January 31, 2020

To all at Vaidyagrama! It has been a great pleasure, and it was extremely fulfilling to be here a second time! It is wonderful and gratifying to have Dr. Hari Kumar and Dr. Ardent as my Consulting doctors and therapists led by Prema and Hema. Of course it was a thrill and inspiration to experience the wisdom and expanse of knowledge of Dr Ramkumar in the Satsangs. Thank you! The general spirit, Karma of Vaidyagrama is one of giving, commitment, care and gentleness, and that in itself is heartwarming and appreciated to the full.  I enjoy the nourishing meals, even the kanji, and together with serene atmosphere and glorious birds’ songs, Vaidyagrama is certainly nourishing and rejuvenating.  I admire the work done for the surrounding community too. Thank you to all and I look forward to seeing you all again.


Beverly Katz,
Sydney, Australia. 


January 31, 2020

Dear Friends at Vaidyagrama,

My partner Beverly told me about the wonders of Vaidyagrama and persuaded me to go for 3 weeks. And at the end of our stay, I am at a loss for words to describe how grateful and blessed I feel to have discovered this place. The staff has been absolutely wonderful, dedicated, cheerful, and very competent. The massage therapy has been absolutely marvelous, with strong sensitive and perceptive hands, supervised by Doctors who instantly recognize my conditions and prescribed remedial actions in a pleasant, humorous and effective way. The food has been a surprise too. At first I thought it might be overly bland, but this was not the case, and it has remained appetizing right to the last.  It has been a wonderful community here and I feel I am leaving a part of me back here… one which I look forward for rejoining at an early opportunity.

Anthony Larkin,
Sydney, Australia.


January 31, 2020

The experience here has been fantastic; although short, every moment was special and a gift. The staff was very polite and overall effective and helpful that helped to enjoy and maintain the quality of this beautiful setting. I enjoyed the food. The rooms were very clean and well maintained. My only suggestions are that it will be good to receive notice in the morning or previous day, about our treatment timing. I had requested this and it did improve. Most importantly, if we had a block of time in that we could expect the doctor.  Thank you for the tremendous care and detail into this incredibly special true gem.

 Meena Makhijani,



January 31, 2020

As 3 weeks come to an end, it’s a little scary to go out again in the real world for myself, I still have to see what the treatment has given and what I benefited. It has had its ups and downs. The last 3 days my treatments were superb. That was true healing.

Clean and comfortable room, but a little cramped for 3 people. I will not miss the mosquitoes. Food was ok. The doctors were great when they came. A lot of knowledge and wisdom. Thank you.

I hope to see you all again!

Hege S K.,



January 30, 2020

What a wonder! I am amazed mostly by every staff person I encountered from doctors to therapists to ground-keepers to cleaners – all gracious, warm, and wonderful. Everyone was superb, as was the experience!

A few small Suggestions:

1) Morning and evening prayers: Give everyone a translation so we can sing along.

2) Store - Expand a bit to include cool shirts & pants (cotton) for those in need in a range of sizes.

3) Satsang by Junior Vaidyas @ 2:45pm - Most people just read the slides. We can all read – better to spend the time to explain the background.

4) Perhaps a short reading list on Ayurveda be sent beforehand to give us a bit of background.

5) Internet option, 2 hrs /day for 30 days or 21 days.

6) A 30 min Hatha Yoga class daily would be very helpful to keep us all moving.

All in all, thanks so much, this was truly a great experience.

All doctors, woo hoo!

Lastly: I can’t believe how hard the therapists work. They are absolute angels. Vidya, Sreeshna, Arathi

Thank you!!!

Jayne Belnap,



January 29, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

When we first arrived, we did not know what exactly to expect; after a bumpy first few days of settling in, we were sold! We have not believed in western medicine as a cure for any symptom or disease. The staff has been outstanding – par excellence. Dr. Harikumar is a wonderful human being – kind, empathetic, sympathetic and a great practitioner. Dr. Mini’s bedside manner is beyond compare. Dr.Srisugha with her sweet smile and pleasing manner is very thorough with her follow up and extremely helpful. The treatment staff is always smiling, caring and very considerate of your situation.

