October 2014

October 29 2014

Where do I start? I am so emotional now and sad to leave. I had wonderful moments with every one, made great friends, met exceptional people and very highly educated beings yet so humble. I was one of the few lucky ones who were able to attend three very energetic and spiritual pujas during my stay here. It was the first occasion that I have attended the planetary pujas and I don’t actually have words to describe my feelings. I felt calm, energetic, and totally in one with the mantras. I have never felt so good in my life before. We always look for happiness outside and in others but never within. I never thought I could be happy with myself on my own but I am glad I came here. I am taking some really great and wise advise with myself from Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Ramkumar. The exceptional service by Dr.Aruna, Dr.Haritha, Dr.Omprakash and everyone in vaidyagrama is I think out of this world. They are so devoted and service oriented which is a rare sight these days. I am so looking forward to coming here again. I will cherish every moment that I have spent with each one of you.

I can’t thank you enough, Dr.Ramkumar – I will miss the afternoon satsang and your wise advice. Dr.Ramadas, I will clearly miss your prayers and laugh.


Sukhwinder Kaur


October 28 2014

My second visit to vaidyagrama has not only breathed a new life into my tired, overworked and bruised body but also re affirmed by faith in the philosophy and ethos of this place. Dr.Harikrishnan’s calm demeanour, enormous patience and the unforgettable healing touch; Dr.Harita’s touching concern, lovely conversations and of course the “omnipresence” of Dr.Om not only makes one’s visit memorable but also inspires full confidence that no matter how serious a problem one is facing, they will find a way or a solution to it.

The satsangs with Dr.Ramkumar are not only stimulating but also a humbling experience that one can learn so much from him. The special pujas this time was a remarkable bonus. Felt truly blessed to be part of such endeavours and look forward to the next year’s conference where all this and lot more will unfold. My most sincere thanks are also due to the entire team of therapists who work wonders in the most quick unobtrusive and yet most effective manner. The presence of Dr.Ramadas saying the morning prayers will surely stay with me long after I have reached home. Last but not the least, a big thanks is due to all other members of the vaidyagrama team – Aparna, Kavitha, Sonia, Hakeem, Geetha and many others.


Mrs.Navnita Behara

Delhi, India

October 28 2014

Vaidyagrama came as a wonderful surprise. The totality of the experience was an enlightening one. What we especially liked was the 360 degree view of health supported by the doctors and therapists (body), the satsangs and prayer sessions (mind & soul). The green pharmacy that adorns this physicians’ village is a wonder in and of itself. We were exposed to only 2 garden walks that covered only one section of the grounds and therein discovered breath fresheners, medicines for piles and wounds, eye brighteners, viral infection treatments (in the humble papaya tree no less). One is humbled by the nutrition and medical bounty that nature offers.

Special thanks to Drs. Ramadas and Harikumar; and to Dr.Ramkumar for the stimulating satsang sessions; and Maya our wonderful therapists whose knowing fingers eased away aches and pains.

Vaidyagrama is not only worth another visit, but several vists. And we intend to do our friends a favour – recommend it to them.

Rani & Dharma Somasundaram

October 25 2014

First of all and most important – a warm and big THANK YOU from my heart to ALL the members of the vaidyagrama team who with their kindness and knowledge make this place a very special place. I feel a good and serene atmosphere and the commitment to provide a space for healing, learning and growth.

Special thanks to my doctors – Dr.Harikrishnan – I have been greatly moved by his gentle and calm presence; Dr.Haritha and Dr.Om – both so kind and always trying to help.

Big thank you also to my beautiful therapists Lakshmi, Nirmala, Indu and to lovely Devi – cleaning and smoking the room always with a smile.

Thank you to all the good spirits of the place!

There were some things that have been a bit irritating. All kinds of noises that made it difficult at times to really relax and sleep well.

The omnipresence of cell phones – I think a cell phone free area (the yoga hall for eg) would be great! And I would welcome a clear list of prices of the different treatments (instead of a price for a package)

Well just some suggestions…

Thank you for letting us plant a tree – may they grow strong and lovely!

I wish vaidyagrama and ALL of You the best for the future.

BLESSINGS! Much joy and peace…



October 25 2014

Dear vaidyagrama family

Last 3 months were fabulous. I have been to a few places in my life but never I found a place where you really feel that love and care are genuine. This place really shines through the principles of the great Indian systems.

The environment is something special, well structured yet nature was and is allowed to roam free. The connection and bond between doctors and staff is something special. It’s great to see people working with a smile on their face, it doesn’t happen very often where I come from.

