MAY 2013

May 02 2013

Nice experience I had here with vaidyagrama. Wonderful treatment I had here.

Thank you

K.Ramana Kumar, Thiruvannamalai, India

May 05 2013

Thank “U” vaidyagrama

I came for treatment and had an experience of being with my own family members i.e. vaidyagrama people.

Good treatment, food, care, stay, and all activities. Everything wonderful.

Thank U vaidyagrama

Sethu, Archana and Shiva Guhan, Dharapuram, Tiruppur, India

May 2013

Dear vaidyagrama team

A big thank you to all the doctors, therapists and support staff for such a personalized experience. Every thing was done with utmost care and attention. Although I wasn’t able to stay for longer, I have started to understand the value and importance of the practices here. I feel better and look forward to continuing Ayurvedic treatment to cure myself completely.

Good luck and thanks to all again!

Rasika Sridhar Sethi, Bangalore, India

May 2013

Dear Vaidyagrama Team

At the outset, I have to thank each one individually from the bottom of my heart for an enriching experience. When I decided to come, I wasn’t aware of what to expect. My mind and body was ready for a detox; only when I came here, I understood the whole aspect of holistic health – satwik food, proper rest to mind & body.

The therapists were very nice and took lot of care; the massages were indeed therapeutic. The concern the doctors showed was heartwarming.

I am surely going to be back for another enriching experience. Till then, all the best for all your endeavours.

Good luck

Deepa Sridhar, Bangalore, India

May 15 2013

I have come to “vaidyagrama” for a ten day stay for back pain treatment, and relief from stress/fatigue. I am very much impressed with vaidyagrama – right from its location and layout of the place; the treatment process; the serene atmosphere created, the way food and housekeeping services are delivered. I am happy I have come here. This 10 day stint helped me to catch up with myself to look within and this will help me in the future. I go back with good relief and rejuvenation. LOTS OF THANKS to the vaidyagrama TEAM for all the help and support. Please keep up the services as there are lots of people who need your help in realizing the meaning of what LIFE is and how it can be lead in a healthy and peaceful way!

S.Ravindra Kumar, Hyderabad, India

May 17 2013

Without the generous support from vaidyagrama, I don’t think I will make it here. With gratitude, thank you for giving me the opportunities to live in an Ayurveda village & experience the life in a community of healing.

I will miss my new found home, the people, the environment, the food

With love & blessing

Yeoh, Terima Kasih, Malaysia

May 17 2013

Extremely inspired by the work done by vaidyagrama group.

Healing where is in term of “mental”, “physical”, “body”, “environment”, which is back to “Natural”.

Find out your TRUE SELF, then HEALING will automatically come. “Let go”, “Forgive”, “With Love” – with these, no problem/sickness will “come to us”; we will always be happy.

Finally wish all vaidyagrama community and all humans and non human beings will live with “no suffering”.

Thank you, gratitude, wishing

Lee, Malaysia

May 27 2013

A very heartfelt thank you to all of the doctors and staff at vaidyagrama. I have really appreciated everything that you have done during my stay here and I know that you have been working really hard to ensure that the best possible healing takes place.

There is a wonderful vision unfolding at vaidyagrama that is unique in this world. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to come and stay here.

Steve, Melbourne, Australia

May 27 2013

I thank all the doctors and staff at vaidyagrama. It is truly in the spirit of caring and creating a bond of affection between the team and the patients. This environment of care and affection is a great atmosphere for healing to take place. The sense of trust and understanding that the doctors give and the same affectionate care by the therapists is responsible for both the mental and physical comfort of the patients. The environment of peace and being a part of the nature all of which have the therapeutic effects which help quick recovery. Vaidyagrama, an apt name for this wonderful village with a unique vision of creating an aware, healthy, community, living a lifestyle as stipulated in Ayurveda.

My best wishes

I will come again for a longer stay!

Prema Rangachary, Vidya Vanam, Anaikatti, Coimbatore, India

May 29 2013

Hare Krishna

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay with you people. I felt the whole month is passed like a blink of the eyes. Today when it is time for us to go, I want to say thank you very much for providing world class treatment, unique in its own way.

I must say the quality of the treatment and service we received were excellent. We are not only satisfied with the line of treatment that you provided but got fully convinced that in the long run it will bring all good to the health of our daughter and us. I did not recall even once that you as a team did not reciprocate with utmost care. You did not care for day or night but gave full support to make us fully comfortable and provided all required facilities so the treatment could be performed in best and conducive treatment.

Watching the high standards of service, deep and genuine desire to cure is something I truly felt that I need to take with me for rest of my life. It was touching and got transformation effects on us. Today after spending almost a month I could realize that true healing is not gross but more subtle which you are providing.

Please forgive us for all our mistakes and bless us with same love and care that you showered on us during our stay here.

In the service of Krishna and His devotees

ISKCON, Pune, India

May 2013


Dear everyone who take part of this loving and caring vaidyagrama family,

It’s difficult to put in words so much received here, so much lived here, so much learnt here – thanks to all of you and the paradise you have all created in this land.

The fatigue I brought with me has swept away as magically but I know there is no magic, it is through being taken care of by your knowledge, loving care, discipline, work and firm intention to make healing possible.

I have felt as if I was a tender child being nurtured and mothered by all of you doctors and beautiful staff.

I have enjoyed every bit of life here, from waking up to the chirping of birds, enjoyed the morning rising and having my ginger tea, the treatments, food, daily prayers and pranayamas, doctors’ visits and chats, satsangs, watching joyful Rajamma taking care of plants, laughing with Sasikala and other girls etc.etc.

I told once Sasikala, Indu and others when they asked me how I was feeling during abhyanga, I said : I feel like a queen! And that was true.

I have felt deeply inspired by your commitment & work to create such a respectful place in collaboration with Mother Nature. I’ve felt inspired by your mission, by the different projects you have to help people to have a better life, to live in a better paradise.

I hope to be able to come back and to apply what I’ve learnt here.

I will pray for you all to be always healthy, happy and wonderful and to always have a beneficial life.

May God always bless you, and may your mission be accomplished successfully, easily, happily..

Thank you from my now more grateful and happy heart!

In the atharva veda, the sages invoke the power of joy with a vision of the universe filled with joy

May this prayer be a reality to you all :

“Shanno vaato vaayu shannastapatu suuryah ahaani sham bhavantu nah sham raatri prati dhiyataam sham uusha no vyucchatu”

May the wind blow us joy

May the sun shine down joy on us

May our days pass with joy

May the night be a gift of joyful peace

May the dawn bring us joy at its coming!

Eva, Spain