This is truly a holistic healing place – for the body, soul and mind. We will return with our family again soon. God Willing! I forgot to mention all the people in Satsang. Special thanks to all for the knowledge and great information imparted. Thanks for answering all our doubts and for clarifications. Truly a great team!

Manu and Vijay Alimchandani,

Los Angeles, California.


January 28, 2020

After a year of suppressing my immune system for autoimmune anemia and finally getting better with western medicine, I got a chance from my doctors to come to Vaidyagrama for treatment. I have always believed in Ayurveda and its Philosophy of treating and connecting the Doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and not merely reacting to the disease that come from the imbalance of these 3 Doshas or qualities.

Although I have lived in the US for over a decade, I was born in Bangalore so I still have roots here. I had many options for similar treatment in Bangalore, but I chose vaidyagrama for its philosophy, importance to authenticity, simplicity and holistic conservation outlook. I only stayed here for 11 days, and in that time I have gained a penetrating insight to my Prakruti (Original body constitution), thanks to the experienced Knowledge of Dr Harikumar. He could determine the root of all problems by reading my pulse. I am grateful for that insight and will be sincere in taking care to correct the natural impulses and train my mind to be healthier. I thank Dr Sri Sugha for her initiative to making a personal connection with her patients. This made me feel free to be honest and sincere during my treatment.

There are a few things I would mention and I think they bear utmost importance for Vaidyagrama’s core principles. By intent or consciousness, there is seen a bias to help those who are new to Ayurveda and Indian culture. Those who are familiar with practices are neglected in small ways, but these gestures matter. Please don’t discriminate amongst your patients in any way. It is the staff and not only the doctors who form the very soul of place. If they practise the recommended treatments half-heartedly, it will not be as effective for the patients. Matured and experienced staff who are taught not to discriminate, are the one who will make this wonderful place even better.

Shambavi Dinakar,

Richmond, USA.


January 28, 2020

A dear friend recommended Vaidyagrama for my daughter and we thought he was exaggerating how great the treatment, environment, Doctors etc. were. Within our first few days here, we knew he was absolutely right. Vaidyagrama is truly a place to come & heal your mind and body, as well as to nurture your soul. In our experience, every employee, therapists and Doctors treated us with utmost care and concern for our healing. Everything was explained and our questions were resolved each time. Both of us are leaving vaidyagrama after 21 days feeling better, more energetic and mentally clear.

We enjoyed the knowledge shared freely during the satsangs and learned a lot, how to make changes to our lifestyle for optimum health. Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Ardent, Dr. Mini and Dr. Srisugha, all patiently responded to our many questions. Mariamma, our therapist always went above and beyond to help us heal.

The best part about our experience was how open and responsive the Doctors and staff were to resolve any issues we had. We really had only minor issues, which were resolved.

We are very thankful and appreciative for Vaidyagrama. We plan on being back again and again. Also amazed at what Vaidyagrama is doing for the surrounding environment and community.

Much Love & Light,

Supriya & Jeeta Saxena,



January 28, 2020

I experienced kindness and care from everyone here. Thank you for it. I also learnt more about myself, taking it with me to the life back home.

Thank you for welcoming me here and showing your healing knowledge.




January 28, 2020

Dear Staff of Vaidyagrama, 

Thank you very much for your amazing work your heart and care

It was my first time experience in Ayurvedic treatment. I trusted my senior doctor, Doctor Ramadas, and now I feel more relaxed, calm, I can breathe properly (asthma). I am grateful to all the team in Vaidyagrama for their hard work and their kindness. Thank you so much. I won’t forget this incredible time in this little healing Paradise on Earth. May all of you be in good health and happiness! I hope to come back soon.




January 27, 2020

This is my first time at Vaidyagrama (14days) A big wow! “Life, when Elements become ordered, that all become nature love.”

Thank you for everything! Beautiful & lovely environment, birds, flowers, herbs, trees, good skilled & caring therapists (Anju, Salini, Vidya) & doctors! Special thanks to Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Sreeji, Dr Ramesh and Dr Soniya for your knowledge, wisdom, caring, help and smile. Thanks to Aparna for all good service & for helping repairing my shoes, and thanks to Tamilselvi with train tickets and taxi. I am still curious about in process with the treatments, but I feel good, purified and cleansed (for sure) at some levels, and I have deep respect & trust to Ayurveda &Vaidyagrama. I am also very inspired & feel happy. I will come back.


