JUNE 2015

June 26 2015

No words to express my feelings regain the stay at Vaidyagrama. Everything and everybody took care. Nice experience.


Karaikal, India

June 24 2015

Dear vaidyagrama staffs

I am feeling so happy and feel like sharing all my heart to you expressing how lucky I am feeling to be a part of your family for some five weeks.

Well! I did not come here to treat some disease or something but just to accompany my elder sister who was going through bad health condition.

I have always been a quiet person and I really enjoyed being with myself all alone, so I found it a best place to attain that inner peace and happiness of mind. Just after submitting my Masters thesis, all I was able to see is a hope from Vaidyagrama to treat my sister’s health problems.

I am seeing her from last few years how she is struggling with her poor health. I was not able to believe that she will start recovering so soon after coming here. So I accompanied her. After reaching here and spending few days I got to believe that some really helpful people do exist in this world to help the needy.

The doctors, staffs everyone here was so wonderful. The way they cared for us was really appreciable. I whole-heartedly thank Dr.Nat who constantly supported us and encouraged us to come here.

After few days when I started seeing my sister recovering I felt so good. Now she has recovered her illness nearly 50%. I don’t know how I did not realize that the time was passing at it’s full speed and we completed 5 weeks of our stay here. Now it is time for me to say bye to Vaidyagrama as of now but I will visit again soon. I will miss everything and everyone who comforted my stay here but mostly I will miss Lakshmi chechi, Indu, Dr.Om and his lovely Daughter.

To experience Ayurveda treatment I received one week basic treatment which was really good. I wish you keep it up always and provide happiness and good health to the people who come with hope and faith in vaidyagrama. Nothing more to say. See you people again soon. Thanks a lot for everything

With love

Priyanka Singh

New Delhi, India


June 23 2015

Hari om

At last the parting day has arrived. We were here for 21 day treatment course. Very impressed with the way things are planned here. Vaidyagrama is really a nice place to come and take treatment.   
We live in an Ashram and it felt like staying in the same environment here. There is a touch of sanctity blended with spirituality in some of the activities here. We have been made to feel at home.
 Our heartfelt thanks to Dr.Ramanandan and Nikhilji. Special appreciation to all staff, special regards to aparna ji, for making this possible for us. Best wishes for the upcoming conference in December. Pray that punarnava will grow by leaps and bounds serving the society. Let the blessings of God and gurus shower up on us all

Jai Guru 
Swami Mukti Priyananda Hariharananda


June 23 2015

A big thank you to all the doctors and staff of Vaidyagrama for all the help with healing and nurturing.

Every day I have learnt something new about my mind body helped by Dr. Ramkumar satsang and meeting and talking to the other patients some of who have returned several times.

21 days did seem a really long time at first but as I leave today I find it has done me a world of good.

Love and good wishes

Ms.Kavita Boga

Mumbai, India


June 23 2015

Thank you for a 21 day Symphony of therapeutic hands salubrious smiles, healing minds soothing incantations and so much more.

Mere words scarcely enough to thank you all.

In good health and good cheer.

Aurobind Patel



June 21 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama staff

Dear Dr Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar,

Dear Sashi, Maya and devaki we cannot find words that could express our gratitude for all your care, kindness, your warm hearts.

You all are great professional in what you are doing and that can be seen from our health conditions that has been much improved.

Thank you very much

And see you next year.

Bakhtzhan Tashenov Leila and Rustem Tashenov



June 21 2015

My dear Vaidyagrama members

I am writing this message with heavy heart. I am going to really miss the place. Every single person who tried their best to make my stay comfortable and insightful.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr.Omprakash he never say no and was always around in pain and sorrow. Dr.Om you are special.

My warm regards to my affectionate and very hardworking therapist Lakshmi. Lakshmi treated me like a child. It touched my heart so deeply with warmth and unconditional love care.

My love to Little indu she is adorable. I also take this opportunity to express my gratitude Dr.Ramanandan Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Ramkumar and my loving caring Chittappa. Love you for always being around .

I am blessed to have you in my life.. big hug…

With Love




June 11 2015

After reading experiences of all my co-patients I think I second them. This is my second visit to VG and I have madly risen up in love with vaidyagrama. It seems to be a different kind of world altogether. Everybody is very humble and soft here. Vg is like extended family now. I felt like I have come to my mother’s house. Whatever I learn here is for better than what I learnt in my academic carrier.

That is Self realisation.

