November 2016

November 30 2016

I am rounding out 35 days here at Vaidyagrama. The treatments will no doubt continue to work wonders for my health and well being as they have done here. I look forward to guidance and well rounded routine once I am done.

The treatment and all of the doctors and therapists have been so lovely. I truly have felt loved and cared.

I consider this place to be extending of family and deeply look forward to my next visit as a patient a friend a supportive and a family member.

All parts of me feel nourished as I embark on this next phase of my life. This place is a testament to the potential of what the community living can and will be.

All my love

Caitlin welby.



November 30 2016

My husband and I stayed here almost 24 days. We had a very thorough treatment and are generally hoping to continue with the routine and medicines once we go back.

Our experience was very good .The doctors, therapists and staffs are very good and tried their best to make our stay comfortable. There is a lot of heart in this place. I also loved our studio, made it a relaxing stay. My favourite part is the back patio. We spent most of our time hanging out there. The food was good except for the treatment days.

I would recommend this place to all my friends. In addition to getting treatment, also feel happy that Punarnava is doing so much for the villages in the area and kids and families.

Looking forward to coming again.

Peter and Kanchan Gokhale,



November 30 2016

While it was short stay I felt a full range of emotions and had a very different kind of break from the normal. The solitude, nature routine of the dry, prayers, the treatments, activities are focused on healing you relax, calm down and take a step back from taking life too seriously.     

A big thank you to all who made this stay comfortable and enjoyable. I hope I can come back here again.

Lorrain Coelho,



November 30 2016

Hare Krishna!

I pray sincerely to the lord that this Ayurveda healing process through Vaidyagrama in a lush green beautiful surrounding flourish to expand for the benefit of all.

Sincere selfless treatment with care, personal attention make one feel come back here for further treatment and rejuvenation.

Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas, Managers, Ms. Aparna deserves special thanks for making my stay here comfortable.

Thanks to Dr. Mubash and Biju for nice treatment

Yours in the service of the lord!

Srimad Subhag,

Iskcon, Mayapur.


November 30 2016

It is a wonderful place, Vaidyagrama healing village! It is surrounded by nature isolated from the temptations of the city, ideal for a complete rejuvenation.

Here the doctors are very present and listen not only in terms of health but also like in general.

The therapists are very attentive and serious in their care and the whole hearted team is very efficient.

The care I got here is of high quality and allowed me to regain a physiological balance and to calm mind.

A great thank you of the heart to all, may you keep that light that is in you.

Alain le dream



November 28 2016

My deepest gratitude to all of you at Vaidyagrama. This really has been a huge and hugely deep experience although nothing magical or mysterious simple and effective. Getting back to re-set, getting back to the map of existence the Beatles got it night all you need is love.

I will continue to feel the love nurturing and healing for as long as I continue to allow myself thank you to everyone who selflessly unconditionally and whole heartedly shares their love at vaidyagrama

See you again

Samantha Ananda Hare



November 26 2016

I was worried to visit new place for us and new country where I do not know anything. And now after my treatment I am very glad to say that I found a very peaceful and caring place like a paradise from our childhood.

It is my pleasure to say thank you everybody who are working here, Doctors, Staffs, and Owners of this place.

Especially I want to thank Dr.Ramadas who is very qualified and very open to patient. It helps to feel better. I would recommend this place to my friends from Ukraine and I am going to back soon.

With best wishes,

Lyudmilla Rozum.



November 26 2016

Vaidyagrama is a very special place to get a lot of health. I think it helped me a lot in healing from my sickness .Everything will go well. Thank you so much for the special treatment with the warm herbal water. I know it is very special and will do a lot of good things for my body.

All the therapists and doctors are very good people .Thanks for everything. It was a good time for me. Vaidyagrama is perfect and everything is so well and good. From everyone I received care and love.

Vaidyagrama is peaceful quiet place. The birds are singing 24 hours. It is a beautiful, wonderful place to get healed. It a special place in India!