I miss a totally silent area/ place for meditation, and wish Brahmakamalam could be that. No talking after and before meditation/prayer inside these- Silence sign will help.

I would also been happy for an introduction (short) to Ayurveda and about merge into the treatments, from the doctors in the beginning of stay. And more yoga classes too.

Deep gratitude, much love & light from…

Theresa Clemetsen,



January 27, 2020

Personal attention before treatment and all-round good services!

Doctors Srisugha and Harikumar were very patient and explained everything at length. Our knowledge of Ayurveda improved. Is there a way massage treatment could have more coverage of body like in spas, or is that an Ayurveda way? Beautiful location and ambience! I will surely be back.

Shanthi & Govind Chari,

California, USA.


January 27, 2020

Thank You, Vaidyagrama!

What a truly wonderful and healing experience! Before coming I had a very limited understanding of Ayurveda and thought I was coming for a physical cleanse- it was much more. From the calming holding energy, to the kind and supportive doctors, to the enlightening satsangs - all together it made this whole experience very special. I came tired, burned out and a bit hopeless, I am leaving full of energy, hope and enthusiasm.

Thank You All!

Lena Stocks Ramsay,

Melbourne, Australia.


January 27, 2020

Dear Dr Ramdas

What a wonderful experience again following last year’s! I really feel that the treatment you provided, the meditation, chanting, peace, sattvic food, philosophy and environment are working! 

You took care of my three bodies; cleansing my sthoola sharira, pacifying my sukshma sharira and uplifting my kArana shareera .

Thank you so much to all the therapists and others, to the cooks, cleaners, doctors, farmers and all the people who make this place so special. Namaste!

PS: And looking forward to seeing next year again.

Claude Bride,



January 26,2020

This is my fifth time at Vaidyagrama and each time I feel I have come home. My gratitude overflows for all of your skill, compassion, kindness and humour at every area of life here in this healing village. The doctors, especially Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Sreeji, all of the therapists, the cleaners, the laundresses, kitchen staff and the wonderful people on the administrative staff too - I am amazed to think who I was when I first came and how I have healed and blessed on every level. To be sure my physical symptoms have been greatly improved, but my heart has been opened and my soul nourished in ways beyond what I could have imagined.

Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Sreeji and Dr Ramkumar in particular have met me on all levels with comfort, understanding and sometimes the ability to read my mind. The progress is very special to me and have become part of my spiritual practice at home. I love Dr Ramkumar’s satsangs and have absorbed so much from him. Swamiji’s sattvic presence was a true blessing. And I love to see the trees and birds flourish more every year. We are true “forest dwellers” now. I have always liked the food but this year is the best.



1) Internet: when I was moved after 2 days, I rejoiced to get a room without internet. But in the past few days it has found me again. I lack the discipline to ignore it all day, but it was nice to go up to Mandapam for an hour once a day. I know this is a losing battle and most of us need some daily connection. I don’t know the answer but it was nicer when there was only one location, more sattvic.

2) Possible satsangs: 1) Explanation of the worships, symbols, etc. 2) More on how to adapt to Ayurveda diet to western particularly northern conditions

3) Sanskrit language

4) Copies of the long prayers to Vishnu, Goddess & Hanuman

With love, blessings & unending gratitude,

Diana L Beach,



January 26, 2020

Very comfortable and beautiful ambience! Doctors and therapists are very kind and skillful. Treatment was good and am feeling energized on going back home. The satsangs and talks were very informative and were a learning experience. Look forward to coming back again.

Mohini Kapoor,

New Delhi, India.


January 26, 2020

Vaidyagrama is a great place. Wish to come back again!

Anuradha Vohra,

New Jersey.


January 25, 2020

Thank you for having created this great place that enables us to rest, regenerate, cleanse myself and especially my body when I need it. Thank you also to all the great people taking care of me – the ones we see and the others we don’t see especially staff cooking, doing laundry. Thank you to the doctors and especially Dr. Harikrishnan who is the best doctor I ever met.

