MARCH 2018


March 28, 2018

I offer deep gratitude for your warm welcome, open hearts, skilful actions and patient encouragement. So much caring! When I watched the garden workers, ate the food, and encountered the orderly housekeeping staff, I could see the solid foundation of this care.

My own obstacles of mind arose endlessly. The atmosphere is one of offering and it was for me to engage mindfully or get best in confusion or fall into distraction. Fortunately each was impermanent from moment to moment. My intention is to do my best to follow the path and then to return.

Deep bow,

Bethan Lloyd



March 26, 2018

Om Shantih!

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

I am very grateful and I thank you very much for helping me to recover in such a beautiful and quiet place, full of love.

I had a super treatment to find health and peace surrounded by nice persons that provide you also the care and attention. When you stay here, you feel you are part of a much wider project by helping this joyful community and supporting its projects (particularly the orphanage).

A fantastic team that surround you with love, smile and empathy. I have been lucky to meet this team, to share moments with all of them, and am looking forward to come back.

Many thanks to all the V team!

Delphine Marie



March 26, 2018

Once again Vaidyagrama has made me feel like a child returning home. The care I receive here is like NOTHING else I’ve ever experienced from any other place of healing. This place is that healing!!  I have come to see my therapists as my mothers, here to care!!

I am very excited to incorporate Ayurveda to my everyday life and career. It makes me think that I have FINALLY found something that I am passionate about, that has helped me tremendously, and that I want to share with the world / sphere I influence.

Thank you for sticking with me through all of the ups/downs of my life, and for getting me through this process with grace and ease. The treatments are amazing!! Thank you to all of the behind the scenes staff (housekeeping, maintenance, administration, accounting, front desk, security, garden/ grounds worker, farmers, transport (taxi), IT, teachers ... and of course, the kitchen staff!! I hope to become great like you :)

Truly, VG has captured my attention and affection!!!


Please come visit California any time (even if I’m not there) and I am happy to offer travel advice and welcome you to the West Coast.

You’re the best, VG!

Thanks again for everything.

With love,

Brittany Clark



March 24, 2018

It is difficult for me to express in words the depth of gratitude I have to you for the opportunity and privilege of staying with you for my healing journey.

Before coming here, myself and life were in a dark place. I had little hope or faith that the world had any good left, that malevolent forces had stamped out any efforts to bring humanity back into balance with nature. I had become so without hope that I had taken to obsessive and self-destructive habits, glued to screens and always looking for my next tasty cornucopia of unhealthy food. I had disconnected from the world and the people in my life, thinking that any form of connection could only bring pain, because of course, there was no hope of saving our world.

But the unfathomable graciousness and dedication of everyone here, from the doctors and therapists, to the cooks and cleaners, has made me realise there are still people who believe it is possible to restore balance in our lives and with nature. You move with a purpose that demonstrate your belief that this is worth doing, worth fighting for. The depth and vastness of your love, compassion and prosperity is in itself a joy and has given me the positivity and hope. I was very sorely lacking. I feel energized now to begin on taking on the table of rebuilding with joyfulness.

Thank you so much for everything. I hope to come back and give back very soon!

Warm Regards,

Luveen Wadhwani

San Francisco, USA


March 24, 2018


Thank you all for your care, passion and dedication to the healing journey. Hand pain makes writing difficult, so this is too short.

I look forward to seeing you all again down the trail.

Jai Shri Krishna!

Adam Baeur



March 24, 2018

Our sincere thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Harikumar and Dr Anupama for their personal attention, care and time. Our thanks also to all the staff who, in one way or the other, contributed to our stay here. A special thanks to Punitha for her patience with Wi-Fi. We came here with trepidation and were 'lost' at first, but then Vaidyagrama wrapped its arm around us.

The well-planned layout, the greenery, the peacocks, the bird song, the service, the friends from the world over, will be an experience long remembered (except the heat!). God willing, we will come again.

Once again our most sincere thanks.

Innocent Peters

Gay Una Peters



March 23, 2018


This has been the most precious gift for what has been a very cloudy mid-point in my life. To be able to just slow down and to stop running from my true nature has been a rare and precious opportunity. Since I arrived, I was greeted with care, patience, warmth and a steady humour.

The staff have all shone with a collective dedication that has enabled experience to be eager every time. I return home a better man in many ways.

Thank you with all my being!


Micheal Krumins



March 23, 2018

I was totally in a different world since 21 days. Wonderful program and spiritual environment!

This program is helping the person to care physically, psychologically and spiritually. It has given me opportunity to meet new people from different places of world and make friends. I understand no medicine will help if you are not well with your mind and stress.

Nice and service oriented employees. So impressed with the Vision of Punarnava and learn about future plans.

I will look for some research wing in Vaidyagrama on Ayurveda and make doctors involve in new intentions.

