March 25 2014

Thank you to each and every one at vaidyagrama. Thank you for making this experience so memorable. Thank you for all the healing.

I am so grateful to the doctors here at vaidyagrama who are all so committed and so compassionate and so caring.

To all the wonderful staff who never forget to smile at us and keep us going.

To the serene and divine surroundings that assist in our healing.

I have almost got addicted to vaidyagrama and hope to come back for the 4th time.

Love to all at vaidyagrama

Polly Sabherwal

Brisbane, Australia

March 22 2014

I would like to thank each and every person from vaidyagrama for your unconditional service, your very special care, your patience, acceptance and your unbelievable sweetness – sweetness of your hearts I will never forget. Itself it has a healing effect for my mind, heart and soul.

I am in a real appreciation for the experience of being here – a natural place free of chemicals, flavours, plastics and any other things from this time.

It was nice to realize the all 4 weeks my body happily was lived without coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate! Thank you very much! And now I started to think – I can live without creating garbage – it’s really great. I would be happy  to share with other people this approach that is essential for our Mother Earth.

Thanks for your attempts to bring us to natural life. I have discovered such a deep wisdom that is beyond the traditions of Vedic India.

I bow, I bow, I bow

I would like to thank you for all your prayers that you constantly are doing deep inside your hearts. During my treatment I slowly observed myself and found I feel much better. I would like to express my deep gratitude for the knowledge and wisdom, patience and care of my doctors – Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash. Their constant compassion gently touched my life and changed it.

Also I would like to thank my therapists Sasikala, Sindhu, Devaki, Kanaka, Lakshmi, Sameena, Ahalya and those whose names I do not know.

And my gratitude to Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Ramadas for their open hearts and love. And I thank Aparna for her sweet care.

Leaving your Healing Village I feel my new life is coming.

Thank you vaidyagrama!


Moscow, Russia

March 21 2014

Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Ramanandan and all attendants for warm and pleasant hospitality. I came from Coimbatore and heard lot of Ayurveda centers but truly  it is a different experience at vaidyagrama as it is being run holistically on the principles of spirituality and Ayurveda. I came for digestion problem which is a chronic one for me but really I got rid of this within 15 days. It is amazing.

These 15 days I recapitulate my past and awaken myself how to do business and lead life in unemotional and systematic way. Last 15 days I was very peaceful and no words to tell this experience. Though sometimes I felt very lonely.

Thanks one and all and wish for the success of their noble service.



March 18 2014

Thank you vaidyagrama for the relaxing time and treatment I received over the past 20 days. This is my 2nd visit and I recommend everybody to consider this “Holiday for Health” in vaidyagrama.

Our prime duty to ourselves is to look after our health. If we are healthy, we can help others. Vaidyagrama offers a lifestyle of staying healthy through healthy diet, yoga and spiritual understanding!

Madan Gulati

London, UK

March 18 2014

Both Ahmed and I came to vaidyagrama fat and are leaving thinner…and healthier. Thank you for your caring ways, your carefully produced meals. Everyone from the sweepers to the doctors were kind and caring.

We are hopeful that we will continue to feel the effects of the treatment. Thank you to each one of you for the two weeks we spent here.

Bibi and Ahmed Meer

Potomac, Maryland, USA

This is a very well planned institution, very professional staff and very comfortable facilities. It is amazing that a wide spectrum of international patients are all uniformly pleased and satisfied with their treatment and care. Without visiting vaidyagrama, one cannot appreciate the contribution you make to the health and well being of your patients. We wish you all the success in your commitment in the future.

The Meers

March 18 2014

Vaidygrama is my sanctuary. Here I have space to let go and find myself again. These 4 weeks have been wonderful and I thank everybody for their warmth and laughter as well as their dedication and healing hands. I savour all that I have experienced here and keep this in my heart to carry back to Germany so that vaidyagrama is always with me.

My most sincere gratitude to each and every one in vaidyagrama especially Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Ramkumar and last but not the least to Renu for having not missed a “single” experience so we can all benefit from her wisdom.

My very best wishes

Yim Ming


March 16 2014

Thank you for 4 weeks  (that feel like 2) of retreat, purification and very well being taken care of.

We enjoyed our stay and want to come again.


Andreas (Germany) and Karin (Austria)

March 15 2014

Dear vaidyagrama people

Thank you for your sincere and wise guidance. I enjoyed

  • Dr.Ramadas’ tuition
  • The daily yoganidra
  • The daily chanting
  • The food
  • The room was beautiful and it had no plastic in it! Great

Due to family issues in Germany I have to leave early. I hope to be back soon to complete.




March 14 2014

Dear all the staff at vaidyagrama

Wow! What an experience. You have all shown so much care, warmth and support during my stay. So many profound insights into my experience of health. You have all touched my heart and allowed great healing for me here.

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much!

I will travel with these gifts you have shared, carry them with me and allow them to become a part of my life. May you all be Blessed!

Sincere gratitude

With love



March 14 2014

Dear Drs., therapists and staff at vaidyagrama

Thank you for all the treatment, help, warm hospitality, great environment and kindness during our stay here at vaidyagrama. As a beginner of Ayurveda learning, we learned a lot of things like lifestyle, food, spirituality, concept of Ayurveda etc.

We continue to keep this lifestyle as much as we can even when we go back home.

We stayed here only 16 days but the result we got was huge physically and mentally… Especially thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om and our therapist Sasikala. Cant thank enough for what we got from them. They took care of us with a lot of love and smiles.

We never forget about our experiences here and hopefully come back again and then stay longer next time!!

Lots of love

Hiromi and Hitani


March 13 2014

A huge “thank you” to everyone at vaidyagrama for taking great care of us.

