concept and vision, to create a self sustaining, eco friendly value based oasis. To the caring execution, a huge congratulation and and even bigger thank you to all the doctors, therapists and other staff who visibly  put in a lot of effort into making the stay here as good as it can be.(Except the  ghee treatment)
Dr Ramanandan, Dr sajna thank you for looking after me
Radhika you have been absolutely wonderful
Dr.Ramadas I am taking your wonderful voice with me on my phone hope you don't mind
Dr.Om your enthusiasm and attitude is just so refreshing. 
Dr.Ramkumar you seem to always have  right things to say thank you for sharing your wisdom - a true inspiration. 
Aparna, Hakeem, Rema and oh sweet Cleaning ladies and gardeners, Kitchen staff for providing this wonderful food. And everyone else whom I'm unable to name thank you .
I actually love the place it has affected my body and even more importantly my mind and soul and for all that I am extremely grateful.
Aga Maria 


October 24 2015

It is my first experience in ayurvedic healing and I am glad I came .
After reading Prasad, Sandee, Christians feedback I'm not sure what to add as they have said it all.
Vaidyagrama has startling clarity, vision, zeal and passion in execution, love and affection in its caring ways and the ability to create bonhomie amongst patients... All in all the ideal healing ecosphere.
Thank you the doctors Therapists pantry staff thank you for all your zeal dedication devotion and patience. I am quite sure Vaidyagrama will continue to Play A long role in my life ..
now my boss will say a few words..
This is my second time here and I know it is just the beginning I intend to be here as many times as possible.
This feels like my second home.
Thank you all for all this unique experience 

Mita VenkataRaman and  Venkatraman
Chennai, India


October 22 2015

Returning to Vaidyagrama after nearly 3 years felt like coming home. I felt such a deep sense of relief to be back in this amazing healing environment. Able to relax completely. Let go and trust the process and to just be.

Many thanks to the incredible team of Doctors, therapists and support workers whose boundless patience and inner joy make everything possible. Much gratitude to the vision of the healing village nested within the landscape and to the landscape, birds and animals. That keeps me grounded on my journey.

Having arrived with 7 kg of hand luggage and I am leaving with a lot more than just the take home medicines – very happy memories once again a laughter light and rekindled again ready to go with the flow....

With much love and gratitude


Sydney Australia

October 21 2015

Om Namah Shivaya to Vaidyagrama healing village

Truthfully the words cannot put justice to the experience of true complete healing and caring that the entire staff gives to its patients here.
I arrived here eagerly anticipating a certain degree of transformation and I am leaving here with much more than I ever could have expected change healing and transformation happened on many levels often without My awareness.
I will be leaving here with not just a body on its path to further healing but also a calmer, clearer mind and a heart filled with peace and joy.
The doctors are overwhelmingly attentive and caring to the needs of the patients and the staff of supportive on every level.
I was very moved by the prayers of Dr. Ramadas, the enthusiasm of Dr.Om Prakash, the tenderness of Dr. Harikumar, the love of Dr .Aruna and the great ability of communication by Dr.Ramkumar.
I am deeply grateful to all with love

Sandee sprang

October 20 2015

This is our first Ayurvedic treatment. We enjoyed the stay, place and treatment and the harmless food. We will try our best to follow the same kind of food at home which will help to keep us healthy. We both reduced 3 ½ kg each weight in our stay. This vaidyagrama is well kept, well maintained and everything done in time. Doctors are very kind and knowledgable. Therapists done excellent work. We had good and enough rest. Thanks to this organisation.

With best wishes

AM .Chellamuthu and S. Nirmala

Trichy, India


October 18  2015

What a fabulous gift to receive on my 45th birthday - health and abundant love!

Thank you to the entire team at Vaidyagrama!

My 1 week stay was made particularly special and endearing by the sweet and lovely shyni and sameera;  Two sweet housekeeping ladies who made sure our room is cleaned and fresh every day. Thank you ladies for your loving devotions.

Thank you to the team of doctors as well. Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Arundhathi, Dr.Anjali and the Omni present Dr.Omprakash. thank you for making this healing journey so interesting, engaging and full of laughter.

Kudos to all the founding doctors for your vision and tenacity in creating this special healing and nurturing space. You have touched many lives and no doubt will continue to do so, both locally and internationally. The very best wishes to your endeavour.

PS: thank you hakeem for taking care of all our needs and wants!

And Dr.Ramadas thank you for your loving kindness. Love your morning prayer sessions.

