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MAY 2012

May 29 2012


Thank you very much for maintaining and giving yourselves fully and with great commitment to the task of preserving the authentic Ayurveda.

May God bless you and bring opulence and peace to vaidyagrama and Punarnava Ayurveda Trust.

It has been the most profound and life changing 20 days retreat I have ever experienced.

Many thanks

With gratitude

Leon Fernando Del Canto, Doha

May 28 2012

I felt like a fish take to water the moment I set foot at vaidyagrama. It’s so natural, green and fresh at every level.

Dr.Ramadas is a wizard. He takes care of every patient with so much love and compassion. I feel like giving him a big hug of thanks.

The therapists, helpers have a quality that scares me to go and face the world, because I see so much sweetness & patience in them. Also thanks to Aparna.

I have learnt a lot in 4 days and go back in the hope of sustaining what I have learnt. The months to come will speak for themselves and I shall be in a better position to comment then.

I had a suggestion which I did mention to Dr.Ramkumar, which is, there should be a questionnaire where a patient puts in their problems, problem management at home, eating habits presently, frequency, lifestyle at present, sleep and what they expect out of a treatment and to understand what they may be doing wrong and to extent it is practical for them to make these changes in their life now.

Also thought you could have a screen / VCD giving a preliminary introduction to Ayurveda and to vaidyagrama. And some commonly asked questions being answered telecast everyday. This will make it easier on doctors the days they are tired and also not give any misconceptions to students new to the world of Ayurveda.

Many Many Thanks & Regards

Sharmila Taneja

Hyderabad, India

May 28 2012

My experience at vaidyagrama was very different than anything I’ve ever experienced. The first day was a culture shock but the care, dedication and attention of the staff made it an unforgettable journey. I was here for only four days but the counseling and patience shown by Dr.Ramadas is commendable. My sincere thanks to all the doctors & therapists and all the background staff who work tirelessly and constantly with a content and happy smile…

Thank you



May 27 2012

I’m grateful and touched by all wisdom, love and light that come from this healing place and from all of you! My heart is full of hope. Thank you


Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 27 2012






Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 27 2012

I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to have stayed here at vaidyagrama for 21 days.

I have gone through a magnificent healing process both in body and spirit.

The serenity and sanctity of vaidyagrama has given the hope that a body can overcome any state of disease. I go back from here with a new body and an uplifted spirit!

I truly appreciate the dedication, devotion and service of all the doctors, therapists and the other staff here who have made my stay comfortable and meaningful.

I remain ever so grateful!

Agnes Rajesh

Secunderabad, India

May 27 2012

Thank you all for a wonderful experience! This is a place that truly practises “compassionate medicine”. The place and the staff resonate happiness & truly embody what they preach. I have healed in body, mind & spirit – thoroughly inspired by the humility, the passion and dedication to service of humanity. This is truly a model for healthcare moving forward and places like this make me feel confiden that India’s future is most secure.

Thank you Drs. Raj, Ramadas, Harikrishnan, Harikumar, Om Prakash, Somu, Ramkumar.

The wonderful therapists – Sindhu, Sajitha, Semeena, Indu & Sasikala (& the others I didn’t interact with so much including Ramesh, Mujeeb & Safira)

All the other staff including Mallika, Jayanthi, Manimeghala, Kanchana, Anjali, Padmavati, Shanti, Mani etc.

All the administrative staff including Aparna, Sonia, Kavitha & Kiran (& many others).

Thanks also to my fellow “patients” & their support – Yvonne, Dharani, Alene, Badu, Agnes, Jai, Lisa & any others I may have missed.

Much love & thanks!

Pragnya Alekal

Singapore & Los Angeles

May 24 2012

3 cheers to the vaidyagrama team – “A” class infrastructure, the place is how it has to be; professional Ayurvedic excellence combined with natural environment.

Dr.K.A.Rajan & Dr.Vinod Raj


May 16 2012

I had a very interesting and emotional experience at vaidyagrama. Although not feeling the physical improvement yet, I trust that they will come after a few weeks and months of keeping the practices of Ayurveda, not just as a “healing an illness” method but as a whole new way of living and relating to oneself, others and the environment.

Whatever physical improvements I feel I can definitely say I learned a lot being here, and my heart has been filled with love, everyday, from all doctors, therapists and everybody that makes the experience of being here so special and nurturing.

Infinite gratitude to you all



May 12 2012

Dear vaidyagrama team, doctors, therapists

We came here to experience Ayurveda and learn about the science of life.

