MAY 2020


May 26, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family - for that is what you mean to me after my treatment and extended stay of almost 2 months, after completing my treatment of 3 weeks. I came on the 11 March 2020 for a planned stay of 3 weeks. Little did anyone know that I would be here for this long!

The initial encounter and later detailed consultation with Dr Ramadas was an eye opener for me. Dr Ramadas is an amazing person whose dedication, compassion, sense of humor and communication skills make him a unique human being. His confidence in the Ayurveda system of healing is infectious and inspiring. His team of doctors and therapists are a dedicated union of healers and it was a pleasure to be guided by them throughout my stay. Dr Renjisha is a gentle beautiful and dedicated doctor and Dr Vasudevan is full of life and action. Together they gave me confidence that I was in safe hands all through my treatment.

Life in vaidyagrama has to be lived and experienced to appreciate what a challenge has been undertaken here. To build an environmentally friendly, and workable village is a huge challenge in modern issues. My respects and deep gratitude to all doctors and staff. May they always prosper. God Bless you all.

So, what we experience is only a part of the dream of the founders of vaidyagrama. The extended family of Balagrama and all the other projects are unusual vision of Dr Ramkumar and his colleagues which is to be applauded and encouraged. I pray that their message reaches far and wide so that we can experience many similar healing centers across India.

I have to mention that the other activities put together by the doctors for the patient’s comfort are also a treat. The inspiring Satsang by Dr Ramkumar were wonderful in our understanding of Ayurveda and the human consciousness. The community lunch with the delicious food and happy singing by patients and doctors, the cow Pooja, the cooking sessions, the garden walks and all other poojas and events make this a beautiful and holistic experience.

I pray that Vaidyagrama grows from strength to strength. This ambience and environment, the calm and peaceful atmosphere and the love and care of the doctors, therapists and other staff is a beautiful vision of a wonderful life. Keep going and all success in the years ahead. With gratitude and much affection 

A small request: could Block 1 consider refurbishment 2 Could the housekeeping staff be a little more meticulous in their cleaning. 3 Could the kitchen staff be a little more imaginative to add flavor to the nourishing meals? Thank you!

Jyotsna Singh



May 16, 2020

Gratitude for my precious time at Vaidyagrama!

I came here looking for better sleep that seems it is getting better slowly. But I have known more about myself, body and mind that is maybe more important.

Thank you so much for the kindness and care of Dr Harikumar, Dr Sonia and Dr Ardent for my time in Quarantine and for my treatment definition.

Thank you, Dr Aruna and Dr Anupama, for my time in treatment and special thanks to Dr Harikumar for our precious talking (indeed for listening to me and give me support).

Thank you so much for the kind and very professional therapists Archana, Sindhu and her group, Rincy (who have learnt a lot from the experiment and lovely Sindhu) Radhika (sorry dear for giving you so much job with night massages, extra medicine, asking hot food but all needed) and Ruma (thank you for your kindness smile for my bath).

Special thank you for Krishna Kumar and Athira for their friendship and support (sorry for extra jobs) for the equipments of office,  for Bindu and Shashi (very smart , helpful and kind gentleman) Thank you so much and the other lovely for cleaning my room every day, thank you for your smile and effort to our talking more by the heart.

Deep gratitude for Dr Ramadas for the time of prayers and satsangs, a beautiful support for the treatment, for life 

Thank you to Dr Ramkumar, Dr Aruna, and other doctors for the satsangs about Ayurveda, thank you for doctors and therapists. Special thank you to Aparna who gave me support before coming during my stay and for now in my extension.

Thank you for all the staff of Vaidyagrama for their kindness, for the delicious and healthy food, for made me at home here, for allowed myself to know about your culture your country. India is in my heart now!

Gratitude and Love

Rosuita Roso



May 12, 2020





Swami Samvidanandha Saraswathi

Nasik, India


May 6,2020


The most beautiful word I learn amazing, wonderful and experience from Dr Ramadas

Best thing I learnt from dr Harikumar is BE Happy…….

Happiness lies within

I want to thank my therapist Geethu from my core of heart. I will never forget her care and concern during treatment especially during virechana. lots of love to rest of the therapist.

Thank you too much Dr Aruna for taking care during virechana treatment.

Dr Renjisha is very dedicated doctor and very much supportive when my mood kept on changing during treatment. She really helped me get the food that best suits my system. she made my stay comfortable. keep caring patients.

Vaidyagrama is beautiful and peaceful place to live if management improves.

Special note for management team

Ever since I entered vaidyagrama I started loving cockroaches dancing on the floor of bathroom, lizard dangling on the roof and rat playing and singing inside the head of the bed

Special note for team of doctor who test food of patients

No doctors properly test the food. If they should have tested food of patient would not got uncooked or burnt chappati few of the patients got rotten dal.

As per Ayurveda food is also a medicine

Special thanks to Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramanandan

One phrase dedicated to them

Sab moh maya hai

Hum sab Iss Rang manch ki Ratputliya Hai

Compassion is unconditioned love for humanity

Soma Saha



May 05, 2020

What an experience it has been, came for a 28 day treatment programme and ended up staying for 64 days, thanks to the lockdown

My first 30 days.

Doctors: Dr Harikrishnan- he was extremely gentle and caring doctor but due to the lockdown he treated me for at least 2 weeks. Even though he was not at Vaidyagrama during the lockdown the other doctors always consulted him every step of the way.

