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MARCH 2012

March 31 2012

Dearest Vaidyagrama

Thank you so much for existing. I’m not too sure where my health would be without your help. Words are not enough to describe the love and gratitude I have for all of you. The service you provide me and to the world is truly healing and gives me inspiration to live healthy. I am still learning about life, but I know I want Ayurveda as a part of my life….if not ALL of my life!

With lots of love, I thank you from the BOTTOM…and TOP of my heart.

C U next year

Patient from

Ottawa, Canada…EARTH


March 31 2012

Dear vaidyagrama – to all of you, the doctors, therapists, housekeeping & “smoke” crews & those who are busy behind the scenes preparing the food or tending to the facilities, making our stay here as comfortable as possible; I extend my warmest, deepest gratitude & most heartfelt thanks.

You have given me your precious time & energy & attention & have contributed significantly to my journey towards better health & healing. I take the special memory of each of you with me.

You have shown me much kindness & sincerity with your gentle touch and treatment, smiling face when bringing the food or medicine, with your laughter & joking & the great amount of patience you have extended me with my many questions and eagerness to understand and learn from you. It is a challenging experience to endure illness but it is a challenge also to care for and offer guidance to those who are unwell. I think you manage this admirably.

I am forever grateful to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Raj for taking such good care of me; & to Dr.Ramkumar for all I learned through evening satsang sessions. It was this advice I followed that enabled such a profound & life changing experience as was brought about with the ghee+purgation treatment. What a gift! A big thank you also to Aparna for her efforts and dedication to making sure our stay here was an enjoyable and comfortable one.

I will think of you all always & know that all the wonderful things that come my way will in part be due to you & what I’ve learned here. I carry you with me, I carry you in my heart.

With love & thanks


Carmel, California, USA


March 30 2012

Gratitude for the beloved people of Vaidyagrama! 42 days!! What a profound journey this has been!

My most special appreciation is first, for Dr.Ramadas. You have a heart of gold. Your radiant smile is reflective of your love and your deep spiritual nature. Your presence is healing for me, as well as your deep, clear voice through the daily chanting of prayers. Your direct approach and guidance with me was received deeply. Also, with Dr.Ramkumar, when either of you spoke to me directly about how my mind affects my health, I felt like I received a transmission through your caring presence and wisdom. This allowed me to embody more deeply your wise advice. Never before have I sat with a doctor who was so present, caring, listening & direct with me. For this I am eternally grateful.

Dr.Harikumar, you are a heartful being as well, and your sweet kindness shines through your excellent and skilful care. I am deeply grateful for all of the doctors here at Vaidyagrama.

Dr.Ramkumar, thank you for your brilliance in your vision & creation of Vaidyagrama. Your satsangs were inspiring, and I look forward to your book that I hope you are writing!

Safira has been my main therapist. Safira is, like her name, a clear, bright jewel. Safira, I so appreciate your capacity to speak English to me. When I was challenged by my physical & emotional symptoms, you were calm, present, strong and capable, in your presence with me. Truly helpful and truly lovely. I feel deeply cared for. Being a massage therapist for some 30 years in my own profession, I appreciate the skilfulness and quality of touch that both you and other therapists here offer. My gratitude to all of the therapists! I respect your had work, your dedication to Ayurveda, and your loving hands. The rice ball treatmens were the ultimate heaven!

It is a blessing for me that I LOVE the food at Vaidyagrama. Especially green gram and conjee! With the wonderfully flavoured dals & vegetables…& papadoms! I will surely miss being lovingly served by the sweetheart Sasikala, & the other fine servers, my daily yummy meals! Great gratitude to Kavitha and the beautiful mother of Indu, who is the main cook. To all of the cooks, cleaners & staff, my sincere appreciation to all.

The first contact one has with a place is always important for establishing an impression. Aparna, you are a warm, gracious and wonderfully kind representative for Vaidyagrama. I so appreciate your many skills, and the help you offered in so many ways. You are a precious being!

Overall my experience has been fabulous. Many of the emotional and mental patterns that arose in panchakarma (PK) lifted & seemed to dissolve. This is worth everything.

Great love, peace & prayers for the blessing of all

Jyothi Rundel



March 28 2012

I thank God for having made it possible to come here. This community provides the space & time for healing (inner & outer). Everyone was very caring and sincerely interested in our well being. I am very impressed by the quality of treatments and medical supervision. I was also very happy with the variety and quality of the meals. The accommodations were comfortable and all the staff were great – cordial and respectful always.

I would recommend Vaidyagrama and hope God will bring me back for further treatments. The philosophy of Vaidyagrama is ambitious and righteous.

May blessings descend on this place!

Tripura Sundari & Om Ananda



March 24 2012

Welfare of body is important to achieve higher goals in life

Ayurveda is a blessing to mankind by our ancient wisdom

Vaidyagrama is making this blessing reachable to the mankind in true sense.

Thanks to all who are contributing





March 22 2012

I came with anxiousness and left with calmness.

For that, I thank the doctors, the staff, the other patients, the birds, the Higher Being and Life.

I know I only got a taste (5 days) but with that it is the start of my blossoming which I look forward to. You have built a really great concept here – I only hope that it stays as simple, accessible and spiritual as it is. World society is not taking us to a good place, but if you can maintain / conserve, you will be a role model that people will always want to come back to and follow.

As I know we are all here to grow, something that I would have appreciated to see is promptness, attention to detail, and more time to be heard.

