JULY 2018 


July 31, 2018 
How can one remain insensitive to your solicitude?? 
I sincerely thank you for your support in these days of our Life 
Thank you very much.
Good Luck!
Marie Cristel Korimbocus 

July 31, 2018 
This little note to express my heartfelt thanks to my doctors, my therapists, (especially Bindu), Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Ramkumar for your teachings, and the staff. 
What a wonderful way to help so many people as well as the community and the children of the village, you must all be very proud!!! 
I will take Vaidyagrama in my heart everywhere I go. 
Yoshina Ramlackhan Puri 
and Jaz Puri 



July 30, 2018 
Dear Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Sajna, Dr. Radhika, Bindu, Preeti, Aparna, everyone at Vaidyagrama and Dr. Ramkumar, dear birds, trees, flowers, cats, snails, butterflies, frogs, winds, rains and sun. 
You have all helped me to initiate a journey that was long to come and much needed. And I am deeply grateful for your guidance and love. And I carry this with me as I leave. I have deeply enjoyed every aspect of Vaidyagrama...from the wind that whistled past the trees outside my verandah on the first day - my chest seemed to open up to its tune -  to the delightful smile and serenity that pervade each member of the team, so soothing to receive. 
The treatments, the food, the prayers, the Yoga and satsangs have provided an invaluable frame to enter into a paradise that I now know will heal and strengthen me as life proceeds. I now awake each morning with the rhythms and words of the prayers dancing in my mind, even before the bell starts to ring!! I cherish this and thank all the doctors who have lead the prayers. 
The yoga sessions have been wonderful too!! And the Satsangs, a deep source of understanding. Dr. Ramkumar’s baritone voice echoes too inside me. I am also grateful to all the wonderful fellow guests here - who welcomed me warmly to the community. I have learnt something from each one and thank them all sincerely!
I now carry vaidyagrama’s spirit with me and I am sure to return. In the meantime I send my love to each and every one I have met here. 
Katya Garcia



July 30, 2018 

What strikes most at Vaidyagrama? 

Cleanliness, Ambience, friendly atmosphere. Work culture is superb and striking. 

Treatment: My first experience for 9 days. Hot herbal relaxing baths. Have taken medicine and I watch improvement in my psoriatic condition and gut health. 

Teamwork of doctors is superb and supportive. Headed by Dr. Hari Krishnan.

Evening prayers good experience. 

Also visited Balagrama. Very essential thing is done.

I will contribute for the cause.

Bhadra & Jayanti Lal Shah


July 30, 2018 
I came at a time, when my health was not at its best. The beautiful, serene environment of Vaidyagrama, constant care of my therapists, doctors and everyone here have helped me tremendously and I am heading back in a new avatar.

I will miss the conversations with Dr. Ramadas, true diagnosis of Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Sajna, the loving care of Bindu, the trees, my balcony, delicious Dosas (many) that Preeti prepared for me, so that I don’t miss eating the Roti. All of it that has taken my heart.  

I hope to come back really soon and hope to follow all what Vaidyagrama has taught me and I hope not to disappoint Dr. Ramadas by doing regular mischief in my food habits. Happy healing!

Bhavna Kakar 


July 30, 2018 

I arrived here to join my daughter in this healing Ayurveda Centre. Focusing on making the most in this "Retreat", away from the stressful lifestyle for 10 days. But I quickly requested to stay/to lengthen my visit to the 3 weeks necessary for getting a valid diagnosis of my Dosha evaluation.

I was stunned by this little community/ family of staff members, forever checking on me, attending to my needs. The atmosphere spells forward light, harmony and happiness of a "home".

Being avid to educate myself on "Ayurveda", I attended the informal Satsangs, where residents are given the chance to share their experiences, and their personal issues, which were the subjects of talks from masters, Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Harikumar, and the lady speakers of the day. Forever grateful to my doctors Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Kesari, and the ever-present Dr. Anupama. 

Basantee Ramlackhan 



July 30, 2018 

We came last time in August 2015. This is our second visit. We enjoyed the stay. Treatment was very good. Doctors are kind and cordial. Food was also good. Boys/girls who gave treatment to us were also very good on the whole stay. We enjoyed everything here and long to come at the earliest once again. 

