JULY 2015

July 31 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama

We came here on the recommendation of my mother Yim Ming.

She came here the first time in 2012 and returned back home to Germany with only positive feedback.

Last year was her second time here and she too loved that stay.

She then decided to drag my father, Martin and Me along on her third visit.

Martin and I didn't know what to expect nor were we sure if ayurveda would benefit us.

But now after 3 pleasant weeks here any doubt or mistrust I had before has vanished.

I would like to thank especially Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar for taking excellent care of us.

All the caring and skilled therapists, the cooks, Hakeem and Aparna! Thank you

Overall it has been a privilege and a unique experience staying here at Vaidyagrama!

I hope to return soon!

Thank you again...

Pabita Kister


July 31 2015

Excellent place. A Real rejuvenating Experience for me.

I would recommend this to all of my friends. Doctors provided excellent service progress was requested and updated frequently all doctors spend a lot of time with us.
The support staffs were very courageous and helpful neatly maintained.

Food choice can improve with specific requirements of the patients taking into the consideration the diet needs of their treatment.

As an example I would prefer chapatti than the rice.

Next visit with my wife for relax and distress.

 Thanking you all at by Vaidyagrama

Keep up the good work
Rajiv Nathan

Chennai, India


July 30 2015

The treatment on the whole was very effective for me, my therapists were very good.
I enjoyed going to the prayer everyday it was very soothing and Calming.

There is a good positive vibration all around.

Thank you and good wishes

Shantha Ramakrishnan

Palakkad, Kerala


July 30 2015

The treatment did great wonders for me I had a very pleasant and peaceful time like every other time here.

Madhu my therapist was brilliant.

I had a very wholesome healing process, look forward to go home now.

Vijay Ramakrishnan

Palakkad, Kerala

July 30 2015

Things I loved about vaidyagrama

1.     Doctors – Dr.Omprakash and Dr. Harikrishnan – excellent doctors. I was very happy with the consultation they provided.

2.     Ambience – Puja, culture and people

3.     Therapist – Shyni was excellent in her service

4.     Timeliness – everything was provided for and taken at the correct time.

5.     Things I did not like are -

1.     Kanji – can improve on providing a little tastier food somedays the dosas and rottis were burnt.

Other than that, no grievances .

Great people great work

Sangeetha Anantharaman




July 30 2015

This is the first time that I am undergoing a full ayurvedic treatment, but it is such a rejuvenating experience. Day by day as the body cleans up the mind also become more and more clear. And the ambience here is so good. So conducive to healing mind and body. The programme in the morning and evening  conducted with so much spirituality. The care of the physicians and therapists on all levels to the great loving experience of the place. May this venture be so successful that both mankind and ayurveda benefit from it. May god bless all.


Rama Raveendran Thrissur




Thrissur, Kerala


July 30 2015

Dearest friends and awesome people

Thank you very much for your warm hearts and gentle souls. This is my 3rd time and I had a great time between treatment and enjoying the peaceful space. May the mighty god of the universe protect you all and this place and bless everyone comes in this great healing atmosphere.

May blessings and  peace of allah be upon you

Khalid Almohannadi



July 30 2015

A big thank you Dr.Om for being so nice.

I love you all

It has been a wonderful experience. Doctors are very cordial and very understanding and very loving. People here are very nice and polite. They make you very comfortable. I once again thank you all for being so nice to me. A big thank to Dr.Hari for looking after me with such care and a big thank you to Dr.Ramkumar who asked me to come here but in vain I could not meet him at the time of leaving this place. I would like all the doctors to come and visit me in Mumbai Whenever you are there. My Phone number is 23812606 and cell 09820149966.

A big thank you once again

Love you all

Sashi Chowdary

Mumbai, India


JULY 29 2015

There is so much to say...

I feel a new person..

We were here last year..

This year and sure..Next year..

Thanks to everyone for their kindness patience and professional being.

It’s a place for healing but also for the soul.

Thanks a lot what a nice team.

Lots of love and peace to everyone.

See you all soon...

Jacqueline Moser




July 29 2015

Thank you for the wonderful care and attention from all the vaidyagrama family.

I will send some feedback to Aparna soon.




July 28 2015

Our stay at Vaidyagrama has been therapeutic for all of us.

My 73 years old mother, 15 yr old son and 11yr old daughter.

We relearn how to live a simple yet fulfilling life during the last 21 days.

