JUNE 2017


June 30, 2017

This is my second experience of stay at Vaidyagrama. I enjoyed my stay here. It is a very calm place, with great healers Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna. The therapists are wonderful; they understand my pain and they tried all possible ways to heal me. I had a wonderful learning experience during Satsangs with many doctors who are knowledgeable. I like the traditional way of starting the day with a prayer and ending with a prayer, which adds meaning to our life.

Thank you for the ladies who helped to clean the room.

Thank you.

Looking forward to come again..

Priya Govindarajan



June 27, 2017

A very short and blessed stay.

Going back home feeling more determined and taking happiness with me.

Thanks for having me and my mother here, and taking care of us.

This is my first experience with Ayurveda treatment, and I will definitely spread the word around me. It is a place where I have been “ME”. I did not have to use heavy make up to cover my pigmentation, and feel really good about this.

Thank You!

Reshma Nathoo & Mum



June 27, 2017

We enjoyed our stay here. It was an interesting experience and we learnt a lot. We are going to integrate it in our life, and we are looking forward to seeing the results in real life.

Thank you for your loving care.

Erwin and Elena

Netherlands, Sweden


June 24, 2017

Entire staff, therapists and doctors

Once again it has been a pleasant experience, though a short one. As you all know, I have made fantastic recovery both with my arthritis and diabetes. After my first treatment here, I could easily transition to the daily life with all medications and oil treatment etc.

Your guidance, online support was superb, always quick and responds to my questions and clarifications.

Vaidyagrama has made a life-changing impact on me.


Dev Ganesh



June 24, 2017

Doctors and Family of Vaidyagrama,

We had an excellent treatment in this authentic Ayurveda centre. The entire set up and atmosphere is conducive to Ayurveda healing.

The morning and evening prayers meditation, Satsangs & talks on Ayurveda gave us a fantastic feeling of peace and a frame of mind for healing the body.

After having tried a few Ayurveda care centres, we have finally found one destination for Ayurveda care and healing.

We have not come across so much dedication; seldom have doctors given a detailed briefing on post-care after discharge from the centre.

Thanks and God bless all of you!

Shailendra Bhandari & Renu Bhandari



June 24, 2017

Doctors and Family of Vaidyagrama,

All doctors and staff of Vaidyagrama are nice and with smiling face. Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr Radhika, Dr Athulya are all very humble and attentive to our problems.

All the best!

Rajendra  K Agrawalla

Anita Todi

Lilawathi Todi



June 24, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

The past 2.5 weeks have been wonderful I came here with a back so bad, that I had trouble with simple, basic movements. I am leaving here, virtually pain free.

Aside from the physical aspect, this was a great 2.5 weeks of getting back in touch with myself. Reminding me of the things that are important to me, making me realize how much of our daily lives are spent in responding to stimulus we don’t need.

I hope to take these lessons back with me and lead a healthier and more intentional life.

Thank you to the entire team!

Nitin Gajria



June 23, 2017

I had a wonderful time learning, observing and being at Vaidyagrama. It is truly an energy field of deep healing that bring us back to the core of ourselves and to our connection to Nature.

I look forward and greatly anticipate my visit here again in the future.

Sonera Jhaveri



June 22, 2017

To the Vaidyagrama family

This is my fourth visit to vaidyagrama and it only reinforced my faith in the healing process, it symbolizes for!

I would like to specially thank Dr Harikrishnan whose calm and reassuring demeanour inspires confidence; and his team esp. Dr Athulya, Dr Kesari and Dr Radhika.

Among the therapists, I am lucky to again be in good hands of Lakshmi chechi and a new one Akhila. Their dedication at work as indeed that of all the staff from housekeeping, gardeners, office staff and kitchen is touching. Changes in food measures and preparations were the biggest surprise and of course very welcome ones. Once again, thanks to everyone for making my stay pleasant and helping me heal my body and mind.

Warm regards,




 June 20, 2017

I would like to thank all the doctors who took care of me and were so patient with me.

