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JUNE 2012

June 2012

Many thanks to everyone at vaidyagrama; my doctors, therapists and staff. For all that was done for me (personally) and my well being (treatments); for my body, mind and soul. Vaidyagrama is a wonderful concept and I wish it and all of you a big success

Many thanks

Chawla, Ahmedabad

June 29 2012

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you to everyone…for my first introduction to Ayurvedic medicine. You have all made the last two weeks a very special experience. I feel this is the beginning of a journey to open my mind to an alternate life of well being and peace, simplicity and love (vs the hectic London life!).

Thank you all for your kindness, patience and support, your encouragement and words of advice are much appreciated – it has been a great learning and self development experience – relaxing too!

And though honestly, I initially struggled to adjust to the diet and medicine, it has proved helpful. A huge thank you to the wonderful therapists; my love to Kanaka, Maya, Sameena, Indu, Sasi and Safira; thank you so much for your graceful cure, smiles and giggles that made me smile every day.

Thank you Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash for your expertise and experience in treating me.

To Kiran thank you and your team for the food especially Thursday party nights! A joy!!

Indu and Santhosh for always being to hand to help at any time.

I hope to visit you all again some day; and meet more wonderful people at vaidyagrama.

I still think my crazy dream of a vaidyagrama cookbook is a good one – “Basic principles to Ayurvedic cooking” (would be so tasty!) and with beautiful pictures like your Thursday night meal would be beautiful – proceeds could help support phase 2 of your dream here at vaidyagrama to support the surrounding villages!

And it would also be good to have a guided tour of your gardens to learn of the medicinal plants and herbs etc. – but just a thought!

Good health

Suzee and Deepak, London

June 28 2012

Okay is my turn to write. This was truly a healing experience for me and I got the much deserved rest. Some medicines were hard to swallow and also some food was….well let’s just say “very simple” to what I’ve enjoyed but still I am really glad I came here. I feel so rested, unpressured by life. I am truly blessed for this experience because I have met so many wonderful people here.

Starting with the doctors…so very “patient” with their “patients” & always smiling & gentle (despite the fact that they will be taking all the crap from your insides).

My therapists, so loving & gentle i.e. – Sameena & Maya & Sajitha – thank you dearly. And of course, thank you also to my medicines & food bearers whose punctuality & ability to find me always makes me smile. My precious friends that I found here that I’ll always cherish & remember – Ming, Lavina, Niru, Jacky, Natasha, Nirmala, Suzy, Chawla, Steve & Anna. God bless you all always with lots of love, healthy living and the path to consciousness!

Sasikala, Malaysia

June 26 2012

I think Anandagrama is a LOVELY name! And also I think of it as WISDOM VILLAGE HEALING RETREAT.

My time here is too short – only 16 days. Not long enough to deal with some chronic conditions. Never mind – I have to take the ancient Vedic wisdom of vaidyagrama outside with me, and try to adapt it to the airports and crowded transport hubs and overcrowded buses – and continue my healing outside!

GLAMOUR OF SCIENCE – Influenced by the glamour of Western science, many doctors look down upon the ancient science of Ayurveda. They are blinded by the modern scientific research and scientific invention. Of course, the help of science can be taken to a certain extent for certain observations. The instruments that we use should be our servants but not our masters.

We should realize that the science of Ayurveda is adhyatmic in effect. In other words, it points to the science of the soul (my emphasis) through the upkeep of the physical body in perfect order. It is the “science of sciences”. Swami Sivananda, “Practice of Ayurveda”, published by the Divine Life Society”.

A book well worth looking to!

Zophie, Australia

June 2012


In my opinion this is not a vaidyagrama, in fact this is a Anandagrama. Yes it is true I stayed here for four weeks. During this period I found Ananda in the treatment, the food, the kindness of the doctors and all the staff. Almost all the inmates of this place are very sincere, duty conscious, very attentive to their work. All the doctors & therapists are always serving with single minded devotion and undivided attention to their work. I am very much happy and pleased. While I stayed here, I found my home and my joy. Hence there is no doubt this is Anandagrama.

