November 30, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Everyone is so nice and wonderful. Thanks for all you did to make me feel better, I’ll be back. Kitchen and massage staff will be much appreciated. You are all wonderful Thanks a million. Once again from bottom of my heart, I thank you Doctors and Staff. I will be missing the prayer every morning.

Malarvizhi Ekambaram,

Pondicherry, India 


November 25, 2019

Stepping into Vaidyagrama is like stepping into my spiritual home.                                                                                            I want to sincerely thank Dr Ramanandan, Dr Vinod, Dr Anupama and all the therapists for making me whole again. I also want to thank Mr. Hakeem for his cooperation and timely help.                                                                                         Looking forward to my next home coming and wishing all at Vaidyagrama for the coming New Year. Last but not the least I thank for all the encouragements and support from Dr Ramkumar.  

Regards,                                                                                                                                                            Kinnari Inder sharma.

Karnataka, India


November 28, 2019

Vaidyagrama in my opinion is a paradise on earth.

Dr.Ramkumar’s vision and achievements are outstanding.

Just a few comments from my personal experience,

1. Kindly improve the internet so less time is spent using it

2. Please offer a choice of main meals if possible

3. A kettle in the room would be much appreciated

4. Please arrange excursions to see beautiful places nearby

I would like to thank all the doctors and staff for their kind hospitality and being so nice to me for the past 21 days.

Looking forward to return in November 2020.

Sushovan Ghosh



November 27, 2019

Vaidyagrama is nothing but a heaven on earth. Every time I look forward to come here, to see all the happy faces of the Doctors, Therapists, Management team and each and every one. I admire the greatest vision of Dr. Ramkumar and the team who made it a reality. The experience is divine and I find no better word to express my thoughts as a well-wisher of Vaidyagrama. My prayers and wishes for this healing village and the concept to reach globally and benefit more and more human beings around the world.

Love to All,

Indira Vetrivel



November 27, 2019

This was our first stay in Vaidyagrama and after experiencing such a wonderful time here, hopefully, we will plan next year also. Starting few days were quite difficult, due to our bad habits, addictions like morning tea and coffee, no TV, oily food etc. But slowly and gradually we got to know about Ayurvedic principles, treatment methods, and then started adapting to it and ended with more liking it. My mother in law is feeling much better, hopefully more improvement will take place. We have to keep patience. Vaidyagrama has wonderful staff, wonderful environment. Our Dr. Harikrishnan ji, he is so kind and so good at his job. Dr. Soniya, Dr.Sreeji have helped us so well, they are very sweet, very dedicated towards patients. Therapists Ms.Anju, Ms. Athira and Ms. Vidya were very helpful. Thanks to all so much.

Had a Wonderful experience.

Santhosh Rathore 



November 27, 2019

Sincerely we thank all the doctors and therapists and all staff. We enjoyed the Pooja and staying here in this Kartika month was a blessing. We thank one and all in this homely grama. Food was nice with little do’s and don’ts. Wishing all in Vaidyagrama for the coming New year 2020.


N. Vijayakumari & S. Sumathi,



November 26, 2019

This was my first time in an ayurvedic clinic and I imagined it being more of a spa, but apparently it was not. The panchakarma treatments were one of the hardest things in life, which helped me to even more realize my addiction to certain substances, furthermore, it made me realize the greed I had for satisfying my senses as much as possible. In conclusion, I will say that this is very healthy and pure place but some adjustments/improvements could be made. My only reason of coming here was health problem, which some started getting better, but for most important ones I cannot say anything, because it will take time. I believe in Ayurveda and I approve this place for being pure and reasonable. Rate: 8/10 – because there should always be space for improvements. 

Dovydas Spakauskas,



November 24, 2019

Stepping foot into Vaidyagrama immediately gave me a sense of peace and tranquility. The warmness of the staff at the reception. Sudhikshna, her smile just lifts up my day. Vaidyagrama has built and nurtured this surrounding and environment with the people, staff and Doctors so perfectly. I am amazed at the charitable initiatives happening as well.  

I have understood the nature of my body in my short 4 days stay here and never have I had such a pure understanding of the root of my diseases.      

I thank Dr Ramanandan and Dr Vinod who understood and explained my body nature to me and looked after me spiritually as well. Thank you to the staffs Lavanya, Mekha, who consciously made my treatments so wonderful and took care of me. I would like to visit Vaidyagrama again for 21 days.                 

