JULY 2017


July 31, 2017

Dear vaidyagrama staff, doctors, community... It is magical, serene, heavenly, five-star, conscious, friendly, divine, loving, caring, patient, mystical, compassionate, fabulous, miraculous...

These are just a few of the words to describe vaidyagrama and the staff, facility, food, people, events and community here. I will never forget this special place and all of the love and care I received while here.

Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Shiny and all of the other therapists, housekeeping staff, cooks, administration, doctors, gardeners, I thank you for the very important work you all are doing to save peoples' lives and make this world a better place. Vaidyagrama has no comparison.

The beauty here is breathtaking and I will have these gorgeous patios, gardens, forests, covered walk ways and kind faces imprinted in my heart and on my mind forever.

I cannot wait to come back with my family and share this experience with everyone i know. Preeti, thank you for the five-star meals... Aparna thank you for making this happen... Dr. Ramadas, thank you for everything.

I send all my love.

Shannon Factor,



July 31 2017

This was our first visit to vaidyagrama, so we didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as we walked through and smelled the curry leaves, Neem, Tulsi and other herbs, our mind was at peace. Very inspired by Dr. Ramkumar’s Vision, and the love and dedication of every staff members... from the senior doctors to the therapists to the Gardeners and kitchen staff.

Even the kanji and moong dal grew on us by week 2! As we leave this sacred place, we hope to carry the spirit of vaidyagrama and all the wise lessons from Satsangs, the letting go, the discipline, the diet, and the syncing patterns of Nature with us. We thank you for all the thoughtful attention to detail at every level of the treatment.

Amy Paul, Liza Paul



July 31, 2017

After forty-five years of coming in India, that was my first Ayurveda healing.

During my fourteen days of stay, felt at home, keeping my door open all long day with no stress.

Thank you all for the kindness, quietness, affection, listening, authenticity....

I am sure treatment will be so effective that I will come back every year.....I hope so.

It was also nice to do or just listen to the prayer.

Special thanks to Dr. Anupama, who was so professional, gentle and patient with me.


Christine Rebillet



July 31, 2017

This has been my 9th trip to vaidyagrama, I have seen it grow and develop into a healing place with amazing positive energy. Dr. Ramkumar’s Vision has made this a miracle place.

The doctors, one and all, are of course extremely knowledgeable; but it’s their dedication and kindness that helps us heal.

Dr. Ramadas, with his wonderful smile and patience, is so calm, which helps to heal just by looking and listening to him.

Dr. Aruna, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Mubash all has been very caring. The therapists are again so caring and gentle. Devaki was excellent. The cleanliness is always excellent.

The food improves every time I come - I think Preeti is doing a difficult job very well. Not easy to please everyone.

Inshallah, will return next year to this healing paradise.

Thank you everyone!

Rashida Anees



July 30, 2017

To the wonderful / loving people at Vaidyagrama

I have completed four weeks here and am so blessed and happy to have experienced the warm care and healing that is in abundance here.

My initial week was a little tough, and I was concerned about how I would last for 28 days. You all have made me feel so comfortable & relaxed, that I am leaving feeling healed & at peace.

A very special thank you to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Athulya, the cleaning staff, and block 7’s wonderful therapists- Kalpana, Mrudula and Vaishnavi- they were all very attentive to my needs. I have truly felt very much at home, and hope this healing continues as I leave this peaceful sanctuary. My wish is to return here soon to continue in my journey of health and wellness.

All the best to you as you keep the spirit alive here- there is definitely a wonderful healing energy here that envelops all of us who are fortunate to experience.

Last but not least, thanks to Aparna & Preeti as well for their help in questions I had – they were always there for me too.

Love to all,

Simran Singh

San Francisco


July 30, 2017

I had a wonderful and healing experience. It was much more than my expectations.

Thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan and his team. They were approachable whenever you needed. The therapists and faculty are so humble and ever smiling, and always ready to help. I will definitely come back.

Thank you.

Tulasi Rajkumar,



July 27, 2017

To, all the people of vaidyagrama...

Thank you very much for your caring, warmth, patience and happy faces.

It was an interesting and transforming journey. I wish you and the centre all the best!

Again, many thanks!

Kelly Verbeeh



July 27, 2017


Many blessings to all - A nice and deeply healing experience, mind, body and spirit.

Thank you to all the physicians, therapists, other patients, housekeeping, administrative, Aparna, Preethi and kitchen staff and many others for the well synchronized and supportive environment in which it is good to heal and thrive!

Thanks for the teaching, satsangs and prayer times.

With love,

Joanne Cooper



July 24, 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama Community,

Thanks. For a great time here while we are cleansing our bodies with the advice of your knowledge.

Thanks Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Radhika and the team…

Thanks Vaishnavi, Libin, and all of them.