A. M. Chellamuthu 




July 29, 2018 

It was an amazing experience. We healed, prayed and learnt a lot.  

The time flew so fast, thanks to wonderful therapies, doctors and fellow patients. 

Want to especially thank Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Athulya, and Dr. Anupama for their efforts counselling and hand holding. 

I look forward to coming back next year.

All the best and thank you again. 

Anjana Paul and Sudhir Paul 



July 29, 2018 

This is Suguna Srikrishnan. Vaidyagrama was a divine experience. I was here only for 4 days, just to experience the place. 

I am coming back in November for a complete 3 weeks treatment. I loved everything about this place. I wish I knew about this place much before. Thanks to Dr. Ramkumar, I am here in Vaidyagrama. 

I was taken very good care for these 4 days. Looking forward to come again. I hope to bring my family too, for a complete mind and body rejuvenation. 

With best wishes,

Keep doing the good works!

Suguna Srikrishnan 



July 27, 2018 

This is my first visit here in Vaidyagrama. First of all, I am so thankful to all doctors and staff for their work and kindness. 

Also, I would like to thank to Dr. Ramkumar and whoever behind this wonderful idea and concept, very carefully managing and co-operating working together. 

Since I am here during treatment I have met many people from different countries, sharing their experience regarding improvement, during stay in Vaidyagrama. 

Also, I would like to say thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Sivajothi for their care on me. 

I wish I would not come to Vaidyagrama again for treatment, but just to get the good vibration, atmosphere. 

I wish to all Vaidyagrama village people, much love and peace. 

Also, I wish Vaidyagrama could do this service for many years. 

Mohan Velusamy



July 26, 2018 

This is my 5th visit and treatment at Vaidyagrama. Each time I return here, I am welcomed by family. Vaidyagrama has become my home away from home- a sanctuary of health and authentic living. 

I am deeply appreciative of Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Mini, Dr. Sivajothi, my therapists –Devaki, Archana, Anju, housekeeper Chembagam, Aparna Ji, Dr. Kesari, Dr. Athulya, Sonia, Geethaji, Preeti and everyone at Vaidyagrama. 

Thank you for admitting me at last and late notice, and for your nurturing + loving care for the acute condition I found myself in. 

Feeling better, rejuvenated, and ever so grateful for your devotion and work in world. 

Vaidyagrama is wisdom in service. 


Monique Parker 

New Mexico. 


July 25, 2018 

It was truly exceptional experience to be here and relearn many things about Ayurveda and the Indian system of healing. Vaidyagrama truly is one of the most sincere and genuine centres of healing and I deeply admire the integrity of the place itself and of every member that’s a part of this beautiful community and made this place what it is. I am so grateful to Dr Ramadas for his exceptional spirit and energy and being like a generous father when giving advice and leading by example with his discipline. I am also truly grateful to all the therapists and Dr. Radhika for being so present, gentle and sweet. 

I am so grateful that I have finally crossed paths with a community that dwells in wisdom of true and genuine Ayurveda and share its gems so generously. 

I can’t wait to the back for a much longer stay with my family and heal together with them. 

Lots of love ,

Rahat Mahajan 



July 23, 2018 

Leaving the family and your home behind is never easy. But somehow Vaidyagrama made it less difficult. Caring doctors, welcoming staff, friendly patients, nature’s beauty, inspiring talks and prayers every morning and evening. Definitely filled my heart during my stay.

I would like to thank everyone who made my stay so enjoyable. Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Anupama, who have always been very patient and encouraging. Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Kesari and Dr. Athulya for their constant support. My very sweet therapists, Sindhu, Jayasree, Abhila, Shyni and others who are all so caring. This is my second time and I look forward to coming next year. 

Kind regards,

Santa Alleck 



July 22, 2018 

I am so grateful that words are not sufficient to express it. I have been waiting to come to Vaidyagrama, since I first heard about you all from a previous patient in 2012! The moment when I arrived, I cried from feeling the energy of Vaidyagrama. I knew deep healing would occur here. And it did, thanks to the incredible and gracious staff here. The environment itself holds you in its deep intent to honour nature, to honour Ayurveda, and to honour holding space for the body to heal itself. 