Take Care

Katia Thomas,



January 25, 2020

It is our first visit to Vaidyagrama, and we really enjoyed the stay of this excellent Ayurveda healing care. The personal touch in the healing at all levels - Doctors, therapists, and the staff is amazing. The peaceful quiet and calm atmosphere is good for a physical mental and external rejuvenation.

I will certainly recommend it to our friends.

Wish love and success, Thanks!

Mr. Ramakrishna Sithanen,



January 25, 2020

This is my first visit to India. Vaidyagrama has become a place of healing for us and offering many insights to the reality and inspiration:  India.

I am grateful to the team of doctors and therapists under the guidance of Dr. Ramanandan.

The belittlement that we suffer at the levels of a civilization which is too money-minded, collateral effects there for to swallow us, may find some counter weight in places like Vaidyagrama.

In places like this, inspiration to greatness find their day to day real image. For this, I thank you.

Mr. Leopold Specht,

Vienna, Austria.


January 25, 2020

Traveling to India is one of my real passions!

This time is my second visit to vaidyagrama- I stayed for 3 weeks. Vaidyagrama is a wonderful place for Ayurveda treatments!!!

Many thanks to the excellent medical staff

To Dr. Ramanandan. E .K

To Dr. Vinod

To Dr. Anupama

To Dr. Prameela

Special thanks to “My” Therapists

To Radhika

To Sanitha

To Akina

For me it has opened a great experience to be here, I will definitely come back soon hopefully next year.


Ms. Hanna Lydia Rieger,



January 25, 2020

Coming back to Vaidyagrama family is like going home. A true healing village with extra-ordinary individuals! Grateful to each and everyone in this wonderful place - May it stay pure and uncorrupted forever. Keep up the good work, and I hope to come back.

See you soon with more family members!

Olivia Mitri,



January 25, 2020

I enjoyed the talks of Dr. Ramkumar and Dr. Ramadas.

Nice stay, Thanks!

Simla Sithanen,



January 24, 2020

That these last two weeks have gone so fast is a true measure of our satisfaction on this trip to the Centre.

We were graced by the excellent services of doctors, therapists and all the support staff. We are here very relaxed and energized and ready to meet the challenges of the year ahead.

With much gratitude,

Shama and Nirvan Veerasamy,



January 23, 2020

This is my second visit to vaidyagrama, the doctors and support staff here was wonderful as expected.  We have gotten a better insight this time in to the different layers to the healing beyond only physical detoxification. I look forward to carrying back and applying this insight.

With much gratitude to all who make Vaidyagrama the success that it is.

Best wishes!

Ms. Faustina Pereira,

Ms. Farah Quartrina Ghuznavi,



January 18, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama staff: Thanks to all of you for making our stay in the village unforgettable. We would highly appreciate the professional treatment and hospitality of the doctors and all the employee personnel. Very grateful to founders of this wonderful healing village, where anyone can feel he has been treated at home. I am proud to be part of this community and I will do my best to support it in the future.

Best wishes,

Natalia Kudzhak & Usama Kudzhak,



January 17, 2020

What a rejuvenating experience! Thank you so much for the fresh start to clear eyes. I hope to come back next year. 

Allison Dennis,



January 17, 2020

Most healing place in the world. Thank you for everything!

Ryoko Suzuki,




January 17, 2020

I am very indebted to the physicians who looked after me - Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Ardent, Dr. Soniya, and Dr. Sreeji for their kindness, encouragement and concerns, as well for their adaptability to help with food allergies and / or restrictions and their excellent tactful core. I would like to thank Lakshmi also for her dedication as well as Sreeshna, Deekshitha and all the others whose names I don’t know for their radiant smile, they did everything to facilitate my stay here. I won’t forget to mention the workers who went beyond their duties to accommodate my requirements. The gardeners, cleaners, all seemed peaceful, serene and smiling, working in this place beautifully kept and filling a sense of profound harmony and deep dedication throughout.

It is a place for reflection and of discovery of Ayurveda. Perhaps I hope that I will be able to explore more deeply and to interpret into my life gradually. It has also been a challenging time trying to accept my limitations and weakness.

