March 2017

March 31 2017

Coming to vaidyagrama has indeed been an eye opening and mesmerising experience. It has been an experience which has allowed me enough time to understand my own mental and physical health. Vaidyagrama has the ability to discipline lives in the most positive way. Our heartfelt gratitude for Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Ramkumar for always patiently listening and for their best medical advice and treatment. They definitely have a positive impact on all their patients.

Thank you Vaidyagrama I looking forward to visiting again soon.

A special thanks to Aparna Sarma for all her prompt communication and encouragement.

Best Wishes

Saifuddin, Rashida, Fakhruddin and Sakina



March 29 2017

First of all, I have to thank Dr Suresh (Sidha) Dr Shivadas (Ayurveda), Dr Omprakash (Ayurveda) for their guidance to Vaidyagrama in a chain reaction. I would like to thank all the staffs for their efforts, dedication and sincerity. I like the ambience of prayer hall here.

But I didn’t like the food, even though it is good for health. Some improvements have to be done to the food substances. After coming here only I had some knowledge about Ayurveda. I will share about my experiences in Vaidyagrama to my patients and my professional colleagues. Now my husband and I are feeling better physically and mentally.

See you all!

Thank you

Dr. Shanthi



March 28 2017

We are so happy we came to Vaidyagrama on recommendation of our yoga teacher, Sudhir Rishi. After years of problems with our bowels now we know that we can live without this problem. Such a relief!

Words can’t express how grateful we are to all doctors, therapist, cleaners and other staff who took so good care of us and helped us to overcome our health problems.

We always believed in Ayurveda and it only becomes stronger after coming to Vaidyagrama. We also believe that we are ready for the next step. An Ayurveda lifestyle with the food of our tasteful choices is the challenge we go for.


Sara Carla and John



March 28 2017

I am from Russia! Thank you very much for the treatment!

Good Luck!


San Pietroburgo, Russia


March 27 2017

I only had few days here at Vaidyagrama, but I am very grateful to having coming up here. It was such a nice and interesting experience how everything is working. I felt very comfortable here. Everyone took a lot of care. This is all we need in our lives. Vaidyagrama is such a nice place. And the whole atmosphere here at Vaidyagrama is so peaceful. What a beautiful sight to see birds singing and chirping with the aroma of such beautiful plants.  Now, I know that this is the place where I can always return.

Thank you for your Love

You lovely beings.


March 27 2017

Words cannot express how grateful we are with Vaidyagrama. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful healing place for all our family. We appreciate so much all the love and care provided by all the staff and especially for being so accommodative to our family needs.

With gratitude

Jaden, Kiran, Ilira



March 27 2017

Many thanks to Dr. Ramadas and the amazing team here at Vaidyagrama. My studies were very enriching and enlivening. And the treatments were also so restful. Looking forward to visit again.

Love and Blessings

Anjali Deva



March 28 2017

I came here soiled by the ways of the world. I am leaving cleansed from here by the different ways of Vaidyagrama.

With abundant gratitude to Dr. Ramadas and the rest of the Vaidyagrama family.

Aurobind Patel



March 26 2017

It has been a great experience staying at Vaidyagrama. My husband and I had a great time here doing all the rituals and other activities which we cannot do at our place. It was all our time. The doctors and the staff nurtured us and took very good care of us with a smile on their faces. All the people we met here was very inspiring irrespective of caste and culture.

We would not forget the three weeks we spent here. And my special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan for doing all the favours for us.

Thank you very much.

Amit Kanoi & Sujatha Kanoi



March 26 2017

First and foremost the atmosphere provided here gave me the confidence that I will be cured. Before coming here I was in a dilemma that whether I would get a solution for my problem or not but after coming here I slowly realised that it is a place where I could get all the solution for my health related problems. The doctors and therapists over here are kind hearted, dedicated, friendly. Special thanks to Dr Ramanandan and Dr Mubash for their consultation and treatment guidance

I feel as if into different world over here. The silence calmness everything is healing with treatment.