This has been a great privilege to come and experience such healing in this beautiful environment, community of plants, inspirational satsangs, doctors, therapists and fellow patients, cooks and cleaners.

The team of so many, I will always appreciate all your work. I have been held like a child, allowed to relax in a way I never have before – this has been liberating.

Particular gratitude to Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om, Renu, Dr.Ramkumar (satsangs) and Dr.Ramadas (vibrational prayers) and therapists Sameena.

Thank you for my room move – I love the new room – very harmonious

I loved my experience of healing here and I love the vision that is vaidyagrama.

With love



March 13 2014

I take this opportunity to thank each and every one here at vaidyagrama. I thas ben a blessing on me to be able to come here and enjoy such warmth, love and caring environment. My heart is filled with gratitude towards each one of you.

This is my first ever introduction to Ayurveda and its true qualities and it has done amazing results on my condition and I truly believe that the next 3 months will heal me completely. This journey has been full of awakening of my true self. Thank you all for the initiative to do such a good thing. I have truly enjoyed my journey here and I cant wait to plan my next trip to see you all.

With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for an amazing team. I look forward to cross paths at some point with every one I met here. Until then, take care and continue doing the wonderful job in healing people.

Lots of love

Nasiha Fathimath


March 12 2014

What a humbling opportunity this has been to become immersed in pure and authentic Ayurveda, true to the ancient teachings and shared with unparalleled reverence and skill by the entire team without fault. I feel indebted for this privilege and want to forever continue learning as a student of Ayurveda to honour this special experience and initiation. I have been attended to and nourished to my core and received seeds of profound healing that I will nurture with care and respect and love.

With deep respect and infinite gratitude..thank you



March 10 2014

All my gratitude for a wonderful experience at vaidyagrama. I really enjoyed being here. I deeply appreciate the kindness, sweetness and loving care of my doctors, therapists and all the other employees. Really wonderful people, and a wonderful place. Healing on all levels of our being, a place that feels like heaven on earth. Thank you.

I am planning to be back next year.




March 09 2014

Thank you so much for warm friendly meeting and amazing time in vaidyagrama.

Most gratitude that you helped to my son with the problem which none could resolve since 2 years.

Very professional doctors and kind hearted personnel.

Suggestion – serve fresh coconut water

Hari Om Tat Sat

Maxim, Dogdan

March 09 2014

Thank you vaidyagrama for all that you offer here. Such important work that is done by each one of you. Thank you for reinforcing my faith in ayurveda. Thank you for being true to the classical texts despite the patients’ desires for more comforts, more food etc.

It is so easy to forget that we always get just what we need and there is no need for greed. Thank you for your simplicity.

Especially thank you therapist Rajani with your highly skilled hands and natural nurturing nature. And Dr.Ramanandan – for facilitating a most appropriate program for me while I was here.

My only observation of an area of improvement is to take better care of the young therapists who work here. They still need supervision, guidance and support as they are still babies.

I look forward to returning next year and I will always speak highly to students and friends and family about this amazing place.

With deep gratitude


Philadelphia, USA

March 09 2014





Venezuela - France

March 09 2014

I came to vaidyagrama for five days to accompany my daughter and support her during her treatments. Before I had heard and read some articles about Ayurveda medicine but I didn’t have any experience of it, but I was curious wishing to know more.

During our stay with Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om, we decided that I would take some treatments that I could continue later at home. I started doing it carefully, and I must say that I was positively surprised to see how good it was for me bringing me a sort of balance and opening for me a new vision about our need to be constantly in harmony with nature and with our environment including people around us. In this sense, I want to say that I am very thankful to the doctors who treated me with such seriousness, skill and kindness, the same to the staff of vaidyagrama. I may say that I am on the way willing to learn much more about Ayurveda.

This short experience brought me a lot of serenity and filled my being with a very special enrichment. It is like I have grown along these five days. Once more thanks to all of you! I appreciated your wisdom, affection and dedication to your beautiful task. May the god of Ayurveda bless you all!

Marie Francoise

France & Venezuela

March 08 2014

“Where the eye falls, there is the face of God”

A wonderful vision in becoming manifest through vaidyagrama. Deep gratitude and beautiful wishes to the visionaries and to all the vaidyagrama family. May peace and happiness be yours.

Prem & Om

Christine Burri


March 06 2014

I came here for one motivation, one idea…a purpose

& I found more than expected thanks to the support of doctors and staff. The healing has only started. I am grateful to have found this “doctors’ village” from which a new journey can start.



Always a great inspiration to meet people who consider the human being before any kind of disease or abnormality of your health conditions. I was deeply touched by the profound humaniy I felt in every person in this village, doctors, staff, patients and also the wind blowing in between the walls and the birds chanting, the squirrels running made a wholesome and special environment to reconnect with oneself and find the essential resources to keep on growing.

With deep thanks and many blessings to you all in vaidyagrama



March 03 2014

My stay here was filled with the profound rejuvenation of a spiritual retreat as well as wonderful rejuvenation of the body. I feel deep gratitude for each one of you for the wisdom, affection, joy and unhesitating care you have extended to me. Your love and the exquisite environment you maintain with attention and sweetness – these are surely as potent as the amazing medicines and treatments. I am deeply grateful to each one of you and will carry the gifts of my stay here with respect and excitement.

With abundant love and appreciation

Hema Patankar

California, USA

March 01 2014

How blessed I am to have had such a wonderful, caring, kind and supportive stay here.

I know that the faith you gave me for healing will allow me to carry on with faith also.

Bless you all and I dop hope to return in the near future.

Love, peace and light

Cassandra McGann