Everyone here has been extremely courteous and helpful.

Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Aruna the massaging therapists, the girls who serve the medicines and food..

Loved the natural ambience and am surely coming back next year - Hopefully to a much bigger goshala!!!

Abhinav Mehta


July 28 2015

This stay at Vaidyagrama has been a lesson in life, given by the grace and gentleness by every single person I came across here.

From the gentle smiles of the ones I crossed paths with, the healing touch of my lovely therapists, the no nonsense and spiritual advice of the doctors, every gesture was a healing one and one that can help me grow. This is the first of, I hope, many stays in this blessed place.
A gesture that touched me was the hand put on the Heart.

I thankfully take to my heart all that was offered and wish everyone here to be blessed in many ways, that their way in life be an enlightening one that their journey be full of joy.
Words are poor to express the gratitude in my heart. I do hope those will be understood in this way...
Thank you so much to all the doctors, Therapist, cleaning staff, cooks, gardeners and all the ones I came across ..
And let's not forget the birds. I thank them for the joy and lightness they bring to my heart.
In gratitude 



July 22 2015

To all at Vaidyagrama
A very big thank you from my heart.
It's been a wonderful experience on so many levels so authentic!
Thank you for the great care and education for nourishing not only my body and mind also.
I wanted a taste of what you offered and I'm leaving knowing I will be back.
It's been a great place to be 
Many Thanks to all involved much love to all.




July 22 2015

Thank you very much Vaidyagrama. It's been very therapeutic .Looking forward to coming back soon to experience healing with family.
Wishing for something magical.

God bless all and regards


July 21 2015

This vaidyagrama is a heaven to the old age people. Pain relief done within 24 hours after treatment. New type of medical food is vitamin rich food.

This vaidyagrama is a safe place to all people for treatment

God bless you
with smile
Chennai, India


July 20 2015

To all the staff of Vaidyagrama for your kindness it's been a pleasure for me to have been here and so well looked after.
I hope to take my time here back to my world at home and let people know what you are doing for your community 
Next time I come it will be for longer

I will miss all the smiling faces.

Warm regards



July 18 2015

It has been a great experience any experience.

Doctors, therapists and the people who cook maintain this place clean.  Their faces always wore a smile doing their work in the most efficient manner. I never knew that the food can be so great, sanitation, so nutrition and yet cost so little.
I will practise what I learnt here .I will get back soon.

With love 
Chennai, India

July 18 2015

To all the community at Vaidyagrama

I feel so blessed to have been able to stay here for the past month. The depth of my gratitude cannot be contained in words. Everything about this place I Love. Such kind caring people most especially it really is about all aspects of health here. Not just the physical body (although that is much healthier  Thank you). I have experienced panchakarma before, but here the opportunity to go much deeper - So far beyond any idea of what my experience would be like. Thank you from my whole being. I hope I can return. Hope my daughter will find her way here and now I will be carrying herbs more than oil back with me. Love to everyone.

People here are the family you wish was yours (Or I wish mine had been….) Except …. I got exactly what I need.

PSS. Thanks especially to Dr.Harikrishnan Dr.(Zoom) Omprakash.

Ellen Rennard



July 18 2015

I thank you for being there to take care of us after we have failed to fully follow your advice and so come back to you for your retreat. I come again and again.

This now is my third three weeks stay here and each time it gets easier. I mailed my friend today who initiated me here saying “Believe it or not my 3 weeks are over and I am actually missing the food”.

The entire well oiled team makes the stay very pleasant defined etc “Longies!”. It’s service with a smile across the board. When the Doctors tell you that you cannot have number of things and that if you like something to eat, it’s not good for you ! but read with a smile.

Looking forward to come back

Rashid Kidwai

New delhi, India


July 17 2015

To the wonderful Vaidyagrama family,

Thank you for creating a piece of heaven on earth.

Thank you for showering so much care and warmth.

Thank you for exuding and spreading so much positivity. From the doctors to the therapists to the helpers everyone had healing hands.

It has only been my first visit here and as I leave for home, it saddens me to know that I leave behind a piece of my heart in this wonderful place that became my home for a week.

May God bless each one of you here!

Here's thanking you from the bottom of my heart for creating such an enriching environment.

Thank you Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Om for all your care and warmth.

Lots and love of gratitude.

