November 30 2015

A big thank you to Vaidyagrama family. Special mention to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Arundhathi, Dr.Om Prakash.
Vaidyagrama has been a good experience.
We appreciated the support through our treatment the tranquillity and peace was much needed.

Yumna and saba

November 29 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama family

Many thanks to Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Aparna, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Om, Baby, Devaki, Sashi, Pradeep, Dr Arundhathi, Geetha, Hakeem, Keerthi and  the whole tribe for creating such a nourishing environment for healing the body, mind and spirit. I leave with much gratitude for all the love, care and wisdom that I have received.
While I have appreciated so much, what I have found the most inspirational is how punarnava ayurveda and Vaidyagrama are manifesting so many of Gandhi's principles (trusteeship etc).
I look forward to continuing to see village evolve in solidarity with every community and members soul.
What a beautiful and humbling experience.
I feel really privileged to take part
with love peace and light.
Elisabeth Abeson

November 29 2015

All too short a stay in this tranquil spot. The support and guidance provided by the staff made the stay useful and improving and hopefully has put me on to strong healing pathway. The trust and all its enterprises, desire to create a balanced healing lifestyle are inspirational. So much of the west expect for this temple structure.

Thank you! All too short! I hope to return soon!

Christian Jervis Read


 November 28 2015

After a 21 day stay at the beautiful vaidyagrama, the challenge (the first challenge returning home) is to summon up the words in a still and calm mind to do it justice. Jason and myself arrived exhausted, overworked and grapling with a combination of depression, anxiety and emotional trauma. Body, mind and spirit was crying out for Help and as tempting as it was to hide away on a holiday or some tropical island drinking cocktails. We both felt profoundly this was where we needed to be. 
Not to say there weren’t many moments during treatment with tropical island with cocktail calling run away but we knew that this would be a band aid fix. As supposed to healing, life changing experience 
Jason and I had an experience of Ayurveda having been practising diet and lifestyle in Australia from which our ayurvedic practioners and friends highly recommended Vaidyagrama. But all the preparations in the world wouldn’t have prepared us for what was so much more than we could have imagined. The level of care and support even in most emotional challenging times. We knew we were 100% supported so we knew we will get through it. As someone was there always to catch you.
We will miss you  so much beautiful staff from Therapist to gardeners, housekeeping,  the smell of  fresh red Earth,  Dr ramdas laugh and morning prayers, (have level started the day so centre and clear) scholar mind soaked up the Satsang by Dr Ramkumar Dr Ramdas, Dr. Om The Spiritual and ayurvedic teachings were just extra ordinary. Breakfast dishes and ginger tea, our beautiful fellow patients, the positivity, the compassion that is just a way of life at Vaidyagrama .
Noisy CAT (meow meow) satvik singing along with community dinner. The gift of Chatting and prayer. Dr. sajna and positive Outlook helping reframe and in the way we look at the world .and even morning beans for breakfast.
Thank you Dr.Ramdas, Dr Sajna, Dr.Aruna, Aparna, our wonderful Therapist beautiful housekeeping, garden and Kitchen staff. Thank you all
Vaidyagrama is an inspiration from its beginning now and long it may grow. Our western world of business disconnect would learn much from vaiduagrama. Testimonial to learn healing power of love and community.

Lots of love

Emma and Jason

Brisbane Australia

November 27 2015

A big thank you to all the staff for making this a wonderful stay. A special thanks to everyone for taking such good care of wife heather.

Roland De Sauza


November 26 2015

Thank you to the staff at Vaidyagrama for taking such good care of me through such an uncomfortable time. I felt very well cared for by all the doctors and staff a lot of love and awareness... This centre is an amazing example of community sustainability healing charity and integration. Thank you all for creating this vision and new model for living.

Thank you for providing me with a beautiful healthy space for me to cleanse and heal in.

Thank you for all your guidance and wisdom attention and love

Karen Mochizuti


November 26 2015

 I shall return! This is one of the best places, in the whole wide world!

