MARCH 2019

March 30, 2019




Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such an enchanting world, a magical garden as Vaidyagrama, I experienced a powerful demonstration of how the integration of mind, body, spirit and soul can restore your clarity about internal peace. I very much appreciate the nurturing compassion and care that you all give (my beautiful doctors Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Aishwarya, Dr. Arun, the massage goddesses and the extended staff). For all of you I wish continuing success in this shared journey for the restoration of the world, and I leave here with the future seeds of inspiration, wellbeing and grace.




March 30, 2019 

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. I was little apprehensive before coming, how am I going to stay alone and what treatment would they do. Since this is also my first Ayurvedic treatment. 

The doctors here, Dr Ramanandan, Dr Aishwarya, Dr Anupama and the therapists Vaishnavi, Mridula are all so caring. Never once felt out of place or missed family. 

The treatment given has relieved me of the continuous low back pain which I have had for months. Had tried all sorts of treatments, but of no use. This was my last resort and proved to be a God given boon. 

What can I say about the place – so beautiful and serene, it’s a beautiful resort for wellbeing and rejuvenation. 

Thank you to all doctors and therapists again. 

Sandhya Moorthy

Uttar Pradesh 


March 30, 2019

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. I must say it was not what I expected!

The doctors, Therapists and staff are extremely caring and thoughtful.

Dr.Ramadas and his team are amazing healers. My mind is clear and my body is on its path to recovery!

Thank you for making a skeptic like me believe that small changes can lead to a greater good.

Keep up the good work rest assured I will be back whenever I need a little extra loving care.

Thank you

In deep appreciation

Mrs. Jayashree 



March 29, 2019

I have had a wonderful stay here, thank you so much for the care and attention you so generosity give.

You staff is a delight, and the doctors so caring and reassuring.

Blessing to you all.

Please improve the food. For those of us that are new to Panchakarma it is difficult to eat and makes the treatments harder to manage.

Keep growing yourself so well!

Augden leslie zimmer



March 28 2019

Dear team Vaidyagrama,

I came here not knowing what to expect and it's surprised my expectations with your authenticity in your treatments and bringing me back to traditional routines and habits that I had steared away from. 

The food was clean, creative and although simple, felt wholesome and full of Prana. 

For me rice kanji was the challenge but after learning its goodness I will try include it in my diet.

Personal big thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.Neethu, Dr.Mini .

Dr Harikesh made me feel safe in his care and shared some insights that I will try to follow and imbibe. Gratitude to Dr Neethu - sweet cheerful and friendly but also means business when it comes to her work. Thank you doctor (loved the smile)

Dr Mini is so easy to talk to and comforting and made me feel settled here and her husband’s yoga nidra is something I looked forward to. 

The therapists are so special - Sreeshma, Salini, Deekshita thank you for taking such good care of me and making me feel like a child again. 

The dedication and passion is seen so strongly in the Founder doctor, team of doctors therapists, housekeeping, maintenance and staff each person is soft spoken, polite, clean and compassionate. The human spirit is of highest value here. The Karma yogi fellow residents were all a delight.

If there is a downside I would say the weather and first two days of adjusting to fall into the new regime here.  I enjoyed the Satsangs, Pooja, group dinners and the late evening chitchat session in the breeze. I didn't get the name of the housekeeper but she was lovely. So much warmth wherever she met me and so sincere with her work. 

The special creativity of the kitchen for the group dinner was the highlight for me the yam cutlet. I had almost given up on yam. The entertainment was heart-warming. Doctors and all the staff sound like professional singers. The trust work being undertaken is impressive, such selfless acts of high magnitude with desire to aim higher and crazy effort by Geetha - hats off for bringing all that you have brought to reality in a short 6 years. It’s unbelievable on hearing but she gave a guided tour which made it believable and what made it special was to see your passion for it. Great experience I will cherish. 

Best wishes and much gratitude




March 28, 2019

To everyone at Vaidyagrama

The first three days here were tough going and my wife and I did think about going back. But better sense prevailed, thank god we stayed back. 

