June 2014

June 29 2014

My mother and me enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere here. The staff are polite and the doctors here were very understanding. Post treatment, we both see a significant change in our health and we are very grateful to everyone at vaidyagrama for this!

Many thanks

Madhubalan and Vikash

June 28 2014

Our 3 weeks stay at vaidyagrama truly has been one to remember!

This little piece of paradise is like our home away from home – thank you to all the doctors, therapists and staff for giving us such a comfortable stay and making us feel so welcomed into the family. Everyone went above and beyond, and the treatments were outstanding.

We feel very blessed to have found such a memorable place and we cant wait to be back! We will surely spread the word about the magic of Ayurveda and how perfect vaidyagrama is for providing a positive and uplifting healing environment.

Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash for your healing expertise, Indu, Sameena and all the beautiful therapists for your care and support. Thank you to all the doctors for satsangs and sharing your knowledge and thank you Madhav and Renu for the uplifting kirtan sessions.

You’ll all hold a special place in our hearts and we look forward to meeting again in the future. We’ll miss the rice congee (hahaha!)

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Jacqueline & Cindy

Brisbane, Australia

June 27 2014

Vaidyagrama is a special place for me. First time I am coming home. I am having varicose vein problem. After treatment, I feel most comfortable for my body and leg. Doctors who have treated me are Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Ramadas.

My sincere thanks for the efforts you have given and of course, our therapists treated me so well. So kind and hard work.

The best  part for me is the morning and evening prayers. In the morning prayer, the birds chirping and the cold breeze, I enjoyed.

One more I want to tell is that I wont forget Dr.Ramadas’s prayer. It was a memorable one for me. I will come back when necessary.

My best wishes to all and a bright future.

Valsala Vasudevan

Bangalore, India

June 25 2014

Being five years since I visited here, it has been wonderful to see the positive growth of this most special place in the world.

The plants and trees are happy and likewise all the staff too.

My stay was short but the food was simple and delightful, a blessing after months of travel.

I am proud to support vaidyagrama and its vision of benefit to all, to the staff, patients and surrounding environment and villages.

Tim Mitchell


June 23 2014

Our experience at vaidyagrama has been excellent. The dedication and commitment of all the associates of vaidyagrama is exemplary.

Though we initially found it difficult to adapt to the diet provided, we have now realized at the end of treatment, how important it is to control our diet and what a difference it has made to our overall recovery.

There is sincerity in each and every activity conducted in this centre.

The doctors and the management staff are so humble and patiently understand our issues and have it addressed immediately.

This is, no doubt, a great place for healing, spirituality and rejuvenation, and we are confident with our experience that this will become one of the best Ayurvedic centers in the world.


Bangalore, India

June 21 2014

Every tiny bit about vaidyagrama goes into creating a perfect environs for healing. The greenery, the chirping birds, the ever smiling, indulgent and patient therapists, the absolutely dedicated and knowledgeable doctors, the prayers, the little events, presentations…just everything about vaidyagrama is well thought out by the vaidyagrama community. I feel humbled and grateful that I got this opportunity to be here. I feel I got a sense of direction in how to lead a balanced life, hopefully the direction gained here will help me in the long run.

I thank the doctors, therapists and staff from the bottom of my heart. I wish all the best for all their endeavours.

Kiranmayi Bhushi

Delhi, India

June 19 2014

Today is my nineteenth day of stay in vaidyagrama. I landed here through my sister-in-law from Coimbatore. It took me a couple of days to know where I am. Then I started experiencing it as a HOME AWAY FROM HOME.

A nice place to spend holidays along with AYURVEDA healing process for body and mind. I learned a lot of things which we normally ignore in our day to day life. The doctors and staff are diligent and sincere and the location of vaidyagrama is beautiful. There are changes required on the food served. It can be achieved by providing a menu card so that patients can have their choice of food.

Krishnakumar G.Nair

June 18 2014

Vaidyagrama is a quiet and calm area. It is however lonely and especially in evening time, get more worries in the mind. Doctors and therapists are friendly and care too much.

Kunhi Bappu K.M.

Trichur, Kerala, India

June 18 2014

Being an ex-Armyman, I have seen so many, almost all places in our country both in the cities as well as in remote areas but I have never seen such a place like “vaidyagrama Ayurveda hospital” Coimbatore which is near to my native Mysore (Karnataka). I liked the environment around vaidyagrama and enjoyed the herbal plantation around the green valley of vaidyagrama. The doctors and therapists are very well conversant with their duties and extended their co-operation with loveable manner towards patients. Really it is a fantastic job done on my body and I don’t have any words other than to say my heartfelt gratitude especially to Dr.Ramanandan and his therapist group for their courtesy and way of convincing, pacifying the patient, like me; it is unforgettable.

Before concluding, I pray to the Almighty God to shower his blessings on the entire staff of vaidyagrama Ayurveda hospital.