I am extremely grateful for all the care I have received and a very special thank you to Dr. Soniya for her kindness and timeless time she spent with me to ease my stay.

With love,

Pascale Ploix De Rotrou,

Vancouver, Canada.


January 15, 2020

I greatly appreciated my stay here. All of the staff was very kind and considerate. I appreciated all of the class offerings as well everyone went above and beyond to make sure that our needs were met. I am very grateful for the knowledge and caring provided by the medical staff. They were very attentive. Even though my stay was short, I will always remember this place fondly.

Thank you!

Maureen Ohara,

Oregon, USA.


January 15, 2020

Thank you to the wonderful staff for making this brief stay at Vaidyagrama so pleasant. Everyone is kind; I will always remember the beautiful smiles. The doctors and therapists are sincere in their interest in Ayurveda healing and go above and beyond to address the needs of their patients. It was impressive to see how organized and thorough Dr Mini and Dr Sri Sugha were even with our large group landing at the same time. No easy task. I also want to thank our therapists Sindhu and Anjali for their skillful and very kind treatments. I look forward to returning for a longer stay. The faculty is lovely. Thank you for involving us in the plantings for the new block; it is really lovely.

Sara Padilla,

Seattle, USA.


January 15, 2020

To the staff of Vaidyagrama, although our group was here for only a few days, this has been an unforgettable experience. I will always remember the kindness and commitment to service that we experienced. I appreciated the opportunities to learn about Ayurveda, and the beauty of rooms and the setting. The work you are doing here is so important not only for the patients but for the whole planet. Thank you to everyone, seen and unseen, that served us in many ways. May God bless all of you!


Laurie Smith,

Oregon, USA.


January 15, 2020

Thanks to all of the staff of Vaidyagrama!!  Truly felt loving kindness from everyone here. From the cooks, housekeeping to the therapists and doctors.  I appreciate the community you are building here, and I am very impressed with the work you are doing with the surrounding villages. I particularly appreciated the Satsangs with the doctors and the educational cooking classes!! Keep up this amazing work and I hope to see you again.


Kelly Belczyk,



January 15, 2020

Thank you to the staff at vaidyagrama for your kindness and patience with our group as we dive head on into your Ayurveda treatment. For me it was a completely new experience which I will integrate into my life at home. I appreciated the warmth of the doctors and the therapists, and especially valued the words offered to me to help me refine the peace and happiness within that I know is there. The many Programs you offer here to support the surrounding communities are inspiring. I will hold all your efforts in my prayers.

Karin Kesar,

Oregon, USA.


January 15, 2020

Thank you, vaidyagrama. What a sweet, caring, kind, loving, and healing time we had here the past five nights. I am feeling recharged and peaceful and happy. Detox happened through the nourishing foods, decoctions, Sindhu’s powerful Abhyanga work, the doctors’ insightful satsangs and the presence of thehealing community. Will recommend!

Be Calm, Be Well!


Ross Catherine,

Oregon, USA.


January 15, 2020

The kindness, graciousness and attentiveness of the staff were healing in itself. The practitioner who gave me my daily massage gave her fully and I could feel the love, care and expertise in emanatingthrough her hands, I particularly enjoyed the afternoon satsangs with the doctors. His wisdom and humor made the topics easy to apply to daily life. Thank you for a restful and rejuvenating stay!

Karen Loop,



January 15, 2020

Living here at Vaidyagrama has truly been an educational experience in both Ayurveda Medicine & Local Culture. I very much enjoyed the care given by the staff, the clean simplicity of the lodging, and the events provided daily. Bird watching was a special highlight for once here.

One comment regarding the cows: I observed the washing of the bulls, presumably in preparation of dayafter tomorrow, when cows are especially honored. The bulls were tied tight near the water station of the cows for safety. The bulls each received a good bathing with many buckets of water through their body. This must also have been cooling to them, as they were tied in a dirt paddock in the hot sun. I only wonder about this one thing, 4 full buckets of water were thrown directly into the faces of the bulls and into their eyes on each side of the face. The bulls flinched each time full buckets were splashed in their faces. I wonder if this was necessary. I think their faces were not so dirty to require this, and I would hope that cows as they are sacred would be more kindly bathed.