A big thank you




March 24 2017

Thank you all for looking into various issues of concern and treating the same effectively. I also find a healthy difference in the three weeks that I was here and am sure will get even better in the months to come.

With Best Regards

Srinivas Rao


March 23, 2017

Dear Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas and his team thank you for energising my spirits and soul as I turn 60. It is the beginning of a new period in my life that will undoubtedly include Vaidyagrama.

Ketaki sheth



March 23, 2017


Om Namah Shivaya

After hearing about a difficult experience of a patient who was here, I knew this was the perfect place for me! I had many realizations about my body and my health here, with the kind help of Dr.Ramadas and the team of therapists. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful service you are giving to the world. May all prosper in abundance of health and youth!

Om shanthi shanthi shanthi

Daniela Svoren



March 22, 2017


Having been in contact with Vaidyagrama for a few years this was to be a visit perhaps to meet old friends you have never met.

And that is exactly what it felt like coming home. I thank the wonderful doctors, staff and friends for a very deep and nourishing experience.

And I look forward to future longer stay.

There is certainly a healing magic in this place. It arises from the work of a community dedicated to creating a harmonious oasis for all who come they seem to have the wisdom and patience that comes only from those to who have experienced healing themselves.

May blessings to vaidyagrama and May it continue to be a safe haven for those seeking some despite from the maddening world around.

With love and light

Arun Deva

California, USA


March 21, 2017

Travelling to India is one of my real versions. Since 15 years I dreamed of a Panchakarma treatment in India. Now I here realized this dream here in vaidyagrama, this authentic, Indian, professional and strict Ayurveda healing village.

Thank you for the excellent medical staff. Special thank to medical fellow Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Sivajyothi, Dr. Rekha, Dr. Harikumar and to praveena my main therapist.

It is an amazing place and experience to be here per 4 weeks.

Beautiful trees and water lilies, Birds singing

Sensitivity to the environment and caring for the people in the surrounding villages.

Inspiring Satsangs by the founder Dr. Ramkumar and wonderful practical skills by Dr. Ramadas

Interesting and understanding other patients especially the swami and the Indians were good.

Thanks to the entire Vaidyagrama team and organization.

I am motivated to continue this Ayurveda and spiritual journey and look forward to returning


Vienna, Austria


March 21, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama team

Thank you all very much for my stay here in Vaidyagrama. My particular thanks go to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Arsha who helped advised and cared for me with their attention during my Panchakarma. I am also grateful for the healing cleaning and all the lessons learnt in my own silence as well as in the Satsangs of Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas as they truly inspired me and gave a lot of insight.

I go back with a clear and confident mind a light and properly detoxed, body and a soul filled with love gratitude and equanimity.

God bless you all

Alexandra trepp



March 19, 2017

My journey to Vaidyagrama has been a huge gift of grace that has flurried through many channels. As divorced women trying to follow an Ayurveda diet for many years I have felt chained to the kitchen. Here having all my meals served to me ,having my laundry and housekeeping and having such amazing body treatment has allowed me to relax body mind and spirit at a deep level that has been life changing. In subtle ways I used to think that I had to do things to make ever thing turn out right. My time here has shown me a different dynamic. As I move from the state of doing to being, perfection unfolds delightful before my eyes. I am aware of the power of Dr.Ramkumar intention for us to move into the space of being while we are here and I am deeply grateful.

I have recognized the constant tendency to compare myself with others against a subtle background and judgement and competition. This has given way to an appreciation of me as I am and others as they are and to enjoy our connection. Many thanks and much love for all those who make this a truly healing village.

Savitri (Errmini Terry)

California, USA


March 19, 2017

For me being here has been a great true gift in many ways.

Doctors have been great; the idea of the healing village is beautiful, with all this nature silence & care around us. The food & room has been very good and the outcome of the treatment looks in a good direction too.

