MARCH 2015

March 26 2015

I would like to thank all the staffs at vaidyagrama, cleaners, therapists, management staff, administration, garden staff and doctors for making my healing stay such an awakening and therapeutic experience.

I was truly inspired with the founder’s vision and the way they have naturalized it so far.

This space is truly special from the way it was built, the practices that are taken place and the vision for the future.

A true healing place.

I would warmly recommend it to anyone who wishes to better themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Thank you all for making my stay and my healing experience here such a blissful event.

With lots of love and warmth

Assaf Leibouize



March 26 2015

There is so much to say in gratitude and admiration for what is being created here. It is clear from the stories that have been shared in satang by Dr.Ramkumar that, with patience and determination, Vaidyagrama is evolving with each passing month – and yet the services to each patient feel very stable and personal.

I am leaving here as an “Advocate” for the multiple missions, not just the healing eco-village but the core of charitable work being undertaken in parallel.

I am especially grateful to Dr. Omprakash and Dr.Harikrishnan, they both have a wealth of knowledge and made it possible for me to relax and let myself be cared for. My primary therapists were indu and lakshmi, each have their unique strength.

Lakshmi took especially deep care of me, whether walking me at dawn to drink the bitter kashayam, delivering food, water etc or most especially during oil massage. She is a gem.

The plant walks by Dr.Om were a highlight for me along with cooking, other satsang subjects.

Dr.Ramadas did most of the 5.30 lectures he is so clearly loves ayurveda. They were appreciated.

In my weeks Dr.Ramkumar was available for several 2.45 pm sessions per week each one of these was so valuable, in either Vedic knowledge or information about both the punarnava trust and eco-village project.

This place has been launched with so little ego and so much focused on the long term and legacy.

 It will out-last any founder or individual contributor (It brings to mind Pondicherry Sri Aurobindo which has proven lasting power)

As others have rightly noted, Aparna is so Key! She is the major conduit, smooth intake and outgoing, amazing.

Geetha is stepping up to drive the activities of the trust. Impressive. Hakeem, Keerthy, Sajana, kavitha all cheerful, patient, accommodative. Even my room cleaners are so helpful especially chitra.

I appreciated these women, the gardeners so much.

I totally trust the evolution here because the healing village was set in motion with right actions, clear intention and trust in god.

Thus I have no “needs improvements”, comments accept one.

Birds lizards and insects brings such delights, and for some patients so do the dogs and cats.

Many of us miss the pets from home for we are involved in human animal care back home.

I would like all animals at vaidyagrama to be viewed as “no accident”. If this is perfect and that is perfect (Poornamada poornamida), that too must be embraced as part of nature here and part of therapy here.

They should receive proper animal food and proper natural vet care. There should be sprayed or neutered - but if more arrive in the village through whatever cause or means they too need to be embraced or dealt with, even if only to get them properly adopted elsewhere.

Since vaidyagrama is evolving as an international and multinational community, the common minimums, if not higher, must be applied to all domestic animals –even the “stray”.

Those animal cat and dogs that are loving and therapeutic in nature can be available to those of us who thrive on the humility and unconditional isha bhava that these animals embody! With that I rest my pen. Except to close with the most sincere prayers and blessing for all of the affairs, activity, charity and healing powers of punarnava trust to grow and prosper.

May all beings in all worlds be happy!

Love and light

Charlotte Jernigan



March 24 2015

I will be brief, as my stay was a very short one. I want to thank every single person involved in contributing on the efforts on all levels. I would like to personally thank my doctor Harikrishnan for being so kind and compassionate. It goes a long way...... The therapist Jameela, what can I say... I love you Mamma! Your healing touch and loving heart....... Srilakshmi thank you and don’t give up.

Dr.Om - Thank you for taking care of every single thing. Don’t think I and others are not aware of what you do, I appreciate you very much! Dr.Ramadas - Thank you for the talks and your great voice.

Ramkumar ... thank you for all your efforts and being the face of the organization. You have a wonderful one. Last but not least Aparna thank you so much for your kindness and loving heart and being very helpful, I appreciate you too! To b continued........

Love and light always!

Patti Brito



March 22 2015

It was the best time of relaxed, the sun is shining, birds are singing (and my skin is singing with them) fresh air, cute ginger log, funny lizards….

I was getting the rest for all the time being here. It was the peace.

I want to say thanks for all the people that working here and make is smile every day.

Thanks for Aparna, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Aruna, Devaki and women that cleaned my room, she is very nice person.

Thanks for the guy that brings food to me and to girls too.

Thanks all for a great, peaceful vacation.

P.S. sorry for my bad English and a lot of mistakes that I made. 

Rakhmet You’re the Best

Anel and Gulmira Balgabek

Almaty Kazakhstan


March 21 2015

I have a very positive experience here in vaidyagrama. Doctors, therapists and all the staffs here are very friendly and caring and even though guest who are coming for their own healing.

I enjoyed Doctors daily visit. They are very wonderful...... Listening how I feel and my concerns everyday and answering my questions.

Thank you Dr.Om and Dr.Harikirshnan......

I also enjoyed the daily activities as well, the satsang (Learning ayurveda through food and yogic philosophy) and cooking classes.

They are very helpful knowledge to bring back with me. Finally I started to enjoy the food here more and more!!!!!!

I also learnt and enjoyed the quietness with myself. The environment in Vaidyagrama provides me a stillness and quietness in the mind, that I could not have it in the city.

I have a feeling that this will be a lifelong relationship.

I appreciated it that I had this fortune to be here. I wish for the prosperity of Vaidyagrama.

