MAY 2015

May 30  2015

Vaidyagrama steers the patient on a very tight course through the Ayurveda treatment process .
While this was very challenging for us, the restrictions ultimately gave me the freedom to experience surrendering to 'what is'.
The physical benefits that I feel within give way to a profound change in attitude and strengthening of my spirit.
I go away forever changed and deeply grateful to all the staff and the residence for their joyful and compassionate service.
Vaidyagrama will always be in my heart and I wish you all the power and courage to continue on with your vision of the world.
Jai Hanuman 
Jai Sita Ram
Meredith Knox



May 28 2015

Please accept my humble request  all glories to Guru and All glories to Sri Prabhupad
My first visit last year 2014 .
This is my second visit here.
Environment is very nice.
All of your cooperation to me.
I feel this like home.
 Many Many thanks for all of you.
My special thanks Dr. Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar because both are seriously guiding and taking care to me.
I am very grateful for them.
If any mistake I have done, please forgive me .
Hare Krishna

Navayogendra Das

Kolkata, India


May 23 2015

I wish to start by saying a big thank you to the wonderful people of this beautiful place.

I got to hear about Vaidyagrama from a friend and I called them the next day and came over in a few days. I was a little apprehensive but once I got here I knew I had come to my "soul" space.


A week into therapy under Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar, when I spoke to my husband he said I sounded very calm and at peace. I was.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart of piece of which I am leaving behind.

I will be back.

Mita Venkataraman

Chennai, India


May 21 2015

In order to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, we wanted to experience something really special.

At Vaidyagrama we did 3 full weeks entirely dedicated to our body, mind and soul.
Thanks to the incredible kindness of all the staff medical under all others .
We always received the necessary assistance to go through the turbulence of the healing process.
We were very happy to
- Discover the original rejuvenating treatment.
- Plant 'our tree' in 'your' garden.
- Share my togetherness 
- Meet people from all around the planet etc...
For us there will be a definitely be a before and after Vaidyagrama!
A big special hug for Dr. Ramadas with whom we shared and intense moments.

Christine and Pierre Bourguet



May 19 2015

What does one call a place which one visits year after year for no particular reason? What does one do at a place built as a place of treatment, when you have no real disease  to be treated. The answer lies in the attraction provided by an isolated village on the Rottigondanur road off the Coimbatore, Palakkad Highway

This exciting Village has taken place on the map as a unique healing center. Vaidyagrama was unknown 7 years ago. But thanks to the vision and undoubtful efforts of  one remarkable vaidya Dr Ramkumar, this has become one of the leading Ayurvedic centres of the world devoted to the practice of traditional ayurveda. A galaxy of remarkable doctors like Dr Harikumar, Dr Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramdas Dr. Ramanandan and juniors like Dr.Om, Dr.Sajna, Dr.Haritha have brought colours to great tradition.

My wife and I have come to this place six times already, each time enjoying more than the previous occasion.. there is something unique about the tranguil rows of modern cottages to the greenery, the well laid out Gardens of medicinal plants and trees and general area of peace and tranquillity. The large number of foreign guests bears testimony to the success of this institution.

This place has also emerged as a centre of traditional Hindu worship. The number of Poojas which have been conducted every month is phenomenal. Recently a temple dedicated to Dhanwanthari has been opened in the premises.

 My wife and I am looking forward to our seventh visit to this place again hoping against hope that the process of development will not render this place a busy centre and that it will continue to maintain its charm.

Thank you,


Coimbatore, India


May 18 2015

My stay at Vaidyagrama has been a transformational experience physically emotionally and spiritually.