My wife and I feel so much better both mentally and health wise and have realised the benefits of moderation. 

The staff, the doctors, the therapist are personally caring which is very heart-warming. 

Special thank you to Dr. Neethu, Dr.Mini and Dr. Harikrishnan. 

At first we were counting the days when we would leave Vaidyagrama and now that the time has already come there is a sadness one feels when one is leaving a home.

Thank you all at Vaidyagrama for pointing us in the right direction and my wife and I hope that we can walk the right path.

Much love and warm regards.

Shefali and Vikram Nair 



March 28, 2019 

My four weeks stay was a very good experience for me. All the doctors and therapists were always helpful and kind. I was also very happy about all the satsangs, which gave me a better understanding of Ayurveda. 

I’m also very impressed by the efforts undertaken to live in tune with nature by applying sustainable methods wherever possible and also being an integral part of the greater community outside of Vaidyagrama. 

In future I think it would be great if it was easier to follow the most beneficial diet here during the treatment, i.e. no Jaggery in the tea, less salt and pepper etc. 

Also I think the organization could be improved and may be introduce more standardized practices to ensure that the quality remains high. 

Thank you all for making my time here at Vaidyagrama such a wonderful experience!

Wishing you all the best for the future and I hope our paths will cross again. 

With gratitude, 

David Mark Pedersen


March 25, 2019 

Vaidyagrama is really growing for the betterment of human beings in true sense. 

Doctors, both seniors and juniors, therapists, housekeeping people and everybody is so nice and carrying out their duties honestly and religiously. 

Activities like satsang and others are also an important component for understanding of Ayurveda and the healing of the patients. 

Respective doctors meet their patients on daily basis and address their issues keenly and fix the treatments accordingly. 

It is truly an abode of wellness. 

Thanks and regards, 

Mithlesh Nim and Mukesh Kumar



March 25, 2019

Thank you all for such a nourishing rejuvenating experience here at Vaidyagrama for these three weeks every day was filled with love, Indhu’s calm and reassuring professionalism made me so comfortable during my vasti days. Dhanya’s consistency and efficiency was always helpful and Prema’s abhyanga / dinacharya treatment on my last day was so loving and sent me off with the most joyful heart.

I always appreciated Dr Sajna’s thoroughness and careful consideration of my questions. Dr Ranjisha was also so willing and helpful and of course Dr Ramadas with his loving infectious love and good cheer made every consultation medicinal and nourishing. Dr Harikumar also took time to speak with me and share his guidance for healing which was so helpful. The housekeeping staff was delightful and friendly keeping our home away from home beautiful and clean. Hakeem and Keerti always friendly and smiling even while so busy behind the scenes. Thank you also to Megha, Athira and Archana also attended to my body with love and care. All the therapists were lovely.

This place continues to be most important place I come to do my own healing. Surrounded by nature and these caring souls, my soul is nourished and my mind remembers how to be a team member on this project of healing. Thank you for holding and protecting this precious intention for all of us. It is important, so important work that you all do in the middle of this busy modern world thank you for helping me slow down and remember.

With love,

Ivy ingram 



March 24, 2019

Thank you for all the healing efforts and for allowing us to stay and work on our health. We hope that it will go some way in helping us long-term and the austerity will be worthwhile. 

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan for being so warm and care while sharing your knowledge of Ayurveda.

Thank you doctor Arun for always making sure we are ok and for checking of pulses and tongue. 

Thank you to the therapists, mainly Santosh/Suraj for all the hard work and pleasant conversations. 

Thank you to the lady therapists for bringing the food and medicines always on time and with a very distinct excuse me sir.

A special thank you from Santhanu for all the efforts in helping his condition and also for the daily two pieces of papaya. He promises to give you two two papayas if you ever visit London.