It has been a great experience, far beyond the teaching of Ayurveda, but again Ayurveda extends beyond the healing system.

I would like to thank each and every member of the family but a special thanks to Dr.Ramadas for giving himself fully in his teachings and helping me to ignite the fire of Ayurveda in me. Aparna for her ceaseless attention and effort to bring me here, and Lakshmi for taking care of me each and every day.

On the back of this experience, I assure that I will be back.

Thank you for everything



October 24 2014

A wonderful experience called vaidyagrama!

Having been planning to go for a yoga/Ayurveda camp for awhile, I came to know of vaidyagrama from Kalpana and Sampath. For once I decided immediately to come here and am so happy I did so.

Apart from treatments, diet etc., vaidyagrama is a way of life. I have been so peaceful and calm. While at first it was a little lonely especially in the evening, I got used to it. Loved the morning and evening prayers, the satsangs and group dinners. Lucky to have come in this period, was able to participate in the graha pujas, sarpa puja, bhagavathi and ganesha puja.

A big heartfelt thank you to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar for taking such good care of me. Thank you!

To Sindhu, Devaki, the wonderful therapists who were so caring and extremely good at their work – their hands worked magic!

Thanks also to others who were involved in my treatment – Sasikala, Maheswari, Shini and support of Chinnu, Archana, Unnimaya, Vijaykumar and also others whom I do not know by name.

Thanks to Sumathi for taking care of my clothes and keeping my place spotlessly clean.

Thanks to Drs.Haritha, Harikrishnan and Om for their kindness. To Aparna for her sweet charming nature.

Thanks to all the wonderful people working tirelessly behind the scene.

Last but not the least, congrats and thanks to Dr.Ramkumar and all the founders of vaidyagrama – a novel concept, executed brilliantly with lot of thought, care and kindness.

Amazing culture – I have never seen such bonding across all levels of staff at any other place. The doctors are so accessible all the time and patiently answered my endless questions with full attention.

Great job vaidyagrama! Keep it up and preserve and nourish your unique culture. In addition to all the stated benefits, I have made a whole lot of new friends from all over the world.

Vasanthi Guruprasad

Bangalore India

October 21 2014

Vaidyagrama is a piece of heaven on earth. I consider myself the most fortunate to have the experience of the true healing village. I found it like a green oasis in my busy life. I must say that I had the best 45 days of my life here. Thanks is a very small word to the team who has charged me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually here.

I first of all thank Sujathachechi who was the reason I am here. I thank Dr.Harikrishnan for the expertise treatment and who gave me so much of confidence over phone even before I came here.

I thank Dr.Omprakash who was not just a doctor but a good friend who was very caring throughout my stay here, especially tolerating me so much while drinking snehapana. I thank Dr.Haritha who was such a bubbly lady whom I can never forget. Her smile with a dimple would make my worries vanish. A very special thanks to Dr.Sajna. She was one awesome woman whose care is as beautiful as she is. I just love everything about her. I would even like to thank her husband who took so much of time in trying to repair my tab.

I thank all the therapists and staff who made me more comfortable than what I am at home. A special mention about therapist Devaki chichi who was just with me until the last day of treatment.

I thank Unnimaya and Maheswari who always bring my medicines and food on time with  a special care and a smile. I thank Chitra as well who was taking care of my surroundings which also encouraged my healing.

I thank Kavitha and Sonia who did the administrative part as beautifully as they are. A special mention about Aparna who is a super woman walking around taking care of each patient’s needs. She is a darling. I just love her simplicity.

I cannot forget the care the staff gave me. I am grateful to the entire team who gave me the golden days of my life.

I wish vaidyagrama and Punarnava trust all the best. And Geethachechi who is a sweetheart by heart. I was surprised to see the care she gave for the village people and the efforts she takes from her bank staff to help the village. She is such a humble person.

I once again thank one and all who helped me in healing faster and better. Thank you so much and I love you all.


Chennai India

October 20 2014

Dear vaidyagrama team

Thanks for wonderful care and help. I came here for the treatments. Everyday living here made me happy. Memorable stay. Thanks to all



October21 2014

A wonderful experience! Warm caring staff and an ambience of health and wellness! Thank you all

Gita Srinivasan


October 20 2014

Dear team vaidyagrama

We had a very enlightening, soothing and healing experience at vaidyagrama. The beautiful and sustainable environment along with the knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive team helps nurture the healing and well being process. We also found the direct connection between the soul, mind and body by participating in the various spiritual events and in the daily pujas.