Never have I experienced doctors, therapists and overall staff for genuine care about you!
Always smiling with the kind of smiles that come out from their eyes and hearts. 
I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be cared for by these people.
I have learnt much about the nature of my mind with the help from Dr.Ramadas and other caring doctors.
I realise where my physical issues stem from and how much to work on.
I have loved the Satsang and really appreciate the doctors who take their time out to teach us Ayurveda and about the amazing projects and activities Vaidyagrama supports.
I was so happy to be in the presence of Geetha and Aparna where they put so much hard work and love into helping the children from the village.
The food was always wonderful and I will miss you eating it when I leave!
My heartfelt thanks goes out to all the kitchen staff in preparing for some delicious meals for us.
Not only do the doctors help you a physical level they realise there is more to healing then taking medicine.
They do their work through God and they have shown me that its useless to worry, stress and cause problems for yourself.
This I will continue to work on and focus on doing more in the service of god.
I enjoyed prayer and I am thankful for all the doctors and the participants who came to share that space.
Although I have got a long way to go in my complete healing process I'm so happy I came here to be loved and taking care of.
I hope to come back again and volunteer for the children’s home you are planning to set up.
No matter I will see you all again soon and I thank you with all my heart all my soul.
Love you always
Stephanie Ann Hill


May 18 2015

This is my second visit to this wonderful place.

I must confess that every atom of healing is being done with almost care and love and every ingredient for that has been rightly chosen here.

The doctors, supporting staffs, room attendants come with a smiling face making it more and more lovely.

I am extremely thankful to all who could arrange including my ekadasi food with a smile on the face.

I am extremely thankful to Dr.Harikrishnan with warm love in touch while in dubai and his promp attitude in calling back, in case he does not answer, is also a major help and reason to come back here

My love and regards to Dr.Haritha, Dr.Omprakash and my dear shyni who are so lovely and helpful in any time of the day.

I sincerely pray all the good fortunes for this institution

With Prayers Hare Krishna !


Coimbatore, India


May 17 2015

The moment I stepped in to vaidyagrama all my mind said was “All nature”. I came in past midnight on 18.04.2015 with my uncle. We were welcomed by Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Haritha (Sweetest thing). I was actually very impressed that Doctors usher you in and show you around your room. The next morning I took a walk around VG and very very astonished with the greenery and chirping of birds. It was something I do not get to see much or admire back at home. I was very impressed with the way Vaidyagrama was designed. The all nature concept was expounding. Natural water, solar energy, natural stuff to keep mosquitoes and insects away and etc. I could actually see that there was a lot of thinking and planning put in to this. Kudo’s to the team.

I thank all the staffs for making my 30 days stay a pleasant one.

Dr.Haritha – As mentioned earlier the sweetest thing in VG. She would know that I am disturbed and was there to console and encourage me to continue. As I was lost and felt out of civilisation. She save me the reassurance that I will be fine. She made frequent visits to my room to comfort me and have small talks. She was there while I was given vasti for 3 days although it was not easy for the 3 days. She was there to encourage and reassure me . Thanks  sweet heart.

Dr.Hari – Always approachable, stern but friendly dr. Thanks for everything. I know you are the MAN behind all the scenes.

Dr.Omprakash – a very energetic promising young man filled with vibrance.

Lakshmi – My therapist a quiet lady but always makes sure that everything goes well, get my kashayam on time, meals are all on time. During treatment she looks in to the smallest things like warming for mouth gargle, made sure the bathroom was ready with my towels and shampoo in place. Small little thing that makes big difference. During my basti she actually come in and spoke to me told me to hands in there and be strong.. sweet!

Indu – Although not much interactions with her she is a very good therapist with excellent inter-personal skills. Always asking if lunch was ok, do you need salt in your food etc. Love this gal..

Chitra – Very dedicated and commited. I had once feedbacked that there were small bug like things in my home. She took my feedback seriously and cleaned. She was back the next day to even ask if there were bugs last night. She never fails to put a smile on my face.

 Jameela – Very experienced lady in saree. Love her energy. She always knows when it hurts during therapy due to heat etc. Love her much!

Thanks again everyone who have made my stay pleasurable in one way or another. I will be back next year for sure..

Jaya Vadivazhagi



May 16 2015

The word that come to my mind is “gratefulness”.