It's been a pleasant healing experience and we hope to return one day again specially for the kanji water

All the best

Prayag and Santanu



March 23, 2019

Every time I come to Vaidyagrama (this is my sixth in seven years) I am impressed by the changes and growth that is evident not just on the property but in efficiencies and Management. Not only is everyone well trained and in alignment with Vaidyagrama Vision, but also kind and humble. Thank you everyone - those in the kitchen and laundry to the administrators and management. Special thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Mini and Shiva for your wise support, comforting demeanour, Thank you to my therapists Vidya, Maya, and Anju. Every time I go home I integrate several more gems - routines, recipes, and understanding. Thank you for the positive change you bring to my life and the world. God bless you all

Monique Parker,

New Mexico,



March 19, 2019

Thank you Aparna!!!!

Thank you for everything! Beautiful space, caring staff, attentive doctors, all contributing to a pleasant healing journey despite the Ghee!!! I very much appreciated the close personalized follow-up and the satsang by doctors, great opportunities to learn about Ayurveda and effects on ourselves. Thank you for supporting our body and mind get better and happier and for limiting internet usage. This place fully embodies a sincere and high commitment to Ayurveda. Congratulations for all the thoughts and efforts you put in every decision, discussion and vision. I am grateful. First time here but not the last. Will come back and continue the healing process and hear more on the wealth of knowledge gathered here. Thank You beautiful people and healers

Mathilde Renault



March 19, 2019

What an amazing place. You can feel the calm and peace. This is much more than I expected. The whole experience has been wonderful. The entire staff have been polite, respectful, and tolerant of all of us from away. The practitioners are very professional. A special thanks to Dr.Ramadas who is not only an excellent doctor but also gives so much with the prayers and satsangs. He truly gives from the heart. Thank you also to all the others for all the satsangs, cooking and ceremonies,

May this place keep growing.

Gratefully yours,




March 19, 2019

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Words do not sufficient.

Mr. Om Anand



March 18, 2019

To you all,

My body feels cleansed, my heart is open, my soul has grown and my mind is full of information to assist my healing + spiritual path.

The care, professionalism, knowledge, deep spiritual focus and dedication to spreading this is a gift to the world. May what is Vaidyagrama continue to grow and transform. A massive thank you to you all particularly to Dr Ramadas - you have touched me deeply and taught me much and inspiration.

I will remember your care & kindness from you all, and take you with me.

In gratitude +love




March16, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

Thank you so much for the healing experience. This is the longest period that I am away from my family and an amazing experience to be with myself and with my body. I have learnt that our body is a god’s gift and we can’t mess with it by putting anything in it. Here I understand about my body, the food we eat, drink, all matters .I thank each and every person for their kind hospitality from reception, maintenance staff and staff which gives us medicine and food time to time hats off to them. In the morning 6 a.m. they used to give us medicine, then Tea etc. Thank you so much too. Thank you  so much  to  Dr Ramadas , Dr Harikumar ,  Dr Sajna,  Dr Sivajothi,  and Dr Ranjisha  for taking immense care of me .

Thank you Aparna ji and Geethaji for your cooperation and guidance.

Big thanks to the therapist Kalpana and Geethu. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be here the stay in Vaidyagrama made me change my personality. Vaidyagrama continue to grow in its strength by the grace of God.

Thanking you and best wishes,

Sneha Shinkar 



March 16, 2019

Thank you team Vaidyagrama! I had not dreamed of this place being so beautiful in every aspect. Truly felt that my body is a temple here. Taking back with me healing on all levels, body, soul, mind, emotion and intellect. 

Intend to come back soon for 21days treatment.

Deepest gratitude to Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.Mini, Dr.Neethu, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Ramanandan all the therapists and entire staff who has helped me heal in this beautiful temple of healing rather than a hospital.

I loved the satsang, healing prayers, cow pooja, cooking classes, Rudrabishekam and the morning and evening prayers at the temple.

Going back very rejuvenated and with a positive frame of mind. Feeling very spiritually connected also to the entire environment at Vaidyagrama.

Wish to contribute and help in whatever way I can. God bless each and everyone here. Million thanks.

Kanika Bahl,



March 16, 2019

This was our first time at Vaidyagrama and we were not sure what to expect. We knew that this was a healing village - but we didn’t know what that actually meant.

