MARCH 2020


March 31, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama Family,

I have learned so much about the love and the harmony. A new open world, the team is quietly powerful. Full of awareness and decide. So Amazed!  Along on this path, so grateful to have met you all.

Deep and blessed experience.

Special thanks to the team of Dr. Harikumar.

Mariya and Athira are so beautiful in and out. These therapists are so caring. Dr. Soniya - so precious; as well as Dr. Ardent. Dr. Harikumar so quietly aware and patient with of cause all the team of Vaidyagrama.

All in a perfect flow and harmony.

Amazing ‘Present’ movements.

What a beautiful and serene landscape around “Om Namaste Siva”

All my gratitude!

Myriam Youdevitch



March 29, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama Founders/ Family,

I would like to start on a positive note and then would share some of my experiences; hopefully you take it on a positive note and further steps/ catalyst for improvements.

Positive: -

1.     I like the setup, design of buildings, rooms, facilities- I think lot of smashing thought process have been given to them.

2.     I also like Dr. Ramadas positive nature of jolly approach towards any issues, the treatment journey- the ease of approach and the solution he can offer is fantastic and mind blowing.

3.     I also would like to appreciate the care taken by the young doctors, Dr. Mini (when I first came), Dr. Soniya during the Vamana Therapy, where I found it very difficult to hold myself – a big thank you for the care, really appreciate and love all for that.

4.     I was given an experienced therapist at the start, whereby I could see great results in my healing journey.

Negative/ Disappointments/ Possible area for improvement: -

1.     I believe not all human individual are same, no fingers alike. Our formation of body, taste for food, and nature response to issues approach towards life – they are formalized with the age or as we grow, one of the biggest issue I found here was lack of plan and information handout at the start or during treatment.

I was always confused about the next step and the schedule of treatment and any outcome I might expect.

For some of the days on request I was given good info and I enjoyed the process of consistency (documented) in information flow to the patient.

2.     Food – A great disappointment and heart-breaking experience.

A person knows his digestion power quite well including allergies or might have strong dislike for certain type of food.

Right from start, I was given the story of North Indian complaining about food here.

However, I was also told in Ayurveda what is given here is sattvic food.

My Question – As Doctor (Dr. Ramkumar) once mentioned, Ayurveda comes from North (may be mountains), then if this true, then why lot of focus is on wheat kanji and rice here.

Some of the days are manageable but if it goes beyond week or two, this becomes frustration.

There is immense lack of understanding of benefits of fruits in this place and this was my biggest disappointment.

In my experience except for few, I had lots of complaints.

I’m sure the management will pick up this feedback and positively do something about it by getting idea from other parts of the country and get more ‘satwik’ food varieties.

In the end – Thank you and apologies for being straight forward and direct/ honest in putting my experience here.

However – I would like to end the note that I’ll definitely come back in future. May be with my supplies and for shorter stay.

I enjoyed the healing process to great extent and hope “Vaidyagrama” will focus on getting training to therapist similar to Kottakal level in future.

Thank You,

Ajay Agarwal

Coventy, United Kingdom.


March 21, 2020

I have been handed this journal on my last night here as if with words I could somehow capture what has taken place for me here these past 14 days, I will never be the same. I will never think about healing the same way.

Having come here I am an experienced human being. I understand the body, its Rhythm and the impact my choices have upon it in a more profound way. The kindness, vision, dedication, architecture effectiveness of this place is un imposed in what I have ever seen.

I love everything about this beautiful Vaidyagrama. The staff, the therapist and of course the amazing doctors.

Love to all 

Peace to all

Blessing to all


Thomas Andrew Rosen



March 21, 2020

What a journey! full with therapy, knowledge and Corona!

My body is trying to relax; however, my mind is bombarding with news regarding Corona. Thank you very much for the hospitality, kindness, smiley faces and eyes, your patience is answering our questions.

Thank you for everything 

Hope to meet with you again in future in more relaxed manner.

Bye Bye Vaidyagrama, 

My best wishes and warm hugs 


Ipek Yilmaz



March 21, 2020

Thank you very much for your nice welcoming, your attempt and effort of healing us 

Thank you 


Oya Ertek Llik



March 21, 2020

A big thаnк you to all of you!!!
Thank you very much for everything until we meet again!

