MAY 2018


May 30, 2018 

Vaidyagramahas been a good experience for us.  All the doctors and therapists and other staff also supported very nicely. 

We are feeling like a new family together. The treatment was very good. Before I came toVaidyagramaI felt like very tired and had leg pain also. After the treatments I felt very strong in my mind and body as well.  So,I recommend to all the ill people to cure your problems and rejuvenate their body and mind here.

Once for all, it is a very good experience; not only for me but for my family also. They also liked this place very much. Sowe are wholeheartedly satisfied.  

God bless you all!

R Nalini 



May 30, 2018 

Vaidyagramais the very epitome of a relaxed, stress- free environment! I wasn’t quite sure what I would experience here…andwas pleasantly surprised. 

Vaidyagramais clean, green, well-organised and most things happen like clockwork. The doctors, therapists and staff are wonderful. I will definitely recommend it highly to friends and relatives.

The only two things I felt could do with some improvement was the food and languagebarriers. Ifelt that due to the limitations on the food could have been presented through differentrecipes. Secondlythe staff here are very wonderful, but it is hard to communicate with some of them. A basic training in English couldhelp, especiallywith international patients. 

Other thanthat, Itruly enjoyed being atVaidyagrama. 

All the best!

Asha Nadkarni  



May 27,2018 

Dear vaidyagrama team,  

I thank each one of you that work here especially those behind the scenes to make this beautiful Vision of yours work. 

I have met some of the best doctors and people here. I love the attention and care that I received here during my panchakarma.  I felt truly looked after and nurtured. This panchakarma treatment, with all its challenges, has been a very transformative experience  for my body, mind  and spirit. I have learnt so much and I am deeply thankful for that.

I know that I will be back and will be bringing more of my friends and family  with me so that they too can understand  and experience  the beauty of ayurveda. It is also such an amazing thing to see ayurveda being preserved and practised in its authentic from here. Finally I have to say that I may be leaving with much more wisdom, understanding and peace that I came here with.

Am always in gratitude.  

See you soon.

Love, peace, light  

Om Namah sivaya 

Namruta & Julian



May 26, 2018 

This was my first visit to Vaidyagrama and I already want to return. I have had a wonderful experience! The therapists are amazing, particularly  Prajisha and Shyni. They did a fantastic job and I always felt well looked after.  

My symptoms have all improved a lot since beinghere, itis a very restful healing environment. The Doctors aregreat, Ifelt listened to and taken care of by them. I am sogratefulto have had this experience and hope I can come back one day. 

I really liked the food! So different to my normal diet, so I was always happy with it. 

My only negative comment would be sometimes the drains smelled really bad- I am not sure if anything can be done aboutthis, butit could be quite off putting sometimes. But this is a minor thing – otherwise I have been totally happy with everything. 

Thank you to everyone atVaidyagramafor such a beautiful month. 

Much love,

Alice MacKinnan 



May 24, 2018 

Thank God for choosing Vaidyagrama facility!

It is an experience and I really enjoyed staying in Vaidyagrama. I have never seen my sugar level so low as 4.6 first day, followed by 6.6 next day after having very good sleep at night. 

Clean environment, melodious songs from birds and facilities heal our mind, body and spirit.  Trained staff, good hospitality at Vaidyagrama and am greatly benefited. 

Thank you Dr. Ramadas and colleagues for your great care at the facility.

Wish you all the best!

Srinath M.R 



May 23, 2018 

We have been coming toVaidyagramafor the last ten years or so. This time ourstayis short because ofourother travel plans. I came with minor aches and painsbutinfivetosixdaysIhaverecovered andIfeelfit. Thetherapists are well trained and experienced and do a wonderful job. The treatment is given under the supervision ofseniordoctors,thestaff who serve the food and medicines are also trained well and theydon’tmake any mistakes.The food has also improved considerably and there is no way one can complain.

Even though our staywas short, it has been a wonderful experience. We lookforwardto coming here for a longer stay shortly. 

With best wishes, 

Vanitha Rathindran  



May 21, 2018 

Beautiful place with beautiful people. Had a wonderfulexperienceright from the early morningkashayamto the treatmentsuntilthe last meal.The doctors are very patient and the therapists are skilled. The staff serving food and medicine are very prompt. Always smiling and doing all they can to make the stay and treatment comfortable.I recommended this place/ will recommend to every one looking torejuvenatetheir bodies and minds, people having some issues on for generalwellbeing.Had a wonderful stay and going backenriched; thisplace and people helped me heal. 


Pranay Garodia  



May 19, 2018 

Surroundings - When I entered Vaidyagrama the beautiful trees and plants gave me a warm welcome I didn't feel like a patient; I thought I have come for a holiday!

Doctors were Dr. Ramdas and Dr. Hari Kumar and the junior doctor Harikesh all are wonderful doctors, who took great care of their patients. Dr. HariKumar is a gentle and very caring and devoted. Dr. Ramdas, he is a god given gift to Vaidyagrama with his medical and spiritual knowledge patients are greatly benefited. 