The management is also good, the co-ordination is very fine. I pray for the doctors & staff that they should give long life, health and happiness to more and more people.

My best wishes. Thank you to all

C.N.Gopalakrishnan, Madurai

June 12 2012

Thanks to every member of the vaidyagrama family for making my stay here a wonderful experience.

It is the generous attitude of every individual and the attained natural beauty of the place that has made it so special and wonderful.

It is a great team effort that has brought vaidyagrama to where it is today & I wish them all success in achieving greater heights without compromising on the quality levels.

Thanks & regards



June 06 2012

As I pack and weigh my bags, readying to leave, with 6 months of medicines in tow, I reflect on a year ago when I was leaving after my first panchakarma at vaidyagrama and the difference in how I feel leaving today.

Today I don’t worry how will I fit all these rhythms & routines into my life. Now these are the “givens” in my life. I structure the duties and pleasures of life around them! I am in love every day. Ayurveda is the lover; is sadhana; is all that connects me to the ALL.

I am ever so grateful for the patient compassion, wisdom, humor, intelligence, faith & gentle loving care & concern which is given by each and every doctor. I carry their gift to us all with me in my heart every day.

During my first stay, I recall a point in the snehapana when I struggled, oh did I struggle! Then…at some point…something softened. Surrender to the wisdom of Ayurveda itself carried me like a river, trust in the doctors’ every word, quoted from ancient texts, replaced fear and my stay here began to reveal another layer entirely. Any clinging to preferences began to dissolve. I received, I received, I received.

I wept. I wept with grief for all the fighting against SURRENDER I had done in my life. I wept with gratitude for this rare experience of being at vaidyagrama. I found in time, after returning home, the spirit and hearts of ALL people here at vaidyagrama stayed with me, and I could feel the love & support of this beloved place even 10000 miles away.

Now as I leave, I still know this will be true, as I say my goodbyes and speak gratitudes. There really is no leaving vaidyagrama. All the caring hands & hearts & loving service is as much the nourishment to the soul as are the medicines & food are a part of my body, my heart, my being. I give thanks deeply for all your offerings, for all you give, every single one of you who serve here at vaidyagrama.

With all love



June 03 2012

To Everyone here at vaidyagrama

Thank you for the pleasant and healthy stay and the warm hospitality. Many thanks to everyone involved in making comfortable to Princy and Aunty as well.

I am most grateful to have good experience and look forward to coming again.

Peace and love

M.Nelson & Princy

June 01 2012

The past 4 weeks have been a great experience. Coming as a student but then decided to do a panchakarma which turned out to be inspirational, beautiful and at times emotional journey. I learned so much by experiencing this process and by the loving care and teachings (or maybe I should say counseling of the doctors. Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar for all the good care. Also many thanks to the wonderful therapists and all the other staff like the cooks and the cleaners. They helped so much to make all of us feel comfortable and happy.

I wish to come back for studies and more treatment.

Thank you for all the loving kindness. I wish vaidyagrama will always keep its purity and be an example of how Ayurveda can make us healthy and happy people in daily life. As Dr.Ramadas says – “Life is easy”.

Much love


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 01 2012

I was actually surprised when I was asked to write this since I consider myself a part of this place.

For a person like me who has been indisciplined, vaidyagrama has shown me how to control it. This place has a future and definitely has a commendable work culture. Institutions like this are created once in a lifetime, however there is also much to go if all the dreams are to be achieved. Rome was not built in a day; neither can an institution of spiritual significance be built overnight.

The right people are all there. The path has to be trodden. Thanking Mujeeb, Vinod, Vijaykumar, Sameena, Sajitha, Sindhu, Sasikala, Jayanthi. Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar, Dr.Harikrishnan. Very special thanks to Dr.Somu and Dr.Om Prakash. Thanks to Kiran.

Please consider having a recreation room. Cheers to Dr.Ramkumar for running this place as well as it is being run. My wife also wishes to thank everyone at vaidyagrama for making her feel comfortable and at home.

Vikram / Lakshmy