The vision and painstaking efforts of Dr.Ramkumar in bringing to fruition the vaidyagrama vision is laudable. The excellent team that he has put together amongst others, Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Sajna, Dr.Haritha and the ever smiling therapists, Santosh, Maya, Devaki and the others are commendable. Srilakshmi and Archana’s never say no service made our stay very comfortable. Even though we are from Coimbatore and pass by the vaidyagrama signboard on the main road every week, it has been providence which has helped us discover this hidden gem of Coimbatore.

We wish the vaidyagrama team continued success in their mission to heal and revive the few lucky beings who pass through its portal!

Hari Om!

Anitha and Samaraj

Coimbatore India

October 17 2014

Dear all the team at vaidyagrama

Thank you for all your care and attention through our one month stay. We have both really enjoyed our time here at the “healing village”.

It took a little adjusting at the start but once we surrendered we could then feel the benefits of taking time to relax and listen to our bodies and allow time to “just be”.

We are both very grateful for our recommendation to stay here and feel the bliss! We look forward to returning in the future…

A big THANK YOU to vaidyagrama

Kerry and Ryan

Perth, Australia

October 17 2014

A big THANK YOU for all the experiences, healing moments and understanding words; I’m very thankful and happy that it was possible to come back and to continue the treatment and to understand and learn more about Ayurveda. I get some new perspectives for my life. I feel as if vaidyagrama and its people are like an “island for me” where I can come back whenever I feel it is necessary.




October 17 2014

Each day during my stay at vaidyagrama, I thanked the divine for creating and providing such a supportive and nourishing environment for healing.

From the rammed earth buildings, literally rising from the earth to create a sense of harmony, and lend balance to the site; to the fertile soil in which herbs and plants abound to provide so much sustenance.

I thanked the divine for the staff who facilitated the healing process. The doctors who combined their astute observations and profound knowledge of the Vedic texts with compassion and loving care; and for the therapists commitment to ensuring our continuing health and well being.

All this is possible however only with the untiring efforts of the housekeeping, support, kitchen, maintenance and gardening staff. Thank you for your part in making vaidyagrama what it is today.

I thank the divine and I thank all of you for your commitment, constant support and loving care of me during my stay here.

Vaidyagrama is truly a healing village; a place of refuge.



October 2014

Dear team vaidyagrama

After coming here, I have begun to realize what is truly “healing”. You all have created a wonderful space and energy here where we can come and allow healing – mental, physical and spiritual.

What is extraordinary is that apart from the infrastructure the concept, it is the people who really make this place come alive.

From the doctors to the therapists and everyone behind the scene is engaged with us on every level.

I feel like I am a baby here and being nursed and looked after every single need. Almost like a princess!

I love what has been created here and hopeful of many visits in the future.

God Bless each and everyone of you


Mumbai India

October 12 2014

My knowledge of English words wouldn’t be sufficient enough to express the ecstasy I feel.

Whom do I thank?

If I name them, I would be limiting their selfless selves into finite services. But I would like to mention names who out of their compassion and love had inspired me a lot.

Dr.Ramkumar, during his satsang; Dr.Ramanandan – his immense care and detailed observation, and his knowledge of diagnosis; Dr.Sajna – the charming lady who treats patients as her own family members; Dr.Omprakash – most energetic; Dr.Ramadas – enchanting prayers; Ms.Aparna – ever smiling and humble

I might have to keep writing the whole day if I start.

How involved and dedicated were Santosh, Unnimaya, Chitra – these are the names I know – not forgetting anyone who is not mentioned here.

To put it in few words – I have heard diseases are contagious but I realized hospitality and curing is even more contagious here at vaidyagrama. The patients are transformed as beautiful people as beautiful and loving as the doctors and staff.

I have learnt a lot of qualities from all the wonderful people I have interacted here and hoping to carry that throughout my life.

I am sure I would be a regular visitor here and would keep more people aware of this wonderful heaven on earth and to benefit these natural resources.

God Bless!!! Hari Om!


Chennai India

October 11 2014

Dear vaidyagrama team

I came in as an apprehensive person and after 3 weeks, I am leaving as a much calmer and peaceful person. This place has made me realize the effect of chanting of prayers on both the mind and body. I enjoyed the Dussera celebrations here which I missed back home as I was here for treatment.

A few words about each of the individuals in my limited duration of stay and interaction –

Dr.Ramadas – a friendly and approachable doctor

Dr.Harikumar – soft but firm doctor

Thanks to both of you for staying firm so that I could complete the scheduled 7 days snehapanam treatment.