Denise Hubhes,



January 15, 2020

Thank you for the lovely care of myself and my husband and our group of 20 travellers as we needed the nurturance and guidance before returning to the U S A.                                                                             

The entire Vaidyagrama community is wonderful.

With gratitude,

Ms. Sarahjoy Marie Marsh,



January 15, 2020

The kindness of everyone is what i will remember most of my stay here at Vaidyagrama. The experience was a first of this kind for me. Though unsure initially, my understanding grew as the days treatments and routine progressed. I am grateful for this.

Robyn Cassana Palmer,



January 14, 2020

Thanks to entire Vaidyagrama team members for giving us, “A home to come back to”. No words can express what we felt being here.

Navdeep Kaur and Preetinder Grewal,



January 14, 2020

We had a lovely stay here at Vaidyagrama. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, the opportunity for rest, the kindness and compassion of the staff and doctors and the treatments. We also really appreciate your accommodation of our large group in the common space (to do yoga, music etc.). The staff was diligent, cheerful and very kind. We felt well cared for! Suggestions for an even more better stay: more awareness of effects of smoke on those with respiratory ailments (like cold, cough), more information regarding treatments and what they are supposed to do, slightly soft mattresses and better pillows (a little comfort goes a long way to good sleep!) We love the philosophy behind this place and will recommend it to those who are looking for Ayurveda treatment!

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Helmut Warner Gieben,

Christine Howard Gieben,



January 14, 2020

Vaidyagrama is such a healing and peaceful space. It is well taken care of by the lovey team of Doctors, therapists, cooks and everyone else.                                                                                                              

I was only able to stay for a few days this time. I look forward to returning for at least 21 days. What has been created here is a great service to humanity and to nature.                                                     May all beings in this world and all the other worlds be happy and free… OM NAMA SHIVAYA.

Thank you,

Lisa Ladmer,

Seattle, WA, U S A.


January 14,2020



Dominic Dube,



January 14,2020

Thank you.

·      For your kindness and support

·      For your vision of offering deep health + healing

·      For providing sanctuary from daily life

·      For creating a context in which wisdom and clarity are cultivated and brought to the surface

·      For the satsangs especially with Dr Ramkumar

·      For spaces that our group could meet to practice yoga asana together

·      For having dinner waiting for us when we arrived


A more organized way to sign up for the common rooms

A little less smoke inside especially when people are singing.

In gratitude,

Pamela Hardy,

Oregan, USA.


January 13, 2020

I first came to the Vaidyagrama exactly 4 years ago at this time and my life has completely transformed since then.

Thank you to all of you wonderful doctors, for creating the beautiful temple for healing of body and Soul. I do not think there is any other place that introduces us to our true selves, while healing our bodies. The magic is in the air and vibrations of VG as it comes from their selfless love and care of the doctors and the staff. And beautiful morning and evening prayers add to those positive vibrations.

It is also amazing to see that VG is not just healing patients but also spreading love and compassion through its other activities of taking care of children, feeding the abandoned elderly and so much more.

I want to say special thanks to Dr.Ramadas who has guided me to find happiness while helping awaken the healer within and always has a smile and heart full of compassion. It was heart-warming to see his Legacy being taken forward with some attitude of care and companion by Dr Vasu, Dr. Sajna and Dr Aruna.

I want to express deep gratitude to Dhanya and Vidhya the two most beautiful girls who looked after me so well, the gentle hands in the therapy room transferred the most beautiful energies of them being to me. I want to knowledge with gratitude for the support staff, the housekeeping staff the kitchen staff and office who look after the patients with a smile on their face and love in their hearts

And finally thank you Dr. Ramkumar for creating this place and for being such an amazing guide, and also big thank you and lots of love to Geetha and Aparna.

Manisha Mudgal,



January 12, 2020

God is great! To have provided the Ayurveda before the advent of humanity and to provide for continuous means of understanding, preserving and enlivening this precious Ayurveda that we are able to share in here at Vaidyagrama. May this sanctuary continue to increase in the blessings from all six directions to strengthen all sevadars of well-being in Vaidyagrama and beyond. From all participants in the wellness process, from plants to minerals, to gardeners, to therapists, to doctors, their teachers and Lord Dhanwantari Himself, may all achieve oneness.