Thank you all –


Heather De Sauza


November 26  2015

Today is my last day of a 29-Day journey through an emotional and physical Rollercoaster ride. I have come here as a tired and negative thinking (not always but often) person and today I feel so energized, full of positive thoughts when I look towards future. I am ready to leave this beautiful and quiet place to go out and experience the world again.

Vaidyagrama has become a home to me. I felt comfortable and taken care of from the first e-mail I have sent to you.

I have met here so many Big-hearted, compassionate, inspiring and loving people, to me, they have become friends to me and block-7 was the place to be!! I enjoyed such a wonderful time here, thanks to each and everyone (Doctors, cleaner, therapists, patients, volunteers and everyone else I had Contact with) I feel blessed to leave this place today as a “New woman” “I will go with the flow” (Dr.Om saying)

Take care and see you soon



November 27 2015

Thanks to all the doctors, therapists and support staff at Vaidyagrama for making my stay so memorable.
It has not always been easy going without tea, coffee and sweets for 21 days.
But the end result makes it all worthwhile!
I met so many interesting intelligent people among the guest, with all having a common goal of making a change to their hectic lives in a positive way.
Vaidyagrama has been a blessing in disguise for me
I leave with very positive memories.

Peter Montague

November 26 2015
Thank you so much for a complete healing experience-on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
The treatment plan by the doctor zeroed in on all my needs and designed effective measure to resolve my issues.
The doctors provide a loving caring and most compassionate team approach.
All is co ordinated and delivered in an efficient and gentle way by very supportive and well trained staff.
The medicine always delivered with gracious, the food always on time.
The food amazingly creative with limited ingredients delicious and easily digestible.
When first arriving at 75yrs and thought and was beyond hope but as I leave after 29 nights there is a new outlook renewed strength and feeling very blessed to have found Vaidyagrama.
Love and blessings to one and all
Joseph Arancio

November 24 2015

Thank you for welcoming me to your wonderful community.

Vaidyagrama is a tranquil, timeless place the moment I arrived.
I knew this place was going to be a special.
The team here is kind generous and warm.
I was pleasantly surprised how quickly in at just a few days to felt cleaner, more energetic and purposeful.
Keep up the Noble work you do have.
lots of love
Thomas savundranayagan

November 15 2015

Thank you for providing a home for me to rest and heal for the past two and half weeks. I arrived injured, heavy and confused. And I am leaving feeling rested mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And I feel lighter. Happy to have made some good friends with the doctors, patients,

Therapists, workers, trees and spirits of Vaidyagrama. Thank you and keep it real.

November 15 2015

Let me admit that this is the first time ever I have stayed for so long in a new place amongst stranger and amidst foreigners.

Having say that no a single day did I feel that way. I had come here with an open mind and to get away from hustle and bustle of a busy city life and to be on my own.

The experiences here have been fascinating from the stay, to the treatment, to the food, to the prayers, the satsangs, the staffs, the doctors. I can’t find a flow in anything.

On the contrary I learn how our sedentary life style impact pour body and the importance of living a disciplined life.

By one recommendation would be that if possible you should give all guests a gate to practical ayurveda as a take away.

None of us can give up our jobs and life style to be in a place where we can follow ayurvedic practice, so how can we ensure we live a healthy life style. The guide could include a list vegetables, fruits, pulses, lentils, grains etc we should and should not consume, Simple guide to a daily routine,

Some recipes of Satvik food and some simple exercise and basics of ayurveda. I am sure guest will be willing to buy it also.

 I have experienced a different world here and made some wonderful people too.


I am back in December if there is a room available and I am sure will trouble people with my experiences here for next one month latest. Thank you.

Would like to specially mention Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Arundhathi Therapist Sreelakshmi Maheswari lakshmi and sumathi and cleaning staff Devi. It is because of all of them that my stay here never made me miss home.

I really enjoyed the satsang by Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Ramadas. So much to learn from them.