Finally I extend my gratitude to all doctors, all therapists and wish them all the best for a bright future.

With Love

Ramachandran K.N.

June 16 2014

Vaidyagrama – Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

My sincere prayers to Lord Dhanvantari to bless vaidyagrama and each and everyone that walks through its corridors with the best of health and happiness, peace and wisdom.

Heartfelt thanks to all the physicians, therapists and the entire staff

Best wishes to vaidyagrama – small piece of heaven on earth.

Kausalya Lalwani


PS – Leaving behind my Naval Tree…to be cherished and nourished

June 12 2014

A place “vaidyagrama” which we will want to visit again and again for the beauty of its natural surroundings. It is a place to be remembered for the best of pure Ayurvedic treatment combined with the suitable foods to have a permanent cure.

Lots and lots of thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan and Haritha for their kind and soft approach with the patient. This is the place where doctors are available at all times and live with us in the same campus.

In addition to their best of medicines, they educate us also by satsang and slideshows the concept of Ayurveda and simple living.

The best part is the morning and evening prayers with pranayama exercise.

It was a wonderful experience to have the treatment here. Therapists are so dedicated in their work and in being comfortable with us.

I wish them with all my love a grand success of their future plans to come true where we will also contribute and be a part in that massive programme.

Lakshmi Raj

Coimbatore, India

June 11 2014

Vaidyagrama as the name goes, is an excellent place for a holistic treatment with very close to natural beauty; away from hussle and bustle of urban regions.

Nestled between Salem pass, the cool breeze and the birds chirping in the early hours, continuing through the day is part of the treatment combined with the care and expertise of the doctors and their team of therapists.

Our sincere thanks to each and every one who made our stay a memorable one. With each and everyone’s company that we enjoyed we look forward to coming back when necessary.

Vijay Tangturu and Gowri Rao T.S.

June 09 2014


Vaidyagrama is a very special place for us. It is a place of wisdom and knowledge to be gained. Doctors, therapists and also laypeople are people with full of diligent, patient, kindness, dedication and affection.

Vaidyagrama is a place we seek peace of mind, heart and soul.

A place of calmness where we forget our worries and move to our inner healing. To be a part of the vaidyagrama family is our pleasure. Doctors who have treated us such as Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Haritha – our sincere thanks for all your efforts, all of you have given and shown us lot of affection, care and understanding. We would love coming here again.

Thank you

Punidha, Selvamary, Anne Priyanka

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

June 05 2014


First of all I would like to say heartful thanks to all doctors, therapists and all other staff at vaidyagrama. I feel blessed and lucky for such a miraculous healing. I came here with back pain and underwent 16 days of satisfactory healing treatment. Now I am much better also it helps to improve my lifestyle for positive thinking towards my health.

I feel deep gratitude for each one of you for the affection, freedom, joy and care you have extended to me. Thank you so much to everyone especially for very professional doctors and kindhearted personnel.

The environment here is very natural, friendly and I felt like home. The entire construction is really amazing. The staff here are also well trained and well behaved. They were very punctual in providing al the needs and care for me. Once again I would like to say – special thanks to all doctors and therapists and other staff at vaidyagrama for all the special care which have been done for me.

Also I would like to extend my heartful thanks to Ramkumar sir for his loveable talk and care.

In future if anyone is suffering with some of my problems, I would like to encourage them to come here and get the miraculous healing from vaidyagrama.

With warm and humble thanks


Staff Nurse, KOC Hospital, Kuwait

June 02 2014

Vaidyagrama is an amazingly peaceful oasis with enormous spiritual and healing energy. I cannot say enough about the wonderful genuine caring warm talented staff from the doctors to the therapists office staff and everyone else who makes this special place what it is. Special thanks / gratitude to Dr.Ramadas for his charismatic way, culture sensitivity and his interesting presentations and also his wonderful laugh.

Enormous gratitude for Aparna’s unending help with planning and logistics as well as her gracious caring way. I especially enjoyed the satsangs, prayer, agnihotra fire ceremony, cow pooja (since I am a cow freak!), the ganapathi puja and the singing session after the group dinner.

My therapists Maya and Deviji were awesome and so caring and concerned about my comfort and well being not to mention amazing at their craft. The very personal touching act of having each patient plant a tree really makes me feel special and I will never forget that. Hopefully I will be back soon to see its progress.

And my appreciation and gratitude to all for their understanding and accommodation of my early departure with very little notice. Many thanks also to Haritha for all of her help with my discharge.

I will be sad to leave but I know I will be back. Vaidyagrama is gift everyone should give themselves at least once in their lives.

I wish you all much peace, love, happiness and health and many blessings. Keep up the great work!

Lenore Hamilton


June 02 2014

It is a wonderful experience being here. I myself run a couple of corporate hospitals in Hyderabad but I could see a totally different approach towards treatment. I wish doctors and the team best wishes for a great future.


Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh