January 30, 2021 

It has always been a pleasure to come and be here at Vaidyagrama. The people here, just like the Nature around us, are so pleasant and welcoming. The whole team works with complete love and dedication. 

Almost all requirements are met by the team here. 

Some things still did trouble us in spite of the team’s best efforts, if the team: 

1. Electricity fluctuation in our illam at least 30 times a day. 

2. Very bad internet connectivity. The team tried their best to resolve it though. 

3. Adjoining rooms need separators. 

Our stay and healing experience in all has been great and we feel very connected to ourselves. 

Thank You and Love, 

Mr. Lalit Nikam, Mrs. Subasri Nikam, Ruaan & Tulsi

Chennai, India. 


January 28, 2021 

Amazing and a blissful experience. Every single individual is so kind, humble and compassionate. Vaidyagrama felt like a home away from home. 

The therapists, Vinod & co, the medicines and food, Girls – Maya and Shiny were simply amazing. 

Dr Aruna, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Ramanandan – nothing I say will be enough, so will just leave it with a big thank you for dealing with me for 4 weeks. 

Mr. Sandeep Das 

Mumbai, India 


January 24, 2021 

First Impression: 

The location of Vaidyagrama is the first thing that impressed us. A little away from the busy world, but not too far as well. The ambience that we see inside the premises is wonderful. The design of our rooms and other facilities were well thought of. Smiling faces all around just like the beautiful flowers that we get to see in your garden. 

The Treatment Experience: 

We were well taken care of by the doctors and other staff. Before each kind of treatment, the procedure was well-explained by the doctor and it makes us feel much comfortable. We also feel like we are in safe hands as the doctors have very good knowledge on what they have to do. 

The therapists were well-versed with their duties and they have made sure that we are comfortable throughout the process. All our doubts were answered properly. 

The Stay Experience: 

With clean and well-maintained rooms, we had a very pleasant stay. Assistance was available 24/7 and no one has ever said No. The services provided by staff were excellent. 

We enjoyed the company of birds, cows and butterflies around our illam. The group lunch sessions were memorable. The satsang talks were informative. 


The Ayurveda Food: 

There is nothing much to write about the taste as it is expected to be tasteless. A few points that we felt were: 

• Food was served on time and quantity was more than sufficient most of the time. 

• All the staff were very kind and understanding when we ask for a change in food. 

• The kanji on most of the evenings had a Smokey taste which was very difficult to eat. Although we got it replaced, it would be better if the kitchen could do it without the strong Smokey taste. 

Can be improvised: 

Room Lighting – very strong lights 

Internet/ Wi-Fi – charges seem to be on a higher side, also connection issues were present throughout our stay. 

Hot water availability in room was limited; we didn’t wish to disturb the staff. 

Overall, we had great experience at Vaidyagrama. Thanks for the entire team for taking care of us. 

Mr. Subash D. Sarma, Mrs.  Rekha .K.V, Ms. Srinika 

Palakkad, India 


January 24, 2021 

Thank you for the care you showered on us for the past 21 days. 

Dr. Ramanandan impressed us with his laudable and to the point diagnosis and treatment approach. 

The treatment procedure is well explained to us. Special thanks to Dr. Prameela and Dr. Vinod for your daily visits, close follow up, sincerity and dedication. 

Our therapists Mr. Santosh, Mr. Vinod, Mr. Subash and Mr. Biju, Ms. Sindhu, Ms. Lavanya showed great care and empathy. Their sincere work is appreciated. 

All the housekeeping staff, admin and every other person we meet is always smiling and very friendly. Whatever we ask for, they always answered politely and served immediately 

Your system for internal communication is good. All the staff is well informed of the charges/ feedback. 

Your cares for nature, efforts in preserving the environment, avoidance of chemicals/ pesticides/ commercial products are very much appreciated. 

Mr. Nandhakumar and Mrs. Arthi Nandhakumar 

Erode, India. 


January 23, 2021 

Dearest Vaidyagrama Family, 

Before getting admitted, our conversation started with Dr. Ramanandan and Aparna Sarma later. After having a detailed discussion with Dr. Ramanandan, we got lots of confidence and hopes, and we immediately decided to come here and get ourselves the ayurvedic treatment and healing. We are extremely grateful to him in taking care of us end to end. Our special thanks to Aparna Sarma as well. We will remember the fruitful discussions with Dr. Ramanandan. 

We will cherish our daily conversations with Dr. Ramadas regarding the healing process and especially how to keep our mind, body; eating habits etc. which will help us play an important role in the healing process. We are really blessed to have these discussions and trying to practically apply the same in our life as well. We are extremely grateful, so thankful to Dr. Ramadas for everything. 

Dr. Harikumar has taken care of us, our treatment and healing process like our own father. His treatment and lifestyle advise and patiently explaining us every day like a father will be cherished, remembered and already started relieving our stress and having a huge relief especially on the mental health and for the ailments, pain as well. Our heartfelt and sincere gratitude and thanks to Dr. Harikumar for everything. 

We are extremely thankful, grateful to all the therapists and support staffs in taking care of our family like their own family and we overall had a very pleasant, memorable stay and treatment at the Vaidyagrama. Thanks a lot, to the kitchen and cooking team in providing nutritious, sumptuous timely food to us. Thanks to everyone in Vaidyagrama. 

We will remember all our Satsangs and the ones with Dr. Ramkumar are gems, will be cherished, and remembered. We are truly grateful to him for providing lots of guidance regarding understanding and application of good practices in life. 

Our heartfelt and special thanks to Dr. Soniya and Dr. Sreeji in taking care of our treatment, day in and day out. 

We came here initially for 21 days but very happily wanted to extend it for 2 more weeks and overall, it went like 3 days for us than 35 days. 

Vaidyagrama will be remembered forever in life and hoping to come here every year for our ayurvedic and healing needs. 

Vaidyagrama is a home to us and will be highly recommended to our friends and family members. 

P.S: Special thanks to Smt. Geetha, Shri. Krishnakumar, Smt. Athira, Shri. Sanjeev and all the admin, maintenance, operations staffs of Vaidyagrama. 

With Lots of Love, 

Anandasubramaniam.R, Simi Parameswaran, Adwaith and Samarth 

Bangalore, India. 


January 21, 2021 

Dear All, 

This is our first visit to Vaidyagrama and it feels like home. Love the way you guys were taking care of us for 21 days and there was no change in it from day 1 to the end of our treatment. Our special thanks to all the therapists and doctors out here. 

The place is so quiet with some singing birds and conducive to healing. Most recommended place. 

Much Love from, 

Ms. Sandhiya Somasundaram and Mr. Gowtham. V 

Tiruppur, India. 


January 20, 2021 

First of all, I wish to heartfully thank Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Aruna. M and all the other doctors I interacted with during satsang and casual walks. 

This experience and the last two weeks are a check on my lifestyle and habits. 

I have learnt to enjoy the vegetables just the way they are, without spices etc. 

I am amazed at how courteous everybody is including the staff. Sreeshna was wonderful and Meera too.  I got into the habit of walking here and I will continue walking. 

I will miss this harmonious place but we'll be learning full of inspiration and strong commitment. 

Hope to come back sometime surely. 

My sincere thanks  

I really appreciate the care given to all the boys God bless! 

Ms. Nagasusheela  Anumolu  

Hyderabad, India 


January 17, 2021 

As I write this on the eve of my departure, after having spent over a month here and ushering a new year, I am filled with awareness, wakefulness, energy, sense of hope, and most of all, gratitude. Before anything else, I must thank each and every team member and staff who played a role in my treatment, in whatever capacity. As someone who attracts mosquitoes like a magnet, I am especially grateful to the staff members who use the herbal mosquito repellent smoke every day. you literally saved my skin. 

Thanks to every therapist that render care. You are intentional healing touch set my body and on the path to recovery. Special mention for Biju, Arun, and Ratheesh. They just know their way with their hands and took so much care for me. Ratheesh inspires me to look after my body care. Biju’s love for connection and conversation are a joy to experience. 

 Thanks to the doctors I met with, whether once again or for the very first time speaking to Dr. HariKrishnan is enlivening. We were able to have a conversation about the climate crisis that left me feeling like I learned more on where I need to focus my energy in addressing the planet scale challenge we face. Thanks of course to all the staff, especially Geetha ji and Aparna ji you made me feel very welcome, listened to, and taken care of. 

I really grew to love the food during my first visit in 2018, and this was a huge part of what I have looked forward to during my stay. The people in that kitchen who use ordinary ingredients like rice and coconut as a Canvas to create these wondrous aromas, flavors and textures. I hope I can recreate a fraction of this offering back in California, where we don't have access to many of these ingredients, at least not organically locally grown. I will agree with an earlier commenter about sharing prep utensils and surfaces that leads to onion flavors on the papaya and plantain served in the evenings. As far as food presentation goes, I think the simplicity is so hard to find elsewhere in the world, especially for how flavorful the food is. I think that aesthetics is pleasing precisely because of the lack of artifice. 

Now for two points I absolutely wish that you will come to working on 

1) More uniformity of the massages across the therapist touch and hand movement pressure, speed, pattern, coverage, consistency of these within individual and across multiple strokes these to me are factors that determine how effective contact-based therapy is. Gentle but firm massage, with uniform pressure applied throughout the range of a stroke, with each stroke feeling largely identical, the hands holding their shape and maintaining constant contact against the surface being massaged. This is what defines ideal therapy unfortunately, a couple of therapists missed this mark in their sessions. Their movements felt erratic, and varied significantly in pressure within and across strokes, their hands did not hold their shape, and the coverage of strokes made each individual stroke feel very different creating uncertainty, over which parts of my body would receive uniform massaging. Their hands would also completely lift off at the end of each stroke, resulting in the start of the subsequent stroke feeling more like a job. This was compounded by the variability in downward pressure across all strokes. While most other therapists used the strength of their bodies to apply this force, one therapist in particular seemed to be using body weight inconsistently to accomplish this instead. This overall lead to an unsettled feeling after many therapy sessions, especially during sessions with two different motions were employed by two therapists working on the left and right sides of my body. I hope you will consider getting therapists to become more harmonious and uniform in their movement styles. I would consider Anish as most requiring this feedback. 

 2) This topic is very difficult for me to not ramble and sermonize on, so I will attempt to keep my feedback brief and action focused during prayer ceremonies and general interactions I witnessed that involved a human and animal (Say cow for prayers, or cats during regular times) there was a distinct lack of regard and respect I noticed for the animal's dignity and autonomy. Please, I implore you, do not tie cows up in order to worship them. Do not force cause to be around people or unduly constrained when they are clearly not able to tolerate these things, and making their preference known by moving, tugging at their restraints, pooping, and peeing in protest. Please do not let children run around her for several minutes, teasing and harassing her. Please offer food with respect especially as the priest leading the ceremony, instead of waving it in her face and tossing it on the ground in front of her then laughing loudly and walking away. These actions portray real intent and feelings for more clearly than any amount of prayer. Please treat the mother cow with respect for her autonomy and that she deserves and for the cats, please consider making a more regular meal plan that includes meat, Cats are obligate carnivorous this means their health will suffer greatly from lack of meat in their dies, possibly causing severe musculoskeletal and psychological disorder, lower life quality expectancy and untimely death. In my limited encounters with two of the more sociable cats here, I saw they were being fed much the same for as I was being given steamed red rice and bitter gourd in one instance. They also seem to receive at most two meals a day. Domesticated cat diet recommendations Stipulate at least 5 regularly spaced meals a day, with more food availability after sunset as they are more nocturnal animals. I have noticed the two cats I encountered shed a lot of hair. This is a key indicator of poor access to necessary diet. 

 I have been blessed with unique solitude and attempt to calm my troubled mind during the stay. The opportunity was enormous for me to connect with myself, my surroundings, and the beautiful birds, plants, and animals therein. The cats cuddling with me and the rooster and other free birds regaling me with their sonorous, melodious calls. The leaves rustling in the wind. The rain pelting down. Me bearing witness, being one with these moments. I was able to find a deep reverence for the peacefulness of this space, and the potential it holds for my healing. Holding this metal framing become its own kind of prayer to me. As this stint comes to a close, my hope is to carry some of this calm back home with myself, into the life and relationship I will live on the outside. To every single being, human and non-human, that has joined me in my prayer, has added me on this journey. You have my eternal gratitude and love. I will remember this time as uniquely nourishing, and each one of you had a hand in creating that experience for me. Covid - safe hands to all of you. I hope everyone here stay safe, and this space continues to thrive as an example for sustainable, holistic living from the bottom of my heart  

Thank you. 

Mr. Luveen Rupchand Wadhwani 



January 12, 2021 

Vaidyagrama offers a very warm, confidence, inspiring journey towards wellness. The entire space and staff exude a very caring attitude towards patients. Utmost attention is given to all aspects of treatment and diagnosis. The sattvic food, beautiful environment, thoughtful architecture, satsang, prayers and allied activities fill our days with positive vibes. Vaidyagrama is a one-of-a-kind organization with the dedication.  Thanks to Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Soniya, Dr. Ardent and Dr. Sreeji for their dedicated care. Dr. Ramadas. Dr. Ramkumar and others provided excellent satsangs and many hours of discussions. A special shout out to Sajith who is excellent with his hands and his great attention to detail. Thanks a lot, to Arun, Gireesh, Kannan, other therapists and staff who made each day comfortable. A truly amazing experience. 

Two suggestions: 

1. A treatment calendar should be given to patient especially for those who are for a longer duration and may undergo multiple therapies. 

2. Some more R and D needs to go and patients could be given one of the following choices for food 

a. Completely bland food (KANJI) for entire duration of treatment which maybe 1-2 days of normal food at beginning or end. 

b. Semi-bland/regular food on most days with kanji only on 1 or 2 days. 

c. Please see if fruits and leafy veggies can be added to diet 

Many Regards,

Dr.Suryaprakash Kompalli 

Andhra Pradesh, India. 


January 11, 2021 

Thank you Vaidyagrama and team for your selfless service. Serene environment available here has given me an opportunity to self-realize my life with positive note. 

Salutes to your dedicated service. 

Thanks to all the doctors for supporting my healing journey. 

I will forever remember your warm smile with gratitude in my heart. 

Ms. Bhuvaneswari Mathiazhagan 

Chennai, India 


January 06, 2021 

The concern and behavior shown by all staff, especially the doctors and therapists are very much praiseworthy. Total atmosphere at this place is very peaceful. Time passes quickly here due to various activities carried out at 2pm and 5pm, and the living things starts here by prayer in the morning and ends also with prayer in the evening. 

Thank you all for making our 3 weeks stay comfortable and pleasant. 

Mr. Krishnan Kutty,

Palakkad. India 


January 4, 2021 

Dearest Vaidyagrama Family, 

It is my first visit in Vaidyagrama. I came here with my mother. My mother has Osteoarthritis and was suffering from severe knee pain, so we came here and took treatment for 21 days. Day by day my mother started feeling better and I was glad to see her well. 

So, I want to thank the doctors and staff members who were so caring and loving here. Nature is very fresh and I would like to come back again. 

Thank you all so much. 

Love you a lot Vaidyagrama, 

Mrs.Parkash Kaur and Rupinder Kaur 

Punjab, India


January 3, 2021 

It was very nice to spend 10 days in the peaceful ambience of Vaidyagrama. The doctors, therapists, staff and management have made this a unique experience. The stay has invigorated and rejuvenated my body. 

Mr.Hassan Ali Badshah, 

Indore, India 


January 02, 2021 

What a heart-warming experience. Everyone at Vaidyagrama has been so amazing. It is rare to find a group of people working so absolutely and genuinely for the welfare of the people who visit. One feel ensconced in the warm embrace of Vaidyagrama from the very first day. 

Maya took such wonderful care of all needs, always on time, with the daily dose of medicines. 

Dr. Vinod and Dr. Aruna were patient answering all queries and checking upon my welfare every day. 

Dr Ramanandan and Dr Harikumar were amazing as well. So humble and approachable to the patients with a genuine care for all the people. 

It was a pleasure to meet Dr Ramkumar and hear his philosophy and talks. 

Absolutely brilliant place. 

Thank you very much. 

Ms.Naina Nagpal 

Delhi, India