I am forever changed by this experience, I already know. Thank you, thank you thank you to everyone... Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Harikesh, Dr. Radhika, Dr. Sajna for working with me with intense care and support. To my therapists Bindu, Nithya, Nimmy and to Preeti and the kitchen staff and everyone else whose names escape me... Oh,Aparna!!

I hope to return some day. 

With love,

Emily Wishnick



July 21, 2018 

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. It has been a wonderful experience for me. Dr. Harikrishnan and his able team is very good. When I reach back home in Croatia, I will recommend to everyone to come to Vaidyagrama hospital. 

Antonio Bosnjak  



July 21, 2018 

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. It is a wonderful experience. Would like to visit again and already recommended to friends and relatives to come. 

I am very much thankful to the doctors, therapists, and to the helping staff who have taken care with love and affection. 

I didn't realise that these 21 days have passed.

Wonderful atmosphere, lovely people. 

Thanks again to Vaidyagrama and all the people at Vaidyagrama.

Meena Ved



July 21, 2018 

Last time I came for 10 days, but I regretted it later that I should have completed my 3 weeks treatments. And here I am again for 21 days. We (my family) you are searching for a authentic Ayurveda place and finally we found one.

I am very impressed by the whole team of Vaidyagrama. It is perfect. I wish all the best for the organisation and wish it remains like this forever and improve to better and better. 

Thank you everybody at Vaidyagrama.

Ranjan Shroff 



July 20, 2018 

Vaidyagrama, Truly a gift. 

Thank you for sharing your Vision, knowledge, service and community with the world.

My first Panchakarma experience was a blessing. I return home with their rested mind, improved digestion and more confidence to move forward in life with an open heart. 

Unlike so many others, I loved the food! Simple, yet tasteful. I spent time observing and documenting so many insects and birds for my children. The silence here only magnifies the many sounds of birds, crickets and frogs, the wind rustling the greens, the distant "moo" of a cow. I shall miss the ringing of the Bells and beautiful songs of devotion heard throughout the day, as well as the library.. All so good! The community of people (doctors, therapists, back office, reception, ground keepers and housekeeping) keeping Vaidyagrama running are skilled and professional. Bright eyed and wide smiles, day in and day out...

May I be so fortunate to return, again some day!

With gratitude and great regards,

Falene Reeve



July 20, 2018 

I came to Vaidyagrama with an open mind and positively focus in order to break from the reliance on Western medicine for my chronic condition with ongoing debilitating symptoms, which have been haunting me for years. 

Though initially, a bit apprehensive about outcome and benefits from a 3 week treatment course, I came to the understanding and acceptance that the body has received the required preparation for healing to start. 

So I go home tomorrow and remain hopeful that I can experience some improvements whilst maintaining the treatment regimen. 

On reflection, may be the poor and erratic sleep during my stay has been a hindrance in the treatment process and hence not enabling a smooth path to recovery. But I am even so grateful to the doctors (Dr. Ramanand, Dr. Kesari & Dr. Athulya), the therapists ( Santosh, Arun & Zainudheen) as well as the other support staff ( Shyni, Prajeesha & Devi) for the  full care and attention given throughout and ensuring a pleasurable stay. 

Also my appreciation goes to Dr. Ramadas for the Satsangs and prayer sessions. Not to forget Siva and Yoganidra. 

I have enjoyed Vaidyagrama for being a calm, serene and therapeutic environment set up to promote healing and healthy living through real Ayurveda practices. 

Well done to the Vaidyagrama Team and keep up the splendid work. 

Many Thanks again and Best Regards,

Ranganaden Ramen Vedachalam



July 18, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is synonymous to healing grama. It enfolds healing in layers. From the day I arrived, I experienced it each time. 

Doctors at VG make it seem simple indeed, with their healing touch which is an assurance each morning. 

I was apprehensive of myself before my stay here about my condition. This journey has given me an insight into my condition and the belief in healing. 

Everything here is meticulously planned and executed with utmost sincerity and most importantly care!  

The staff, all departments are sensitive to the condition of the patient and conduct themselves very well. 

Therapists have an immense power of healing with each step and there is a lot in their hands.

Prayers and satsangs empowered me with spiritual awakening and Ayurveda awareness. 

The space at VG is symbolic of Ayurveda heritage, I must say. 

