November 2014

November 2014

Dear People of this unique healing village

First and foremost “Thank you very much”

This is my 3rd sitting and love to come more, not in the sense of sickness but in the sense of peace and living close to the nature with complete physical and mental rest. Bless to have environment like this. I wish the nativity of this village remains the same in the following years too. Service rendered by the doctors and the staff are good and cant express by words since I have been here many times it is something like my native place. What can we express more about our own place. Every time I come I walk out with peaceful and sound mind. Everything that is here is good, good and too good.

Special thanks to my team of doctors captained by Dr.Harikrishnan. The support given by them is remarkable throughout my treatment. Thank you everybody once again for making my stay very pleasant and useful.

Let everybody come here heal, and everybody who works here be happy.


Coimbatore, India

November 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

I was very happy to have treatment in this very nice place. Thanks to God for giving me this opportunity to have relationship with all the doctors, therapists and other people who take care of me.

Good blessing all the persons in vaidyagrama

Tatiana Makharynets

November 29 2014

I was only here for 8 days. My wife Gennie was here for 18 and I joined here for the last 8 days. I have studied much yoga, and know a little about Ayurveda but I was not very familiar with it. I enjoyed my stay and am considering coming back for 21 days sometime. I was very tired during most of my time here, and only two good long nights of sleep. I would have liked to sleep in the daytime but was advised not to.

The physicians and staff were all great. Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar looked after me. I am grateful for their care and they helped ease some shoulder pain. I hope that some of my deeper health issues can be addressed during follow up. On a practical level I would like to see a better orientation for newcomers and better communication about activities and treatment timings. Of course, I would like easier wi-fi….

I even liked the food!


Matt Leower

Ohio USA

November 29 2014

This was my first visit to vaidyagrama. I spent 18 days here and I hope to return.

I arrived with severe back and hip pain from a car accident and I cant believe how painfree I am.

The care was exceptional; my doctors and therapists were all so kind and very competent.

This is a very rare place and in the truest sense was a deeply healing experience.

I was here long enough to break my addiction to coffee and to really examine what it means to make healthy lifestyle choices.

I feel so grateful to have had this experience – vaidyagrama is a very powerful healing place on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual.

Gennie Tierney

Ohio, USA

November 26 2014

Vaidyagrama is a paradise in the world. I am feeling very good in my space. The personnel – doctors, staff, therapists and cleaning people all are lovely and excellent people and smiling every moment. I am grateful to everybody especially Dr.Harikrishnan.

Some suggestions –

Noises and to call low

To give training to younger therapists and staff

Silence in the treatment room; music is good but to speak during the treatment is bothersome

Pay more attention to meals and medicines

Generally this is a good climate, very lovely vaidyagrama family

Thank you for your support, your assistance and your love


Barcelona, Spain

November 25 2014

I stayed here for 22 days. Until now, I didn’t pay attention to my body’s health. In addition, I even thought my body to be well somewhat. I didn’t realize that I was so big a fool…it was altogether wrong. As a result of treatment, I feel becoming clear body inside and outside. Besides, I am able to increase my concentration of thinking, writing and reading etc. This place is the best intimate environment. And above all things, I appreciate what my doctors and therapists have done for me. I was not interested in Ayurveda, but when I go back to Japan, I intend to study and practice it. Thank you very much for your help. If I have a choice, I’d like to come back. See you!

Kentaro Umeda

Tokyo, Japan

November 26 2014

Vaidyagrama is a small place of paradise here on earth. I came for 5 weeks treatment but got sick (due to a communication misunderstanding) on my 18th day – exactly halfway. Wound up doing an unexpected 11 day tour of hospitals in India. Vaidyagrama staff were wonderful and accompanying me through that nightmare. Thank you especially to Dr.Ramadas for guiding me and watching out for me with regard to the administrative aspects, and to Sasikala and Vijay for attending to me when I needed help for everything!

Also thank you to vaidyagrama for welcoming me back and making it possible for me to come back to good food and loving care. I made history, dubiously, by being vaidyagrama’s first IV patient (a week of antibiotics). And in addition to all this – I came with two swollen knees, and my left knee is healed. Thank you!

On the suggestions side : Communication! Suggesting a sheet describing each treatment and the precautions that must be taken, and translating this into the common languages required, may help to avoid misunderstanding.

I also loved the spiritual aspect of vaidyagrama. While I was able, I attended morning and evening prayers, and was moved each time. Sanskrit is such a beautiful language, and the doctors have such wonderful voices! There is a strong sense of consciousness here. All the animals have it too. Just look at a mosquito and think “I will slap you” and it flies away! The birds and squirrels will only be photographed if they are willing. They know when you are watching them!