Love and laughter

Sumiko Koike



March 20 2015

Many thanks to Vaidyagrama, it’s wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable staff and its profound concept of healing environment
 It is very impressive how the initial Idea of the healing village - a very special healing place is materialized now despite of multiple challenges and now people from all around the world are coming here when they leave I believe they are not just rejuvenated yet with the Paradigm shift within which brings them back to harmony.
I will be sharing my experience with all my family and friends so some knowledge will be conveyed for them and hopefully will shift some of them too- which is a first step on the road to harmony
Thank you all and all the best Harmonious and prosperous life to Vaidyagrama as a whole, punarnava trust, which is doing so many great things for the community and most of all to all fantastic people here - doctors Therapist, entire support staff who are doing a great job behind the scenes.




March 17 2015

I get to know and experience multiple ways to improve healing process.

The cough and back pain was high when I come to this place and now I see improvement and I expect much more recovery in future.
My blood pressure become normal after strict vaidyagrama diet, the kind nature of doctor, Therapist cleaning staff made the stay comfortable.
Especially I want to thanks Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash making me believe I would recover soon.

Thank you

Hyderabad India


March 17 2015

Thank you for a restful and insightful stay.

Vaidyagrama is truly a healing village.

The Doctors are kind gentle and deeply knowledgeable. (Dr Ramadas and Dr Harikumar were especially patient and understanding with my various questions and requests)

The overall ambience makes for the perfect retreat, quiet, restful, nurturing and healing.

May the light continue to shine in the village, its people and its manifold activities!

With appreciation and regards

Elizabeth Verghese



March 17 2015

I arrived 12th Feb full of hope and anticipation and with an open mind, but by the fourth day I was ready to call it quits as I just could not adjust to the heat, but gradually I settled into the rhythm of vaidyagrama.

The perspective changed and entered into a happier mood, having made friends and getting to know the staff that not only welcomed with open arms, but bonded beautifully.

Five weeks have finally come to an end but I leave with a sad heart for being behind a team of dedicated doctors, therapist and general staff. Shubha brightened my early mornings with her cheerful smile & literally forcing down medicines into my mouth.

Dr.Om prakash for his zeal, enthusiasm and infectious spirit - dispelling my initial homesickness & egging me on to be happy - he will make a truly wonderful doctor with his passion for everything - big or small! I am extremely grateful to Dr Harikrishnan for his warmth and patience with my incessant chatter & quiet ribbing.

So I leave today, full of hope and a big thank you from the bottom of my heart - my gratitude and love to everybody at vaidyagrama.

God bless you.

Kauser Ghafur



March 16 2015

I was here for 15days much of the time I would say was getting in as well as recovery from a persistent cold, but am leaving feeling lighter brighter more hopeful and more at peace. Next time I would stay longer, I realize two weeks is not enough.

I will miss the lovely spirit of this community and its lovely people from Sumaty who cleaned my room so beautifully in the morning and smoked and cooled the verandah with water in the late afternoon to delivery of drinks and food to the cooks (who I never had pleasure to meet) To the therapists and in particular to Devaky whose firm hands and warm words were balm.

My deep gratitude to the Doctors Aruna and Ramadas so caring and patience.

I leave with the good advice taken to heart

Thank you Thank you

Tamar Schumann



March 16 2015

What a beautiful restful place you share.

From Day one I was treated so lovingly, Special thanks to Dr Ramadas, Dr Harikumar you both shared so much wisdom with me,

And to all the smiling and gentle staff surrounded me. I can’t speak highly enough of your centre. I am going home with my faith in human nature restored.

Loving thoughts to you all.

Jean Carrol



March 15 2015

Thank you for all the care, warmth and kindness.
An oasis of care, tranquillity in a busy world.

May you continue Vaidyagrama with your activities without any obstacles.

Thank you all to the wonderful people at Vaidyagrama

Jill Heald



March 14 2015

4 weeks ago I came here with a heavy back pack, full of troubles desperateness and disorders.

However as I was empathy of my doctors and kindness of all people working here help me to calm down.

So here in vaidyagrama I have not got only this wonderful pretty simple food and the treatment selected with caution aligned to my special needs.

 But also I was deeply nourished in all areas of my being
Thanks your help I am leaving now full of light, hope, energy and courage to face life.
Words fail me to express my deep gratitude to all of you so I just say thanks a lot 
All the best for all of you 

Gabriele Schulles


March 14 2015

Thank you so much for the warm hospitality. I truly enjoyed everything about it, the warm and friendly staff, the doctors, the natural environment and the general ambiance.

 I thoroughly enjoyed the treatment and the care provided by the doctors and therapist.

I will definitely recommend it to anyone interested in traditional and authentic ayurvedic experience.

Warm  healing wishes...Nanni

Basar Koca



March 12 2015

There is much I can write, though only here for five days, I have gained and grown and appreciate the grace bestowed upon me.

I am on a special yatra and being in this place is important for the journey. Yatra is not for myself alone but to receive to give to all those in our family Sangham to the poor, sick and elderly.

It is said is our Sadhana to have strength wisdom, compassion and love and this is the reflection of vaidyagrama.

The cooks, gardeners, trainees, Therapists, doctors, administrators, you are all great beings, My love and blessing to you all, Your family, community, last time here I was in turmoil and given me a tolerance and understanding, now I am in a deeper peace of love and comfort, again my words cannot express the gratitude only my sad guru bhagwan Nityananda and sai baba.

May God bless you all and with grace we may meet again this life time

Alan Oshlack