July 2014

July 30 2014

Vaidyagrama is really a lovely beautiful place where human beings work with nature.

No noise that irritates the minds, gorgeous smells, beautiful architecture and gardens.

Everything is done here to cure on different levels – mind, body and soul. Satsangs were great and instructive and a very needy complement to a better understanding of the treatment process we are going through. To some patients, it could have been challenging, but I think it is a necessary step. Awaken the healer inside each one of us is really a great goal and explanation of what is really going on here and I am really looking forward to how it will work for me as soon as I will go back into “life”. Definitely it is the way how I feel medicine should work. I might need several visits to strengthen the work started here but it is already nice to get this opportunity and to experience sucha  place!!!

Few regrets or just remarks – I would like the treatment  little longer as it is just provided once a day and the general cost of the treatment might be a problem for me to come back.

I have really enjoyed the experience and whatever improvement I will gain it will be there and positive. I look for more such places to exist all around the world.

Thank you to the doctors, their patience in listening to the complaints and good understandings. Thank you to the therapists and staff that make this place a great one to help awakening the great healer inside each one of us. Happy to leave, ready to make a significant shift in my life and live for a better positive and happy life.

As I think that everyone should benefit from such experience, I might come back with a dear one next time.

Best regards, for a better harmony with nature, allowing the process of healing to happen.

Om Shanti

Isabelle Haya Berthier


July 29 2014

Vaidyagrama is a bit of heaven. All the aspects of heaven are here, beautiful surroundings, no pollution, no city noises, no disturbances. Until you come to a calm idyllic place like this, one does not realize the chaos in our lives.

It is essential to withdraw from our daily lives to realize the benefits of vaidyagrama. The doctors especially Dr.Ramadas are kind, compassionate and careful. It is true holistic healing, they care for you not only physically but care mentally for you also.

I appreciate all the kindness that has been shown to us and the understanding of our limitations. Dr.Ramkumar has created a miracle in this fast and furious world.

Thank you

Meena and Gambhir

Delhi, India

July 26 2014

I am very grateful for the 25 days I could stay at vaidyagrama. This place is a little heaven on earth.

I deeply thank everyone who is working and creating this place for their incredible love, care and support which made my stay so rich, healing and relaxing.

A big thank you to all my doctors, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Omprakash for your gentle and clear guidance. I learned a lot about how a simple life can give us all we need.

I also want to thank Dr.Ramkumar for his very inspiring satsangs and Dr.Ramadas for all the prayers he guided. All of this gave me the chance to learn about the values of Ayurveda, a path to live a life in balance with nature and the depth of our being.

I am looking forward to coming back.

Katrin Karneth


July 22 2014

Vaidyagrama is “paradise” for me! And I will be back soon. I thank all the dedicated doctors and the staff – so kind, loving and friendly – God bless you all.

A special and a BIG THANK YOU to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikumar and his assistant lady doctor. Kind, gentle and loving Aparna – always made it a point to visit me in my room. The gentle and efficient massage ladies, Devaki and Maya, and the always smiling lady who cleaned my room. God bless you all.

Meena Pinto


July 21 2014

We are blessed to have a place like vaidyagrama to return to! This was my 2nd visit and this time I brought 2 friends of mine. Dr.Omprakash rightly said that I have a responsibility to my friends and enquired how they were doing. I am very happy that Kiki is planning on another longer visit with her sister. And Meena wanted to stay another week! Both of course are going to return.

Truly a healing and natural environment that restores the body, mind and soul! A rare gem!

Thanks and warm wishes to all at vaidyagrama


Pune, India

July 22 2014

This is my first experience with Ayurveda and I realize that two weeks is too short a time for positive results. However I feel much cleansed and ready to go through a three months follow up treatment at home.

Time has flown at vaidyagrama and it is time to leave – I shall miss the morning visits of the wonderful doctors, so knowledgeable and compassionate – a very special thanks to them.

The staff are so warm and friendly and I adore Devaki – I shall kidnap her one of these days.

I look forward to my return in February 2015 with my sister – I am broken hearted that I have not lost any weight but I guess my fat has turned to rock!!

Love, warm wishes and regards to all at vaidyagrama

Kiki (Shakuntala)

Mumbai / Pune, India

July 18 2014

I’m so glad I decided to come to vaidyagrama for a rejuvenation and relaxation treatment. Vaidyagrama is an overall experience – the morning prayer, the nourishing food, the treatments, the vastu, the living spaces, the nature around you, the caring staff and the positive vibrations makes you not want to leave. This is a place you only read about in storybooks. I’m so fortunate to experience this. I cant wait to come back.

Much love

Pravin Bathija

San Jose, CA, USA

July 19 2014

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you for a wonderful time here. The doctors and staff are very cordial as always. It has been great to experience the stay here second time and am looking forward to coming back with friends for a Panchakarma treatment in the near future.