I am Katia, French with 60% Indian blood – hence this stay was mainly to cure myself from a health perspective but it did far more in fact. I renewed my link to India, Indian spirituality, Indian mindset which is very different from western’s .This was a good surprise for me and a wonderful gift that I did not expect when coming here. I met very interesting people here either patients or doctors, and we exchanged a lot about life and how to live it best. After the treatment, I got this strange feeling that I found back my body, which was very positive and also unexpected.

Hence I will never forget about Vaidyagrama and its wonderful team who proves that a different world can exist in harmony with any living being. Now it is time for me to go back to France, and I will for sure do not live the same way – I do not know yet if I will apply all this I learnt here (probably not) but i will try to do my best.

Thanks to all again and hope that Vaidyagrama will live long time!




June 17, 2017

I came to Vaidyagrama after having exhausted all other treatment options for a fairly uncommon medical problem. I am really grateful for the care and attention that I received here. These three weeks have taught me to look at healing from a new perspective. Amazing team of doctors and para medical staff!

 Beautiful and secure atmosphere that enhances the healing process! I feel much better already, and think I finally see some light at the end of the treatment.

Special and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Anupama and Dr. Arsha.


Narmadha Kalyanaswamy



June 17, 2017

It has been an inspiring time for me.

The three weeks that I spent here were inspiring to see values, ethos and the Vision of the place, and its spirit reflecting in the actions of every staff member. The love, warmth and nurturing each of them demonstrated significantly contributed to my healing.

All the quiet and tranquillity of the place compelled me into a space of reflection that reminded me of all the things that I ought to be grateful for.

Of course, Dr. Ramadas and all the other doctors and the therapists- The conversations were full of insight and refreshing and optimistic perspectives. That kind of completed my treatment.

I leave, filled with hope and knowing that I will keep this wisdom in my heart, which will never be far from here.

Grateful to all of you at vaidyagrama..

Lots of love

Kalyan Akkipedi

Andhra Pradesh


June 16, 2017

To all my doctors, priests the lovely team, the staff at vaidyagrama.

Like every flower wilts

Like youth is fading

Each Virtue and wisdom needs parading

In one’s own time and must not last forever.

The heart must be, at each new call for leaving without to part and start without  the tragic,

without the grief, with courage to endeavour a novel bond,

a disparate connection.

For each beginning bears a special magic

That nurtures living and bestows protection

We will walk from space to space in glad progression

And should not cling to one as homestead for us

The cosmic spirit will not bind nor bare us,

It lifts and widens us in every session for hardly set in one of life’s expanses we make it home and apathy commences.

But only he, who travels and take chances can break the habits paralyzing stances.

It even may be that the last of hours will make us once again a youthful lover.

The call of life to us forever flowers.

Thank you for giving me back strength and power that I can follow my next step with a heart full of love, acceptance and peace.


Julia knecht

Munich, Germany


June 16, 2017

I am really happy to stay with peace and God’s grace in this place. All are easy to make a friendship with a cute smile. I got a real healing from the god of Ayurveda, Dhanwanthari. Because of my injury, I was truly realised and healed by here. That makes me very happy to fulfil my requirements; doctor’s approach and encouragement are so good.

R. Nagamohan



June 16, 2017

My treatment and experience at Vaidyagrama has been amazing; such a nurturing and healing place. All the staff are wonderful, kind and have looked after me well. The hospital, rooms and facility are ideal. The rooms are large and clean and it’s great to have a personal outdoor space.

I have found the satsang talks very useful and great support whilst here. I have enjoyed the other activities very much. It’s been good to see Indian life and learn about Hindu traditions. The doctors here have been very professional and have been an excellent support during my stay.

Really enjoyed my time here.

Thank you

Nicola Hurd



June 16, 2017

I had a very brief stay in Vaidyagrama. The experience I had here is inexplicable in words.

Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr Radhika, Dr Athulya are all very humble and attentive to our problems. They welcomed me as if this is my 100th visit to Vaidyagrama.

Dedication to duty - I could see this in every simple work. I could have never imagined that I can spend time without TV, laptop. Right from early morning till going to bed, the doctors and therapists took care of me very well.

Right kind of food, followed by right medicines, given at right time by right people can cure any disease. This is the feeling I carry with me. I thank all the staff , therapists, housekeeping staff and above all Dr.Harikrishnan and doctors for having given a memorable experience.

Let your duty continue as the same is duty of god.




June 14, 2017

To All at Vaidyagrama, Thousand Pranams !!!!

The 6 days I have been here, was a fantastic experience; never missed my family and home. Being in the hospitality industry it is essential to satisfy the customer needs. Here it was a customer delight!

All the people whom I was in touch took good care of me right from Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Radhika., therapists ,the housekeeping ladies,  the pantry-in-charge taught me many things, keeping everything simple & humble.

Had a chance to meet Geetha and Aparna too. Heard a lot of things about Punarnava and Punarnava Trust’s noble things done for society.

‘System makes things possible, but it is the people who make it happen’.

With the kind of involved and motivated  group at Vaidyagrama, it is for sure to go places. Thanks for giving the opportunity to pen my feelings!




June 12, 2017

To the people, the land & the spirits of Vaidyagrama – You have deeply touched and inspired me with the boldness & wholeness of your Vision & your manifestation of the vision to date. I am so very grateful to have had the experience of living here for one month – Thank you for holding me as you have!

To the people here – Thank you to each and every one of you, for your smiles, for your heartfulness, your humbleness, your wisdom, your generosity, your laughter.

To the land – Thank you for the food, the trees, the birds, the rain, and the flowers.

To the spirits- thank you for guiding me here.

With much Gratitude and love

Heike Hamann

Queensland, Australia


June 10, 2017

Appreciate all the efforts and care in introducing Ayurveda to both our son and mother. As a family, we had a fruitful experience.

Thank you.

Marimuthu Ammal, Rajandra, Thilagah, Praveen



June 06, 2017

Dearest vaidyagrama Family,

Thank you for welcoming me back to the beautiful space of peace, tranquillity, birds, prayer, simplicity, love and healing. Thank you for taking care of me, for supporting me, teaching me and showing me by example that a simple, peaceful, harmonious and healthy life is possible. Thank you for all the nurturing and nourishment for feeding my soul, and enabling me to open my mind and heart. I cherish the care and love shown to me and that drives this community.

I acknowledge and feel deep gratitude to everyone who has contributed to my healing at all levels- the kitchen, staff, the support staff, the doctors, therapists, administration.

Dr. Ramadas- Thank you for your gentle presence, compassionate care and also for the laughter when you show me sometimes how much I “sweat the small stuff ”

Dr. Aruna – For your understanding and taking time to explain things to me.

Dr. Anupama – For your care

Archana - for taking care of me and being so patient, always with a smile.

Jaysree - for all your care and concern.

Baby Aunty for making my rooms special.

And to all the staff for your contribution.

I pray that only good and beautiful things come your way.

May you all are blessed with love, peace, good health and prosperity until we meet again.

Be well!

Much love and blessings,

Ayesha Sabat



June 06, 2017

With deep-seated gratitude, respect and a sense of well being Gauri, Shilpa, and I (Natasha) would like to thank Vaidyagrama for giving us an opportunity to engage with our selves and learn a special way of healing, caring and love through Ayurveda.

 The exemplary patience, experience and knowledge brought to our lives by Dr Harikrishnan.K.K and  his team  Dr Athulya, Dr.Kesari, Dr Radhika, the lovely attendants Vidya, Indu, Lakshmi &all the support team from housekeeping, Sonia, the team at the Reception & the kitchen provided an experience which will stand the test of time.

The immense learning from the engaging Satsangs held by Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramadas, his prayers, classes , have all left a very special impression in our minds and hearts.

We hope that we will reflect through our thoughts and well-being what we learned at Vaidyagrama when we return to our homes and place of work in Delhi tomorrow.

Growing up, my grandmother who lived in Kashmir never failed to remind us to learn from faiths and cultures which were other than ours .Through very simple, prayers she taught us that there is one god and He resides in each of us as we reside within Him amongst each other..as One.

This is beautifully epitomized by our memorable journey at Vaidyagrama .We are in gratitude to the family here where doctors ,attendants, patients all come together, as one to create an experience which is perfect, whole and in healing and well-being for whole. Am sharing a message from the Sikh guru Nanak dev ji who said, before becoming a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or a Christian let us become a human.