Thank you for very good Ayurveda care and love.

Verena Melletin



November 24 2016

My deepest gratitude to the many that make Vaidyagrama possible. A place and space for healing rejuvenation and re-discovery of what we need to value.

The facilities and the people who serve selflessly with sincerity and simplicity make this even more unique .This has been consistent over the past four years where I visited annually .I cherish and value this heaven. Wishing abundance and love to all here.

Warmest Regards,

Yazdi J Bankwala,



November 24 2016

Thanks to all Doctor and Staffs at Vaidyagrama.

Mary Joseph



November 23 2016

Ten out of ten to this wonderful centre of healing.

Need I say more?

Murari Garodia



November 23 2016

My deepest gratitude for my healing experience at Vaidyagrama .Vaidyagrama reminded me that true changes come from self love and self care. Vaidyagrama holds this space beautifully while under the care of the doctors, the therapists and the entire staffs.

Vaidyagrama was a space where I could let go and feel supported from staff, new friends and doctors. My 21 day stay reminded me to come back to my basic senses. Nature sounds nature beauty, simple nourishing  food, prayers and gratitude. For me, Vaidyagrama has a perfect blend of prayer meditation information  (Satsang ,cooking lessons ,Library) and very knowledgeable staff of doctors that truly spend time quality care time with patients .This is a place  to heal. I truly enjoyed every morning prayers, silence that catch on the property reminded me of home.

At some point during the purge two of the kittens rested on my porch and kept me company. My prayer is that each and every one of us in this world feels love and loved.

Vaidyagrama held this space beautifully, I couldn’t felt more love. It is in the touch, the listening, the care, the food, the gardens, the medicines, the community, and the cats.

A special thank you to Dr.Harikrishnan for his calm, caring manner.

To Dr. Mubash, Dr. Kesari a very good doctor.

 To Indumathi - amazing young woman, very dedicated to her work.

To the kitchen for amazing meals even rice water.

To Dr.Ramadas for his beautiful voice, gift of laughter.

To my new friends for support companionship.

To Dr. Scott Blossom for the referral.

To the staffs for smile, care, service and to Mr. Hakeem.

To Mother Nature for her beauty.

To Dr. Ramkumar for his knowledge, vision of this sacred space.

From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you all!

Lorna Nafziger

Ohio USA


November 20 2016

My husband and I arrived 28 days ago and although we are looking forward to returning home, we are in many ways sad to leave this sanctuary.

Our stay here has been like no other experience that we have ever had. He arrived with a very limited understanding of Ayurveda and now realizes that it would take many years of study to learn about this philosophy. The Satsangs were most helpful and we always found the Q & A sessions very helpful.

Vaidyagrama takes health and wellness to a level that we did not appreciate. The setting is wonderful, the gardens add a lush, calmness, and the wildlife provides hours of enjoyment and the staffs are simply amazing. Our doctor gave us unbelievable care and attention as well as suggestion and ideas that we had not contemplated ourselves. The consultations on the patio, listening to the chirping of the birds in dappled sunlight these are images that will remain with us forever. We joked about the question – defecation? Urination? Sleep? Appetite? Wrist? Tongue eyes all indication of our progress.

Our care by the therapists was also much more than we could ever have imagined. Words sum inadequate to express their expertise, dedication, skill level and engaging personalities.

From the moment we entered the front entrance we have felt like a cherished and important guest.

Thank you for taking us on such an uplifting, spiritual journey. We are leaving with a box full of concoctions, a set of new friends, a little bit of knowledge about Ayurveda medicine and a deep admiration of everyone who works/lives here at vaidyagrama.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you (p.s I am leaving 1 kg with you) the next 3 months will prove interesting.