God Bless!

With warm regards

Radhika Srivatsa

San Diego, CA, USA

July 17 2014

Vaidyagrama is a place where there is a green carpet all around you with birds and bees in all its splendor! It restores the calmness and relaxation and health.

The guidance given by the doctors helps you to come back to nature and become a better person. The Ayurvedic treatments are very special. So you go back home feeling more healthy and happy!

I thank all the doctors, staff and co-ordinators for the wonderful experience.


Preeti B.

July 17 2014

I came to know about vaidyagrama through my friend Mr.Faisal. At first I just came here to see what’s special in vaidyagrama. But it inspired me a lot and I feel that I am inside a new world with a new atmosphere. I just got relaxed in the new home of heaven “vaidyagrama”.

The Ayurveda treatment done here is very special and everyone should experience to gain fresh energy in the body. In addition there are many activities performed here to relax our mind and remove stress. Yoga classes are taken to keep our body and mind relaxed. Spiritual songs makes us to feel better.

The doctors here are so friendly as well as the staff. The Ayurvedic massage done here clears our body and it feels as if we are newly born. It is an excellent experience in vaidyagrama.

It is my pleasure again to visit here. I thank all the doctors and staff of vaidyagrama for giving me such a wonderful experience.

Thanking you all

With regards and love

T.Mohamed Rafeeq

July 16 2014

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the true and excellent healing village. The environment here in vaidyagrama is the major component for healing. Natural setup along with aspects of spirituality makes a perfect piece for healing.

I have decided to come with my parents and aunt not knowing what will really happen. However we are really happy and so glad that we chose to come to vaidyagrama. This village has excellent team of doctors, and Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Ramkumar and others with full of knowledge and passion for taking care of patients. Excellent staff who all made our stay and treatment so enjoyable. We really enjoyed daily treatment along with other daily activities like satsang with doctors.

We like to thank each and everyone at vaidyagrama for making our treatment highly enjoyable and memorable. We will definitely recommend vaidyagrama to our friends and family. We will certainly return as we know that any time spent here will definitely energise the body, mind and soul.

Thank you all

With regards

Suresh Lavani and family

Austin Texas, USA

July 16 2014

So it has been a challenge. A fruitful challenge.

28 days seem quite short but felt much longer because it was a very condensed time. There was intense ups and downs. There were many inner voices and restlessness to fight against doubts coming, trust gaining, doubts coming again, trying to surrender and surrendering.

Positive thinking was put to test, the challenge of letting go thoughts and physical strengths whilst trusting in recovery. So, in only a short span of time, many mental lessons could be learned.

I am grateful for this learning environment which made those lessons possible based probably on the pancakarma principles itself. Dr.Ramkumar’s great vision of the healing village made possible by the great effort and excellence of staff and doctors.

Then there was friendship. Much faster than in normal life, friendship evolved and had to let go too. I experienced invaluable moments of sincere heartfulness from former complete strangers.

That was wonderful and for that I thank other patients as well as vaidyagrama staff and doctors for creating such a warm atmosphere where hearts easily open up.

Thank you all!


Vils, Germany

July 13 2014

I have had a wonderful stay at vaidyagrama. The time to reflect and restore has been valuable.

The staff here are amazing. Very warm and friendly. It has been a home away from home.

My 15 days here have gone by so fast and I now feel I am ready to continue on my journey!

My love and blessings to all!

Jenene Adad

Sydney, Australia

July 12 2014

It has been my pleasure to stay in vaidyagrama for about 15 days. Myself and my mom had the chance to stay in 307. It was a fascinating experience to take the time out from routine day to day life and give ourselves some retreat time. Though we are a typical traditional Indian family, we had the chance to experience the real sattvic diet and Ayurveda practices only now. I really thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash and Dr.Ramadas and other doctors and staff for providing us this experience. The regular prayer and the environment provided us with peace for our mind. I wish I have stayed longer to enjoy the quiet library and the stay. I would come back again to enjoy the similar experience and definitely recommend vaidyagrama for persons who were looking as I was. Thank you once again to all the staffs, the other patients, doctors, and the entire vaidyagrama community for the experience


Pradeep Chandar & mother Manonmani


July 12 2014

As soon as I came to vaidyagrama, I liked the place. After my dad told me that there was only hot water to drink and the tea was herbal tea, I didn’t like this place. Soon I started to get used to the hot water and like the herbal tea. On the 2nd night, I didn’t like the food so I threw a big tantrum which caused my mom and dad to order idlis. After that situation, I hated this place. Soon I learned to like this place and its food. Also the dogs are not as mean as I thought they would be. After all the walks and activities this became one of my favourite places. I have changed my opinion from “never coming to this place again” to “coming here every year”. I would like to thank all the doctors for making this a visit that I will never forget.