Mikhail Merkulov, Russia


March 20, 2020

I received treatment for a C5 C6 injury and everything worked out perfectly, the medical experts are always available to clear doubts, Council or advise on my medical condition.

The beautiful setting was a secondary therapist that helped with clearing my mind and body.

Thank you for the service and I hope to return again to know more about ayurveda.

The only suggestion is to advise the therapists and other helpers to be more mindful with using excess water or electricity.

Siddharth Badri



March 20, 2020

I came to Vaidyagrama on 22nd February, after searching months for an Ayurvedic treatment place. After coming here not only body but mind also gets heal.

Vaidyagrama atmosphere, positively helps in healing journey. Constant Satsang by Dr Ramkumar and other junior doctors guide you towards better way of living in this materialistic world.

Prayers or Mantra chanting by Dr Ramdas helps to explore more about spiritual path.

Dr Harikrishnan, after talking to him only I decided to come here for my auto immune condition Lupus (SLE).

I came with lots of issues but go from here with few of them and more important part is that I am positive and gained bit spiritual knowledge with amazing people around. Met couple of good people. Thanks, Dr Harikrishnan, for Bhagavat Gita, I will try to follow gita path once I gain that level of spirituality.

Thank you to Dr Sreeji and all staff. My therapist Vidya M P, Sreeshma & Shalini. Specially to Vidya M P, she is so sweet, be blessed, keep that smile on your face.

This place has something in it. In few days I am attached to surroundings and calmness.

Have faith in you, your body and almighty, everything will fall in place.

Thank You! U gave me new beginning Vaidyagrama.

Rakhi Misra

Perth, Australia


March 17, 2020

How Grateful I am to be able to come here and meet all these lovely people.

Beautiful people, beautiful architecture, beautiful nature and such a professional service.

I am amazed about the experience of all the doctors and most of all my Doctor Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Aruna.

It's very good and peaceful to be in such good hands and Ayurveda philosophy could not be transferred better than this.

Thank you all for making my journey of Ayurveda so amazing. I will definitely be back soon.

With my Heartful


Dilara Tengirsen



March 16, 2020

When I come here It was so difficult for me. But after few days I like this place very much. Everybody is smiling always. But I am sorry because I must go back. My country was complicated. I want to come back again.

I love you

Esen Ekeman



March 14, 2020

Vaidyagrama stay was supposed to be for my body’s health. At the end of the this stay; I am taking back more than what I signed up for. I am going back with a healthier body, calmer mind, better understanding of how to take care of myself oneness with nature and memories full of happy and compassionate faces of doctors and staff who are willing to help with anything. Thank you for everything and hope to see you all soon.

Carlee Evangelista and Lizandra



March 13,2020

My time at Vaidyagrama has been amazing, as well as full of growth and challanges. I am very happy with my stay here, and have a lot of respect for all of the doctors here. I have heard many good things about Vaidyagrama for the past 5 years through friends and teachers, and I am happy to have finally come for 2 weeks (wish it was longer). It has been really inspiring to see all that they have built here and all of the beautiful ways they are still growing. Very uplifting. What they are doing to help the surronding villages, healing the love, feeding people, organic farming, farming Cows in a compassionate way, and operating as suitable as possible. The Satsang with Dr. Ramdas, and Dr. Ramkumar were one of the best parts about being here. Big thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan for all his care
and expertise as well, and all of the great staff. I have been Practicing Ayurveda and Studying in the States and Nepal for about 7 years, this place has been one of the best Places I have been to, to experience Ayurveda in a traditional Way.

Hope to be back soon!

Kevin Barker
San Diego USA.


March 13, 2020

It was heavenly! My days at Vaidyagrama passed so quick and very effective for me. I came here for an Ayurvedic advanced teaching but beside that I learned more than an education. The peaceful and love full approaches of the people here is amazing. I was very stressful when I arrived here and especially my doctor Sreeji, she helped me a lot to be better every day.

I want to thank also to Dr Ramdas for his teaching and big heart to give us every Ayurvedic knowledge he knows.

I thank to Dr Ramkumar, Aruna and Aruna. P. V and all the doctors and nurses who helped and taught us.

This place is like a heaven in the crazy and chaotic world. I would come back for panchakarma.

Love & light

Shanthi (Irem Ortac), Istanbul, Turkey


March 13, 2020

Once again thankyou Vaidyagrama family for the great love, care and concern showered on me during my stay here. 