Luella and Walter cook,



 November 20, 2016
I really feel like mind, body and spirit is so high, which I cannot explain!
Namaste, All doctors, staff and everybody.
I really enjoyed staying in Vaidyagrama- Ayurveda healing village. It has very clean environment and very good treatments. Doctors (Vaidya) are excellent, knowledgeable and experienced.  Daily prayers of Lord Shiva charge our spirits high for a whole day.
All the greenery in the surrounding is so peaceful. Early in the morning, birds sing and I really get excited when the white feathered bird with very long tail and black head, comes!
Treatments are excellent. After the 21 days treatment I felt so good. No back pain, no hip pain. I feel good energy. All junior doctors are very good too, and are smiling.
Food is very good. It made me realise the importance of eating on time. I had more food in vaidyagrama than at home. At lunch time, my stomach says, "I need food", which I never felt before!
Thank you all.
Parul Patel


 November 18, 2016
 Excellent, awesome. I just can't describe my experience adequately.
 All rounds, everyone I met is friendly, concerned and helpful.
Thank you.
Mr Raghavendra Bhargava


November 18, 2016
We share the feelings of appreciation and gratitude expressed page after page of this book.
We too are impressed by the balance you keep between a deep respect for the authentic healing process and the attention to our creative comforts spoilt as we all are!)
Your managing staffs, apart from the Doctors, (persons like Aparna, Geetha and Preeti) are similarly helpful and inspirational.
If we can offer one observation which (we feel) needs gender balance among the junior staff (therapists). In our block at least, the girls do double the work of the body therapy, bringing food and medicine, preparing kashayam etc. They are doing almost too much, and there should be a better balance.
Rashna and Bernard Imhasly


November 14 2016
After my second visit to vaidyagrama, I would like again to say how grateful and thankful I am to be gifted with the healing experience of this beautiful place.

I would like to extend my thanks to all the doctors, especially Dr. Harikrishnan, for all his insight, knowledge and constant support and confidence in my healing also....

Dr. Mubash and Dr. Kesari for all their regular visits, special care and kind words.
I would also like to thank the beautiful ladies that give us our food, medicine and even flowers on the table; the housekeeping team who keep the room clean and tidy, and lastly to the great therapists, especially Biju, for his extensive care, great treatments and gentleness.
Of course I would like to thank everyone else in the vaidyagrama family/ community who helps create and materialise this amazing healing centre.
I wish everyone all the very best! May we all experience good health and abundance of light and love.
Asaf Leibovize


November 13 2016
For a short visit to vaidyagrama, I had a wonderful experience of healing and love.
Thank you very much for everyone for your help...
I look forward to returning for longer period for better health.
Special thanks to Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Kesari.
Azim Bani


November 12 2016
Tranquil environment, pristine surroundings, joyful faces, dedicated therapists and really loving and caring Vaidyas is what moved me during my brief stay here in vaidyagrama.
Hospitality is unmatchable... and food, quite palatable, even though it's specific to your treatment. All the workers work very hard to make your stay comfortable and happy.
The community of likeminded people, travelling from far across the world, keep you stimulated, to make new friends and extend your family in the true sense.
Humility of each person leaves a permanent stamp of gratitude in you, when you depart with a resolve to come back soon!
Thank you all, dear vaidyagrama family.
Dr. Dinesh Sharma
New Delhi, India.


November 12 2016
I feel 10 years younger! Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Harikumar worked their magic!
Vinod and his team of therapists, Biju and Sajith works wonders!
The ladies always smiling...
A true healing village

Thank you!
Navneet Raman
Benaras, India.