Thank you


San Diego, CA, USA

July 12 2014

We are blessed to stay at vaidyagrama. Personally this stay reminded me of my childhood’s village atmosphere. Though our stay is short, but it was sweet.  We are leaving this place with more energy than we came in. My two children Obula and Jitendra adjusted very well within couple of days. Jitendra was curious to participate in every event like yoganidra, satsang etc. He wants to stay here longer and wants to return to this place every year. Our stay could have been much better if Pavan also did well and adjusted. Doctors at vaidyagrama are so nice and they took care of us as their family. Staff did an excellent job at every level. I sincerely wanted to thank Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Haritha for their constant watch and care. Last but not the least, I would like to thank Aparna for her timely response without which we could not have arranged this last minute trip.

As my son Jitendra mentioned, we will be visiting this place again and again. I will have no hesitation to recommend vaidyagrama to my friends and colleagues who want to rejuvenate and relax. Again thanks to all members of vaidyagrama for their dedication and excellent support.

Rajagopal Jeenagala

San Diego, CA, USA

July 09 2014

Here it is – vaidyagrama, a healing SANCTUARY in the “middle of nowhere” welcoming patients from all over the world!

I came here for almost 3 weeks with the necessity to balance and with the intention to recover.

I have been guided and accompanied through the states of the treatment by a team of doctors who are embodying the qualities of relationship, compassion, humour and profound knowledge – and I recovered…

I recovered through receiving a very refined food on all levels – subtle and gross.

I recovered through the prayers that have been given by the physicians and the therapists before every step.

I recovered through the strong and very precious morning and evening prayers.

I recovered through enjoying the flowers and the bright green plants in the garden.

I recovered through the good company with my fellow patients throughout the treatment.

I recovered through the loving care of Aparna and through the kirtans with Renu and the rhythm of Madhav’s drums.

I recovered through listening to Geetha telling us about the children of the villages and introducing us to the great vision of Punarnava.

I recovered through the sweet care of Sasikala and Sindhu mothering me and through Manonmani teaching me how to put a saree on.

I recovered through the awe and deep acknowledgement that I feel for the dignity and dedication of Baby and Kanchana and all the other women who are keeping this space clean.

I discovered here in Mother India the quality of inner space and the invitation to be myself.

I am deeply grateful for this holding environment and fine care that I received from Dr.Ramadas, from Dr.Harikumar, and from Dr.Haritha, and also about the presence of the other doctors of vaidyagrama!

I am sending my love to all of you!


July 08 2014

Vaidyagrama is a nice place to heal everyone. It is the place for people who want relief quickly with better Ayurveda treatment without any side effects.

My sincere thanks to Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikumar and Dr.Ramadas etc. – whoever is supporting to me during my treatment.

Once again thanks to everyone.

Best regards

Adhinaraghan R


July 07 2014

Am sad to be leaving so soon! (2 ½ weeks – not long enough!)

Vaidyagrama is a very very special place filled with wonderful souls.

Not without its occasional challenge for the patient (kanji rice diet!), the doctors and therapists make the journey with light and soon any difficulties are forgotten.

The energy here is calm and peaceful and I truly enjoyed many moments sitting on my balcony listening to the birds chirping, watching the butterflies and feeling the breeze.

Dr.Ramadas is a wonderful person! Full of wisdom, humor and insight, and a genuinely compassionate person. Thanks also to Dr.Harikumar, the lovely Dr.Haritha for your kind words, and constant care, and for Dr.Omprakash for always fresh enthusiasm and laughter.

All the therapists have been very thoughtful, kind and considerate; also very patient with us all!

I will be sure to spread the word about beautiful vaidyagrama and its healing benefits to our yoga community back in Sydney and beyond.

Thanks also of course to Dr.Ramkumar for his insightful satsangs. Thanks for all the prayers, chanting and blessings!

I look forward to returning!

Love and Blessings

Aum Shanti



July 07 2014

My three weeks stay at vaidyagrama has been a time of healing, contemplation and reflection. It’s been such a blessing to stay in peaceful, ecologically sound surroundings among people whose commitment to well being and healing is obvious and genuine.

Thank you so much for the treatments, teachings, prayers and care. But most of all, thank you for providing this space for people to learn about a holistic way of living and being.

With much love and shanti

Kim / Sivakami


July 01 2014

Vaidyagrama is a perfect green healing oasis in a busy life. I stayed nearly 4 weeks here and it felt a little bit like home. I feel very grateful that I got the opportunity to stay here. Everybody is very devoted for healing here.

The doctors, the therapists and the staff, who make the stay here most comfortable. I enjoyed the daily life as well as the outstanding treatments.

I want to thank my doctors for their efforts of healing and their understanding. I hope I got a sense and an idea now how to proceed on the journey of healing.

I want to thank you all here and I will remember this stay.

With love

Cornelia V.Ramdow