Sheshagiri Mekala



March 23, 2018

I am very happy to discover this very nourishing place.

Everyone here is very caring and helpful. As a place for holistic healing, it is certainly attending to all aspects of one’s health.

Thank you very much!

Sehdev Kumar



March 23, 2018

I have only been here since 7 days but the difference in my state of being is remarkable.

My mind is clear, my skin bright, my eyes shiny and my breath more regular.

I am positive that the 21-30 day program would be even more life changing.

Thank you, Vaidyagrama.

Meghan Pappenheim



March 21, 2018

Hare Krishna! Excellent satvik atmosphere. Excellent physicians, therapists and housekeeping. It was like a home away from home.

A suggestion I want to give being a homeopathic graduate – there is all burden on the physicians. I think it should be a hierarchy where everyone is given responsibility from bottom to top in medical section.

Special instructions of vegetables, food and fruits recommended for the Vata, pitta, and kapha would be appreciated at the time of discharge.

Hari Hari Bol!

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare

Hare Rama hare Rama Rama Rama hare hare!!

Renu Modi



March 21, 2018

Stay at Vaidyagrama in room no 208 was a pleasant experience.

General service and caring provided by both attendants was adequate. They always responded swiftly for any need we required. The girls and boys during massage know their job very well and are doing very nice job. We do have a special admiration for therapists. The girl Geethu was very particular for coming and asking for the food I shall be getting.

A special note for the office staff, as they were always helpful. IT staff helped me to best of their capacity within constraint of no connectivity of my mobile phone.

The line of treatment provided by Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar & Dr. Anupama had cared for both of us well.

Staff of housekeeping and maintenance were always available.

In case due to any reason I have been upset regarding food or other services, I found related team members, well understanding and cooperative to meet my needs.

I wish you all very best for your future!

Thanking you,

Sharat Aggarwal and Manisha Aggarwal



March 20, 2018

As always, the best relaxation, perfect food. The treatment girls were excellent this time!!! The peace and harmony of doctors are very inspiring.

Thank you all for my nice holidays!

Iveta Gaile



March 19, 2018

There are things we feel as imaginary...

-       Singing birds

-       Smiling trees and plants

-       Welcoming and smiling people

-       Doctors & staff, therapists and other who work around, who all feel like your own family

-       Attentive and always ready to help.

-       Where people old and young, smart and uneducated, lives as a family (United one!)

-       You can come here and leave all your worries, living free with full trust in the system Vaidyagrama have created.

The culture of community, culture of love, when it is developed, the healing follows.

My heartiest wish to Vaidyagrama, to maintain and grow this lovely family and culture.

Thank you.

Gaurang Patel, Madhvi Patel



March 18, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of me. I can’t put in word how much you have helped me.

You looked after me so well and were there every moment I needed you. I feel so relaxed and clean now, and have all the strength to face the big world again.

What you do here is GOLD!

You didn’t just heal a part of me, you do a great benefit to Mother Nature, your people (the natives) and the one who are in great need for it. The world needs more places like you.


Christian Fritzen

Berlin, Germany


March 18, 2018

If traditional Ayurveda is one of the great wonders of the world, then Vaidyagrama is a “world heritage” site for authentic healing, learning and living in harmony with ourselves, the community and the natural world.

This is my 4th visit in 6 years. Each time I am in awe of growth, improvements and qualities of care. And each time I return home feeling lighter, healthier, younger, wiser, more clear and positive, devoted and grateful for this incredible place of healing.

These simple, yet profound disciplines, rituals, diets and philosophy are becoming more integrated into my lifestyle as a result of the treatments and opening myself more and more to this way of life, my health issues have become asymptomatic and my mind gained right understanding and better choices in my daily life.

Dr. Harikrishnan is an incredibly humble man whose sincere guidance, wisdom and generosity nourished me physically and spiritually. Thank you for your care and cure as well as supporting my devotional l path. Thanks Dr. Kesari, for your friendship and support with Sanskrit, and your psychological and philosophical support will remain with me. Dr. Athulya is a ray of sunshine whose inner joy, light heartedness and competence help to make each day at Vaidyagrama a joy.

Lakshmi is the best therapist I have ever experienced; she is a model of uncompromising quality of care, untiring and hard work. It’s hard not to feel as if you are the only patient. Thank you to the whole team: Dr. Radhika, Abhila, Lavanya, Athira and Chembagam who cleaned my room daily, never failing to inquire into my wellbeing. And to all the staff : cooks, ground people, the lovely woman who taught me how to clean my lamp, reception, administration and Dr. Ramkumar who all contribute to this remarkable place and make up the Vaidyagrama family.

I carry you all in my heart with gratitude.

See you again soon.