Affectionately yours

Sandra kong


October 18 2015

I love this place people and love that I experience from everyone.
It started for me with Geetha Mohandas, Aparna and Dr. Harikumar from day one and was continuously reinforced by my introduction with people like Kavitha, Tony, lalu prasad to Dr. Ramkumar, Rekha, Mr Hakeem, Dr Aruna. I cannot leave out anybody. It is a special place and you have created a family here I feel great and feel that I will be back again and again.
My special thanks to Dr. Ramadas. I am deeply moved by his thoughts and prayers.
With lots of love and regards
Prasad Kaipa


October 15 2015

We are coming here for the first time we first visited vaidyagrama for consultation and to know the details about the treatment procedure and we met Dr.Ramadas and we were completely satisfied with consultation session and also the ambience here.
Later on when we started the session each and everyday we could feel changes physically and mentally.
The treatment procedure followed here is excellent. We had a very pleasant experience here. We loved the environment of Vaidyagrama. We would like to thank all the doctors especially Dr.Ramkumar for creating such a beautiful ayurvedic healing centre. We would like to give special thanks to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Aruna to take care of us. We also like to thank all the inmates especially therapists of Vaidyagrama family.
We will surely visit again to enjoy this beautiful experience.
Ajitha subhash
Coimbatore, India


October 06 2015

Thank you everyone at Vaidyagrama.
It was a wonderful experience staying here for me. I am feeling much better and calm.
The treatment here was very good and am healed completely.
The therapists did a good job.
Very pleasant memories and the garden area is maintained very well. found all staff are courteous and pleasant and friendly.
A special thanks to Dr.RAMADAS and Dr.Harikumar.
Thank you once again and see you soon.
Joseph chandy

Coimbatore, India

October 06 2015

Vaidyagrama is an excellent place for healing and convalescence. Our sincere thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Arundhathi, Dr.Anjali and all other staff of Vaidyagrama. All of them were very supportive and caring. The treatment was Excellent. Dr.Harikrishnan is a very knowledgeable and excellent person. He does miracles. We are grateful to him.

Our experience at Vaidyagrama was wonderful. We all are feeling very fresh and relaxed.

Good bye. Our blessings to all.

R.A.Prasad (Retd.IAS) and Family

Lucknow, India


October 06 2015

Dear all,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to the doctors, therapists and every one at Vaidyagrama. I sincerely appreciate the support love and caring given by Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om, Dr.Arundhathi, Dr.Anjali, shyni, Sameera, Sreelakshmi and all other staffs. I am able to see the world in a much better perceptive than before. I am going with hope and Masha Allah will definitely come back for next set of treatments.

My stay at Vaidyagrama was wonderful and inspiring.

Thank you so much every one.

May Allah grant you success in your endeavours.

With Warm regards

Athifa Ali



October 5 2015


I am walking away from here a new man! I have most definitely been through a major transformational life changing event. Of that I am sure. I came over here in pretty bad shape. I had lived on the cutting edge and the bleeding edge, and then I was on the going nowhere fast edge..... I have a lifelong pattern of too much pitta and it was here that I got to have a long hard look at it. The staff here at Vaidyagrama patiently stood by me as I thrashed about in my Pitta/Vata imbalalances. I really love all of them. Dr.Harikrishnan was like the captain of the ship and he set a steady, patient loving course for me, Which I did not always like, but he was confident that it would work. I have my own style of doing things, but obviously it was not working so well or else I wouldn’t be here in the first place! SO I allowed myself to trust in his wisdom and experience. Dr.Arundhathi totally supported me when I was feeling down, her bubbly enthusiasm and positivity lifted my spirit and got me keep going ahead.  Her beautiful sweet partner Dr.Anjali always beamed love and support towards me also. Then of course there is the all-pervasive Dr.Om who greeted me at the door when I arrived and always everywhere doing everything at all times, with such a warm uplifting attitude  and I love his baby girl! He also supported me a few times when I was having difficulties and showed true kindness and compassion to me for which I amm very grateful.

Dr.Ramadas is truly inspirational and I felt the healing vibes from him when we chanted the morning  prayers. May his vision for Vaidyagrama flourish and be granted every success!

When I think about what my treatment was here, it was mostly getting saturated with medicated ghee. This somehow purified me and calmed my pitta and vata so that now I can just get on with my life with a new enthusiasm. So I am very thankful to all the cows that gave their milk, which did its magic for me. I needed a place like vaidyagrama to just rest and do almost nothing, but sometimes doing nothing is actually doing a lot!

A few things that would improve Vaidyagrama:

Fix up the library, get more books, make them easiest to get, the books I had helped to distract me during the long hours of sitting around.

Buy some towels. IT can’t be too expensive to get some decent towels, even if they are very thin, the clothes you have don’t dry anything off, especially wet-oily hair.

Make some place where we can get outside and look at the view, the sky, the surroundings. I felt too enclosed here and disoriented.

A little more variety in the diet would be helpful, more kinds of vegetables, you can sprinkle a little fresh or dried moringa for powerful nutrition and for color. You must grow more moringa trees if you don’t have enough yet! A little more fresh fruits please.

More satsangs about certain topics of Ayurveda, diet, doshas etc.

No cell phones in treatment rooms!