After the humans, the most conscious animals are the cats. I only got to know three : one which has a calico tabby pattern on her back, and mother (Rani) and son (Babu) who are black and white. Rani and Babu met my husband who was here in April, and recognized the post treatment clothes which I also wore. Rani is expecting kittens (in the next week or two), but I arranged through Dr.Ramadas, with Human Animal Services, India – Coimbatore (HAS) to have Babu and his sister sterilized and vaccinated against rabies. There are three puppies which are yet a month too young and malnourished to undergo the operation, so I have wormed them and hope someone will continue to feed them. If any animal lover cares to update me, my email is at the top!

There are poojas for the gods, the planets and various deities as well as snakes! I would wish that the high Consciousness of vaidyagrama would recognize and honour its cats and dogs as well! Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!

Thank you for including me in the vaidyagrama family.



November 25 2014

Here I had a very unique experience regarding living in nature with full facility, no housework, no cooking, no cleaning! Very peaceful life here. Only birds’ noise (singing), very few human noise like construction. Prayer time and satsang time was very productive and after that, meet everyone on friendly basis, were very happy moments.

The first day I thought that how will I live here in this dark room for 15 days. But the staff around me and doctors made my days happy by their friendly nature. I felt like I am living with a family.

Now you are taking care of our dark room by repainting so it is a good news. I have not a single complaint but still there is more room to grow in every one’s life. Some staff members need to be more polite to the patient.

Thanks for everything. My all 3 doctors are excellent. See you all again if God permits me.

Hema Shah

Dallas, Texas, USA

November 21 2014

First of all thanks to all for your support. This is my first time to visit here, and Ayurvedic treatment is first experience for me. To be honest, I felt frustrated during the treatment but this kinda emotion was needed to feel. The end of the treatment, I find my ease position and my emotion is calm down. It was very good time to look inside of myself.

Thank you so much again

Fukuko Yamashita (Nirmala)


November 17 2014

Arrived with gas, belching, burping etc. for 10 days treatment. Now –

I feel better after the treatment and belching, burping are reduced. I still get burping when I eat lentils and dosas etc. Hope with three months medicine, illness will go permanently

Doctors explained everything very well

Staff attitude is excellent

Therapists also rendered treatments very well

Suggestions that I have –

Diet food is acceptable

Food in the room is also good

May some choice be given which can be notified from couple of choices provided for vegetables and main dishes

Maybe some additional inspection for kitchen to be provided. Wooden fire to be regulated to provide better cooking for dosas etc.

Doors with spring closures to avoid flies entering into kitchen

Kitchen staff with uniform, headgears etc.

Amenities comparable to any hospital kitchen to be considered

Lastly I thank all staff for a positive atmosphere at vaidyagrama

Ashok Kapasiawala

November 15 2014

This is my first visit to vaidyagrama as an inpatient for my treatment for a tear in the ligament and for weakness developed due to use of steroids.

Thanks a lot to my Doctor Ramadas, I have come out of my weakness and the swelling due to the ligament tear in my knee has disappeared. These 21 days was really a great period in my life. Vaidyagrama made me smell the great Sanatana Dharma through Ayurveda in the way and walk of life here. Thanks a lot again for that. My sincere thanks to Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Aruna and Dr.Sajna who all took care of me these days.

I especially want to mention my therapist Sri.Vijaykumar and Smt.Devaki who treated my wife. I found it was one of the best departments next to the team of doctors. I wish them all a prosperous career. I have to appreciate Dr.Omprakash and Smt.Kavitha and other administrative officers for their sincere and wonderful interactions.

A very sattvic food well cooked was provided by the kitchen. As a diabetic, I requested the management to take some more care for us. Beetroot, carrots, sevai which shoots our sugar levels can be altered along with few other rice items like porridge, rice soup etc. I expect much more quality from your dietary such as it should match your other infrastructure.

I once again thank heartfully the management and lastly the housekeeping and cleaning people whom I appreciate most – what lovely and kind people. I congratulate the persons behind the scene who trained them.

You people at vaidyagrama mean the words  VAIDYO NARAYANO HARIHI

I will be in touch with you with my family and friends.

Thanks a lot


Coimbatore, India

November 14 2014

Vaidyagrama is magic! I have really appreciated the combination of rest, treatments, satsangs and prayers. And you are all such kind, attentive and gentle people. One thing I will really miss when I go home is being washed by a kindly soul – that made me feel like a child again!

Thank you all so much

Anne Douglas

November 11 2014

I am part of vaidyagrama family. How can I talk about myself?

Vaidyagrama heals from within and without. It is not only your body that heals and rejuvenates but is the soul that finds the time, space and setting to reflect on its journey, assess and re-adjust if need may be.