Monique Parker



March 18, 2018

I like to thank you all doctors for taking care of me. Wish to thank all the therapists and attenders and other staff of Vaidyagrama for all their services done. It is a real healing village. I GOT NEW FRIENDS from here and we all spend time like a family.

Thanks to Vaidyagrama.

Latha Mahadevan



March 17, 2018

Vaidyagrama is a special place with a heart and soul. Every member of staff, from the doctors to housekeeping were inspirational. Apart from the high-quality treatment, it was an eye opener to see such a sustainable way of life being led so easily and the logical benefits to high living and the good life.

My thanks for all the education.

Tariq Carrimjee



March 16 2018

Thank you for your hospitality, great and healing food, peace and harmony in this serene environment. This place and people take you over slowly but surely, giving you more and more tranquillity as each next day passes.

Am returning home with new perspectives on any things, vitalised and fresh.

Thanks a lot!

Andrejs Gailis



March 15, 2018

Living in Vaidyagrama village has been an experience for the soul, heart and body.

Ayurveda is the healing method which seems to be healing in many levels. It aims also to take you to another level.

What I feel is that I have reached another awareness of my body, of my energy, of my emotions.

Doing Ayurveda in combination with yoga sets my senses free to experience what is beyond the limits of my body.

Anna Bohlmark



March 14, 2018

Thank you to all the Vaidyagrama doctors, therapists and staff for a wonderful, restful and rejuvenating experience. I came with many different ailments and I leave almost ailment free. Hope to be back next year.

Many thanks,

Kanan Jayachandran Shroff



March 14, 2018

To my Vaidyagrama doctors- I was advised to come to your healing village with open mind, open heart and lots of faith in the guidance you would give me. In doing so you gave me back my Agni, which had been missing for quite some time.

I know that I am leaving here with all the tools I will need to finish the work at home, and since I made sure to get all of your email addresses you can count on hearing from me again, hopefully telling you about the positive progress I am experiencing!!

This is such a special place and I always felt cared for by everyone that works here -  from my special meal requests to the guard at the gate letting me go in the sun to visit the temple when I used to sneak out, everyone seems to care.

Our world needs more places like Vaidyagrama and until that happens, I am grateful to have found you.

Thank you for your dedication to Ayurveda.

Samantha Parker



March 14, 2018

I am very pleased that I have come to Vaidyagrama for rejuvenation. My stay was pleasant. I would like to place on record, the doctors, staff for their commitment and sincerity. Their clarifications and explanations are simple and understandable. Though the treatment given to me had not much effect yet, I am confident that in the long run, it will get me cured and get steady.

I feel very fortunate to have come here and hope to make use whenever need arises. Though the temperature was warm now, it is a unique experience everyone should experience.

PS: Food served is too much. In spite of my request to reduce every day 2/3 food was wasted. Only 1/3rd I ate. Food quality is good.

C. R. Swaminathan



March 12, 2018

 I am immensely grateful to everyone at Vaidyagrama. The love, service and care is extraordinary. I felt supported every step of the way.

VG is the embodiment of how an intentional community, living in harmony with nature, love and service have a profound impact on healing and awakening. The vision and environment here is transformational for body, mind and soul.

Thank you for all you do to support healing and optimal health. A special extension of gratitude to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Sajna, and all the therapists and staff in block 3 for caring for me with such love.

Andrea Christine Russell



March 11, 2018

This is my second time been here under wonderful Dr. Ramadas. Side to him Dr. Aruna, Dr. Krishnadas, and Dr. Sajna all three attentive, sensitive and motivate, help making it easier to be encouraged. I’m glad I had the right, good team like them.

Treatment was very nice and professional. I like also the cleaner and garden worker around here. I think you should pay attention to inform the patients on the day of leave of doctors. It is important in relations for a trust between patients and doctors.

Thank you very much and plenty of appreciation and love.

You bring a lot of good and love to the world.

Dganit Gelles



March 11, 2018

 This was my 1st experience with Vaidyagrama, 18 days of BLISS!

We researched so many places over the years and I’m so glad that I waited until the perfect place became available- Bow to Vaidyagrama!

Food – excellent!

People – everyone from cleaning lady to therapists to Doctors are incredibly kind, loving + compassionate.


Steve Elbaz (Durga Das)


March 9, 2018

Thank you for all the love!

Lalita Devi



March 8, 2018

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at Vaidyagrama. Each person has impacted my stay in such a positive way, from a warm smile to amazing massages to excellent care!! The energy of love is palpable here and is such a hugely important part of why Vaidyagrama is an incredibly healing place.

The philosophy of sharing amongst staff members and respect between all is truly evident. The treatments can at times be difficult and I was always so grateful for the compassion and humour that was utilised to soften these moments!

Thank you all so very much!

Sarah Moore



March 7, 2018

Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. From the moment I arrived at reception I felt cared for and loved. This place is a beautiful display of how intentional community and living in rhythm with nature and love has profound healing effects and growth of consciousness.