Thanks for the prayer time & Satsangs. The House is empty…we will try to arrange it mindfully.

Om Shanti Om!

Sonja Reichmann & Sergy



July 23, 2017

I came here with a broken body, and i leave with a healed spirit. I am returning soon to take this path forward in my life...

To all those who stand behind and are vaidyagrama – My gratitude always, you have helped me mend in more ways than one!

Sudhir Paul



July 23, 2017

To Vaidyagrama…

Vaidyagrama has been a unique experience in my life. Even though my stay was very short I got new friends in Vaidyagrama… Vaishnavi, Libin, Shabeeba, Sanal, Arun, Binu and Biju. I had wonderful time with the vaidyagrama family.

Thank you Vaidyagrama!


Ootty, India


July 20, 2017

I have been to many Ayurveda facilities in the past few years. Each one was good in its own way. This is my first visit to Vaidyagrama. This is where I found for the first time, the complete existence of Ayurveda process.

Living in line with Nature, with simple food and expert authentic treatment methods are the highlighting factors of this place. This place will definitely bring out the "Simple "person residing inside everyone.

My sincere thanks, to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Athulya, Ms.Aparna for your kind service.

Thanks and Regards,




July 20, 2017

Coming to Vaidyagrama for me is a promise that I will be rejuvenated not only in body, but also in spirit.

Each time I go back, I am healthier, happier and optimistic. I grow in self assurance that I can cope with all my health issues.

The environment, the treatment, the doctors, the therapists and staff do their best in understanding the patients. I would term them nothing less than miracle work. I have freed myself from a few chronic conditions, and I owe it to the doctors here.

My stay here for the past 24 days have been blissful, peaceful and content. I am in complete solidarity with the treatments, procedures, food and faculties provided here at Vaidyagrama.

I feel truly blessed to have had this experience.

 My special thanks to Dr. Ramkumar, Dr Harikrishnan.K.K, Dr Kesari,

Dr Athulya, Dr Radhika, therapist Lakshmi chechi, Abhila , Vaishnavi, Aparna and Kavitha, Dr Ramadas and Dr Ramanandan too.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the Satsang and community dinner too.

I pray that the spirit behind the Vision of Vaidyagrama stays alive always.

My sincere wishes and prayer will always remain with all of you.

Agnes D Cruz Rajesh



July 20, 2017

I never thought I would come to a place like this and survive. It has been a very interesting experience.

Given me pause to think of life from another perspective.

I very much enjoyed the serenity and the calm. The staff are amazing (warm, caring, and efficient). The doctors are also superlative (sensitive and knowledgeable). Except for mosquitoes, it has been an endearing experience

Wishing all of you success and contentment!

Thank you

Mariam Oomerbhoy



July 19, 2017

I arrived 3 weeks ago, unsure of what to expect, but with immense faith that I would feel much better at the end of my stay. That and more have happened in the last few weeks. I have enjoyed my days here, healing, learning about Ayurveda and a traditional way of life and observing the plants and these from my veranda.

I am grateful to Dr. Ramadas and his team and all at vaidyagrama who do a fantastic job to ensure we have a comfortable healing experience.

Thank you.

Madhuri Rao



July 17, 2017

It was an awesome experience here, relishing tasty and healthy food, amidst the bliss of the goodness of Nature and getting joyfully cured by Ayurveda and getting insight of rich Indian medical heritage while healing.

All the best!

A chance to explore new possibilities of self evolution and getting more in touch with experience of different people. Looking forward to visit again for nourishment and detoxification for removing all ailments from roots.

Paridhi Prithani



July 17, 2017

It is a unique and fantastic experience, my wife and I had during our stay of two weeks in Vaidyagrama.

We came for treatment thinking that it will be just a chikitsalayam, but later we realised it is not only for treatment for illness but also to purify our mind and soul!! The environment itself is so healing; it is so clean and neat everywhere.

The doctors and staff are so friendly and dedicated!!

One cannot expect this type of discipline and work elsewhere.

Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Arsha, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Anupama (three A’s) are so friendly to patients.

Dr. Ramkumar’s vision is great! His idea of enhancing the existing, developing ‘Green Village’ is highly remarkable.

We wish him and his entire team all success!

Rajalakshmi and Sreenivasan



July 15, 2017

My stay at Vaidyagrama has been one of healing and learning. My thanks to Dr.Ramanandan and Dr. Harikumar for their insight in to my particular problem. I am now free of pain that i have had for 5 years.

The therapists have played a crucial role in my healing as well. In particular, my thanks to Reshma for her cheerful smile and determination to help me get better.

I will carry home what i have learned about Ayurveda replacing old bad habits with new healthy ones.

Thanks too to Drs, Reshma, Sajna and Mubhash until future to this

Wonderful healing garden....

Alison Joan Millward



July 15, 2017

Once again I am deeply impressed and moved by the amazing doctors and staff ofvaidyagrama.

Thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna and the other doctors for their attentive care.

Thanks to the therapists for their patience and the smile.

Thanks to the cooks, Housekeeping staff and the whole team of vaidyagrama.

Looking forward to visit again.


Renjith CA



July 14, 2017

This is my 2nd visit to vaidyagrama within a span of year. Realisation of mistakes drew to me during the course of my treatment. For me it is a place to come to not just to treat health issues but makes changes to my perspective of life, a way of living in the wide world. The “free-will” available to exercise to human, how best we should redirect to the

benefit of our mind, body and spirit (soul).

During the 40 days course of treatment, there were ups and downs; but hats off to the patience, constant care and attention of all Dr’s (Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Dr.Anupama, Dr. Arsha, Dr. Krishnadas), therapists (Bindu, Archana, Mythily, Shyni)

Along with the treatment I see my mind opening up to a light, both moments during my chats with Dr. Ramadas; his treatment included spiritual healing for me. Dr. Ramkumar, you are an inspiration to the powerhouse of knowledge you possess, for which I was always at a loss for questions. With gratitude, I bow down and thank you all

Staff I have not named who have directly and indirectly contributed to my healing process and not forgetting the co-patients whom we all beautifully blend with during our healing journey. These all are bonds and memories for a lifetime.

Thank you!!

Nilufer Sheikh



July 14, 2017

Amazing experience, special thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna and therapists who helped for making our stay simple and effective.

Vaidyagrama not only heals you but also changes our perspective, took me to experience a life style which I hope has changed my life forever.

Dr. Ramkumar has created a phenomenal institution, which I am sure is going to benefit generations to come. I will be associated with vaidyagrama all through.

Gopinath Prakasam



July 14, 2017

Sri Rama Jayam!

When I entered this complex I could not have imagined the number of activities which are undertaken here and the number of people working here. I congratulate Dr. Ramkumar and his panel of senior doctors for their Vision and the execution of the project. The support staffs are excellent, and during our stay the weather was brilliant.

Chanting of Vishnu sahasranama and Lalita sahasranama in the morning and evening was a pleasant experience. Also big thanks for holding weekly cow pooja and show caring for the animal in a good way thus. I can keep writing pages, but will stop here with a special thanks to Dr. Ramadas!

Vasudaiva kudumbakam

R. Ramachandran



July 14, 2017

To Vaidyagrama family,

We stayed here for 19 days. It has been such a great experience. All the doctors are so good and caring.

I am especially thankful to Dr. Harikrishnan.K.K, Dr Kesari and Dr. Athulya. This is not a hospital; we felt as if we are staying with a family. All the therapists are very good.

Thanks to Dr Ramkumar, he gave such a useful knowledge you can’t afford to miss and his wonderful Vision. He is a great man.

Food is Ok. It should be improved. Even healthiest food can be made tastier, and then there will not be wastage of food. People in office are a bit slow and they could improve their service.

With lots of love,

Hema and Sunitha Suhag



July 14, 2017

To My Dear Vaidyagrama family

Yes, after my stay of 45 days here, Vaidyagrama has become like another family. All the staff members, doctors, have made my stay blissful and healing. They have taken care of my treatments like the way your family close to you does.

The food, the environment, and the care - everything makes Vaidyagrama a perfect healing place. I am also thankful to all the other doctors with whom we had wonderful satsangs and prayer sessions. The efficiency of all the staff members is excellent.

I once again thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr Athulya & Dr Radhika for taking my care. I am sure Vaidyagrama will keep up the tradition of authentic Ayurveda & help heal numerous around the world.

In the present days where allopathic is spreading its wings- it is becoming more and more challenging to preserve our wonderful tradition of Ayurveda which I think is true healing or rather holistic healing.

I really admire the Vision of Dr Ramkumar for creating Vaidyagrama to spread the light of Ayurveda. My best wishes.

With lots of love,

Ashish Parikh



July 13, 2017

I came back briefly after a 3 month treatment, for what I thought was a “Review” of my prayers.

It was much more than that!

I drank deep of the special energy, the healing & love that overflowed in Vaidyagrama....

And I go back satisfied in my soul, renewed and refreshed!

I am eternally grateful i have found an oasis like this, where truth& integrity still blossom.

Thank you for the Vision, Dr.Ramkumar & thank you dear doctors

Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Mubash& all the wonderful therapists.

This has been a home-coming!

Love and light,

Puneeta Roy



July 13, 2017

To Vaidyagrama Team

We are really happy to stay with peace. All doctors & staff of Vaidyagrama are very nice.

We had an excellent treatment here. Atmosphere is completely different from others.

Every day I used to attend morning and evening prayers. We stayed here for 32 days, and Vaidyagrama has been a unique experience in my life.