I am happy to know that you have managed to sustain this caring tradition throughout the years and will always continue to do so.

My thanks too to Dr Ramanandan Dr Vinod, Dr Anupama and Dr Prameela for planning my treatments so well.

Also, a big thanks to my therapists, Shiny Mekhala and Lavanya for the wonderful massages, keep it up!

God blesses 

Wei Ming Yong



March 13, 2020

If healing is the aim, then everyone at Vaidyagrama does an exceptional job of it. The Vaidyas are knowledgeable, but more importantly have an empathetic way of dealing with the patients. Lots of involvement, love and care. Thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ramadas, Dr Anupama, Dr Vinod, Dr Prameela. Their patients in guiding us, looking after us given a long way in healing along with or perhaps more than medicines.

My therapists, the care shown by them is truly appreciable. My thanks to Radhika, Agina, Saroja and the others. They were truly concerned that I should be comfortable always and the small and big things they did towards this- I am truly grateful for.

My thanks also to the Cooks who cook food that is so simple, and nourishing filled with good energy.

Thanks also to all the support staff, my health improved tremendously, and I am optimistic and hopeful for the future. what I loved was the holistic approach medicines, food, counselling, Satsang and prayers

Loved the chanting, loved the setup of the place- clean and aesthetic.

Thanks to Dr Ramkumar.

If all of us can bring a small percentage of the dedication, Vaidyagrama people have to one’s own work and to making our environment more Harmonious, the world would be a great place.


Rajeswari Bonala



March 13, 2020

I had a good experience, my first ayurvedic treatment here at Vaidyagrama. The care and patience shown by all the doctors and the therapists and other staff is commendable and inspiring.

You have all truly created a sustainable community beyond just physical treatment. The doctors really lead from the front with then full involvement with patient care and other activities including the prayers and Satsang.

I thank you all for what you do and how easy you make it look.

Best wishes 

Anita Tikoo



March 13, 2020

Dearest Vaidyagrama family

Firstly, I want to thank all the doctors, therapists and general staff for taking such good care of me. My needs and questions were catered to with utmost care and professionalism. The doctor and therapists were exceedingly kind and I was very grateful for their patience, especially when I was hungry during the ghee treatment and exceedingly moody. The reception staff were also wonderful, although the language barrier with some of them did prove to be different.

Overall, the setting is stunning. The food was beyond delicious. And sufficient enough for me to lose all normal cravings. I thoroughly enjoyed the Satsang and variety of discussions on everything from food and home remedies to the mind, God and life. The doctors who led these satsags were fantastic. A personal favorite for me was the library which I took full advantage of during my stay here. I was also glad to have restricted wi-fi, as that ensured I reduced my recharging of batteries and not constantly checking my emails.

A special shout out to Vasantha whose massages are amazing, to Sindhu who took great care of me during treatments, and to Praveena who became my friend from Day 1. Thank You to Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Mini, Dr. Srisugha, Dr. Soniya and Dr. Ardent who all are committed to improve my health and healing process. Thank You to much for all your love and kindness.

Best Wishes

Divya Samtani

Hong Kong


March 12, 2020

It has been a great pleasure to attend the 10- day training + a few extra days I stayed after. All the doctors have been very compassionate, caring and kind while I suffered heavily due to the extreme temperature/climate change for me especially first week. I loved Ayurveda already, but I am more impressed to see it practiced so holistically in Vaidyagrama and I am grateful for all the problems I had which enabled me to experience many treatments personally.

Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Mini, Maryamma, Archana and all the other staffs were so kind. Thank You All!

I am taking Vaidyagrama with me back to Turkey and hoping I come back.

Vaidyagrama inspired me to write a few blog posts on my blog. It’s in Turkish but I hope it helps to spread the world!

My special gratitude to all people who cook for us daily. In this heat it must be a difficult task. Thank You, you help us healing.

Much Love

Fatma Ozdemir Canverdi



March 12, 2020

It is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. In fact, I came here as an Ayurvedic practitioner student to study advanced Ayurveda for 10 days. At the same time I had the chance to have some treatments from my favourite doctors who also lectured during training, so on one side I really felt better even with some soft treatments while having my lectures but half the chance also to see how doctors use the information to evaluate a patient,  how the theory comes into practice and as a patient,  future Ayurvedic practitioner, I experienced somehow how a patient feels. All doctors here at Vaidyagrama were perfect, all therapists and co-workers as well.

