October 31 2013

My dearest “new” family vaidyagrama

When I packed my bags to come to vaidyagrama, I was unaware of the beautiful holistic journey & experience I was to have.

This was the best “gift” I could have given myself in my 51 years of life.

The serene & calm surroundings smoothened my nerves, the therapies & treatments took care of my aches & pains, the doctors gave me a patient hearing & nurtured my mind & inner being, the staff was extremely kind & supportive, the yoga nidra, prayers, chanting, satsang taught me to calm down and slow down.

I had lots of time to heal. To read. To relax. To reflect. To think. To analyse. To share. To appreciate. To offer grace & gratitude to the supreme energy. You taught me how to value my life, my time, my energy and helped me to align my mind, thoughts, words & action into harmony.

“Thank you”. God Bless, See you soon….Kabhi ALvida na Kahena…never say goodbye..I will see you soon…again….& again.

With best wishes, warmth, appreciation

Darshan Shah, Kolkata, India

October 31 2013

Vaidyagrama is a wonderful place with combination of many good things. The serene and calm atmosphere is absolutely conducive to calming the mind & healing the body. The new culture developed at vaidyagrama with modern approach and ancient tradition of Ayurveda is certainly appreciable. This enables the age old tradition to reach to more people. The doctors and staff are generous, kind and helpful.

I wish for further development of vaidyagrama.

Ngawang Samten, Banaras, India

October 31 2013

My dear “vaidyagrama”

Thank you from the depth of my heart for the most wonderful healing transformative month plus spent with you all. Somehow the collective result of each person, plant, animal & building here is a very gentle and powerful place – magical and beautiful in equal and complimentary measures. The doctors have been so instrumental in all ways, physical, emotional, spiritual healers of the utmost caliber. The talks each morning with Dr.Ramadas & Dr.Harikumar, afternoons with the others, have been so nourishing to the soul; Dr.”Roam Prakash” is everywhere at all times by some mysterious co-incidence! And all the girls & women who have served us with such grace dignity & skill – not to mention sweetness. So much more to say….& I will to all my friends – come here for a life enhancing stay.

April Pierrot, London, UK

October 23 2013

Thank you vaidyagrama family. It really feels like family, from the moment you step in this village you feel welcomed from everyone. Doctors, therapists, patients, they all go with the same rhythm. Everyone is kind, helpful, supportive. I enjoyed my stay and got to love kanji. Thanks again to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash & all the staff from Aparna to Kavitha to Sushi – everyone of you made a difference to my stay.


Olivia Mitri

October 22 2013

Dear All

Thank you so much for everything…

Had an excellent stay & perfect treatments…

This was my second visit…my first visit was very effective hence the second time…

Shall come again next year. Only one one condition that the food improves!

Thanks…Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramesh Babu, Dr.Omprakash and always dear Aruna.


Gauri Ingle, Kolhapur, India

October 2013

Thank you very much for everything and to everybody surrounding me for the good care. Doctors took their time to talk and explain. I especially enjoyed the good treatments and the satsangs which helped me to understand basic important things about Ayurveda. The prayers and pujas impressed me. I hope that I can make further progression with my health at home. I will miss some of you people and the daily routines which were very helpful.

With all my best wishes for vaidyagrama

Benedikt Siebers, Germany

October 16 2013

Dear Healers at vaidyagrama

When we say Healers we refer to everyone here. We would like to thank you all – doctors, who play multifarious roles of consultant, counselor, confidante, friend, philosopher and guide; therapists for their gentle and soothing treatments; cooks for feeding us healthy food cooked in hot, sweltering kitchen; serving staff for serving us each meal and dose of medicine on time every day and with so much love; cleaning staff for keeping the entire complex and our rooms immaculately clean; the launderers who returned our dirty clothes crispy clean; the gardening staff who help lift our spirits by maintaining the greenery with so much love and care; the admin staff for their efficient handling of logistic details; Geetha for her infective exuberance towards the cause of compassion for the downtrodden and anyone else we may have inadvertently left out.

Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas for arousing a sense of spirituality in us by the sheer strength and depth of his voice at morning & evening prayers; Dr.Harikrishnan for his patient, optimistic and diligent handling of our case; and Dr.Omnipresent (so aptly rechristened) for being such a devoted and committed soul.

It was a pleasure meeting all the other seekers of physical and spiritual health here; special mention of Dr.Ramkumar’s parents, sister and brother-in-law – such wonderful people!

Finally, Dr.Ramkumar, thank you for creating this beautiful world, for your wisdom, so patiently imparted to us at satsang every afternoon, for your vision and your passion for the Healing Paradise called VAIDYAGRAMA.

Wishing you all the very best, and hoping to meet you all again and again.

Vikash & Maya Varma, Kolkata / Chennai, India

October 11 2013

Vaidyagrama – HELPING HANDS

My 2nd visit to vaidyagrama. Thank you doctors, therapists, staff, cooks and everybody in the family of vaidyagrama.

Every things care, love and affection shown are true & miss you all a lot. Shall meet again next year.


Thanking you

Yours truly

Sethu, Dharapuram, Tamilnadu, India

October 01 2013

Vaidyagrama is a wonderful place. I sincerely hope you guys go from strength to strength! Your campus is a beauty…and the people – lovely.

Thank you so much for everything..and hope to be back – minus the kanji!!!

Gita Srinivasan, Bangalore, India