Dr Harikrishnan.K.K, Dr Kesari, Dr Radhika & Dr Athulya have been very humble and attentive to our problems.

Thanks to therapists Vaishnavi, Indu, Lakshmi Di, Kalpana Di, Biju, Libin, and Arun.

Many thanks to all!

Anju & Manoj



July 10, 2017

I had a wonderful and satisfying stay at vaidyagrama. My thanks to Doctor Ramanandan, Mubash, Sivajyothi & Harikumar who attended me with a lot of love and patience.

My thanks extend to Preeti who is during a wonderful job with the food she serves to the patients. My heartfelt gratitude extends to therapists Devaki, Reshma, Geethu and the whole team.

All prayers & Blessings,

Kasturi Kutty



July 9, 2017

Om Namah Shivaya!

To all the wonderful people at vaidyagrama.

This is my second visit and I am delighted to say it was even better than last time.

I feel so rejuvenated physically, mentally and spiritually.

What an ideal place to take some time out of one’s regular life and get in touch with oneself again.

Many thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Krishnadas.

Dr. Ramkumar, you are such an inspiration!

It was wonderful to see Preeti again and to see how she is like a new being, compared to the same time in 2016.

I have nothing but praise to all the wonderful work that is being done here.

A huge thank you and blessings to the whole vaidyagrama community!

Denise Miller



July 08, 2017

Vaidyagrama has been as unique experience in my life. Even though my stay was very short, I am taking back good memories, a positive attitude to overcome my problems, meeting wonderful, honest and caring people.

The doctors at vaidyagrama have been so caring and loving, especially

Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Mubash who has given me wonderful treatments, explained everything very clearly to me, and treated me like a family member. I will be eternally grateful to all the doctors and staff of vaidyagrama.

If god wishes, I will be back at vaidyagrama with renewed energy and will power to spend a few days at this wonderful place.

Thanking one and all

Sukhinder Kaur (Deep Kaur)

Haryana, India


July 08, 2017

Vaidyagrama is a true Indian concept under evolution, with a huge potential of becoming a fantastic & unique institution in the world.

My best wishes & Support!

Bankim Kapadia



July 6, 2017

Perfect 10

Compassion galore

Ultimate truth

Rejuvenated mind and body and soul

Effective use of therapies

Natural formulas to heal the mind, body and soul

My gratitude to Mother Earth to gift vaidyagrama to the mankind

Doctors are wonderful

Life coaches.

Anuradha Ghulati



July 5, 2017

My stay in vaidyagrama was nice and very useful. I thank all the doctors (especially Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Rekha and Dr. Mubash) and all the staff members.

They are very kind and they provided good service and care.

Treatment therapy and kashayam is healing the whole body and it felt good for the body. The diet food, satsangs and interactions between the doctor and patient, the prayer was very useful and provided peace of mind. Once again I thank you all for the wonderful stay at vaidyagrama




July 3, 2017

God manifests His presence in Nature and in every one of us, and this is beautifully expressed at vaidyagrama.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ramadas and all his team in block 3, thank you Dr. Ramkumar for your infinite patience at satsang and a resounding cheer, and thanks to all the staff who make vaidyagrama such an oasis of peace and healing.

I would especially like to applaud the dedication and focus of the lady gardeners who care for the plants with such love and care.

Saturday’s group dinner prompted me to pen words to a song to be sung to the age old tune of ‘Ke sera bena’

3 weeks ago in vaidyagrama, we had no idea, what we would see very soon we found, knowledge profound life lived in harmony.

“Oh! What joy to be

 Living in simplicity,

With doctors so caring and kind,

Guiding body and mind,

Our brains are full of facts they are,

Doshas - vata, pitta, kapha

Simple food we love, well for all tum

Kanji, kitchadi, kashayam – chorus

Armed with basics of ayurveda

Mindful of diet, dinacharya

Thanks to all the staff who made our stay perfect in every way - (chorus)

Thanks, thanks, thanks

Hootoksi Tyabji



July 3, 2017

I have to give the credit for our coming to vaidyagrama to my wife Hootoksi. We had heard about it from Yazdi, who was miraculously cured here; an unbelievable achievement.

At first I was rather sceptical and was in two minds whether to accompany Hootoksi or not. The decision to go along was made almost at the last moment and I’m sure I will never forget it.

My 21 days stay has been an eye opener and an important learning experience.

Although I came with no serious health issues I leave 21 days later feeling rejuvenated, with a cleaner mind and fresh resolve.

For this I thank the doctors, the therapists, the kitchen and all the other staff from the bottom of my heart. In my 60 years of working in different countries I have never experienced a more friendly, caring and helpful group of people than there at vaidyagrama.

I hope I will have an opportunity to visit again, and even if I am not so fortunate I will always have the nicest things to say about vaidyagrama to whoever will listen.

Robert Tyabji