Dr Ramanandan – he too was extremely gentle and caring and too patient to explain the treatment and helped to away my anxieties.

Dr Aruna- she became my confident too. Also, very reasoning come to check on me when she felt I was feeling stressed and anxious.

Dr Rincy – sweet young doctor, gentle and soft spoken and very thorough and detailed when checking on my wellbeing. She always reassured when I worried about the levels of my blood sugar, pressure and gastric. 


Lakshmi – 10/10 she is a total 

Meera – 7/10 Good with treatment needs to work on PR

Farvina – when she graduates, she will make a great therapist

All other staff are extremely polite and conscientious.

Programs to occupy our afternoons were interesting and I learnt a lot about the treatments and the reason for why one has to watch what you do in your daily life and let to have the benefit of the treatments.

My second 30 days

Thanks to the caring nature of the doctors and staff this “imprisonment” ((lock down) kept we save. To occupy my time, I continued my treatment by another 11 days.

Food – For the first 30 days I should eat the meals that were served as it was figured to help with my healing.

Simple oil free bland and Repetitive

Such a limited choice of vegetables

My recommendation

For such plain food presentation is very important

Variety in style of cooking

Healthy food does not have to taste bad and look bad

Please take into consideration the palate of the South Asians

Kitchen staff have to be those who are trained in cooking (have skills and understand food combinations)

Do not repeat meals -breakfast and dinner

There should not be cross contamination of chopping boards and knives.

Very often the fresh fruits served at tea had the paste of mixes or vegetable that were cut earlier

Hopefully a chef will be employed together with nutritionists to improve the meals that are served at Vaidyagrama.

Uma Pushpanathan



May 05, 2020

Mother India offers lot of treasure to humanity famous are yoga and Ayurveda

The art of Ayurveda here at Vaidyagrama develops perfectly one of that treasure. 

Thank you for the Harmony with nature you create here.

Thank you for the quality of your Welcome, quality of your center, quality of your doctors, therapists and all the staff.

After 5 years of joint pain, my physical body is better, and I formed the hope to hear myself and now my all bodies are better and happy.

Thank you for the love you give, for the smiles in spite of the lock down.

All the best to Vaidyagrama

With lots of love

Claire Wauthy



May 04, 2020

I am very much thankful to Vaidyagrama family for taking care of me and making my stay here a pleasant experience.

This is the first time I stayed here, but I have been taking treatment here since 2010 as O.P. 

I really thank Dr. Ramadas sir first, because he suggested me to get admitted here.

In Vaidyagrama, all the doctors and staff are friendly and kind caring.

I once again thank Dr. Soniya and staff Archana, Sindhu, Vasantha and Therapist Meera, who were always smiling with kind caring and dedicated to excellent treatment to me. Staff Archana gave Parental Care to me.

Here the environment is very calm. The food is hygienic and this machine life we forget to take care of ourselves. Here, I truly realize that it is very important to our life.

Anyways, I am unlucky person. Because of Corona period, I was admitted in the new block, so I could not mingle with all the Vaidyagrama family and Patients.

And I am very sad that I could not attend the Vaidyagrama’s regular daily activities like satsang, Poojas, group Lunch and cooking class and I missed the daily prayer very much. I am so sad.

Thank You all staffs in Vaidyagrama Family and “MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU”

Thank You,

T. Sivagami,



May 01, 2020

Third time is a charm! I feel such a shift at many different levels from this round of treatment. I could not have received a better gift during these uncertain and challenging times in the world. There was not even one time where I did not feel loved and cared for, which I feel lucky to have received as so many people have to sit with themselves at home.

Thank you to all the Doctors, Therapists, housekeeping, and all management and other staff here at Vaidyagrama and Punarnava for helping us all stay calm and surrender to the process, stay in today and offer our prayers for the state of the world. It was not always an easy task to stay in that state of mind but all staff here supported us all, so it was much easier to stay positive. 

On an operational level, I notice such an improvement in overall care and the standards. The therapists and the rest of the staff have impressed me much more than in previous treatments. So, keep up the good work!!

I am so grateful to be a part of this Punarnava family, it has changed my life over the years, and I plan to keep coming back again and again, as much as possible.

One Idea: Can we start a weekly Women’s Health according to Ayurveda satsang? Some questions women may only feel comfortable to ask with female doctors and in the company of other women. 

Thank you again,

Shanna Dadisman





May 01,2020

Dearest vaidyagrama family

I am so thankful for the extra time spent here due to the covid 19 lockdown. It moved me to take in more fully in the special reality of this beauty community. It is HARD to go now!! But I am trying to accept that too with the growing positive energy that I have found here.

The changes have been deep. My future looks bright again and old age a blessing to be maintained and cared for in a way I had never imagined before.

Dr Ramadas worked with body and soul showing way to be at peace and care for the body. without giving too much importance to mental happening. His way of saying things from the very first-time consultation made me laugh with a new understanding of how life could be.

Dr Renjisha and her baby were a great delight. Her warm practical morning consultation gave support and easy friendship.

My therapist Reshma, Bindu,and Geethu made me feel like a baby again. I thank them for their kind generosity.

Krishnaveni in the office showed such sweet patience helping me with the computer while continuously bought cancelled and rebooked airline tickets, hotels. Telling me be here to stay longer in the garden and grow slowly within its protective wall.

I will take what I can with me and return for what I have left behind.

Much love and gratitude to all

And thanks to shenbagavalli for cleaning my room every day and taking up and down the shades for me.

Cristina Nevans