November 13 2016
We definitely found Vaidyagrama as a quiet and peaceful place, best suited for healing, body and mind.
All the staff was engaging and always friendly.
The doctors always had time for us... Not just only to talk about health... Thanks!
Sometimes we wished that the therapists speak and understand more English, to have a better conversation :)
But finally, four weeks has passed, too fast. So we feel sorry to leave this elevating place.
Heidi and Martin


November 10 2016
To my second family Vaidyagrama members.
This is my second time in Vaidyagrama and it was a very wonderful experience. Today only I finished my 78 days. Maybe am not fully cured, but I really feel better inside my heart.
I want to thank everyone who helped me... Doctors (Ramadas, Aruna, Arsha, Krishnadas, Ramkumar and all), therapists (Shiny and Shiny), all workers (Deva, Dana, Hema, Balu, Kanaku, and Aparna, Kavitha, Hakeem.)
I love you all and I wish all the best for you! I will never forget any one... This experience will last and stay in my memory forever.
From your little sis,
Bayan Albesher
Saudi Arabia

November 09 2016

Vaidyagrama, such a special place!
The treatment was wonderful (pretty Roshni, Lakshmi...thank you!) Lakshmi was like my mother. So caring and loving. I was comfortable with the doctors, Dr. Harikrishnan is always calm, Dr Mubash is always friendly, Dr Arsha made sure I was okay, and Dr Kesari is always smiling and makes me feel happy.
My stay at Vaidyagrama was more than just getting Ayurveda treatments, but a life changing experience. It taught and reminded me of the importance to feel and appreciate Nature, living more simply and poking after you better. The three weeks spent here was the most precious time and I will never forget :)
I'm so happy I was able to come here!
Thank you...

Tokyo, Japan

November 07 2016

I am fortunate for the opportunity to visit Vaidyagrama. It's been awakening for me particularly because this was my first real exposure to a place for curative Ayurveda. The place has a distinctive character, brought about by its setting, its making and the warmth of its people. The quality of care, competence and the desire to disseminate values of Ayurveda for the larger common good is its strength.
The diagnosis was spot on, delivered through a team of very knowledgeable doctors. The therapists and supports were also equally supportive and competent. A great healing environment!
Best wishes,
Uday Andhare
Ahmadabad, India.

November 05, 2016

This was our first visit to Vaidyagrama and we spent 21 days here. We express our deep gratitude for the kind and generous care and healing we have received from everyone here.
Dr. Ramanandan created a treatment regime for each of us that cleaned and nourished our body, mind and spirit. We thank him and his team of fellow doctors and therapists who implemented the treatments and always made sure that everything was going well. Where require, adjustments were made quickly and effectively.
We very much enjoyed our rooms and the green outlook. The cleaning ladies were amazingly thorough. A special thank you to Hakim and his team for dealing effectively and humanely with the overly industrious and affectionate ants.
Dr. Ramadas morning and evening prayers contributed greatly to our healing process, and Dr Ramkumar Satsangs were always informative and engaging on many levels.
We were also blessed to meet wonderful people from all around the world who were also here on a healing journey.
Andra and Imants Kins
Fremantle, Western Australia

November 05 2016

Thank you for everything.
Please do not pick all flowers.
Olivia Reynolds

November 05 2016

This place is very beautiful, calm and peaceful. I stayed here for three weeks and these three weeks with lot of things: different emotions, different treatment, stress and agitation, decreasing step by step. I can't explain all because my English is not very good. But a big thanks you for all staff:
therapists who were always smiling and kind.
Thanks to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna for their humanity, conversations and guidance during treatments.
Cleaning and gardening staff always have a smile.
All administration staff for their smile and their work.
Everything is perfect. It would not be like this without everybody in Vaidyagrama.

Thanks a lot.
Alexandra Moreau


November 05 2016
I am coming from very little insights into Ayurveda, I was truly inspired by my encounter with Dr. Ramkumar when he was in Chennai a few months ago, and eventually it led me to Vaidyagrama. Although I came with little expectations, I have been very pleasantly surprised at what Ayurveda can do for oneself.
The 18 days time I spent here has been truly a wonderful experience and never felt like I am in a hospital for treatment. The entire place is very well conceived and more so well maintained. What adds character and charm to the place is the people behind this and all of them have been excellent in their respective areas of service. Keep up the good work and will recommend it to friends and family most certainly.
Although I had my share of Kanji for 12 days or so, the food during the first five days was also excellent.

L. Somasundaram


November 02 2016
Dear staff members of Vaidyagrama,
I would like to thank you for showing me the concepts of Ayurveda in more details and helping me overcome my health problems by presenting so many encouraging stories of people who lived through worse sicknesses with the help of vaidyagrama, Ayurveda and their open-mindness.
You have inspired me not just to do a project about your place and your work for school.... but also to come back here next European summer and help you with your work with the villagers!
You are truly a place that should be introduced to all countries because you take care of everything and everybody, without wanting something in return. I hope that you will inspire many more like you inspired me!
Jelena Williams

November 02 2016
First I would like to say big ‘THANK YOU’ to all the doctors, lovely ladies who were doing massages, all cleaning ladies & Kavitha, Aparna, Hakeem, Dr Ramanandan and Dr Harikumar,...and all the community working in the background who make sure that we (patients and visitors) feel like home.
I am so thrilled with the whole concept of vaidyagrama, that I already started thinking of coming back next year together with my daughter and husband!
I will pray for you all to have God's help to continue developing your projects.
I love morning and evening prayers, food, satsang, pujas and almost everything.
Thank you all until the next time soon....
God bless you all!
Aleksandra Williams


November 02 2016
This is a heaven of physical as well as spiritual wellness. The environment created in Vaidyagrama allows one to fully tune back into oneself and make room and space for the body and mind to heal. The intimate contact of the landscape to nature brings one’s mind to such stillness and clarity. The simplicity, compassion and kindness of the staff make one feel so at home.
The food is so clean that you can taste the ingredients put used in it.. The body is treated with such care allowing its true nature to just do its job. The doctors attending are genuinely concerned about patient’s wellbeing on daily basis.
The healing is so immediate that one realises the effectiveness of the treatment very soon.
It has been a magical experience, and it truly won't be the last time to be here.
Thank you to everybody from the bottom of my heart!
Lorena Calma
New York,


November 01 2016
Vaidyagrama is very peaceful, calm, and full of life. Every moment could hear bird singing, leaves moving.
Even my stay was too short and not enough for treatment, all doctors helped me to cure my situation with love and knowledge.
I appreciate them and their efforts, therapists’ smile and efforts and all those people who I had never seen but taking care of herbs and spices, trees etc..
People come here are very gentle and kind.
I hope someday I come back and stay here longer to face myself more deeply, cleanse myself more.
I try to keep the essence or here with medicine and advice, feel the nature, breathe deeply, and pray for Mother Earth.
I feel I found someone in my soul.
Thank you so much!
Mika Nkagawa
Tokyo, Japan


November 01 2016
Vaidyagrama is an oasis of health, happiness, inner peace and genuine compassion. Creating a safe place to heal and grow has always been important to me. This beautiful healing village is one of the finest examples of this type of environment.
The doctors, therapists and all those who make up this community work hard to guarantee the best results for each individual who enters this space.
I came here in what I thought was good health. Although my stay was just over a week, I feel clean, alive and renewed! I will hold all of you in my heart as I leave here. You have shown me a state of wellness I did not know was in me.

Much gratitude and continued success with vaidyagrama. I will be back.
Joy Lawrence
Ohio, USA


November 01 2016
Blessings and thanks to all of the individuals we encountered on our brief visit to Vaidyagrama.
I felt like family, very sage with the aid of the doctors, and very nurtured with the aid of the therapists.
You are doing good work and it will come back to you threefold.
I loved all my therapist girls in Block 2 and will miss their care very much.
Light and love,
Natalia Galindo


November 01 2016
Vaidyagrama exemplifies where health care should be heading in all fronts.
The attention to patient care, to the planet and to the community is beautiful.
I felt safe, nourished and enriched by all doctors and by Bindu, my main therapist.
I look forward to returning for a longer period to learn more and experience even greater health and happiness.
Sat Nam,
Carla (Sat Puran) Fox
Ohio, USA