It meant in any ways to become one and whole as humans perfecting the role rather than being fragmented and losing ourselves in separation. The essence of this is taught through the first root verse from the Sikh scriptures, which is also a very special prayer for strength and healing. May the universe inspire to shower upon all of you, your familes and Vaidyagrama the blessing of the creator for health, happiness and wellbeing ahead!

With warm regards,

Natasha Chaudari, Shilpa Gupta, Gauri Bhargava



June 06, 2017

It did not feel that I have come for my ailments. It is a wonderful little heaven, with very friendly and loving people. Very polite, even if they had made a little mistake, otherwise I would have shouted but I only had love and compassion for them. It was a wonderful experience and I feel like coming again and again.

Hope it remains like this for ever.

Thanks for everything.

Ranjan Shroff



June 05, 2017

In the lap of Mother Nature...

Vaidyagrama – An amazing Place to heal body and soul. Peace prevails here everywhere. Awesome experience...Thanks to the whole staff whether Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Aruna whether the therapists, the housekeeping team, the cooks, the accounts staff and all the others behind the scene. Everyone is so dedicated, so caring and hardworking. I am impressed, appreciable. Everyone is smiling every time. It feels like a family here. I am very grateful to all of u. Special thanks to Aparna.

Thanks and warm wishes,

Shaily Agarwal



June 04, 2017

It’s difficult to put in words the experience of being in vaidyagrama. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to be here, totally in love with Ayurveda.

I came for my body, but now I feel my soul is healed too.

All my gratitude for Dr. Ramadas for his wise words and understanding the attention and spanish J of Dr. Krishnadas the care and love of the staff and the smiles I received every day.

Definitely I don’t want to go!

All the love,

Alejandra Carvajal



June 04, 2017

In February this year, a voice whispered to my ear that it was the right time to take a plane ticket to India and make reservation at vaidyagrama. After 21 days in the healing and peaceful place, I am deeply convinced it was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life – I am just starting to perceive the benefits of all treatments received and the power of the energy of this wonderful oasis on earth. When I will be back here, piece of consciousness will gradually show up.

The gratitude goes to the amazing people that are making vaidyagrama everyday, to the profound knowledgeable and wise medical team to the patient and smiling therapists and all the persons who work here and with who we do not have interaction.

The work synergy of this amazing team is felt from the very first step in vaidyagrama. I am deeply thankful for this transforming experience and this blessed opportunity that have been given to me.

My best wishes for everyone at vaidyagrama




June 02, 2017


I almost escaped on the third day. Now I am not sure I want to leave! I can truly say that this could not have come at a better time. Everything happens for a reason or just as it should? Thank you to everyone! I ‘m sure there are many people that are behind the scenes that make this place what it is. The people that i have interacted with have made me feel very welcome & at home. It does feel like a family here. There seems to be a true, caring, and companionate interaction occurring in vaidyagrama that does not exist in most organisations or businesses. People care about each other! Yummy food! Mostly wonderful treatments Ha Ha Ha ! Great satsangs (why don’t we learn this stuff in school) and I’m learning to spend more time on positive thoughts and love.

Jamie Eyster




June 2, 2017

To all the miracle workers @ Vaidyagrama ...

Thank you so much for kindness, care, and fine attention and detail, which make every day here under your care, a blessing.

You have provided a natural healing oasis that allowed me to find deep rest and the ability to surrender to my physical ailments and emotional scab. Thank you Vaidyas for your patience, wisdom & insights; and the daily prayers and satsangs .

Thank you therapists, for your sweet smiles and healing hands. Thank you to everyone else here that works so hard to keep Vaidyagrama thriving!

Much love,

Norri Eyster



June 02, 2017

This is my second time here and I am so grateful that I found this place. Thank you all for the care and effort you put into this place. All of you contribute your heart and soul into vaidyagrama, and patients can feel that positive energy all the time here and beyond. This is not just a place for rest and healing, this is the place to learn how to live together in harmony with Nature and among you. Thank you for showing me the way to live. I am coming back with my daughter in August again to stay for 3 weeks.

Keep smiling!

God bless you all.                                            

With lots of love,

Aleksandra Williams