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July 2012

July 29 2012






July 29 2012

What has vaidyagrama meant to me (Jessie)

V – Valley filled with God’s love and blessings be it spiritually, physically or mentally – name it and you shall have

A – Anointing each and every one that dwells, no matter of what, caste, creed, religion you belong

I – Immaculate, divine, instilling in us the vision which we have lost over a period of time seeking outwardly pleasures

D – Developing in each and every one who abides in the home of vaidyagrama; the true values of life, God has promised

Y – Young or old, all have a say and are welcomed with love and open arms

A – Abundantly blessed and service with love and kindness is rendered by the physicians, therapists, co-workers, housekeeping, front office, back office, kitchen staff, repair & maintenance etc. etc.

G – Graciously awaiting to heal each and every one that comes to dwell with their knowledge and wisdom that they freely give the patients

R – Realizing that they were born to deliver all that they have in fullness to their guests (patients) without any reservation

A – Accepting the will of God, mother, nature, divine has bestowed upon them

M – Mother of all, mother incarnate is vaidyagrama, the healer and mother of all who dwell in

A – Aum (Spirit) of life within us has breathed once again as our feet touched the land of vaidyagrama


Jessie, Kuwait

July 29 2012

Words aren’t really sufficient to let you know I feel today; am surely gonna miss all you guys here, the doctors, therapists and my dear friends. It is just not the treatment but the environment, the amiable behaviour of everyone around and the little beautiful things that made my stay here a memorable one.

Now I keep wondering if I had come for a treatment or a vacation. Truly a vacation and a healthy one.

The best thing about vaidyagrama is it is a home away from home.

The only thing I found lacking here is a proper security which is indeed much needed as most of the patients are women who stay alone in their rooms.

I wish vaidyagrama all the very best in the future years.

Would love to visit you all soon.

Lots of love & best wishes

Deepa Nair, Dubai

July 28 2012

A lamp dispels the darkness and spreads light. The beautiful lamp of vaidyagrama lights the heart of all the people who are blessed to be here. The light spreads within & out. As the mind is rid of all the darkness, the body heals & is restored to love and serve. Let the light enlighten many more souls.

Dr.Neela, Coimbatore

July 2012

It was a completely holistic treatment. Lots of love. Maya Akka surely had maya in her hands to discover & heal my pains. A magical stay!

Thank you all

Karuna Sagari, Coimbatore

July 20 2012

Thank you so much for the love and care you gave us – all at vaidyagrama.

So much peace and love here – we enjoyed our stay.

Very nice peaceful location. Very friendly staff. Good service.

Thank you

Arvind & Mini, Delhi

July 2012

Thank you so much to the whole vaidyagrama for my stay and for my health I’m taking home.

Here, I can see the simplicity in everything and where there is simplicity there is lots of love. So, some of that energy I am taking with me after all that time I shared with this wonderful people.

God bless all of us

Natacha, Brazil, Sydney

July 2012

It was a wonderful experience for me to be with you and learn to be relaxed and lead a healthy life.

The doctors and the entire staff are very caring and helpful.

Vaidyagrama is a wonderful concept.

Royston Antony, Kerala

July 2012

We couldn’t have asked for better care from such sweet natured and sincere doctors – Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Omprakash, Dr.Ramadas & Dr.Srilakshmi. We appreciate so much your genuine concern for our well being & thank you for all the time you have spent with us every day. We have really felt totally looked after for the entire stay at vaidyagrama. We would like to also give our heartfelt gratitude to all the amazing staff who make vaidyagrama such a wonderful place to stay – Aparna was so happy to help with any of our requests. Kiran made us straightaway feel like part of the “family” and we always looked forward to his innovative Thursday night dinners. Shanti & all the people in the kitchen who make the delicious food, the caring therapists including Saphira, Sasikala, Indu, Vinod, Mujeeb, Ramesh & Santosh, the ladies who clean & smoke the room, the clothes washing people, Kavitha & the admin staff, the drivers, Hakeem & the maintenance crew & the gardeners.

We feel happy, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. Thank you and see you next time.

With love

Anna & Steve

July 15 2012

Dear doctors, therapists and the rest of the staff at vaidyagrama

It was with great pleasure that I got an opportunity to come at this healing center due to my sister-in-law, Jessie.

I thank each and every one from the bottom of my heart for the warm welcome extended and the good treatment given during my stay.

I also thank my friends Dr.Neela, Jacqueline and Akka (Karuna); they made the stay more meaningful and inspiring.

Also want to thank the kitchen staff for cooking our diet meals three times a day.

Wish and pray for all the vaidyagrama team and for the mighty healing & cure.

If God permits, will surely visit again.

God Bless!