I love Ayurveda and its holistic approach to health and I think Vaidyagrama is able to transmit that ancient wisdom.

Two suggestions for improvement:

Empower the therapists more, making them feel more part of Vaidyagrama through circles and non formal attention and recognition. Also English lessons.

Implement some kind of prize system and approach that allows more Indian people to come (this is expensive for average Indian people) & also for people like volunteers or social servants. It was so lovely to come & I hope I can return.

Love you! Thank you for your amazing service.

Jose Ramon



March 19, 2017

This is a poem that I wrote during the course of my stay here. It is about the personal transformation I experienced.

The land of bland 

I have journeyed from the hand of spice

To the land of bland

It was a wilful choice.

Initiated by my own hand.

The land of spice is a stimulating place

Full of beauty and sensual pleasure

In coming here I have been confronted by

Restlessness, boredom and too much leisure

There I resided in a tropical paradise

Of backwater greenery and ocean scenery

Where I find myself permanently affirmed

To sell a block six.

There no matter what I wished

It was granted by the amazing Ranji

Here it seems no matter what I want

I just always get Kanji

In the land of spice

Each day was a delight of multiple choices

Here I have plagued by

Discontented inner voices

But at some point, I’m not sure when or how

I passed through the looking glass of duality

And slipped down the rabbit hole

Coming out in a different reality

It’s an alternate universe

And a land of paradox

Where what once was truth

Has now become the reverse

The constant craving for stimulation

Has given way to contemplation

The overall sensory deprivation

Has fastened a sense of liberation

My mental and physical restlessness

Has been replaced by growing mindfulness

Constant activity is no longer my holy cow

Giving way to just beings

And my outwards journey of exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive at where we started

And knows that place for first time

Which brings me to my last rhyme?

Whereas the land of spice is really quite nice

The land of Bland as May bien!!

Robert Gagnon



March 19, 2017

Being here 18 months back and this place continue to enchant a very lovely atmosphere with loving people, doctors, therapists and attendant. This trip was very short will return soon. Keep up the good luck!

Thank you


March 19, 2017

This is my second visit to Vaidyagrama and I have even a deeper appreciation for the purity of thought and intention that has allowed this place to become a true healing village. I am extremely grateful to my doctors Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari.Dr.Athulya & Dr.Radhika – for their mindful expertise & good cheer. They combine deep knowledge with a warm and caring demeanor. The intensely personnel attention here is unmatched. The therapists are wonderful.

I look forward for having and seeing Vaidyagrama continue to flourish

With deepest gratitude and appreciation

Preeta Bansal



March 18, 2017

Vaidyagrama is a home away from home which seems to be the consensus among patients. This is all due to the dedication, care, love and concern of all the doctors and the staff here special thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Mubash and Dr.Sivajyothi for humouring me during my 5 days of eye treatment. I would have never survived it otherwise.

My sincere thanks and appreciation as always




March 17, 2017

Mita’s third time here. My second vaidyagrama continues to work its magical healing touch on everyone we have seen around us.

Was lucky enough to meet some wonderful fellow patients and made some connections that would last many years am sure.

To the tireless cheerful and caring team at vaidyagrama

May you read rich blessings and reward for the outstanding work that you continue to do.




March 16, 2017

It has been an incredible first experience and well worth the three weeks of treatment the difficult part now is to maintain when I go home. I met some wonderful people and made good friends who came from many parts of the world.

All the staffs are very dedicated, hard working and always smiling. I also got some advice from Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Ramkumar and Dr.Arsha.

Ms. Aparna was extremely helpful in providing all the information

Thank you all

Dilip Parekh

Washington, USA


March 14, 2017

I just would like to say, what an incredible experience. An experience I will never forget.

I have met wonderful people here, patients and staff who I will remember always with a smile on my face.

I was here for two weeks only and I think it has given me plenty to think about. A real education in every sense of the word.