Therapists all are very well trained; patients feel comfortable and at ease with them in the treatment room.

Food-  It is a very time conscious supply round the clock! These 21 days, not once it got delayed; it was steaming hot and quite tasty… it is very well organised. 

Prayers- The morning and evening prayers give so much of peace and happiness to the patients; with that positive energy, half the sickness is vanished. 

Satsang- is very useful and Saturday get together Dinners are enjoyable.

Rooms- any small complaint also is registered and immediately attended to; very good maintenance; the staff cleans the room well and they are well trained.

On the whole, the patients when they leave after the treatment, they are healthy both in body as well as in mind too.

With all my heart I wish this very well-run organisation a great success always in their wonderful service to the people!

As a plant lover I have a suggestion regarding the garden – If the trees and shrubs are planted in a little more organised manner, the garden will look all the more better and beautiful.

Sugandha Devraj 



May 19, 2018 

 I have been a rheumatoid arthritis patient for the past 6 years walking with lots of pain in the joints and mentally fed up and depressed. It was my daily routine to warm up and the walk will take 2 hours; energy level was very low; could walk only with the help of a Walker; my feet numb; fingers bend; and the skin got black and patchy because of poor circulation  problems aggravated my discomfort and pain. 

I walked into Vaidyagrama with not much hope, and mind felt fear and anxiety; so the doctors explained and got rid of fear, gave a lot of encouragement and hope, and made me  see the correct way.

I have undergone treatment for the last 15 days; I cannot myself believe of the changes that have happened to me. No more pains and aches on waking; sound sleep at night; no constipation;  treatment has done a world of good for me. I feel refreshed and happy; black patches have almost disappeared; with improved circulation I can walk now without the Walker.

My mind is full of care,  my family is also happy for me.  I can only say that God should bless all the doctors and staff with his choicest blessings. I am deeply grateful to all, and wish them all the very best. 

R. Leela 



May 19, 2018 

After a sound sleep, waking up to hear the delightful chatter of birds and feast for my eyes on the various shades of Green Leaves and colourful flowers, and breathing in the clean air, is such a happy experience and a wonderful way to start the day!

The treatment, bath are so soothing and luxurious. The staff are well trained and they do their work so carefully and with care. After having home food, getting used to bland takes a day or two; the vegs are so fresh and tasty. 

The first change that I noticed with my body is that at home, on waking up there used to be a slimy coating on the gums, which needed brushing and cleaning the teeth. Here I am surprised to find my mouth so clear and fresh that I forgot to brush at times. Day by day all the pain and weariness disappear. The skin which was so dry got a smooth and fresh texture, the bath leaves me quite well and makes me want to sleep again.

Doctors are prompt in their assistance and care. The staff are always with a smile and so polite. Satsang, prayers and group dinners are enjoyable. The rooms are well furnished. This place is a rest heaven.

The introduction papers have such a light and small writing, and it gets difficult for senior citizens to read – so please make them in bold and bigger font. You could also add elementary basics of Ayurveda, and a small description of the various stages of preparation etc. Patients have a lot of time in between, so light, useful reading would be welcome.

I thank everyone here for making my stay a very happy. 




May 18, 2018 

Thank you for healing my mind, body and spirit. The doctors, therapists and the staff at Vaidyagrama have been with me in this period. Thanks to all of you.




May 12, 2018 

Vaidyagramahas been a good experience in our life. Doctors, therapists and all other staff support very nicely and kindly. 

Stay in vaidyagrama is very peaceful. Overall I feel satisfaction. 

Govindasamy and Jayalakshmi 



May 09, 2018 

We want to say many thanks to all the staff for their care and excellent treatment. Special thanks to our doctors  Dr.  HarikrishnanDr. ArunaDr. SivajothiDr. Krishna Das. Thank you so much Dr. Ramadas. 

We wish prosperity to your Hospital 'Vaidyagrama'!

Tetiana and Olga



May 8, 2018 

This small world you have created is a mirror for a healthy, beautiful life….thatIwill bring home with me, to be together with doctors, therapists,housekeepers….that can pray with you at thebeginningand end of the day brings balance, beauty andpeaceto mysoul. Thisis the worldIhave dreamt of my whole life. Ibelievethis is the true medicine we need to develop for our children. This is for me at home, this is a home for my soul. 

Thank you for what you have created, thank you forbelievingin it. We will meet again, God bless you. 

Patrizia Giovani



May 8, 2018 

Vaidyagrama has been a very good experience. I was looked after by Dr. Ramanandan and Dr.Kesari. Both were extremely meticulous and good listeners. They have given me treatment, which I hope to continue in Mumbai to improve my health. The lady staff who did our treatment were very good and helpful.  

The only downside was the food. We were being served food repetitively for most meals. We requested for a change though.

I am giving this as a positive criticism to a place, which is otherwise very well run.