This was only a teaser to Ayurveda for me. I have already learned so much in my 4 days here. I really enjoyed the Satsangs with the Doctors here, who shared their years of experience, experiments and knowledge with me.

Thank You Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Vinod for giving me the tools to embark on a healthier, sustainable lifestyle, to help me physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.


Francesca Yienli Wong



November 24, 2019

This place, These people, This time.

So much love given and received. Prayers of peace and reverence. Simple healing food, natural medicines, strong and purifying treatments (ghee anyone?)

Devotion all around with great care and love. 

I became a child again, receiving the bath, body receiving deep and Thorough touch. A member of this great and beautiful natural world.

Receiving and hearing from the six seen swaying leaves, the tender sound of birds, the welcome breeze, a glimmer of morning sound are just the right words @ just the right moment. My mind remembers now how to let go rather than following the body. At last satsang wisdom, eyes shining, hands touching hearts and kindness smiles daily. 

Receiving, receiving, receiving,  

Thank you, life! 

Deep appreciative love.

May all that Vaidyagrama family gives in such humility and love return to bless you all and all.

Shannon McCall

Seattle WA, USA


November 21, 2019

Arriving for the second time at Vaidyagrama, it was like coming back home again.

I am deeply grateful to all the staff of this healing village for all the efforts they put into, in order to make our stay an enjoyable one. Special thanks to my little angels - Sreeshma and Deekshitha for their wonderful massages. Thanks also to Vijitha and Mariyamma for their kindness and help. Truly thanks to all the Doctors for their Satsangs and Prayer-sessions! And a very special thanks to Dr.Soniya, Dr.Aruna and Dr.Harikrishnan for their support and their advices, a real gift and blessing for me.  Hope to see you all sometime soon.

P.S:  And of course I nearly forgot .Thanks also to Dr. Prameela for her loving care. I was her first patient! Wish You All The Best. 

With love and gratitude,

Elena DeClara,



November 21, 2019

Thank you for the great, if challenging, experience. Thanks to all my doctors for their incredible patience, to all my sweet therapists, other staffs and to my fellow patients/inmates. You all made it an enjoyable stay. You know you’ve had treatment at Vaidyagrama when you - in spite of dreaming  of the days of your escape for weeks and frequently fantasizing about running away and starting to find yourself getting increase in soul as the last days go by and you would (almost)be willing to drink more ghee to stay a little bit longer.

Lots of Love,

Victoria Pascolina Moser



November 20, 2019

Vaidyagrama –a true healing place for the body and the soul. This was my first time here at Vaidyagrama and in India. After some difficulties at the beginning of my stay here, Vaidyagrama turned out to be a really good one. It was a healing for the body, and also for the mind. Thank you so much for making this place a home. It really does feel like that. Thank you for your good energy, for your smiles and for your knowledge. Thanks to all the staffs, therapists and a special thanks to my doctors Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Soniya and Dr. Mini, your works are truly appreciated.

With peace and Gratitude,

Suela Simoni,



November 20, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama team, thank you so much for another deeply rejuvenating stay here in this sacred sanctuary of healing - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel deeply renewed. Each meal that arrives sweetly in my room causes a wave of gratitude to arise for all the hands and heart that have placed this perfect food here for me. It seems that as Vaidyagrama grows, it's amazing identity, purity and loving atmosphere doesn't get diluted but gets strengthened. It's a gift to be part of this vision as it unfolds. And I am grateful to the garden which has not only flourished into the place of Magical beauty and spiritual nourishment, but also provided medicinal leaves for the potalis that were a part of my healing adventure. And thank you all for the profound and astonishing Pujas that have been held while I have been here. May you all be blessed. Doctors, Therapists, Gardeners, Cooks, Staff. You all uplift my heart.

Hema Patankar, 

New Delhi, India

November 18, 2019

It was “GRACE” that brought me to Vaidyagrama. I got a new lease of life and a new perspective of looking at life and myself. It was my sister who insisted I come here and gifted me this treatment. A gift I will always cherish. “GRACE” is what I sensed all around. As I came, we had the Navagraha poojas for 7 days. It was such an awesome experience to be in that energy field. I sailed through the Ghee treatment without any trouble, all thanks to Gods among us. Each and every one, the staff, the admin, all were so good and patient with me. And above all, the doctors were like precious gems each with their special value. Ever grateful to each one of them. My pranams and gratitude to Dr. Harikrishnan for not only treating me but also guiding me to energy from my own inner turmoil and darkness. It was a special experience and I look forward to coming again in Nov 2020. Thank you Vaidyagrama for sharing such a lovely healing experience with so many people.  And the atmosphere here is so genuine and pure.