The morning and evening prayers gave immense peace to my soul. Thanks to the doctors for that.

I must mention Aparna sarma as if It was not for her I would not have come here. She is the best person one could have to interact with guest first hand.

I don’t know the team that cook food for us, but special thanks to them, as I enjoyed every meal every day. May be a recommendation here, it would be good if the main cereal is served to 3/4th the quantity. I have a principle not to waste food so sometimes end up eating more than I can.

Regards and best wishes

Nandhini Mehta


November 16 2015

Hare Krishna

What to say about Vaidyagrama
Such a wonderful place. Thank you to everyone gardeners, cleaners, cooks, maintenance, therapists, managers and of course doctors.
I have loved the quiet and the trees full of bird song. The mysterious weather mountain glimpsed in the distance!
Love my room-comfortable beds, clean sheets, nice colourful curtains and throws plenty of space.
I Love the gardeners-the trees and flowers enough flowers for my thanking to have plenty of daily offerings.
The treatment has been brilliant enjoyable mostly and hugely beneficial.
Sindhu and mythili looked after me very well.
I love the kashayam and the food in delicious.
I arrived exhausted, burnt and stressed and physically stiff and am leaving tomorrow refreshed, relaxed much more in touch with myself and extremely inspired -so heartfelt.

Thank you to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Aruna for the treatment and Dr
Ramkumar for very stimulating satsang.
Also I Love punarnava and the caring community initiatives well done
Radhe Radhe

You are making the world a better place.
Thank you
Huge love and respect to you all

Pip Waller

November 11 2015

By the grace of Allah first I pray for this vaidyagrama a long life. The location and settings of vaidyagrama is extremely well done. 
The doctors and the various other staff are very efficient in dispensing their valued services especially the various treatments which were provided. I thank all of the staff especially Dr. Ramdas, Dr.Sajna and Dr.Hari for their tireless efforts and will definitely recommend this vaidyagrama to my peers.
Suggestion: 1. Provision of hot water in bathroom.
2. Availability of reading material such as English newspapers and magazines.


November 9 2015

Many thanks to everyone at Vaidyagrama. The purity and sanctity maintained here in all levels by everyone is special healing power. 
The doctors are amazing and initiative not to mention most compassionate and cheerful, the Therapist dedicated and do the work with feeling, and the support staff is general and cheerful. Vaidyagrama has recreated perfectly the age of wisdom of Live and longevity in a modern context. Thank you and all power to this institution.

Seema shrinidhi

November 8 2015

We are going back to Mumbai after one month of treatment is fine. We would give 10 out of ten for


1. Believing in god more

2. Dedication to their job – doctors, staff

3. Cleanliness

4. Prompt service – without hoping for money

Doctors are very good. Specially Om Dr. and harikrishnan who are always there to help us. And

Dr.Anjali and arundhathi dr also are there to help us and guide.

Here staff is also very good and good service was there. I am very happy for treatment you have done. Thank you all doctors.

Sundar and Sangeetha Gulabani


November 7 2015

Once again my experience at Vaidyagrama has been absolutely wonderful!
This is the first time that I have come alone and stayed without a companion in my room and this has been my best stay.
Being alone gave me a lot of time to introspect and work things out in my own min.
Every single member of staff here is warm, welcoming, works with smile and gives of themselves willingly and openly.
Each of the doctors has a special gift that they impart to their patients unstintingly and with a caring and understanding of each person's needs.
The environment created is not just one of healing but also one of humility, compassion warmth love and concern for each individual.
I shall go back home knowing that I will be coming back again for rejuvenation on good health for myself to spend time with all the wonderful people here.
Thank you each and every one of you for making my stay happy comfortable and healthy.
May the years ahead bring you an abundance of all things good
Lots of love 
Tarifa Barma


November 5 2015

Hello all

Thank you very much to provide this great kindly service.
Each and everything on the base of Ayurveda.
Here I learnt basic things we need to take care in our life and knowledge about the food.
Dr Ramkumar has a great knowledge about all of the things.
My mother likes everything here specially morning and evening prayers on Thursday night group dinner.
Once again thank you very much to all doctors specially Dr. Ramadas, Dr.Aruna and staff especially Lalu Prasad treatment, he is doing treatment completely on Bhakti base which is heart touching.
With lots of love
Sanjay Patel and sharada Ben

November 4 2015

As I prepare to leave this Extraordinary Place after 3 ½ weeks with you. My heart is full of love and emotion.