We have discovered a peaceful and loving philosophy of life, and medicine.

The loving nature of the people here, the minds and hearts open, their spirituality are making this place very special.

Thank you for all your attentions, we had a peaceful journey here

Hopefully, we will become our own good healers one day…

We wish you all the best for the future and will spread the good energy and vibes of Ayurveda where we are.

With love, Om Shanti to you all

Aurelia & Florent


May 11 2012

Dear everyone at vaidyagrama

Three months have come to an end. Three months during which I had my first dive in Ayurveda and during which I am leaving this pool of knowledge with so much information and faith and appreciation for this ancient science. I had come here purely to study out of and for personal interest after being inspired by Jahnavi from Australia. But on leaving I feel the need and desire to spread and educate people on Ayurveda – a medicine which has remained unchanged and ever fruitful for thousands of years – quite contrary to the everchanging landscape of allopathy.

Studying at vaidyagrama was an excellent choice – I was able to learn exactly what I wanted to learn – not being taught from some pre-ordained syllabus. I loved the classes with Dr.Ramadas – mesmerized at his recitation of the slokas, his explanations of concepts I couldn’t understand his past experiences and probably most amazed at his knowledge of the Latin names, common English names, Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi names of practically every plant in existence! The environment was definitely a world away from the lectures I’d attended in university – 200 students in an auditorium all watching a powerpoint and listening to the lecturer drone on.

Our classes were frequently interrupted by a whole host of people – doctors, therapists, staff, outpatients and my favourite – Rituparna – but this made my learning experience all the more fun. I’ve also learnt / realized a lot on my daily commute to and from vaidyagrama – you can read about it on I sincerely hope I can apply the many Ayurveda principles to my life and tell other people about the accuracy and logic and common sense that is found in this way of life.

I will miss walking to “school” every day chanting my japa in the peaceful environment. Seeing the smiles and receiving the greetings and love of everyone here, eating my lunch on the ledge, looking forward to my afternoon coconut water and fruit, taking a nap during yoga nidra, meeting patients from everywhere and all the deep and meaningful discussions with Dr.Ramadas not just on Ayurveda but on all aspects of life. Many, many thanks to everyone who made my study possible and all the more comfortable. I will really miss everyone and hope to come back soon.

All my love and gratitude always

Niti Sheth


May 04 2012

I have spent nearly 3 months in this environment. I went through many emotions during my stay. I felt a deep connection with the people particularly staff of vaidyagrama. Today when I leave I have the satisfaction of connecting back with a good community of people who I look forward to meeting often in my life during different stages. Vaidyagrama is a wonderful idea, well implemented

Best wishes



May 2012

I feel amazingly blessed to be here at vaidyagrama during this part of my life journey. With all the staff’s support (from cleaning, tea, treatments, “how are you?”, space, herb doctors) I am able to go deeper to “whatever” else is to come my way!! Thank you all for serving from the heart and connecting nicely to mind at same time!! I felt all the love and compassion that no doubt helped me with my healing and will continue to!! All devotion and dedication, vision & tireless efforts are HIGHLY respected and admirable and inspiring. Thank you ALL especially my therapists, docs, teachers for dealing with my “madness” as well!!

I wish vaidyagrama much much love, joy and success. It is there to support so many so it’s a given to thrive in loving ways!!

I will email the team all my feedback practical suggestions as patient, student and my family members of Ayurveda!!

Please undersand that it will all be in the spirit of love, ALIGNMENT and UNITY.

From my heart to all of yours

Sweta Parmar

New York

May 03 2012

It is my immense pleasure to record that it is my second time stay for two weeks in vaidyagrama for Ayurvedic treatment with eco friendly nature & location. To my surprise, my prolonged pain in my knee for more than five years has been reduced. I thank Dr.Ramadas and his team of doctors along with therapists and staff in vaidyagrama.

I really appreciate Dr.Ramkumar and his management’s “vision of vaidyagrama”; it is being achieved with the fullest co-operation and dedicated, devoted attention of Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Rajeshwar, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Somu and the team of therapists and staff along with Aparna and Kavitha.

The vision of vaidyagrama such as the physical, mental & emotional, spiritual, social & environmental aspects are being well take care of.

I am also very glad to know that Dr.Ramkumar has already taken the initiative to adopt the neighbouring 22 villages to fulfill the above goal of vaidyagrama including the provision of free healthcare and to reform their way and style of life. Once it is achieved fully, vaidyagrama will definitely be a model to be replicated.

My heartfelt thanks and wishes to all the staff members of vaidyagrama.