This is my 5th visit. Hope to come for the rest of my living years. A place wehre “GOD” and “GOODNESS” actually touches you.

Yet another lovely thing is the amazing variety of people you get to meet here. What an eclectic group! When 2 Palestinians, 1 Ukrainian, 2 Japanese, 1 American, 2 German and many more meet and are able to pray, sing and live together, it is an elevating experience. To feel the connectivity as just “beings” – the barriers of country, colour, caste and creed, language and religion – they all disappear. In this world of divisiveness, a hope for peaceful co-existence.

Dr.Neela Aravind

Coimbatore India

November 10 2014

This is my second visit to vaidyagrama. Coming back says a lot of things.

I find this place, I mean everyone in this place makes it so special.

It is a healing village by all means and I cannot stop myself from coming back again and again inspite of the tough life we carry back home.

May every one of you stay in good health and carry on the wonderful message.

Olivia Mitri & Yacoub

November 10 2014

I am so grateful and blessed to experience and benefit from vaidyagrama. This place has a very special energy. The experience has been unique on so many levels. I came with a long list of ailments that I have been dealing with. What I treasure the most going home, is a new perspective and a fresh start, regardless of physical challenges.

The doctors and staff here are amazing and I especially want to thank Sameena for her kindness and good care.

I look forward to my return in the near future.

Much love

Carrie Guzanick

November 09 2014

This is my 2nd visit – this statement alone sums up my impressions. Calm, serene environment, attentive doctors and others. Although my stay was only 5 days, I have achieved what I came here for!

Naveen Kini

Bangalore, India

November 08 2014

I am even more grateful for the excellence in care, medicine, food and general ambience than the last time I was here. The consistent attention to details, the genuine caring of staff at all levels, on seemingly all matters, is a marvelous thing.

It is surely an expression of the sattvic nature of vaidyagrama’s vision for a healing village to grow up here. I am so lucky to know you all even in a small way.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Margaret Mahan


November 05 2014

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me so graciously here at vaidyagrama.

I have been treated with unparalleled kindness and generosity. I am very very grateful. It’s simply not possible to treat people with more love and care than you have treated me. My stay here has been like staying in a deva realm; a loka or place that is free from egotism or pride. Love and the giving from the depth of the human spirit is your currency. I am truly touched and deeply moved by how seamless your commitment to my and everyone else’s healing truly is.

Your example is without comparison. I feel truly blessed to have spent this last month in your care.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Andrew Cohen


November 04 2014

I came here with the intent of dropping off my wife and possibly staying for a couple of days and then moving on. Here I came and my wife got me to sign up for the treatments also. I agreed very hesitantly simply because I was not mentally prepared. However having stayed here for the 8-9 days that I have been here, I have my own set of reservations –

First of all, I apologise for being difficult as I may have been – however I have got to say the facility here has got to be the brainchild of a genius; the entire concept is amazing. The doctors, especially Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Ramadas are the most concerned, polite and attentive doctors I have met. Dr.Ramanandan is patient, tolerant, understanding and just a lovely human being in addition to being a great doctor. Dr.Ramadas’s prayers were a “jewel” of an experience as were the question and answer sessions with Dr.Ramkumar. Hakeem is polite and very attentive. Dr.Omprakash is very kind, friendly and gentle. Everyone here is, it seems, from a stock of very good souls. I have to mention that Vinod was very helpful with my internet related demands. Aparna is just the loveliest person you can find, and Sonia is also very kind and helpful.

We had the bonus of listening to Roseji speak and are glad we met her. Dr.Robert Svoboda brought us here and any amount of time spent with him is a blessing.

So thank you vaidyagrama for a great experience.

The truth is that the only reason I insisted on becoming a guest and switching from treatments I was enjoying to abhyanga was my inability to eat the patient food. While it may be very healthy, I do feel some changes to make the food just a bit more tasty would encourage many more people like me to come here and benefit from this great experience. The level of cleanliness in the corridors and common areas could do with some improvement. I do think you need to address the concern with stray dogs roaming the facility all the time.

Overall a great experience with some great individuals.

Anuj Poddar


November 04 2014

A very peaceful and nurturing experience. The staff and doctors are very responsive. I am especially grateful to Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Ramadas for their love, attention and good counsel. Maya is an exceptional therapist and Aparna is absolutely wonderful. I also enjoyed meeting Geetha and learning of her selfless service for the projects undertaken by Punarnava Trust. Dr.Sajna was also very responsive and Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Ramadas offered the most beautiful puja sessions in the mornings and evenings.

I feel better after my brief stay of 10 days at vaidyagrama and look forward to coming back.

Smita Poddar


November 01 2014

No words to share, we are in a “home away from home”. God bless you all to continue this service to humanity.

Kulandaisamy D.

Coimbatore, India