Thank you Again,

Rashmi Kohli

Kolkata, India.


November 18, 2019

Thank you Vaidyagrama,

Heartfelt thanks. Thank you for the time and place of sanctuary. Thanks to all the community here, to the behind the scene people, the doctors, the therapists, the woman in reception, the kind woman who cleans our rooms, the cooks who send us gentle healing foods. Thank you for natures medicines. Thank you for the sheltered walkways and the beautiful buildings we worship and stay in. Thank you for the sheltering trees, the happy birds. Thank you for your outreach to the villages and to those of us who come here from far away. Thank you for morning and evening prayers. Thank you for poojas! Blessings!

Virginea (Bee) Hubbard



November 18, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for creating a sanctuary in a world filled with illusions. Your care and healing energies have touched my soul. Your staff and therapists are world-class and made me feel at home. Special thanks to the Doctors for their expertise and vision. May all beings find tranquillity in their hearts and minds, as Dr Ramdas says. May be all love our bodies.

With love and gratitude,

Maxmilion Dearmon,



November 18, 2019

To everyone at Vaidyagrama,

I came here on faith really. I had no idea what to expect. Everything that I hoped to gain; personal insight, rest, better habits, self-knowledge, Ayurvedic knowledge, friends, it was all realised. What you all have done and are still doing is an example for the world to see how we can live more in harmony with our neighbours and our habitat and ourselves.

The body, the heart and the mind are all well-nourished here.

I look forward to returning one day and seeing how the landscape has grown and how the facility has expanded and benefits the community.

With much gratitude,

John Bruker DVM,

New Mexico, USA.


November 18, 2019

Dear Doctors, Staff of Vaidyagrama,

This place is truly inspirational for me and all of us that visit for some years. Now, I have dreamed of a healing sanctuary where I live in North Carolina and now I was able to visit here at Vaidyagrama that is a model for us all around the world.

I’m leaving with a lot of tears because of the immense love and care I have felt from you all and this special space/place you have created. One of the most touching aspects is to see the family that you all have made here and wish that we all feel that sense of family, love, devotion and commitment that is present at Vaidyagrama in our own homes’ workplace.

I can’t thank you enough for all the care I have felt during my treatment. I look forward to our paths crossing again wherever/whenever that is.

Blessings, gratitude, love,

Marcella Wagner



November 17, 2019

We are very grateful for opening our eyes on so many new aspects of life and wealth. We have never experienced so much care and we thank you so much for that. Most of the Satsangs were so useful.  Hospitality and warmness, kind atmosphere and smiles. We will be back. From practical things, we would like to turn your attention to the cleanliness of bathroom towels.

Thank you,

Monika Zdzistawa Urbanska and Henry Urbanski,                           



November 15, 2019

Such a beautiful healing environment. Humble, knowledgeable Doctors and loving therapists. I am so grateful for the many layers of healing I have received. I cannot believe a place with as much integrity and goodness exists in this world. I will be back again and again.                                        

Thank you for protecting and practicing the beautiful art of science of Ayurveda. The food is wonderful. So many good friends were made.   

One wish is that each bathroom would include a foot stool. The toilets are too high! We should be in proper ergonomic position while using toilet.            

Thank you,

Jennifer Ann Ayres

California, USA.


November 15, 2019

Thank you everyone for the part each of you play in this healing journey.                                                                               Everyone was brilliant, from the Doctors who were patient and knowledgeable, therapists who were amazing, the cleaner who always had a beautiful smile.  Indeed, all the staffs who were truly lovely. I enjoyed the cooking classes and the Satsangs. So good to learn more about the Ayurvedic path.                                                                                                                                I hope to return some day with family or friends.

Thank you,

Julie Mc Cammon,



November 15, 2019

What an adventure this have been from not knowing of what panchakarma really meant, to going through the protocol and coming out the other end so to speak feeling so nurtured. I am grateful for all the peaceful moments, for the prayers, morning and night and the internal transformation that has taken place daily during my stay. The loving staff and support of all the workers (in whatever capacity) has been tremendous and the vibrations always positive has been duly noted as well as appreciated. I am also grateful to experience this ancient Vedic tradition which I was not so very familiar with and which my interest has been pacified. I can hardly wait to get home and read more about Ayurveda and find some delicious recipes. The Satsangs were so very appreciated and so much information was imparted to us all, so we had a better understanding of what/why we were doing. So much gratitude and feel for all the doctors, staffs and Dr. Ramkumar for holding the vision for this healing community. Thank you ever so much. I am already planning my next trip here. Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Soniya, for all the love you send out return to you a thousand-fold.