I also fell in love with philosophy of Vaidyagrama, the true authentic way of Ayurveda.

Next time I will be coming for Panchakarma for sure.

My special thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Vinod, Dr Prameela and of course Dr Ramadas and Dr Hari Kumar and Dr Ramkumar for taking the effort of building such a terrific healing village and for taking care of us perfectly 

Ayse Dilsat Yasar




March12, 2020

This was the first time that I have been in Vaidyagrama and my first visit to India. Although I have some difficulties because of the climate and insect bites, I had a good time during my stay.

Sessions, Satsang, treatments were all good. I hope to continue my treatments when I go back to my country.

I enjoyed the lectures very much especially Satsang.

I thank all the doctors, especially Dr Ramanandan, Dr Vinod and dear Dr Prameela for all their efforts, kindness and patience.

Seda Erdogan




March 12, 2020

Vaidyagrama is a truly a holistic healing space. One of the best health improvement experiences I have ever done.

Kai Christen



March 11, 2020

Thank you to all the amazing team at Vaidyagrama all the doctors, therapists and staff for taking such great here of me during my 3 weeks stay here. It has truly been, and unforgettable experience and I am leaving here feeling much lighter, both physically and emotionally healthier, happier.

Lots of love

Shakrizat Amirkhanova



March 11, 2020

I was very excited when coming here and had a lot of questions on the training course and the treatments.

I would like to thank you all; the doctors, therapists, even to the housekeeping for their great openness smiling face, all the time helpfulness.

I had a great 10 days in Vaidyagrama, I am now leaving with a lots of learning both mental (Ayurveda aspects) and also emotional.

Thank you all, I am grateful for all I have leaved in here.


Zuhal Basaran,



March 09, 2020
"Serve. Love. Give. Purify. Meditate. Realize."
“Be good. Do good. Be kind. Be compassionate” -Swami Sivananda
Thank you for practising and embodying these qualities each and every single day!
Thank you for reminding us all of that by your loving and professional work!
Thank you for taking care of MOTHER EARTH !
May every single one of you – be guided and blessed and protected.
Om Shrim Om
Janina Gassner(Jay) from Germany.


March 7,2020

Previous pages pretty much say what I would have said, and thus I will not be redundant.

I just want to add that Vaidyagrama has met all my expectations during my three-week treatment here. I feel Vaidyagrama and its staff bring out the very best of India and Ayurveda, as it was originally meant to be! It is good to know and feel that in this chaotic world there is still a place that truly cares for humanity and its wellbeing.

Please continue doing what you are doing.

Anupam Chinai



March 06, 2020

Dear friends at Vaidyagrama, I feel very grateful for this time I have had here to learn, reflect and grow. It wasn’t always easy to look at myself – no longer absorbed in my usual work, projects and activities – but from that experience I take several insights with me. I am curious to see how these insights will affect my normal life back home. A very big mirror (or teacher/ Guru) for me was a kind and gentle approach to everything by everyone, Doctors, therapists, all staff. I hope I can learn to be this kind and gentle to myself. Dr. Ardent In particular met me at my saddest and most despondent moments. He is the most empathetic person I have ever met. His advice, counsel and ability to listen with utmost compassion while maintaining appropriate professional boundaries is outstanding. The 21 days were rich with emptiness – Thank You.

I will miss the coconut chutney very much but not the Amla, mung beans for breakfast or buttermilk.

Love and Gratitude,

Barbra Noh,



March 05, 2020

Please feed the cats within Vaidyagrama!

Where the surrounding animals are so thin and hungry, the healing process cannot be completed satisfying for the patients. Please specially give them at least a small cup of kichadi every day and make them feel comfortable. Thank you in advance for your understanding and improvement.

PS: Mariyamma best therapist ever. Thank you so much for your dedicated work and your beautiful smile and very helpful approach.

Zeynap Inan



March 05, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Even if sometimes the communication was not easy the doctors and the team knew now to meet our expectations. The center is truly a pleasant and relaxing place. A big thank you to everyone and good luck.

Pauline Arsius and Jean Pierre Arsius



March 04, 2020
This was my first visit to Vaidyagrama. It was a wonderful journey for 7 days. Thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ramkumar for their advice, Satsang and prayers. Dr. Aruna and Dr. Ramesh were very attentive and helpful. Therapists were awesome. Kitchen staff were very pleasant and admirable.