Thank you Dr. Ramkumar, for your Vision and words of wisdom.

Thank you Dr. Ramadas, for your singing and chanting. And for teaching me to live and love myself.

Dr. Krishnadas, for your laughter and joy.

Dr. Sajna, for your kindness and care.

Dr. Athulya, for vasti love.

And my team of therapists. Especially to shyni and Jayasre. I could not have done it without your love and smiles.

Thank you to all the wonderful smiling faces that make this place run - from the yummy food, to caring for my room, the beautiful care of the plants and animals and overall maintenance of this place. Much gratitude for all the smiles and love along the path from stuff and patients. Every living thing is able to radiate its unique essence and allow one to find their own inner radiance and place in nature here.

Thank you to Vaidyagrama for a life of devotion, service and love. I look forward to returning and seeing all my new friends and family again. Until then.....

“All the long-time sun

Shine up on you

All love surrounds you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on

Guide your way on”

With blessings and love,


Julianne Zeitz Beide



March 7, 2018

To everybody in Vaidyagrama,

This is my second visit. That itself says a lot about Vaidyagrama. Doctors, staff and the food make my stay as wholesome experience. Dr. Ramadas' caring as a doctor -  it doesn’t seem like I was patient; more over I felt like I am his family member.

Of course the prayers in the morning and in the evening are memorable ones. Dr Ramkumar's  satsangs are very educational and informative.

I felt I am very much blessed to be at Vaidyagrama. Here I feel I am spiritually energised also. I can recommend Vaidyagrama to anybody without any hesitation. I am hoping to bring my husband here next time I come. That means, I am coming back.

I am deeply touched by the amount of charitable work that Dr. Ramkumar, Ms.Geetha Mohandas and all others are doing around Vaidyagrama. This work also brings lot of positive energy into Vaidyagrama.

My best regards to each and every one at Vaidyagrama!

With best regards

Subhashini B.



March 06, 2018 

Thank you so much to the Vaidyagrama for your care and support. Everything was more than what I expected.

As you believe “live simple, live well, live healthy, live happy”, staying here was a simple way to be happy. I keep thinking of my parents and friends who I really want to take here in the near future.

Thank you again to all much love and light.

Jung Eun Gweon



March 6, 2018

I have so much gratitude for everyone who works here at Vaidyagrama.

Dr. Ramadas and his staff are always patient and helpful. I know that the people in the group that come with me, will be taken care of in body, mind, and soul. The therapists, especially Bindu, are amazing and give so much of themselves. These people who work behind the scenes, to keep VG running, are greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

With love!

Belinda Baer



March 4, 2018

You changed my life. I am so grateful to have been here and made the experience. You are beautiful people. Thank you.

I will be back.

Hans Schlegal



March 04, 2018

What an ideal environment this is for healing and rejuvenation. So peaceful and nurturing! Thanks to all the staff, especially for their sincerity and kindness in the way they treat all the patients.

I look forward to coming back again and again.

Best wishes,

Neha Shroff



March 4, 2018

Thank you Vaidyagrama... The Doctors, Therapists, Everybody……

I am going home relaxed, rested and …Smelling flowers!!! Which is really wonderful after the 4 Years that I was not able to experience it.

It was a good stay and I even got used (a bit) to Kanji. You are a truly caring lot – this is special and unique. Thanks again

PS: My special big thank you to Devaki for taking such good care of me and solving all the little problems for me.

Maryla Dabrowska



March 4, 2018

Many greetings!

I am writing to express my utmost gratitude for this healing space, Vaidyagrama. I felt very held and safe in this container.

Thank you to all of my doctors.... Dr. Ramadas for your pearls of wisdom and teaching stories, Dr. Krishnadas for the dose of joy and laughter, and Dr. Sajna for  your presence. Many thanks to all of my therapists. Archana, Prajisha, Shanthi and especially Bindu. Bindu was with me every day for 28 days I was a container of healing and compassion and care. I am not sure what i would have done with Bindhu s healing gifts.

To everyone, seen and behind the scenes, a deep, deep bow of respect, love and gratitude. Vaidyagrama is a very special place.

Many Blessings,

Karen Kulpepper



March 4, 2018

This was an extraordinary experience.

I am deeply grateful to the doctors, the therapists, the teams that support (those we meet and those who lovingly cook our meals). vaidyagrama is an example of great vision being executed with care and compassion. My requests were heard and improvements were immediate, giving me confidence that this wellness centre will continue to evolve and thus provide a level of care with healing that is extremely rare in this day and age.

Jean Pierre Leblanc



March 1, 2018

I would like to express my gratitude to everyone working at Vaidyagrama. It was my first stay here and I felt more than welcomed, from the moment I arrived to the very last day.

Thank you!