I thank you again for such a wonderful and eye-opening experience and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Cristina Montoya



March 21 2012

Thanks for this experience. It is wonderful. Did not expect things to go smoothly but this peaceful place with kind human beings changed all that. I learnt a lot on Ayurveda via satsangs & individual chats with doctors, therapists & the supporting staff. All served and helped us with love & sincerity. Dr.Om, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramdoss & Dr.Ramkumar, and Aparna were very instrumental in making our stay comfy, physically & mentally as well keep up the good eco-friendly, global Ayurvedic healthy living concept village going.

Few comments communication between staff & patients can be made easier in the beginning weeks via formal printouts on prayers, food with a small note stating what we are eating etc. Overall it is a positive experience for me and for my father. I will recommend this healing facility to all my friends who are open to a new way to live.

Thank you

Subra Krishnan



March 21 2012

Thank you so much to my wonderful doctors. I truly appreciate the scope of your knowledge; supporting me on many levels, understanding my nature and when I was disturbed, giving the appropriate support.

Thank you also to all the support staff who make the healing possible.

Ah, despite the heat, I loved and was so supported by both the wonderfully designed buildings and all the aspects of the natural world. Especial favourites watching the egiels and swifts playing early in the morning, the kind & graceful cows and the lizard who dropped from the roof by my sitout each morning. Wonderful community prayer & satsangs!

It would be very helpful to have your wonderful soap available for handwashing & personal laundry right when patients arrive. Also some more padding for mattress & to be able to take to yoga room would have helped me to settle in more comfortably. Dr.Ramdas, you truly met me expectations for care.

It would be very helpful to have pictures of the doctors with their names (I had two in my room folder but only two) as well as names of main care staff in the blocks.

When looking at the design in the future, perhaps something can be done to prevent the sound communication between some rooms. I think the sound must travel through the louvers.

Thank you and all best wishes

Simrat Kaur


March 20 2012

Thank you for the pleasant and healthy stay, the warm hospitality and the open hearts we’ve met. It was a good experience to put more awareness to our bodies and to learn more about Ayurvedic healing.

hank you to the doctors and the whole staff at Vaidyagrama.


Alexandra & Bettina


March 18 2012

My sincere thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash for their kind care and attention. To Maya & Safira for their love and therapy.

Also thanks to Dr.Ramkumar for his very enlightening satsangs and Dr.Ramadas who seems to be surrounded by smiles and laughter wherever he is. Also to Aparnaji for all her help with the essentials!

The vision of Vaidyagrama is a wonderful one and my very best wishes to all of you here.


United Kingdom

PS – The food is a little too bland for me but I am assured that it is necessary


March 15 2012

After 3 weeks of treatment at Vaidyagrama, I have only started to surrender to everything..the heat, the hard massage table, the bland food concept for lunch. I don’t know if it has fully healed my problems but everyone here has been a part of the healing process for me. I believe in Ayurveda with all my heart, so I am sure nature takes its time for recovery and I came here with an open mind and am leaving with an open mind also.

I really want to thank you to all the doctors and staff, especially all your caring and support during my stay. It doesn’t feel you are my doctor here but a life support which contributes to my healing process. Special thanks to Dr.Ramdas who has given me so much guidance throughout my stay and your every effort to make my stay the best it could. You are like a father idol to me and I am blessed that you are the main doctor for my stay. I will definitely miss you and this place.

Vaidyagrama is really a healing village that everyone comes together and give their piece of heart to this amazing place! My best wishes to growing this place to a global village. If I could be a part of this, I would certainly love to help.

Much happiness




March 09 2012

Now I am very happy! Really, I have new body, new mind!!

I would say you, VAIDYAGRAMA, thank a lot!

You the Best

Best place

Best treatment

Best medicines

And specially Best People who work here

Thanks Dr.Ramadas

Thanks Dr.Raj

Thanks Hakeem

Thanks Aparna

You do very good job, pure job and ecology job.

See you next year

Best regards




March 06 2012

In a true sense this place is a VAIDYAGRAMA. As Vaidya means doctor and grama means village.

This grama has excellent doctors who are humble, down to earth, loving, caring and treating the patients with affection which is given by the family.

My special and heartfelt thanks to all the doctors, therapists and also the staff. I was overwhelmed and touched when Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash looked after me during my illness. Special thanks to both of them. Thanks to all the therapists. They are all very dedicated and excellent in their work.

Vaidyagrama family is growing and I am proud to be one of the members of this family.

My best wishes and love to you all

Khursheed Sayyed



March 03 2012

Thank you for your excellent hospitality, perfect treatments. We enjoyed staying here, although just for 2 days. Thank you for all the information needed for our project of Ayurvedic center in our country.

David & Peter

Czech Republic


March 02 2012

We have spent three very agreeable weeks at Vaidyagrama and specially appreciated with thanks the care and counselling of our doctors, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Om Prakash whose advice has been very useful. Also our thanks to D.Ramkumar & Dr.Ramadas for animating the evening discussions. Our thanks to the therapists and staff who have been very helpful, not forgetting Aparnaji and Kavita.

The concept of Vaidyagrama combining traditional Ayurveda practice in a natural environment with well laid out rooms seems to be full of promise and we wish every success to Dr.Ramkumar and his vision. Last but not the least, the treatment have been very effective and both of us feel in better health and much more relaxed than when we arrived.

Veena & Careem



March 02 2012

Heartfelt thanks to Vaidyagrama team. It feels as if we have spent 10 days at the village of angels and we will return.

Thanks to Dr.Ramkumar for following his vision and to all the doctors and staff for their lovely care. We will spread the word and would love to participate in the unfolding of this great project.

Polona (Slovenia) and Tor (Australia)