To be delivered from suffering and delusion is the great gift of Panchakarma. Deep thanks to each and all who have a dedicated to the sacred art & science of harmonious living with the nature. May Vaidyagrama continue to be a beacon and a well for those seeking radiant health. My deepest thanks for your practical wisdom, loving, kindness and remembrance of the eternal meeting place of goodness and how.

Jaisri Lambert,
Vancouver, Canada.


January 12, 2020

With the transformative experience!!

Body, mind and spirit cleansed, washed and purged through and through. My sincere thanks to the staff at Vaidyagrama, especially Dr Hari Kumar, Dr Ardent and Dr Mini, my therapists Prema, Athira, Mariamma. Thank you for your Consciousness, Follow through, Care and support.

Special heartfelt thanks to Semeena for her healing touch and attention to detail. I know you have all worked so hard and so long. Praying for a break for all of you! The smiles, the humility, the respect for others with always stay with me. The treatments, the food, the service, the satsangs, and new friends I have met here are all superb.

The following are some minor details that would improve the great experience because we all want Vaidyagrama to maintain and improve on its reputation

1.Placing a type of buffer on the chairs and table legs would decrease the annoying noise when being moved.

2.The quadrants echo and empty sound  keeping Voice slow at night after 9 PM would be helpful.

3.Turning down the ringer volume of the pantry treatment phone would be helpful.

4.Since illam 10,11,12 are away from the main centre, an updated communication board would be a great way to keep us “Across the road” guests informed. This is important as many of us do not get out of rooms for various reasons.

5.I realize it may be difficult or challenging to do but advising us what types of food we are served would be helpful.

All of above suggestions do not take away from the beautiful experience at Vaidyagrama from the bottom of my heart, my gratitude for all of you have done for us and the surrounding villages. What a living testament for the goodness and love of the divine.

With much love & respect always,

Renee Rivera,

San Francisco,USA.


January 11, 2020

I am extremely happy to be at Vaidyagrama. Rendering good service to all alike with smiling face! Though the treatment goes slowly, the effect is good. Everyone here is with a smiling face. Vaidyagrama people are doing good job. God bless!

Thank you

R. Usharani,

Andrapradesh, India.    


January 11, 2020

I am pleasantly surprised by the natural environment at Vaidyagrama, very peaceful and serene. Home of authentic Ayurveda! All staff are very congenial and genuinely service oriented. Truly helping everyone with a warm smile. The medical directors are very competent, knowledgeable and authentic, very service oriented. Spent a stress-free week and my health improved a lot. Look forward to a longer stay. Thoroughly recommend a longer stay. Thank you especially for the soulful morning and evening prayers.


Ramakrishna Rebbapragada,

U S A.


January 11, 2020

Vaidyagrama is a hidden jewel to be found this year for me to my pleasant surprise this is the best place where all the services are properly planned and delivered. The entire staff including Medical Directors, Doctors, therapists, room service staff, front office, pharmacy etc - everyone is working with dedication and hard work to keep the patients to be comfortable. The morning prayers and evening Satsangs and other activities have kept me busy and helped me to take a proper time off from a busy world.

Vaidyagrama is a complete package which provides not only medical diagnosis but a life style living recommendations and a good life. Wishing the entire team all the best and looking forward to visit back soon. Also best wishes on all the other initiatives!

Thank you.

Chakravarthi Rebbapragada,

U S A.


January 11, 2020

Beautiful location, setting and facilities. Great variety of food and friendly staff!

John Enders,

Alaska, USA.


January 11, 2020

The amount of love, patience, kindness of everyone is beyond words. I enjoy everyone smile and their sincere wishes for us to be healed. From my heart, I wish everyone at the village healthy and happy and continue your noble mission.

Anna Chen,



January 10, 2020

What a wonderful place” this is what comes immediately in my mind when entering here. So silent, so peaceful even divine. Thanks to all and everyone for your caring......