However Dr.Mini + Dr. Harikrishnan, and all the staff at Vaidyagrama have taken great care of us. Not only have they taken care of our physical wellbeing, but also our mental and spiritual wellbeing too.

Everything at Vaidyagrama is conducive to healing - from the Satsang’s, treatments, festivals, workshops and the entertaining group dinners. 

We have received a wealth of knowledge and useful tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our heartfelt gratitude to e anyone at Vaidyagrama for making us feel comfortable and at ease. We will definitely miss everyone!

Until next time, we are excited to see how this place and community grows to help more people.

With gratitude,

Samir and Tejal,

London, UK


March 16, 2019

I am very grateful to everyone here at vaidyagrama for the gentle but powerful healing experience, especially to Dr Neethu for who took such care of me, was a good listener and sometimes a stern voice she is already a gifted healer and will become an even better one overtime. 

I am also grateful to Dr Harikrishnan, a man of few words but with the wealth of knowledge and experience, I feel very confident he was giving me what I needed even though some of the treatments where unpleasant. The staff and therapists were also gentle, caring and expert and I am grateful to all of them. I took a magic step towards better health in this time. I have been on statins for many years .I listened to Dr Ramkumar’s satsangs so that taking a strong medicine over many years will likely harm my body, it is a point that I worried about for many times. So I decided that I will control my cholesterol via diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle instead of statins.

I am very grateful to Dr Harikrishnan for giving me a strategy for achieving this goal.

Thank you

David Michael Fogarty



March 16, 2019

After 3 weeks in Vaidyagrama i feel great deep gratitude

I want to thank the doctors, for the kind and gentle care for their patience and for noticing all the small and big details and seriously taking them all into consideration.

Thank you for making me feel so safe and that i am being taken care of especially in the most challenging moments - I never felt alone

Thank you for giving me confidence in my healing journey. 

Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Neethu

And also Dr Mini and Dr Harikesh. 

Many thanks also to the therapists for their soft, respectful and gentle care, always with a smile during the massages and when providing all the small and big details of the daily life. 

And of course to the cook, housekeeping and all other people - without them things at Vaidyagrama would not have worked so smoothly and the feeling of being at home would not have been.

I am going home with a clean and happy body with relaxed mind .With confidence on the treatments I got and in my continuous healing journey.

Thank you

With love

Roni Penn



March 15, 2019 

Thank you all for a wonderful stay here with you. I didn’t have expectations other than pure medicine focused to remove my toxins from my body. But being here gave so much more in a spiritual level as well! I see now how important all is in order to heal. Thank you beautiful people, all staff and doctors and other patients. With love 

Eva Agardsdotter



March 15, 2019

Deeply grateful for the loving kindness and care received from all the doctors and the wonderful therapists and staff.

This is truly an extraordinary healing place I feel blessed to be able to contribute to the Vaidyagrama-Punarnava community outreach programs. The true spirit of Ayurveda.

God bless and may all be happy and healthy.


Ms. Mamta Pranjivan



March 14, 2019

With deep gratitude in my heart I would like to thank everyone who works at Vaidyagrama and creates this heaven on earth here. I love being here and wish that I could stay longer in this serenity.

Thank you to Dr. Ramanandan for his care and support and time.

Thank you to Dr. Ramkumar for his amazing Satsangs and showing all the wisdom, for generosity and kindness. Thank you to Dr. Ramadas for his constant smile, wonderful chanting and great energy.

Thank you to Dr. Anupama, Dr. Arun and Dr. Renjisha for always checking on me and answering the questions, Thank you Aparnaji for organizing my stay so seamlessly and for all your kindness. Thanks to Geethaji for explaining about community projects and for showing me everything in person, i hope that i can soon join the nivruttigrama community. Thank you to the priest for the beautiful pooja and kindness. Thank you the amazing seminar for care, compassion and most sincere treatments ever.

Thank you to Akina for her sweetness and care. Thank you all other therapists and cooks, it was beautiful time.