Thanks to each and every person involved whether behind the screen or in pressure

Love you all

Rakhi Singh

Coimbatore, India


 June 07 2015

I feel I am truly blessed to have come to vaidyagrama. A childhood friend of my husband Dr.Paulraj referred us to this place. I thanked him so many times for letting us know about this wonderful place. A “heaven on earth”

I feel this place is blessed by god and nature. Each and every soul I come across emits so much of positive energy. The learning from this place is extensive. The entire crew spearheaded by extremely knowledgeable and unassuming doctors like Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas Dr.Harikrishnan and Many other doctors, therapists and all other staffs putting their heart and soul in bringing uo this place.

A sense of belongingness, ownership and commitment is seen right from Doctors to therapists and everyone here. I love to make a special mention about Dr.Om and the therapist Jameela. They take care of the patients with almost care. I felt my Mom is with me when Jameela chechi interacts with me.

The small girl sreelakshmi and her dedication is excellent. I am going back with so much of lovely memories, new friends, fresh, rejuvenated mind and body. I am part of this wonderful family. I once again thank god to have brought me here. I am looking forward to be here with my husband.

My sincere Prayers will be always with this team to go more and more to the society and all the dreams to come true. God will surely send right people when they goal and vision are so pure and noble

God bless all

Indira Vetrivel

Chennai, India

June 06 2015

This is my third visit . Third time is the charm and as on previous occasions it was good to be with caring people from doctors to staff, therapists, and people who cook the food. In this aspect nothing has changed and as good as ever.
It is a pleasure to see Vaidyagrama growing from 6 to 9 block Double that in 3 years. what is special about Vaidyagrama is not only its dedication to the treatment of patients but also the dedication towards environment, to the surrounding community, their people working always helps to support the well-being of all .
Feel blessed and fortunate to be able to come and receive the treatment here and participate in the Spiritual aspects of life.
Wish Vaidyagrama all the success in their chosen path. This will be always a special place for me and hope may have opportunities to visit and enjoy it often. Thank you,




June 5 2015

I want to thank you for having such a good operation.

Overall I was extremely pleased with the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff.

The passion for healing that the medical directors have is extraordinary.

 Dr.Ramkumar brings to Vaidyagrama the attention to detail in planning and implementing our treatments – this is second to none.

 I cannot thank you enough for that.

Best regards

Trevor Mooney



June 4 2015

So extremely proud to see how beautiful Vaidyagrama has grown over the years.

There is an amazing sense of community which has been consciously created and the love and warmth in every interactions definitely comes through. Special mention to Dr.Om who has been such a bright and cheerful presence. 

Jameela ammoomma who felt like family and sreelakhmi who has been a great therapist. Thank you so much.

See you all really soon.

Purvaa Sampath

Bangalore, India


June 03 2015


This was an experience of a life time.

I would like to thank the doctors and all staff members of Vaidyagrama for making my stay extremely comfortable and helping me to recover from illness the best possible way and tolerating all my nonsense and bending all the rules possible.

Thank you very much..

Mr.Maad ezudein

Mumbai, India


June 2 2015

The nature....

The warmth...

The knowledge....

And most of all the genuinety of the doctors to the therapists to the cooks and the helpers and their love...and not because they have to but because they want to!

Even the most horrible tasting 5am kashayam served by our little Maithili with her radiant smile was enough to make our day brilliant.

We are happy to have become /shared part of a family who created this beautiful heaven on earth with consciousness of mother earth and god's blessings and affecting positively to the surrounding environment.

The ideas to encourage the children to go to school, creating a children hostel for the orphans, feeding the poor families on a daily basis right to trying to understand the human body and mind along with astrology are some of innovative ideas that just were very heart warming.

Vaidyagrama is nothing short of a miracle for its surrounding environment and Coimbatore and perhaps India. We need more Vaidyagramas in the world.

Thank you to Dr.RAMKUMAR and Dr.Ramadas for the enlightenment on ayurveda and the benefits my mother and me were blessed with while here. Also thank you Dr.Harikumar for your patience and guidance. And also big thanks to Aparna and Geetha for their tremendous dedication and selflessness.

Thank you all for letting us plant future trees and letting us be a part of Vaidyagrama always...

Aroona asarpota and Mahendar,



June 01 2015

Vaidyagrama for us has become a home away from home where we have being mothered instead of always bring mother at home.

The care we have received starting from Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Om, Dr.Sajitha, Shyni and all the others leave us feeling absolutely blessed.

Not only has it been a journey towards better health but also in spirituality.

The satsangs and prayers with Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Ramadas have left a deep impression on us.

Thank you vaidyagrama for an absolutely soul stirring experience.

With deep gratitude

Sanjana and Mita

New Delhi, India