Dr.Aruna – always available and ready with solutions

Therapist Sindhu – ever smiling – am thankful for the wonderful massages

Geetha, Kavitha, Aparna – cheerful people. Had a first hand experience of annadaanam with all of you

Cook Aruna – have your recipes and hope to try your signature tea back home. Hats off to you for giving us such variety of food with the limited ingredients that you are permitted to use

I am new to Ayurveda and by way of satsangs, Dr.Ramkumar has managed to convert me from an Allopathy believer to a believer of Ayurveda.

I leave this place with a firm belief that things would work out for me as all of us expect and God would reward for all the sincere efforts put in by the entire team.

I wish vaidyagrama and the Punarnava Trust all the very best to grow and achieve the vision envisaged by them.

Lakshmi Rao

New Delhi India

October 11 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thanks for a wonderful time!!!

I had a surreal experience and am now well rested both mentally and physically. Staff, docs are sincere and well meaning.

Dr.Ramkumar, you have a wonderful team with unmatched enthusiasm and attitude.

Thanks once again.

Balaji Srinivasan

New Delhi India

October 2014

Dear team Punarnava

Thanks a lot for all the care and treatment in your serene and peaceful environment. Thanks for ever smiling staff and competent cheerful doctors (vaidyas). It was an enriching and curative experience. May you all bring sunlight into the lives of many more and spread your wings to cover the entire country.

Thanks once again

General Vijay K.Singh

New Delhi India

October 10 2014

Kia ora to all at vaidyagrama

Thank you so much for introducing me to Ayurveda. I had no idea of what would be involved other than my belief in the use of plants for healing but you offer so much more. I go home feeling very blessed for meeting you all and giving me so much more understanding. The world has opened up so much more for me.

Thank you all


New Zealand

October 10 2014

Nature, nurture is truly what vaidyagrama aspires to.

To all the staff who make this vision come true, what a blessed time my stay was! So many people involved in making my health journey possible!

In total gratitude and blessings

Much love to all


New Zealand

October 03 2014

Dr.Ramadas, you are a unique combination of a physician, a priest and a guru. A true healer.

Dr.Aruna, you are younger than my daughter but wise beyond your years. I wish you and Mr.Hakeem and baby Ranvita all the best.

With gratefulness and many thanks

Sudha Gallagher

Maryland USA

October 03 2014

We thank all at vaidyagrama for creating such a lovely, gentle, tolerant, devotional and healing place. It is clear that so many from so many places and walks of life with so many varied problems are greatly benefitting from the environment that prevails here. We especially gained from the wisdom, humor and medical knowledge of Dr.Ramadas and the care, consideration and patience of Dr.Aruna. It is our hope that both the spirit of community and dedication to the practice of Ayurveda may be sustained as vaidyagrama expands and becomes available to even more people.

Dennis and Sudha Gallagher

Maryland, USA

October 05 2014

Dear team vaidyagrama and Punarnava

Thanks for giving me a peaceful4 days at vaidyagrama Ayurveda village! The natural surroundings, the sattvic food and the structured schedule for everyday living made for a very memorable stay that purified the mind and body. The abhyangam, the pranayama exercise, the community dinner, the Id celebrations all made my short stay a pleasurable one. Waiting to come back for a longer stay!


Vignesh L

Bangalore, India

October 03 2014

Thank you all of you for your grace throughout my treatment and especially in assisting me with my urgent need to return home. Dr.Ramadas’s morning prayers will follow me always.

Blessings to you



October  01 2014

All my vaidyagrama friends

I came to know about vaidyagrama through my son Mr.B.Prathaap who is a co-director of Mr.Sampath and Mrs.Kalpana Sampath.

I could imagine about this institution after a brief explanation by Mrs.Kalpana. She personally brought me here on 21/09/2014. After seeing the atmosphere here, I really wondered and understood it is not a hospital but a guest house with so much of affection and love of all the doctors and staff members.

In general a doctor of any hospital will be reserved and answer to the specific questions. But here I found that they are like friends without any reservation.

The type of Ayurvedic treatments given here are very different and sometimes I remembered my grandmother and mother when oil was applied to my body after a small prayer.

Other activities like morning and evening prayers, discussions, cooking classes also impressed me very much.

I feel that all my problems what I had will be out if I continue this lifestyle for some more time.

The founders of this type of institution should be thanked so much for their forward thinking and planning.

I would like to wish a bright and happy future to all attenders, staff, doctors and founders etc.

I understand that “Punarnava” means becoming new again.


Thank you

H.Bhimasena Rao

Bangalore, India