Julie Ann Cassandro



March 14, 2017

Our stay at Vaidyagrama Ashram has been a wonderful voyage in the world of authentic Ayurveda. More than the well being we had the feeling that in this calm and serene environment body, mind and soul reconnect themselves with the divine almost without any effort,

Thank you to our doctors ,Dr.Kesari and Dr .Harikrishnan our therapists and the ladies who took care of our room and the kitchen team. This place is very well thought and provides real Ayurveda and for sure can grow with more potential with organizations and good communication.


Sader and Lisbeth,



March 14, 2017

Namaste dear Vaidyagrama family,

Thank you for everything!

I feel truly blessed to have been through Panchakarma with your guidance and support.

Dr. Ramkumar, you are the true inspiration I remember seeing you speak in Australia in 2009 and you have captivated my attention ever since. It’s obvious that you are wholehearted and dedicated to everything that you do. You continue to inspire growth on my personal Ayurveda journey.

Dr. Ramadas, thank you for your ability to tell a story through the devotion of your heart during the prayers. You have rekindled the fire within in my heart.

Of course Dear Dr. Ramanandan, thank you expertise offering sweet words at gentle encouragement throughout whole healing process. You and your team of doctors have been truly amazing feel so grateful.

My love for Ayurveda grows stronger every day.

In love and health

Om Namah Shivaya




March 14, 2017

To the staff of Vaidyagrama

After a fine night of dining,

A priest, a rabbi, and an Ayurveda doctor walk into a bar for a drink.

The priest sidles up to the bar and asks,

“May I have a glass of holy water on the rocks”?

The bartender replies “of course”

The rabbi states,” I am feeling nostalgic, I had like a cup of red wine from Jerusalem, 1999”

“Excellent choice” Exclaims the bartender

The doctor looks the bartender straight in the eye and declares, “No holy water or red wine for me, bring me a bottle of your finest medicine water steaming hot and...

I had like a basti to go!

Mike O Connor



March 13, 2017

Hi... Well as soon as  I started this testimonial  I realized my writing hasn’t I’m proved at all...

Luckily my mind, body and spirit have bloomed. Vaidyagrama is a GEM.

May all beings be happy!                      




March 13, 2017

Vaidyagrama is--

Wisdom, stillness

Satsang vision




Pure cure



Flowers trees

Birds, joy









Healing growing

Dhanvantari prayers

Little house to be

Puja homam

Devi love


All good things thank you




March 13, 2017

I came here with my husband. The plan was that he would do the treatment while I just hung around and relaxed. In my mind, I felt we had already spent a lot of money our first couple months travelling and felt like the world benefit more from the treatments. That all changed the first hour after arriving here. How could I not take advantage of this opportunity! I knew right away that this would be a great investment into my own health and well being.

Where do I start? The doctors are all caring, dedicated and have a great sense of humour. (Dr Ramanandan always gave us something to laugh about.)  The Ayurveda doctors are kind and good at what they do!!  Great cooks, the cleaning staffs, maintenance and administrative staff, the gardeners that had a sweet smile and even that sweet gentleman that goes around every evening turning off the lights, all so pleasant and helpful. Also the environmental consciousness, creating comfortable, peaceful spaces and the way they integrate and care for the surrounding communities goes above and beyond when we make  back to India, Vaidyagrama will be our must do list.

Many thanks




March 12, 2017

What a big experience sometimes it was marvellous sometimes it was so difficult.

At the beginning I didn’t know what the treatments were used for and why the food was ugly.

Because of my friend Annick and a lot of satsang I understood the importance of treatments, food and peace.

And not only my body but my mind become well.

Thank you very much to the doctors for their competence and kindness for all the staff who always smile and a special thanks to Shiny for being so attentive and gentle.

Many thanks to Dr. Ramadas

Patricia Leveque



March 11, 2017

Once again I will leave Vaidyagrama with the will to return soon.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas and Dr.Aruna for their attentive care, their humour and their communicative nature.

Thanks to the therapists for their patience and their smiles.

Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar for his wise advice his philosophy of life.

Thanks to the cooks housekeepers and the whole team behind the scenes.

I keep you in my heart

Annick Boe



March 09, 2017

Good relaxing staying with the significant health benefits.

See you hopefully next year



March 09, 2017

I believe in fairy tales Vaidyagrama is one of beautiful stories in story book. Each time as I come in surprised and amazed at new chapter of their book. Supported by stories I can travel deep within in me and remove layers of ash. I want to thank all of you at Vaidyagrama for care healing patience, support at mu journey. Grateful to have such blessing to be able to come here. Om Shanti . With love.




March 09, 2017

I was amazed about such great centre in India. I did not know what to expect because this type of healing was new for me. I enjoyed every much especially because my daughter helped me with translation I wish you that this centre continue to develop and I wish you all the best. I thank for everything what you have done for me as well as to energize from universe that supported my healing.




March 06, 2017

Thank you Geetha for introducing me to Vaidyagrama. I had a great time, met some interesting patients and had the loving care of the staff. Thank you doctors – introspective and caring Dr.Harikrishnan, very funny and sensitive Dr.Kesari and the beautiful and capable Dr.Athulya and Dr.Radhika. I appreciated the effort of my therapists - Lakshmi, Kalpana and Nimmy, very sincere and hard working. I go lighter in weight and heart. I needed the solitude, the company of fellow patients & the understanding of the staff.

I am grateful to have got back my reading habits which I had lost for the past 20 years.

I hope to see you all soon                                     

Take care and best wishes.

Ms.Mini Radhakrishnan,



March 06, 2017

Every day at Vaidyagrama is the invitation and opportunity to be present with it all. Outside the walls, several crows call out to each other, alternating as they fly. Their voices trailing off into the distance. The moo of the milking cows. Small birds with high pitched chirps fill the rows of trees that share the space between my back and the one adjacent. The cooing of the morning dove, a utensil on a pot of creating a ringing sound as though emitted from a singing bowl. The engine of a motorcycle tracing the line of dirt path somewhere outside. An entire chorus of singing birds pass overhead whistling, calling, anticipated of the prayer of a new day. A mop is propped up in a thin tree, its red handle bright against the bark. A child runs by, the one who doesn’t speak, but he squeals with delight in a game of his own, enjoying and being present to this morning of which I often taken for granted back home. His mother follows, then his father, their morning tea in hand, keeping a watchful loving eye of their gift. Further in the background the sweet sound of Malayalam, clanging metal pots-the staff and therapist preparing for a new day of treatments of healing-and the anticipation of self love. How many days of my life I have separated myself from such rich moments-either with distraction of activities and self importance or a mind fragmented in a hustle and bustle of thoughts worry judgment analysis-whatever you wish to call it. That field of separation that keeps me –us –wholly and utterly disengaged with oblique from the joy of life. The child is now beating drum in the mandapam, the beats quickening, growing louder, wider, his voice rising to meet the reverberation his expression one of innocence’s Freedom. This experience –all 5 senses - open to receive to interact with life, people, nature-myself on a deeper ,more authentic level is why I returned to Vaidyagrama - the health issues having been an outward symptoms of a life that had tipped out of balance. As I prepare in this last few hours for my departure it is with great gratitude and appreciation to everyone at Vaidyagrama who demonstrate at each and every moment - how to live authentically how to care for other, how to make work a worship. Thank you Dr.Ramkumar for your vision and inspiration of a better world: a loving integrated healing world.  Thank you Dr Harikrishnan for your wise and compassionate care. Thank you Dr. Kesari for your warmth and congenial nature and for our discussion ranging from literature to Vedic chanting- including the mantras you so generously shared.