This resumes which I feel after 3 ½ weeks here. It was my second stay, last year i came for 6 weeks, and hopefully I will be back here in one year or two .This place is an amazing refresh for body and mind. It is so great that a place like this with true Ayurveda and dedicated doctors and staff exists in this wide jungle of “Modern Ayurveda Business”.

I am so grateful to have been able to be here again, grateful to doctors and to all the staff, from the gardeners and cleaners to the cooks and therapists. A special thanks to Lakshmi who already massaged me last year and to Jameela, who massaged me with dedication and bathed me like a mother would bath her child, Thank you!

The place is becoming more beautiful. The plants grew a lot and attracted even more beautiful birds...

It is a paradise and being able to just “Be Here”, with our having to worry about anything, with the knowledge that I am, being taken care of in the best and most loving way... It is just such a treat and luxury.

So happy to be part of Vaidyagrama Family

All my love and blessings to you all,

Danielle Kahn


May 15 2015

My stay here has been wonderful. you really get a feeling that the commitment of the doctors here is 100% towards the patient.
They are concerned about the well being of the patient.
I am no one to comment on the nature and quality of food here all I can say is that if the food suits the treatment 100% then continue with that, otherwise change it .
This is an area where there is a room for thought.
There are many talented young people in Vaidyagrama, they could however be made to work upon their behaviour with patients. Their communication skills need to be tuned.
All in all, stay here has been memorable.
The suggestion about  are intended for the well being of this institution which I think has a great future.
I specifically want to thank Dr Harikumar and Dr. Ramadas for looking after me well.
The over all experience was very good. Special thanks to Pradeep, Ganesh, and Prasad who looked after with great care and devotion.

Vikram Ramakrishnan

Palakkad, India


May 11 2015

The experience is remarkable. Most impressive is the 100 % devotion and attention from the doctors.
The other staff are also dedicated.
The massages were exhilarating and relaxing.
The food is acceptable perhaps necessary blend in keeping with the therapy.
My first visit to Vaidyagrama was in 2010.
In the 5 years the transformation of the surrounding has been an amazing so lush green and tranquil.
A very warm and dedicated approved by everyone makes one totally relaxed and comfortable.
Thank you all so much

Haider Barma

Mumbai, India

May 08 2015

The comment I am writing on behalf my sister who has come for treatment for her neurological problem due to train accident. This is her second visit. The place is very beautiful which gives peace of mind. We noticed certain improvements in my sister’s condition. The medical procedures, food, treatment and caring by entire team is beautiful and excellent. We are very much thankful to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Haritha and team members involved in my sister’s treatments.

Thanks to entire vaidyagrama team.

Lakshmi Sumana

Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India


May 07 2015

This is my first visit to vaidyagrama. This  trip only happened by chance if not for my niece. I have never heard of this village nor do I have any knowledge about ayurveda. When my niece wanted to come here for treatment, I have decided to accompany her out of sheer curiosity.

Not knowing what to expect, I landed in Coimbatore and was brought to a remote village and was welcomed by Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Haritha.

The next day, Dr.Harikrishnan along with Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Haritha came to see me to discuss my condition and the supposed treatments were advised. Thus started my life in vaidyagrama.

Many of the habits or practices I had in Singapore could not be done here like snacking, irregular meal times, going to bed late at night, reading at night or watching television. Above all, no coffee/tea or fish/chicken.

But surprisingly, I scraped through all these without any fuss or hassle. Apart from the first 2 days, the other 19 days moved easily without any stiffness or cravings.

I was able to wake up early without a alarm clock and even sleep early at night, which never happened in Singapore. The treatment I received has helped reduce my neck and back stiffness and the pain in my knees. I have been eating vegetables a lot in these 3 weeks which is equivalent to 3 months of consumption in Singapore.

Besides the food and treatment , there were other activities like the cooking class, walking in the garden, cow pooja, satsang session and the prayers in the morning and evening.