Clotilda, Kuwait

July 11 2012

To the whole of vaidyagrama

It’s probably my fourth visit. I am deeply grateful to Dr.Ramkumar’s great vision & fruition, and to the deep wisdom, kindness, unending patience of Dr.Ramadas and also of Dr.Harikumar, and Dr.Harikrishnan – you have all given me many chances for being well & inspire me too. I always leave in gratitude to this amazing place, the doctors, to the wonderful properties & greatness of the medicines, to all the lovely therapists, to the young doctors, & this is the first time I leave thanking for the food & will miss some of it too – thank you Kiran for making so much effort to please so many people & all the new changes like stotram help in the healing.

Thank you again…I will be back.

Nirmal Rudra, Coimbatore

July 11 2012

Dear Doctors, Therapists, Support Staff & so many folks behind the scenes at vaidyagrama

When one of our friends in USA (Arpit & Archana) mentioned about visiting vaidyagrama for getting an Ayurvedic opinion on the health issue we have been dealing, I was pretty positive this is the RIGHT PATH. As written in our scriptures, the perfect way to heal our body is NOT with drugs but with a better lifestyle!! Dr.Claudia Welch (from US) also referred us here. We initially communicated with Aparna & got going.

The best part of the treatment was the doctors getting to the root of the problem and not the symptom. The feeling of everyone at vaidyagrama was amazing. With someone like Anjali coming and putting these beautiful flowers to the loving staff bringing the healthy food. That awesome herbal tea & that refreshing massage.

I wish your journey & dream will come true and GOD will bless you with his love where you all can heal NOT only the body but mind / soul of hundreds. The makeup of the eco-friendly buildings to the way the food is made with no chemicals used at all.

It has been an amazing time here. To see folks from all parts of the world to get to the best way of treatment is NICE.

The kitchen was an eye opener too. To have all eco friendly amenities is a very good thing & thinking of Mother Earth is real sense.

Neelam & Narendra, USA

July 2012

Staff & friends at vaidyagrama

With many thanks for giving me your healing, understanding, prayers and the still center of being that your attentive care, patience and healing has given me during my stay. I will miss the veggies! And much else

Namaskar, and with love


July 03 2012

Dear healers at vaidyagrama

Thank you for all the care and patience that each doctor & therapist has shown in the last three weeks. In fact, I should say thanks for being there for me over the last year. I really appreciate it.

I believe the way this healing village has changed over the last year is for the better but I think you there are more positive changes that can be made.

I feel fortunate for having the doctors that I’ve had and the ability to come here again.

I wish we had a place like this in Australia (hint!)

With love

Lavina Badlani, Australia

July 03 2012

Sai Ram!

My first impression of vaidyagrama was beautiful – the aura and energy of the place; the greenery; the way it is made, the rooms, and the personalized service of the doctors in plain clothes not making you feel they are doctors but HEALING FRIENDS with whom you can talk all the crap you want and they are the PATIENT LISTENERS, HEALERS & DOERS. That was the best thing about vaidyagrama.

I felt like a HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Then I heard about the PRAYERS, COOKING DEMOS on TUESDAYS; THURSDAY NIGHT GROUP DINNER, SATSANGS & EVENING PRAYERS; and FRIDAY the “COW PUJA” – all these spiritual activities were highly impressive and extremely necessary and great because I like doing things in my life. The food, well, isn’t great; and I love simple food but I think Kiran’s Aloe vera & Hibiscus juice & innovations in food are great!! Keep it up Kiran!!

I am sad to complain about not getting towels every day and being left in the oil massage room for 30 minutes because of lack of hot water – no solar power, no gas etc. – I think these things are very important & they should be attended to. Also dinners have to be arrived fairly earlier because we cannot digest the food without being awake for 2-3 hours before sleeping and then maybe hot milk or whatever needed per patient should be given. All the same my heart cries out for vaidyagrama with all these defects. That is the HAPPY part of it. I hope all this is improved upon and vaidyagrama becomes a HEAVEN for me and others in the future in our old age.

A million thanks to Dr.Ramadas for making me laugh always, to Dr.Harikumar for his patience & care, and to everyone else. I met all the nice people like Jacqueline, Nirmala, Chawla, Neelam, Dr.Neela, Natascha – all were very friendly.

And lastly thanks to my massage therapists Shameena, Indu etc. Thanks to Aparna for her services.

GOD BLESS VAIDYAGRAMA and may it become a better place for more to HEAL and take back with them HAPPY MEMORIES


Jyoti Badlani, Australia

July 03 2012

We shall ever remain grateful to all the “Angels of Healing” at vaidyagrama – the doctors, therapists and support staff – who helped us in the process of healing. We shall always cherish in our pleasant memories, all the cheerful, ever-smiling, dedicated, patient and committed “Angels” who took all the pains to ensure that we are relieved of our pains. May God shower His choicest Blessings on all of them!

We had a first-in-our-lifetime-opportunity to transform ourselves into yet another world, full of peace, tranquility and one with nature.

We wish vaidyagrama the best of everything that it richly deserves.

With love & blessings

Lalitha & Latha, Bhubaneswar

July 02 2012

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you for your time and knowledge. Words cannot express my appreciation for what you do. May peace, light and love always shine on you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Om Lokaha Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Alton, USA