Karolina Raczinska



March 14, 2019

I am very touched by the warmth, simplicity, helpfulness and honesty of all the people met here. This is my first experience but I am leaving this place with lots of thoughts and positive vibes. My sincere gratitude to all the staff and management. I am committed to contribute to the growth in all aspects of this institution, God bless all

Many thanks

Rajnish Bahl,



March 13, 2019

I am grateful to Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Mini and all Vaidyagrama staff for taking good care for me. It is my third visit here and every time i am feeling much better. It is nice place to be if you want to heal your body, calm your mind and have a rest.

Thank you a lot




March 13, 2019 

This is our first time to experience Ayurvedic treatments. We did not know what to expect and how we will take the experience. 

It has been an enjoyable one. Thankfully neither of us had some of those treatments which zap your energy. 

Dr Ramanandan is very knowledgeable and understands how to work with different patients’ personalities. We thank him for his time and arranging treatments best suited for our needs. We also thank Dr Aishwarya, Anupama and Arun. They were always available to answer our questions. Therapists, both male and female were exceptional. Other supporting staff is also commendable. 

What makes this place unique is its focus on eco-friendly environment and self-sufficiency in what they grow. Treatments are directed to the body but with morning and evening prayers, the mind and soul also gets nourished. Community surrounding also receives its share of projects in keeping with objective of harmony with nature. 

It is likely that we return in the future for more rejuvenation. 

Afternoon Satsang’s help the patients learn about all different things about Ayurveda, community projects and future plans. Questions and answers with Dr Ramkumar during his Satsangs were very insightful. Overall the setting is very quiet allowing for healing of body and mind. 

We must acknowledge our therapists by name, Vaishnavi, Mridula, Lavanya, Devaki, Aishwarya, Lakshmi, Renjith, Suraj, Zainudheen, Santosh, Suresh, Subhash, Midhun, Libin and Ratheesh. Housekeeping Bhagyavathi was very good and took care of us.

Tushar Dhruv and Margi Tushar Dhruv



March 13, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama,

My experience here has been transformational! I don’t really know what to except when I first arrived here, but was pleasantly surprised. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you which make Vaidyagrama an amazing place to heal and learn about your body and mind. 

I especially appreciate the encouragement I received to continue & deepen my spiritual practices, it has given me a boost of faith & conviction in what I do. I have so much to take home from this experience& I see my future looking bright and happier. To name you all individually would take a whole page to write as everybody played a role in my healing treatments here. So again thank you for everything. I am looking forward to returning in the near future.

Varadatri Radha (Bernadette)



March 13, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama,

You are truly a manifestation of a Vedic healing that was delivered by lord Vishnu.

May you all be protected by that amazing person, who is the master of everything that is visible and invisible.

My experience in vaidyagrama has been really amazing and very unique.

I love you all & you’re really keeping the tradition which has come from me god.

Thank you

May Krishna bless you

Hare Krishna




March 8, 2019

What an amazing place I’ve learned so much and really feel like my time here will be life changing. I have so much gratitude for everyone here. I’ve never before felt so cared for.

Thank you to everyone and much love.

Ms. Sofia



March 8, 2019

A simple and sincere Thank you to all the doctors, therapists and support staff for all of the care and concern you have provided.

Thank you especially to Dr. Ramanandan. I felt very secure in his treatments of my disease and the wisdom be shared.

I came for the treatment but was so impressed with the wonderful work that is being done by the trust- environmental and with the community- if only this prototype would spread throughout the world. Can you imagine how better human kind would be!!

Thank you doctors for sharing your experience, wisdom and knowledge through the Satsangs - i loved attending them.

Thank you too for the beautiful morning prayers/ chanting what a magnificent start to each day.

Wishing all of you love peace and continued success

Therese Marie pharbonneau



March 7, 2109

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to the whole team of Vaidyagrama. I leave as a free person and can only express love and gratitude for this. 

I have rejuvenated and I thank Vaidyagrama doctors, helpers, staff, trees, birds, cats, dogs, cows, earth and sun. My special thanks to water too for it is a blessing to be bathed with rain water. 