It provides with ample space and time. It helped me in taking my first step towards the journey of life which I had lost.

I found myself here, initially I was lost though. 

Doctors helped me through this journey, answering my questions, listening patiently to all the questions... just like how a parent would listen to the child and without interrupting the question flow or thought flow of the child, and like a compassionate parent answering, guiding through life lessons. 

Thank you so much for your patient listening. It matters so much. 

A special mention about food here is must, it is nourishing not just the body it is so to the mind and soul. 

Asha K.S 



July 18, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is a place like no other. Deep thanks and gratitude,

I feel.

A special place to get healing and recovery.  All interesting people from all over the world. It feels like community without borders. Such friendly staff. It’s marvellous. I am deeply touched that I could have this experience I would never forget.

With best wishes for all of you!

Bettina Schwab  



July 17, 2018 

Most peaceful, drink, eat and bathe medicines besides therapy which works wonders. We are at peace with oneself and very happy as going pain free. Will miss all the people of Vaidyagrama who are so disciplined, spiritual and committed. May God bless all of them. Thanks to Mr. S.K. Mohanka who sent us here and to Dr. Harikrishnan to treat us like his own kids and caution us timely. All the doctors and staff is caring like our family. 

Thanks lord! Thanks Vaidyagrama!!  

Kuldeep Tyagi and Vipin Tyagi 



July 16, 2018 

Dear Vaidyagrama,  

It's been a pleasure to be here in this Eden of peace and serenity.  

The care and love of the therapists Lakshmi who gives her treatments like she does her prayers in happiness, for Shalini and Deekshita are very caring and sweet girls.  

For the doctors, their seriousness and their dedication on the all-day check-ups but as well on the Satsangs during which I learnt so much.  

My forever thank you!  

All my prayers and positive thoughts with always include you!  I feel rejuvenated and in such better health. My spirits have lifted and I feel life starting a new chapter in my life.  

And I should have mentioned the lovely people working for our comfort, cooks, cleaners and gardeners were lovely and knowledgeable Preeti too. Thanks to everyone in Vaidyagrama!

Cecile Pinto 



July 15, 2018 

Returning to the green oasis of warm and friendly smiles, natural surroundings and reassuring doctors, one feels welcomed again to the healing village - Vaidyagrama!

Thank you to the entire Vaidyagrama team for making my stay so positive, but a special thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Harikumar and Dr. Radhika. My therapists Geethu, Kalpana and Indu, and of course the beacon of light – Dr. Ramkumar with his excellent satsangs, clarifying complex issues with ease and simplicity.

Leaving Vaidyagrama more positive, calm, cheerful, and lighter in more ways than one. 

Best wishes to the family of Vaidyagrama! 

Rudabah Dadachanji  



July 15, 2018 

Back after 4 years to the cradle that is Vaidyagrama. I leave here rejuvenated, cheerful and lighter in mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you Dr Ramadas, Dr Radhika, Dr Harikumar for all your care and attentiveness. It felt good to be back here with you.

Warmest wishes and all the best for the future. 

Jaya Mani



July 15, 2018 

Vaidyagrama has a special place in my heart. This is my second visit and I am never disappointed with anything. People are so warm and welcoming. From the doctors to staff, everyone has a smile and have a special interest in you getting better. Hope to come back as soon as I can. 

Thank you Vaidyagrama!!

Radha Reddy  



July 15, 2018 

I have been a regular at Vaidyagrama for the past three years. My symptoms of inflammation have reduced greatly. The goal of my stay here at Vaidyagrama was to feel better than when I come in, and I did. 

Vaidyagrama is a place that heals the body and mind. I feel blessed to be treated with care and respect by all the staff. Their smiling face put a smile on mine every day. 

Therapist Lakshmi was like a second mother to me. Devaki, Shalini and Deekshita were lovely. 

Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Sivajyothi and Dr. Mini took turns checking on me to make sure everything was fine. 

Too many to name, and all were fantastic. Thanks to each and every one for making my stay as pleasant. 

Look forward to coming again.

Sylvia Noronha 



July 15, 2018 

This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama although we heard of the place for many years now. I would describe it as a little heaven in the midst of kilometres of farm somewhere near Kerala. 