Thank you Dr.Ramadas for your light hearted and sincere spirit and prayers. Two doctors Athulya and Radhika - caring, intelligent and beautiful inside and out. I appreciate the nurturing heart and hands of lakshmi and her assistants mridula and abhila And all the staff-housekeeping, those in the kitchen who nourish our bellies, the ladies and men who tend to the plants and herbs, the internet, laundry, the front desk - all those behind the scenes rolls that are as equally important and necessary and appreciated for such a model of sustainability and healing.


Thank you Geetha for your enthusiasm and selfless service and much gratitude to Aparna for being a Conduit and channel of communication organization and support leading up to and throughout the process. It gives me satisfaction to witness just how much Vaidyagrama has grown since I first visited Vaidyagrama 5 years ago. And how it continuous to expand and touch so many times those who travel from a far those who live in local village.

Monique Parker,

Taos, New Mexico


March 3, 2017

I have found the place very good, free from any pollution.

Staff members are very helping nature.

I wish Vaidyagrama to grow big and able to meet the needs of people from the globe.

Anand Kailash

Delhi, India


March 04, 2017

A very calm and peaceful place I wish, I could come more often and spend time introspect or just spend my time here. Each time I have been here, I have learned something new about myself and one of the main things I realize is the pull I feel towards my roots getting stronger as I grow older. Now am able to realize that being in the south India makes me feel more fulfilled! Much love to all.

Shashi gopal.



March 3 2017

I thank god for giving me the opportunity of coming to Vaidyagrama.

It made me feel like a new person, healthy and delight.

The atmosphere is so peaceful and seen the warmth of the staff and the love of the doctors and concern is amazing like we are one big Ayurveda family.

Especially doctor Ramadas his devotion during prayers gives one place.

I hope I will be here again with my friends.

Best regards and love

Harmesh Bala



March 3 2017

A poem, for dear Dr. Ramadas

The storm

You think that winters ending

The ice is melting fast

The frosty feeling sober

This morning chill won’t last

But air keeps getting colder

You blink away the bite

When a blizzard knocks you over

You’re blinded by the white

The body must surrender

To the glowing mass

Of swirling snowflakes blurring

The present with the past

In that minute moment

When numbness overtakes

The urge of ever-knowing

The ice begins to break

Somersaulting winds

Encapsulate the strife

The storm was greatness heaving

Your being into life.

Thanks to all at

Vaidyagrama for

A Wonderful stay

Kelly Dye,



March 2, 2017

Going home all rested and feeling grateful at the heart.

Thank you all at Vaidyagrama for suiting facilitating my journey towards swastya.

Vaidyagrama an amazing healing village

It takes a village for healing

With all love and gratitude 

Soraya Daguillard



March 2, 2017

Once again I am deeply impressed by and moved by the amazing doctors and staff of Vaidyagrama. You are all like celestial healers with your patient support, wisdom and sweetness, I leave here deeply rejuvenated and inspired. Not only were the treatments and Satsangs outstanding but the whole atmosphere enabled me to reconnect with the essence of why I want to be my healthiest and many blessings for this beautiful healing village to continue to flourish


Hema Patankar



March 01, 2017

Vaidyagrama is a serene and wonderful place to recuperate relax and be in touch with your inner self. The doctors, the therapists and all support staff at Vaidyagrama make one feel at home and motivate, guide and inspire in many ways. My story at Vaidyagrama was outstanding and I enjoyed every bit. In our busy schedule we often don’t have time or inclination to get in touch with inner self.

I thank Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Kesari, and Dr. Radhika, Dr. Athulya and all the therapists and support staff for making my stay very memorable

Dr.Dileep Hariharan,



March 1 2017

With gratitude, respect and love, I leave vaidyagrama more relaxed and peaceful after the wonderful massages and herbal decoctions administrated by the capable doctors.

With love

Kate O Dwyer



March 01 2017

Love you Guys. Thanks for everything but please work on being more organized.

Best wishes to everyone

Krystal Soultry



March 01 2017

Such depth of knowledge and application of Ayurveda wisdom is poured into this place, thank you for showering us with your healing

Much love and gratitude


Kitty Billings