My pain issues almost resolved. Hopefully I can continue the diet and treatment after I reach home.
Best wishes to all of you.
May Vaidyagrama flourish & heal more!!

Bhuvaneswari Chinnappen

Dublin, OHIO - USA


March 04,2020

I was recommended by Vishal Chaudhari and Ritti to undergo my 7-year problem treatment in Vaidyagrama- A fantastic Ayurvedic place and Doctors.

My experience has been fantastic especially the warmth, everyone taking care of you right from the cab guy at the airport ,reception, therapist, cleaners, the team at the block and of course the Doctors.

The ideology is great, and the non-compromised way of practicing Ayurveda is mind blowing. It's like bringing the world o the power of Ayurveda.

My treatment has been good, and I have seen improvement in my health, and I am hundred percent sure that the treatment I am being given by Dr Ramanandan and team would help me get rid of it.

The smiling faces all-round makes the day here.

Anubhav Goyal



March 04, 2020

Had a wonderful wonderful experience. Came for a 6-day Wellness program. The standard features- The spirit, care, explanation and genuine concern of the VG team. Dr Ramanandan, Dr Ramada's, Dr Vinod and Dr Anupama were outstanding. They epitomised what patient care should be. They were totally involved and very very caring. The support staff and their attitude make a big difference. They did it not as a chore but with genuine involvement.

My therapist Arun was outstanding.

The Satsang and prayer sessions led by the doctors were very inspiring.

This place is authentic and from the heart.

Want to make it a habit to come back regularly even when I have no at apparent health issues.

The explanations produced by the doctors has increased my chances of adopting this lifestyle in regular life thanks VG

Satya Bonala



March 01,2020

Vaidyagrama friends,

Of course, I must begin with the thanks to the visionaries who planted the seeds of this land. The founders Ramkumar, Dr, Ramadas, Dr. Ramanand an, Dr. Harikrishnan, thank you, and to my own chief doctor, Dr. Harikumar, thank you.

As a student of Ayurveda pursuing the doctor path myself, I thought I knew a sufficient amount of Ayurveda to feel prepared for this Panchakarma treatment. Boy did I underestimate the medicine, I realized in my month-long stay how little I truly knew. Ayurveda, to know it is an experience. Books and even friends’ testimonies, did not prepare me for the rigorous detoxing of body and mind. Was my experience fun? No. Was it even enjoyable? Honestly, no. But was it inspiring, necessary, healing and beautiful all the same? Yes. 100% I arrived with the lens of a student, and as I went deeper, that dissolved into a more neutral lens of a humbled patient. This was one of the hardest things I have done in my life. I was not anticipating the nausea, violent stomach cramping, and even getting burned, literally, during pinda svedana. But I remained steadfast and determined to surrender to this process and my doctors.

When I first arrived, dough eyed, I thought I’d die and gone to heaven. As my treatments (ghee and bastis) went away, it felt more like purgatory. Some of the most intense nausea and pain in my life was initiated by this medicine, and I believe it it had to be this way for a reason. Nonetheless, panchakarma had me on my knees questioning what I’d signed up for and if what I was experiencing was normal. Past life karma, pitta dosha, the mind/thoughts, all contributed, I’m sure I’ve learned so much from this experience. I hope that if anyone reads this, they feel less alone in their struggle. 2 days complete, I feel relieved and as though the benefits will actualize and crystallize more when I leave. I am grateful for this experience. Sameena, Maryamma are truly gifted body therapists. I loved them and felt very lucky to have them. Dr. Ardent literally held my hand on numerous vomiting episodes and mopped it up when I couldn’t make it to the bucket. The Satsang especially by Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas were an absolute favorite. To be in their presence, I now believe in the powers of a Guru. Back to Dr. Ardent, though he is a prince among men and was so supportive during my emotional purge (which I also did not anticipate). Ayurveda works. No one said it would be fun, or easy, or enjoyable. But toxins were removed (not without a fight) and I feel relieved. Relieved I did this and that this round is complete. Vaidyagrama is a gem, a magical authentic world of time, Ayurvedic lifestyle. Next time, maybe I’ll be ready either way. I’ll be back.

All my love and respect

Alexandra Bershadsky

California, USA