As I came in the monsoon season, it has been raining a lot but the place and nurturing environment is such that they became our daily blue sky (from my mother who joined me and my self). I haven’t slept so well for 4 years now, I have been happily surprised with the food that I have loved, the kashayams and the treatments.

The whole team, the doctors, and therapists, the housekeeping (that we directly encountered) was amazing. And all those we met that were accomplishing different tasks (reception, fumigation, other staff) are equally gentle, smiling souls that make you felt being blessed in being in such a peaceful and wonderful place to heal. 

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan for all your care and thank you also specially Dr. Anupama for checking on me all the times. 

Leena Ramlakhan 



July 15, 2018 

Vaidyagrama, a beautiful oasis, surrounded by field and coconut grove. It is a very peaceful place. 

The living quarters are spacious with beautiful balcony nestled amongst trees. One wakes up with the sound of birds chirping. All the doctors Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Kesari were super. Dr. Ramanandan with his quiet efficiency gave us lots of confidence. Dr.Kesari is caring and helpful, and we enjoyed Dr. Ramadas' sense of humour. 

We are leaving the clinic in better health than we came. 

Hatim Tyabji and Durriya Tyabji 



July 13, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is a place like no other. When I first heard about it 2 weeks ago I was not really sure what I was getting into (my mum kept talking about this place); however, the day I got here, I was surprised by how kind and sweet everyone was? I felt a sense of homeliness and I am glad we came here. 

Vaidyagrama is one of the best places to come for any kind of treatment. It's all good quality and very hygienic. The medicines don't have side effects. That's not something that's regularly seen in our world. 

The treatments were excellent. All our (me and my mum) therapists and doctors were very kind to us. They always make sure we are comfortable with whatever we were doing. That meant the world to us. 

The atmosphere of the place, not only treats and cures people, it also allows us, as patients to make some great friendship that I am sure will last a lifetime we truly made some great friends here. 

Lastly I would like to thank a few people who really took care of us and made sure we wear fine. Firstly our doctors Dr Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Sivajyothi. They were always there for us whenever be needed. All our therapist Shinymol, Athira, Vidya who pampered us like babies during the treatment and always helped us with the little things... and last but not the least, all the support staff who have been helping us and making sure everything runs smoothly. 

Vaidyagrama is the best. 

We hope Dr. Aruna has a safe delivery and cute baby. Thank you to Sarita aunty for making me smile little bit more each day... 

Sanchita Chopra and Usha Chopra 



July 13, 2018 

I came to Vaidyagrama along with my elder brother and Bhabi for treatment of my problems faced due to stroke I had few years back, leg pain and other muscular problems. My brother and Bhabi are from USA and they joined me for their health problems. 

We found the place very amazing with lush greenery and rooms very hygienic. Doctors, staff and therapists are very nice, cooperative and take utmost care of patients. We are very thankful to Dr. Kesari, Dr. Ramanandan and Dr. Athulya for their care and their visit every day to sort out our health problems. 

We came here on 1st July 18, for 14 days. We are leaving on 15th July with a decision to visit again next year. We will miss Dr. Ramkumar’s satsang and Dr. Ramdass prayer. I am feeling much better and pray to Almighty for further expansion of Vaidyagrama, with a request to please keep it up. 

Suresh Kumar Kalia, Kewal Kalia and Savitha Kalia 



July 12, 2018  

In short, Vaidyagrama is a heaven on earth. We always feel it's our second home. 

The doctors, therapists and everyone here in Vaidyagrama are so dedicated and passionate about their work. We love them all.  We would love to come back to Vaidyagrama soon. 

With love,

Indira Vetrivel and Prashant Vetrivel 



July 12, 2018 

This is my second visit to Vaidyagrama and it is such a special place. There is so much ‘heart’ here –so much love and kindness. 

I want to thank EVERYONE from the doctors to the therapists to the housekeepers to kitchen and support staff. Thank you for all the hours you put in and how much you have looked after me. 

Special thanks to my doctors –Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Mini (I know we only had a week together but you have been AMAZING!), Dr. Sivajyoti and Dr. Aruna (good luck with the new baby. I will be thinking of you!). Thank you for listening to me and caring. 

Thank you for all the therapists - Archana and Devaki (sorry I will have spelled your names wrong!), 

THANK YOU! Shenbegam- you are the BEST housekeeper, Preeti thanks for the chats and the food. 