Ms.Rekha manoharan



July 14 2015

Dearest all

Thank you so much for everything. I feel like a baby. I was taught to walk again with patience commitment and much much motivation. Thanks Dr.Om and Dr.Aruna for taking in their warmth task.

From all the doctors to therapists to cleaners cooks officers trust workers It was all about care. Thank you all. For me Its always been about a sense of belonging here. Thank you Lord Dhanvanthari. Thank you Krishna and siva. Felt your presence throughout.

Love and prayers to all

Poonam Sareen

Mumbai, India

A very special mention to Shyni who made many impossible possible.


July 11 2015

5 weeks that have gone so fast yet seems like an eternity .I have experienced an entire life of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, fears, Joy, frustrations, and peace while I stay here. 

My stay here has been far deeper than a simple Hospital stay. I feel I have been transported another place another time and blessed with opportunity open up my fears, wounds, doubts allow them to be exposed. journey through them and get to a point of understanding them and transforming them as Dr Ramdas says with acceptance+ love +gratitude.
Thank you Radhika + unnimaya two wonderful therapists, Radhika your professionalism has been a comfort to me vaidyagrama is blessed to have you. you are wonderful mentor to young Therapist such as unnimaya who I can see she will make a wonderful therapist as yourself.
Thank you Dr Ramanandan for your caring+ right diagnosis and therapies. Thank you doctor Nikhil young Man with so much empathy and passion you will grow into a very learned doctor as all the older doctors here.
Thank you doctor ramadas your wisdom in those crucial moments of my darkest moments will stay with me forever .
Thank you doctor  Om for inspiring cooking classes .
Thank you Dr ramkumar for the wonderful discourses in satsang your patience as well as repeated answers to so many of the same questions
Thank you to all doctors the wisdom you all carry the vision of community, sustainability, spirituality, healing is a true blessing for our Earth.
Thank you to the Always smiling Cleaning staff, blessing to those who cooked beautiful food, thank you the birds your music and dances that brought so much joy for me .
Mother Earth who held me. I feel truly blessed for being here .so many more thanks but I need to stop so others can have a say. With all my heart blessings I send a warm thank you to all who work at Vaidyagrama .
Just a quick thank you doctor Anjali you come to us as a doctor for short, as a fresh out of  your studies. I have seen you begin slowly Blossom in the 2 weeks you have been here I wish you much love and blessings in your journey.

Much love to all 
Mary Soderov 

July 12 2015

2 weeks, which has gone over fast felt really good.

Environment was very good. My grandparents are feeling really good. Their health is improved. But I am unhappy since I didn't have any weight loss. Feeling sad about it.

But happy for my grandparents and the place and people and staff very kind and helpful.

Yashika devendra, Latha subhash 

Sharadha and Muni reddy

Bangalore, India


July 12 2015

Dear Vaidyagrama. This is my second visit. I love this place. Very caring doctors, therapists and other staff. The best place to Achieve inner peace. During the healing process I felt very good. Thanks to vaidyagrama for all the help.

Latha mahadevan

Ernakulam, India

July 07 2015

I am delightful to see the dedication of the entire Vaidyagrama family very sure  that the  institution will reach great heights. Excellent work, keep the good work going .
The doctors and staff deserves special praise for their dedication  to the well being of the patient .

All the best
Mani R

Mumbai, India

July 08 2015

Dearest Vaidyagrama  team,

I am so very grateful for your care and authenticity, my process here was tough on many fronts, but as Dr.Ramadas wisdoms (daily) effort, it was all for a reason.

It took me several weeks to appreciate this. It will take many months to truly trust and live it.

Thank you for seeing to me and seeing me. And for being a true message no judgment, just genuine care.

I hope I can return the love one day.

Sarah Wilson

Sydney Australia


July 06 2015

It is truly wonderful to see the vision of Dr.Ramkumar unfolding in such a short time.

 I have been coming here since its conception and in these years, vaidyagrama and its activities the knowledge of the all doctors and kindness of the staff have really with sincerity from all have kept the tradition of Ayurveda and brings healing to all who enter here Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar truth to knowledge has always, inspired me and I am looking forward to the next year.

With deep thanks to all the doctors and staff.

Best wishes.

Nirmala Rudra

Coimbatore & Delhi, India


July 08 2105

To the wonderful vaidyagrama family

Thank you for creating, nurturing, maintaining and dedicating yourselves to such a beautiful, healing dream.