In short, these 3 weeks experience in vaidyagrama was a learning journey fruitful and effective .I would like to thank Dr.Harikrishnan for my treatment, Dr.Om  (probably the live wire of vaidyagrama) for his care and concern, Dr.Haritha who always asks me to take care and not to go outdoor numerous times like a daughter to a father. Dr.Ramkumar for his satsang session,   Dr.Ramdas for the video shows and prayer session, Biju for his excellent massaging and to the rest of the family members in vaidyagrama who has helped me one way or another. I am truly grateful.





May 06 2015

Many thanks to my niece Dr.Kalpana Sampath and her husband Dr.Sampath, I was fortunate to have a privileged opportunity to be associated with vaidyagrama from its infant stage. In fact it goes back to a period, when even the current location where we are in was not in the planning even.

Dr.Kalpana and Dr.Sampath were always keeping me informed about the progress and development of this from time to time. Despite this early introduction it is only now I am blessed to have my first treatment here, which indeed has given me an unforgettable life experience physically, mentally, intellectually, and more importantly spiritually.

Dr.Ramkumar together with experienced ayurvedic doctors in this team have carved out, by working hard and with passion, to bring out this beautiful and authentic ayurveda healing center here. The hallmark of this unit is that the entire staff here is working as one family, providing all the loving care and attention to the patients,making an ideal healing environment.

I would like to thank the following persons with whom i had a daily contact

1) Dr.Harikrishnan - For quickly diagnosing and providing the correct treatment substantially improving my physical condition

2) Dr.Sajna - For all assistance towards the above

3) During satsang sessions

            a) Dr.Ramkumar - For clarity in answering all questions in his inimitable style

b) Dr.Ramadas - for giving very good presentation of all the important aspects of

ayurveda one needs to know

c) Dr.Omprakash - for his multifarious skill in making us understand the working

aspects in this centre inclusive of physical demonstration of the same

4) Prayers:

      I really enjoyed chanting vishnu sahasranamam and Lalitha sahasranamam on the days of my stay here. Thanks to Dr.Ramdas and also Dr.Harikumar & Dr.Omprakash.

5) Icing on the cake: 

                   I am really blessed to have witnessed the Kumbabishekam of Lord Dhanwanthari temple recently built up.

Thank you




May 06 2015

This is my second visit to vaidyagrama. Every time I come here it is a new experience. Vaidyagrama is truly a healing place on all levels. I had beautiful insights this time during my stay.

It is like a family here. Everyone from doctors to therapists are all so gentle. I am happy to come back. Thanks to everyone who helped me this time. I am really grateful.

Shivani Jain

Rishikesh India


May 05 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama Family

Your love is present in every aspect of Vaidyagrama, the rooms, the food, the treatments, the satsangs, the afternoon activities, the cleaning and the garden. All staffs have been wonderful. The doctors radiate love which manifests in their care, sharing of knowledge and wisdom and thoughtful treatment plans.

The three weeks have passed so quickly. What a rich loving and healing place this is. I feel deeply refreshed. Thank you for all you all gave. The benefits and the essence of being here are in me and shall be the stimulus and inspiration to continue to change with the help of my deep desire to continue to be of service to those in need. Therefore with this care of self my well being needs to further dedicate love and good heart you have to accelerate this process.

With love and thanks




May 05 2015

I come to wake up more to who and what I am and you all at vaidyagrama, with your love and attention, have been a great help. Knowing only what I had read about Ayurveda in books, I am beginning to know the science of life from within. This has happened in many ways in the conversation daily with the doctors in satsangs. Thank you doctors for selflessly giving to these discussions in the classes, garden walks, demonstrations in conversations with many staff members sitting in your beautiful hospital in peaceful contemplation, in sharing with linda and other patients and perhaps most of all though your open-hearted giving entering through the pores in my skin enlivened and instructed the cells of my being.



May 01 2015

Life changing place.

This place give us the hope, belief, confidence and great binding towards the life. We thank sincerely for the efforts made towards to change our body and even better our thoughts and thanks a lot for the good will. No more words other than saying thousands and thousands of thanks.

Chitra Vimalraj

Salem, India