Aparna and Sonia thank you for checking up on me. And to everyone else. There are too many people! 

Vaidyagrama is giving me the chance to finally heal, after so many years and when everyone else had given up on me. 

I will miss you all. 

Sending much love,

Natalie Watson 



July 11, 2018 

To everyone, 

I'm going to leave tomorrow feeling more positive about everything in life. I will cherish this time especially because of Dr. Ramadas' style of doing prayer and chanting slokas, because of Dr. Ramkumar's sessions which makes me rethink many concepts intelligently, because of wonderful friends made with whom I spent hours playing chess and cards, because of hard work and affection by Indu akka, Praveena akka and Dhanya sister and other therapists and housekeeping (forgot the names), because of keeping a good eye on me by Dr. Harikesh, Dr. Radhika and Dr. Sajna who took care of me like family, because of my love for ghee, kanji and boiled veggies and because of lizards, snails and cats. 

Thanks much for giving me this experience of a life time. I will try my best to follow the guidance I have received here. 

With love, 

Radhika Singhal



July 11, 2018 

I am lucky to have come here, and got to really know lots of things. 

Thank you everyone. I will miss everyone. 

With love 

Usha Negi



July 10, 2018 

Came here with my parents for about seven days. The etheric energy is quite thick in the air, and there's a nice linga in the octagon. Thought this place is a really nice place to recuperate and practice sadhanas.  Had an enjoyable time.  

Thanks Dr Ramadas! 

Mei Xing 



July 08, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is truly a special kind of a place, more like a womb that nurtures and heals. The divine presence feels very strongly here, and all the routines are authentic, rituals hold the space for subtle experience. 

Infinite gratitude goes to the knowledge of ancient seers and the tradition and lineage of the teachers passing down the skills through infinity. 

Special thank you to the highly experienced doctors, nurses, cooks, cleaners, maintenance and other persons that make this mechanism work like a good clock.

Everyone puts their full heart in and striving for perfection is felt in each moment in each corner of the village. Thank you for friendship and acceptance. This place is amazing!

All the best wishes for this sacred place!

Julia Boon and Vidwaan Boon 



July 7, 2018 

I came here with a few ailments. I will leave with some sorted immediately and hopeful of no reoccurrence of others.

This is a paradise to come to. The greenery, plants, buds, snails, insects etc… 

Very well run with helpful staff. I am looking forward to coming again!

Thank you very much.

Aman Rai  



July 07, 2018 

Vaidyagrama is a fantastic concept. A dream is coming true of which I am witness since last 3 years. It has evolved from Good to Better to Best, and I want to witness it as Excellent. There is a good scope for improvement in the field of administration and food management. 

I am sure, Vaidya Ram Kumar and other excellent Vaidyas of his team with their dedicated staff members will achieve excellence very soon and I wish them Best all the way……. 

Bankim Kapadia 



July 06, 2018 

Our stay here has been wonderful. Our sincere thanks to all the good people at Vaidyagrama, who made stay so much better. 

Special thanks to Lakshmi for being a wonderful therapist with her magical hands and kind care. 

We have had so much improvement in our health that we intend to come back next year. 

Love to all,

Ashok Kumar Agrawal 

Poonam Todi 



July 5, 2018 

I have been to two different Ayurveda retreats in Kerala, but the experience here has been unique. 

The retreat is beautifully designed and set out in a peaceful location. The lush trees and carefully nurtured garden are impressive and soothing. What sets Vaidyagrama apart from others is the authenticity of its approach to treatments. Vaidyagrama has a great Team of doctors under the capable leadership of Dr. Ramkumar, all passionate about their work. The doctors are willing to spend time with the patients in the course of their respective ailments and the Ayurveda healing process.   

Satsangs in the afternoon is a great feature to broaden the understanding about Ayurveda approach to life and the healing process. 

I will certainly miss Dr. Ramadas' morning and evening prayer sessions. I found it also striking how well the staff are motivated and willing to please. 

All in all I very much enjoyed my stay, felt much better at the end of the treatments and will really recommend Vaidyagrama to my friends and acquaintances. 

Vinayakant Somaiya 



July 3, 2018 

There are many things that one cannot express with words. 