This impact you all have in every one here is life changing. The care, extreme concern and the commitment to all of us and the authenticity of your Ayurveda is wonderful and heart warming.

Not necessary to name every one truthfully, from the doctors to all the gardeners as culture of care is prevalent throughout and it is very special.

And your community goals and the elderly, the children and sustainable living just make your agenda even more meaningful.

I was here to deal with a medical problem yet leave with so much more feel part of community , honour to have experienced.

This time here with all of you and know that I am in a better place as a result.

With love and gratitude

Neil Jacobs


November 4 2015

Thank you for everything.
Everyone was so kind and gentle, felt like a village.
I learned a lot. Learned about Nature health, digestion, ghee, foot.
With love and gratitude 
your servant 

November 4 2015

Dear all

Thank you for your hospitality kindness patience and devotion to making my short stay memorable and physically mentally, emotionally, rewarding.

The minute you walk through the doors you feel yourself unwinding I love so much the integration of natural building aspects of permaculture and the reduce reuse recycle concept and all of this amazing things before you even start with the treatments.
The amazing background energy of Vaidyagrama sets the scene for Holistic healing before you even begin treatment the doctors are amazingly knowledgeable, the individual care is beautiful and the Therapist healing touch is incredible of course, a huge thank you to the many other staff I never met who keep the place running and the stay so pleasant.
I love every concept I have encouraged here environmental, physical, spritual, charitable etc.
I will definitely be back in future for a more protracted stay...

With much love and many thanks
Aisling Digges

November 4 2015

What a place!
I came here with no expectation and I leave with many delightful and wonderful results with inside and out.
I love the concept idea, people, and design of living arrangements the progressive yet ancient thinking.
All leading to a very interesting relaxing and inspiring stay I hope Vaidyagrama and its side Ales expand and incorporate more people and help them their daily lives.
Although my stay was short I plan on returning another day to take full advantage of vaidyagrama.
Thanks to you all.
Ram Krishnan

November 1 2015

I came looking for a place
To simply be
To re- interact pieces of myself
Reconstitute my wholeness
To meet myself again
So I could find those around me
And come back to joy

To calm the Storms that rage
To quell my inner fire
To listen notice feel rest
To open closed spaces
Releasing all that is trapped deep in their mine.
Mind and body initially revolted 
my palate to new potion
My soul to a strange devotion

The Storm grew fierce
my resolve weakened
Conflicted, I prepared to leave
But you said
Stay trust surrender!

And so I did
To re align
Body, Heart, soul and mind

Nourished by all those around me
The humble wisdom of the doctors
The skilled hards of the therapists
Nurturing energy a bound

Nature, stillness healing touch
Bitter potions simple food prayer
Enlightening satsang
Unexpected meaningful connection
Their comfort so sweet
And the in between space of solitude
And quiet contemplation

My journey still long 
The path ahead uncertain
My transition
Like the point of stillness between my In breath and out breath
Like the timing point of the seasons As they unfurl effortlessly
Majestically according to their Timeless ordered chapters

But now I prepare to leave 
With an expanding consciousness
A settling stillness
With gratitude for the knowledge So generous shared
My will resolved
To meet tomorrow
With clarity
Love gratitude
With an open mind
And as open heart

Thank you everyone for your compassion, generosity and loving kindness.
May once good and beautiful things come your way

Go well! go well!
Love blessing
Ayesha sabat