Like many others am most touched and grateful for the love and compassion shown by all of you and letting me be a part of your families. Honestly some of the best, most caring and health professionals work here and you are a model of what medicine and medical care should be like. Rather than wax on, please accept my deepest gratitude and love, if there is ever anything I can do it return do let me know.

I will miss you all very much.

Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Aruna my medical miracle workers, always full of positivity, compassion and love, I love all the lectures I got from Dr.Ramkumar for always putting a smile on my face and all of you for answering my innumerable questions.

Mythili, Sindhu, Maheswari, Maya chechi, Jameela aunty, Unnimaya, Radhika, Devaki for being the best therapists even sumathi, shenbagam and Dhana aunty, Rajamani aunty for helping me stay clean and organised.

Looking forward to see you all again.

Thank you for everything. God bless.

Pragnya Alekal



JULY 07 2015

Vaidyagrama – “A piece of heaven on earth”. That is what we can say, I am here for the second time and I feel I am blessed to be a part of this loving family. The love and care the doctors and other staff showered on me had brought unbelievable changes in my life.

First of all I apologise to all the doctors for pestering them to taper my steroids. For all the trouble I gave them they made it a success.

I thank Dr.Harikrishnan for the confidence he gave me and Dr. Ramanandan who gave personal care so that I did not even realise Dr.Harikrishnan absence during this treatment. I have to thank Dr.Om who always answers everything with a smile on his face and who comes and treats me with a smile even when I called him at midnight saying I have a pain. I thank Dr.Sajitha for her sweet speech and care.

I thank Dr.Ramadas for his positive speech which brought a spiritual enlightenment with in me.

I have to thank Lakshmi chechi and Jameela chechi who were there through out with me like my sisters. Lakshmi chechi was a perfectionist at work. I got my food and medicines always on time.

Chithra – A lovely soul who was more like a friend and took too much care to maintain my environment and surrounding mat. I thank Mrs. Baby, Deepa and Devi also for their dedicated work and love they showed towards me. I thank little indu who served me hot soups and lunch everyday.

With all my heart I thank each and every staff of vaidyagrama who helped me in healing. Thank you all

Sangeetha Anantharaman

Chennai, India


July 05 2015

I am here needing a break from my role outside this place’s didn’t know what to expect  and I was pleasantly thrilled am blessed to have this opportunity to spend time at vaidyagrama and hope to make it a regular affair.

The first thing that stuck me was the warmth of the people here. They genuinely care for us and it shows. It’s like a strange vortex that attracts only fantastic people. Even the other guests here are wonderful.

I am particularly thankfully to Dr.Ramadas and Devaki.

I will dearly miss the talks with Dr.Ramadas and his genuine concern for me.

I also want to thank Dr.Aruna and Radhika who have made me feel so welcome here. Maheswari is always cheerful even at 5.30am when she brings kashayam.

Sumathi who took extra care to make my stay in the room comfortable and Mosquito free.

Finally very thankful for Dr.Ramkumar vision for this place and the satsangs. It is a truly blessed place and I will miss it until I am here again.

Hopefully next year.

Minnie Cadambi


July 04 2015

It has been a very pleasant and a great experience of 3 weeks here .All staff were very Cooperative and helpful in all respects. We lived here as a family of Vaidyagrama. Even the climate was very pleasant. Thanks to all and will be in our memory for a long time .
With best regards for vaidyagrama and staff .
Krishnan Kutty


July 04 2015

I am extremely thankful to Vaidyagrama as it has opened a new and positive path in life for me. Its been crucial transformation for me at the most important phase of my life. For people who come here, it should be a blissful experience. People experience good health and extreme positivity during the stay at vaidyagrama. I am much humbled by the warm reception here. Each and everyone at vaidyagrama – I am extending my gratitude to all and thank you once again.

Few special mentions:

Dr.Harikrishnan – thank you for having hope on me and taking me for treatment. Thanks for being so patient with be and showing me the way forward.

Dr.Omprakash – Thank you for treating me as a brother here. I am much thankful to you.

Jameela chechi and sreelakshmi – My caretakers – thank you so much – I am lost of words to appreciate your help.

It was because of these people I never asked my parents to come to meet me in between.

Vinod and Lalu – My therapists – I know I would have been a little more difficult. But thank you so much for handling me with so much care.

I thank other support staff and doctors for the positive energy shown always.

Thank you all

God bless

Vignesh shanmugam

Chennai, India