Thank you and Love,

Gail Wells



November 15, 2019

It is truly wonderful that there is a place like Vaidyagrama. It provides healing both to the body and soul, tranquillity and last but not least hope. I am new to Ayurveda but I have heard from many more experienced guests here and admin that the approach here is most authentic in every detail. From treatments to diet, to walkways and schedule.

I am also highly impressed that it goes beyond healing individuals to healing the society by being at the actively involved in the community life.

Thanks to all doctors, team who provided treatment, everyone working here whom I may not have even seen, administrator for mailing.

The only thing that I missed was yoga with light stretching and breathing exercises that would not interfere with the treatment. I think it would be a great addition to daily routines.

Liliya (Leyla) Drovnikova



November 13, 2019

Vaidyagrama is such an impressive place. It does not do what many institutions do, which shackle the imagination and make a stone of the heart. To the 200 or so people who work here (and good on you for providing so many jobs), a big thank you. Your daily solicitations have been more than I expected. Visits to my room- continuously bringing in gifts of food, water, caregiving. The architecture lends itself to good karma. So cool and shady and calm. The treatments themselves surprised me. Never have I had such experiences before. But they seem to work along with the diet of very bland but healthy food. I feel extremely detoxed for sure. You have a wonderful community here. Long may it live and thrive and expand. Thank you, Doctors, thank you therapists and all catering and cleaning and admin staffs.

Russel Jones,



November 12, 2019

Thank you very much for this wonderful place that is Vaidyagrama.

It was my first experience in Ayurveda, it was wonderful, even if difficult at times. 

I hope to return sometime.

Thank you,

Peter wood,



November 12, 2019

This is the way medicine should be practised! In a calm and nurturing environment. Thanks to everyone for their kindness. 

I will take this experience with me and encourage others to come. 

May all be auspicious. 

Diane Lee Paolazzi,



November 11, 2019

Second panchakarma is over. Still feel so gifted for having been to this wonderful place. Everything here is about love and love heals with the help of so good Doctors and therapists.

Thank you all for making this place existing.

Take care,

Valerie Anne Duffour,



November 11, 2019

What an unexpected bonus I have had giving company to my wife, Aruna Sairam and daughter Maitreyi Krishnaswamy at Vaidyagrama. Though not as a patient, I underwent treatment under the able advice and guidance of Dr. Harikrishnan. It was a 7 day oil massage and the eighth one included a steam bath. Felt totally tuned up to ideal state; physically, mentally and spiritually.

During the three weeks of my stay, I consumed much to my admiration every little detail of Vaidyagrama. The layout, the well planted herbal trees and plants giving a sense of wilderness and surrender to nature.

The Doctors; Harikrishnan, Vinod, Ardent, and Prameela were wonderful to interact with. The therapists Santhosh and Sooraj were extremely good. The staffs in charge of serving food and cleaning the rooms were all uniformly charming and service oriented.

The staff in the office be it Kavitha, Athira, Aparna etc were full of warmth.

It is said, money and machine can be easily managed but not MEN. Vaidyagrama to me is an exception. The men are also well managed.

Today we were taken all around Vaidyagrama by Sudishna and Varada in a SUV. The goshala, the new cluster in the making, the home for abandoned children and kitchen for the poor, for the villages, closely headed by Mr. Menon and of course the sanitary pad manufacturing section filled me with a sense of enormous happiness reducing me to a silent awe.

My wife and daughter have expressed that their health had taken a quantum leap towards cure.

What more I can expect.


T. S. Sairam,

Chennai, India.


November 09, 2019

My 28 days panchakarma is over. It is very difficult to summarize so many feelings to experience. It is gratitude and love. It is the remarkable improvements in my health and wellbeing. It is the lot of friends I made here.                                                                                                                                                            Thank you, Vaidyagrama for your Indian hospitality and nurturing warmth. For your patience and healing energy.

I have been to many ayurvedic hospitals and resorts and I know for sure, I found the best on the planet. Thank you, the team, Dr. Ramanandan, all doctors, Therapists, supporting staffs. They work with love and dedication.                                                                                                              Special gratitude to Dr Ramkumar for his guidance and unforgettable satsangs.                                          I feel very blessed to get to know you. I will miss you all. 