I have learnt many things from observing the living, active interaction, both verbal and nonverbal, especially the passion that keeps the place growing highly. 

What will prove my word is how I am going to live from now on, whether all the endeavour and passion of everyone and everything here will somehow really affect my daily living. (Welcome all to Thailand) 

Yours sincerely,

Vanerath Sornprasit



July 3, 2018 

I think I am lucky to have come here, and to really know a lot of things about Ayurveda. So here, there is no "patients", bur we feel like family members. 

I can feel so much love from the people's smile, from the flowers, the trees, the sunshine, 

I can feel the life really, like flower bloom. Here we not only know our self-body, but can also watch connectivity in the universe, connect with breath, with consciousness from Dr’s Satsangs. So every day was  wonderful time for me. 

Doctors always give us the positive mind and teaches us how to aware yourself even when one is emotional. I learned I should have the love and consciousness about Earth mother, then I really felt every cell opened and permitted love to everyone. 

Thank you all. Thank you doctor for giving me so many patience and love, thank you therapists who always tried for the best for me. Thanks for kitchen workers for providing me delicious and homely-taste food, thank you plants for giving me fresh air. 

I think I will come back soon. To visit all of you. This huge family. I love all of you... 

"Within each one of us 

We are one altogether, we are one 

Our lives become beautiful 

Not because we are perfect..

Our lives become beautiful 

Because we put our heart into whatever we do" 


Yanly Liu 



July 03, 2018 

Coming here year after year is very stimulating, rejuvenating and a peaceful experience. 

The care and concern from the doctors, therapists and all ancillary staff makes me feel totally at home. Their warmth helps in the healing process. The Satsangs with the doctors are extremely informative. Their explanations for all our questions are satisfactory and an eye opener on many fronts. 

The food as bland as it is, is nourishing, wholesome, and really not as bad as some people make it out to be. 

Vaidyagrama has grown since my first visit here 9 years ago, into a flourishing Ayurveda treatment facility.  May it continue to heal and nourish for many, many years, all the patients who came here from all the corners of the world. Thank you Dr. Ramanandan, you are a star!! 

Thank you to the entire team that looked after me. 

Till we meet again,

Tarifa Barma 



July 02, 2018 

A truly authentic experience of healing here at vaidyagrama. I felt completely at ease in the hands of Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Sivajyothi. Such completely caring and humble people. A refreshing change from today s rushed medical advice. 

I want to also say thank you to my therapist Vidya for being caring and compassionate. I am sure she will heal many people during her time here. 

I will surely come back again (though I hope I don't have to). 

Keep doing what you are doing. 

All the best!

Veerangna and Renu Bhandari 



July 01, 2018 

I came here on my sister’s recommendation who was treated here & she is very happy. Vaidyagrama, a wonderful experience to me. Vaidyagrama is a place for complete care & nurturing. Here Doctors are very caring, responsive. Patiently listens to our problems. Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Kesari & Dr. Athulya are most approachable doctors. Many thanks to them for always being there. 

I would like to thank Dr. Ramanandan for his amazing style of treatment. Thanks again for all your expertise. Dr. Kesari, a wonderful doctor who is a father figure & a counsellor to all. 

Therapists: Shiny a dedicated sincere human being - thanks to her. Keep it up. 

Thanks to helper Devi an honest, sincere, soft spoken person. 

Vaidyagrama... A lovely place away from noise pollution, serene atmosphere, clean air, lovely gardens, greeneries. Birds & animals, tiny insects are all well taken care off. 

I am leaving feeling healed, pleasant –totally a changed person. 

Once again Thanks to all at Vaidyagrama. (Each member) 

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Kesari, Dr. Athulya.

Valsala Balan  



July 01, 2018 

We came on the recommendation of a friend mainly for cleanse and “tune up.” 

The experience here at Vaidyagrama has been one of complete care & nurturing. Our Doctors have been very attentive, professional and approachable. All personnel have been wonderful & the positive and healing energy is palpable. 

We are leaving feeling enriched by experiences we did not expect. We are a little more knowledgeable about Ayurvedic healing. 

We wish the team at Vaidyagrama well in proceeding with their vision, which is a very beautiful one. 

Hans Gerhard Triado & Mariya Romano Triado