Thank you for all that Vaidyagrama stands for.  Thank you for your expression and existence. I will certainly be back and tell others that, it can profit of your love and kindness for their own healing.

Thank you with all my heart.

Kathyrn Erland D



March 07, 2019

Thank you very much for the caring treatment especially from Dr Harikrishnan but I also appreciate the doctors, therapist, staff and cooks who cared for me, helped me nourished me, with utmost gratitude.

Jenny Beatty



March 6, 2019

I really appreciated the calm atmosphere and enjoyed not doing anything and not even getting bored. I felt like staying in an ashram. I could meditate and listen to prayers. The staffs are caring, welcoming, and friendly. I felt like I need to come back to stay longer




March 6, 2019

Vaidyagrama is a very nice place despite the heat, however it is very pleasant place, I enjoyed the peacefulness, the birds singing and the kindness of the staff. They are sweet and nice even though we did not speak the same language.

Our doctors are very thoughtful and professional. I really enjoyed being asked how I was several times in a day.

About the food i needed a little bit of time to get used of the new dishes.

Annick Eraville,



March 6, 2019

I am so happy to come here to Vaidyagrama to participate at this program.

This is for me a very good experience to learn, to live and appreciate the Ayurvedic medicine.

Personally, my treatment help me to reduce stress, reduce pressure and lost weight.

With that I realise my state of mind with prayer every day, I became more effective.

Regis Sitcharn,



March 6, 2019

Its first time for me, a wonderful experience. I enjoyed stay in the place a long time. Thanks to everybody in the clinic.

I would come back again but when???I don’t know.

This is another Paradise.

Corrine Baron,



March 05, 2019

Vaidyagrama is truly a unique healing space, providing healing at physical, emotional, mental, spiritual level in a very eco-friendly, serene environment.

I would like to thank Dr.Ramanandan, Dr’s Athulya, Aishwarya, Anupama and Arun also my therapists - Suraj, Santosh, Renjith for their kind and caring support during my stay. All the staff members are very dedicated and kind, looking after my needs.

I feel very privileged to receive such an experience. I especially admire all the activities being done to support and uplift the surrounding ammunition and villagers

Dhaval Dhru



March 3, 2019

Dear Vaidyagrama,        

What a surprise to know this place Vaidyagrama. We are so pleased to share our time with all good peoples here.Our body become to healthy + purified and we know that we will gained other energies for the living. 

We would like to say thank you to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Sajna and all other staffs and special thank you to Belinda who gave us a lot of help during this healing time. Finally the treatment and therapist are incredible and so nice, good nature, very hard worker that we never forget. 

Thank you once again.

Jin sung and mi bok



March 3, 2019

Thank you everyone at vaidyagrama. Being here is always such a healing experience. Special thank you to my therapists in block 2-Athira, Maya, Kalpana, Dhanya and all others who helped. Much appreciation to the kitchen, the ground keepers,housekeeping,reception,maintainanace and everyone else who makes this place worth and be such a healing environment. The doctors are truly amazing, being with much gratitude.

Ms .Belinda Baer



March 2, 2019

Thank you to Vaidyagrama and all.

The staff who are helping transform myself and the planet. I will not be healing the way I am without you.

See you all soon again 


Mr. Deepak Kharbanda



March 01, 2019

My stay has been absolutely peaceful, which means you have put my pitta in place. Lots of positive changes, and the healing village is growing slowly and steadily. I don't feel the need to say anymore as my stay here has put me on a journey to the peace with myself. Hence you all can be sure of working your magic on me. Special thanks to talk to Dr. Harikumar and Dr. Ramanandan for fine tuning my treatments which are having me observe myself closely and returned and that to maintain what I feel here. I need to make lifestyle changes...

Sasi Gopal



March 01 2019

What can I say except for a big thank you to all at Vaidyagrama. Being here for the fourth time it becomes a home away from home to me and the place where I recharge my batteries for the whole year.

After 21 days I got back my sense of smell, hearing in my right ear become as good as in my left. I am relaxed and hopefully slightly lighter after strict diet.

Looking forward to see you next year

Maria Dabrowsia