Lana Kromsova (Sumitra),

New York City, USA.


November 08, 2019

Thank you to all for making my stay at vaidyagrama so wonderful.                                                                     I feel so much better and I will be back to see you next year.


Thank you,

Susan Ceccon,

California, USA.

November 08, 2019

In a world filled with extremes, ranging from stress, exhaustion, commitment to do more and illness, Vaidyagrama is an oasis of healing, spirituality and community. There are few pieces I have ever experienced this level of love, compassion, dedication and conviction to a mission of health and wellbeing.                                                                                                                                                                                                           The staff, therapists, and Doctors work tirelessly on behalf of the patients to ensure we have a positive experience. I was unsure what to expect on my arrival here, but I am leaving filled with the knowledge and certainty that my life has been altered in some very important ways. The gift of slowing down and doing less is critical to wellbeing and everything at Vaidyagrama, supports this. I leave here feeling more rested, rejuvenated and committed to my own healing than any other time before. Thank you to all of the people who were part of this experience- you amazed me. From morning chanting to treatments to Satsangs- you deliver a well-rounded program that cannot help but heal those who are fortunate enough to come here. 

Thank you, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Anupama and Dr. Ardent for your detailed and compassionate cure. It was a pleasure getting to know you all. Thank you to my wonderful therapists- Rincy, Aiswarya, Vaishnavi, Rachel, Shyni, Dhanya, and Devaki. You are all amazing!

I look forward to coming back and continuing this journey with all of you.

Thank you.

Stephanie Long Carter    

Colorado, USA 


November 6, 2019

Thank you Vaidyagrama for providing me all medical care.

I thank all the Doctors, Therapists and Staff members. Thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Ardent.

Today I got the opportunity to visit Balagram. It was wonderful, really appreciable. Special thanks to therapists Mrs. Devaki, Mrs. Prema, Radhika and Sanitha.

Babitha Muralidharan,

Coimbatore, India.


November 04, 2019

Thank you for a wonderful experience, the love and commitment, I have received here has been amazing. 

Thank you for your time and patience with me. I haven’t found the mosquitos very easy and have not been able to eat much of the food, but I felt you tried to accommodate me. Dr. Ramadas is truly a Saint! So kind. Thank you, with much love. And thank you to all the other doctors, therapists, cleaners, gardeners and all who work behind the scenes. Vinita stood out for me, truly a graceful and empathetic lady. I felt she really cared for people. Keep up the good work Vaidyagrama. Blessings be to the children’s home and blessings be to you all.

I am with you and you are with me as we walk the road together. 

Much love,

Sheila Bridget Quinlan,



November 04, 2019

Vaidyagrama, the healing village is a truly unique place and my three weeks here has been a life changing experience. The ambience with surrounding trees and singing birds makes it so very special. The days begin with prayers and concludes with the reciting of powerful ‘Lalitha Sahasranamam’. In between are the treatments and Satsangs. The Satsangs were so informative and thought provoking.

The treatment segments i left it from the hands of Doctors. The team of Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Ardent, Dr. Anupama, and Dr. Vinod was friendly, full of knowledge, competent and caring. The team consulted the other fellow doctor for input. I cherished this; I got the best care. The care and attention from the therapists were excellent, friendly and timely.               

I greatly appreciate the Tridoshic approach for treatment and healing.                                                             A great big thanks for caring me.

P. Sadacharan,                                                                                                                                                                    The Netherlands.


November 03, 2019

I extend my deepest gratitude to Vaidyagrama; from my first contact with Aparna to the entire staff, I have received only kindness and support. The level of treatment and education was excellent and life changing. I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me.

Now, I am fully prepared to live a happy healthy life which hopefully will include many more visits to this wonderful place.

My one suggestion is that all employees (especially the ones giving treatment, handling food etc) have training and strict guidelines to protect the health of the patient when the employee is sick. It’s great to pray before treatment for the patient’s wellbeing but it’s equally important to wash hands and wear protective masks etc. This area could use improvement and supervision.

I wish I could list the names of everyone who helped me but it would fill an entire book! Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Vasudevan, Dr. Sajna, Dr. Aruna (who met me upon arrival), Kavitha, Aparna, Dr Ramkumar, the girls in reception, sudishna, sunitha(pharmacy), Dr. Vinod, the lovely woman who cleaned my room, you all remain in my heart.

Wishing you healthy happiness,

Cathy Scholl,