MARCH 2021


March 27, 2021

I have been here a couple of days and find the infrastructure great, treatment intensive and food very acceptable.

When I get time, I will return.

With Regards,

Mr. P.R. Seshadri and Ms. Renu,

Bengaluru, India


March 26, 2021

It has given me immense pleasure to stay here in this natural environment. Although I came here for back pain treatment, I never felt that I am in a hospital. I felt like I am in a picnic spot. The ambience and the environment here give utmost peace and relaxation.

The treatment here is so systematic and punctual. I would suggest everyone to come here at least once to enjoy the old traditional treatment and hospitality.

With lots of Love,

Mr. Venkatachalam M

Trichy, India


March 20, 2021

Vaidyagrama is a true revival of our ancient tradition. The environment itself is so ‘sattvic’ with the beautiful surroundings, the daily chanting, satsangs and frequent pujas - this itself is medicine for the mind. On top of that, the ‘panchakarma’ treatment is extremely helpful in getting rid of all toxins and balancing the doshas.

The staff here, including the therapists, cleaners, cooks and the doctors, are extremely kind and compassionate. I felt at home from the day I arrived. The doctors are very knowledgeable, and always gave me correct advice and were keeping a close watch on me. 

I sincerely thank Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Arun, Dr. Sreeji and Dr. Vinod for taking good care of me. I got de-addicted from tea and coffee, and I also lost a few kilograms of weight. 

Most importantly, I learnt the art and science of eating right and the importance of daily routine “dinacharya”. My condition is better, and I hope that the treatment that I will continue at home will be successful.

I have full faith and trust in the doctors here. Thank you everyone for the wonderful stay, I hope to return someday and bring along my family members too for the treatment here. 

Thanks, and Regards, 

Dr. Vikram Vij



March 14,2021

It is our first time in vaidyagrama. Dr. Sajna, Dr. Ramadas had been wonderful. The authenticity of Ayurveda, putting one into regime, the multiple dosages of kashayam in a day, the required coordination is all noteworthy.

I met a few patients with serious ailments here, and it was wonderful to know how they got benefitted. My therapist Maria was very kind and gentle. 

My suggestion would be about the food. It could be improved, especially for people looking for detox and rejuvenation, and do not have any major health issues. 

 All the best! 

Thank you...

Ms. Megha Dinesh



March 7, 2021

Two weeks of my stay here has been wonderful. Watching the birds sing around is a divine experience. 

Talking to Dr. Ramadas helps you understand yourself with more clarity, all doctors here – Dr. Sajna, Dr. Renjisha are super-friendly and great. The therapists were very friendly and kind too. 

A great place to heal your body and mind! The entire vaidyagrama team deserves the credit for this space. My sincere thanks and gratitude to all!

Ms. S. Savitha

Coimbatore - India


 March 5, 2021

Dear Vaidyagrama Family,

Every time we come here, we have this beautiful feeling of coming home, coming to our “Wellness Ashram”. This time though it was a short visit, feeling nourished and rejuvenated after a 8-day long memorable stay! Same healing touch of dedicated doctors, loving care of therapists with a smile, and warm welcome by one and all…. 

Thank you our dear Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ardent, Dr. Soniya and Dr. Sajna and the entire team of therapists – Indu, Lavanya and Deekshitha. You all made our stay truly memorable one. Grateful to each one of you!

Leaving Vaidyagrama, feeling enriched, happy, and healed in so many ways…. This home of ours reminds us to stay in tune with Nature and connected with ourselves.

With Love,


Mr. Anil Vig and Mrs. Sneh Vig

Gurgaon, India


March 5, 2021

It was one of my most pleasant & peaceful experiences. I was very anxious just to be away from family for 3 weeks! But time just flows, heals, and pacifies everything….

Vaidyagrama proved to be so much better than what one hears, visualizes and watches - It is best to see & experience it….

Starting from the entrance & artistic architecture, all done in an environment friendly way. 

I thank Dr. Harikrishnan ji and his team of Doctors- Dr Arun, Dr Sreeji, Dr Aruna, Dr Prameela for looking after me with such genuine concern. Last but not the least, my therapists – Hema, Salini & Sindhu gave the best massage treatment without any complaints. They were always so pleasant to speak to & so perfect at their work. I am going to miss them a lot! Salini’s timing was so perfect that one did not have to look at the clock for the medicines. Ladies at the reception (Bindhu, Sandhya, Mikhitha, Jancy) were always eager to help.  Deepa – Thank you for cleaning my room every day.

Dr Ramadas, I thank you for evoking my senses towards Pooja & Prayers. Dr Ramkumar for his Satsangs with his sense of humour. Once again thank you everyone for your dedication to Ayurveda – for getting it back to limelight. 

Best wishes to everyone’s family and get well wishes to all who visit here.

Ms. Sarveshwari Singh

Kolkata, India


March 5, 2021

I had heard a lot about Vaidyagrama and Ayurveda treatments. But after experiencing it, I can say for one that it helps a lot and works wonders. From the first week itself I had started seeing small changes. I am leaving satisfied and look forward to coming back. I am proud to be a part of India where Ayurveda originated.

I thank Dr Harikrishnan and his team: Dr Sreeji, Dr Arun, and Dr Aruna for taking good care of me. The therapists, receptionists and other members are not to be forgotten, as they were very kind and punctual.

It is not only with the treatments, but I have learned a lot by attending the satsangs. I look forward to coming back again next year to this peaceful place.

Thanks & Regards, 

Mr. Jai Aditya Singh

Kolkata, India