Eva Rohrer,



January 10, 2020

Thank you all for this beautiful healing place you have created. I love the focus on body, mind and spirit and even after only 12 days, I leave refreshed, more grounded and just a little wiser. I look forward to returning soon and I am excited to see the community expand in the coming years 
With gratitude, 


California, USA.


January 10, 2020

The beauty of nature is felt from within through the gentle care of everyone here at Vaidyagrama.                                     

It surely helps to come back. To come back to one’s innermost true self, endowed with care and love for all.  

Thank you to all the beautiful people that I was graced to meet during my stay here.                           

The Doctors, the therapists, the cooks, the cleaners as well as those supporting spiritually in this happy village…

May each and every one of you be blessed for years to come.

Thank you,

Lama Samgyay (Mr. Phi’ippe Danaux),



January 10, 2020

If the notion of a healing village exists it must be in Vaidyagrama. Have been here a couple of times, and each experience has been better than the previous one. It just gets better. In short, enjoyed the Vaidyagrama experience; special thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr.Soniya and great therapists.

Charles Santiago,



January 10, 2020

This is my second time here at Vaidyagrama. This time I have stayed for 3 weeks.

Wonderful treatment & fantastic staff!

I have enjoyed my stay and achieved what I came for - lost 5kgs, reduced my sugar level by 50% and relaxed, no back pain.

Well done and thank you, all the team from the cleaners, the masseurs, doctors and admin staff. It is a great place to come. Keep up the good work. See you again soon I hope.

Moshe Magal Gamil,

United Kingdom.


January 9, 2020

There was a strong drive to come and experience Panchakarma at Vaidyagrama for many years. And after 5 weeks of living here (and 25 days in treatment) I am so grateful to have come. This is an experiment in Vedic Living – constructed on ancient values and built with clear intention. To do the business of healing on a personal level is not easy. It requires awareness, compassion and a degree of surrender. The good fortune of being under the tender care of Dr. Harikrishnan, along with Drs. Aruna, Sreeji and Soniya allowed for true healing to occur. All of the therapists I had the pleasure to meet, treated me with such loving care, with a level of skill and caring, I truly didn’t expect. I enjoyed observing Vaidyagrama as a true healing village, and as such, a living entity that has its challenges and its triumphs, but each person that I had the honour of coming in contact with approached their work with a sense of purpose, and allowed the entire to focus on healing - not only of the patients, but on their own healing and the continued health of the community. My deepest, sincerest gratitude for a truly transformative experience. I hope to return.

With Love and Gratitude,

Jill Sara Talve



January 9, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama,

This is my second visit to Vaidyagrama, although my ego resisted to come back. There are moments in life when you have to stop all your activities, and take care of your body and soul. And Vaidyagrama is the best place for that.  Thank you all for your care, safety, love, knowledge, which you so generously share with us. 

Love from all my heart, 

Sanja Horvat,



January 9, 2020

Thanks to all of you for everything you are!  You were giving and accepting. Will come again to this good silent place.




January 9, 2020

Divinely inspired         

Grace lives here.                                                                                                                                                               

May She continue to do so for the benefit of all beings.

God bless!

Ms. Karen Watson



January 8, 2020

This is the first time I came here. This is one of the best Ayurveda centres. The treatment was very good.                     

I felt very much better. Accommodation was very comfortable, in a clean and safe environment.                  

They provided us hygienic and healthy food.                                                                                           

Ayurveda doctors, therapists and staff are very kind, friendly and approachable.                                        

I really enjoyed my stay here. It was like a dream or heaven for me.                                                                          

I loved the gardens. It was so peaceful.

I really enjoyed the weekly group dinner at Mandapam where we had very delicious and tasty food.

Daily prayers and lot of Pujas make our mind calm and positive.                                                                          

I would like to thank each and every one at Vaidyagrama village who cared for us.    

Mansi  Sangal,

Karan Satija,

Haryana, India.


January 7, 2020

With deep knowledge and with soul, the staff and practitioners here at Vaidyagrama have given me a whole new understanding of health and healing. I am inspired by the connection between Wellness and the love for nature and love for others that is present throughout treatment. I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity and I am confident that this will contribute to a smart and healthy future. I am grateful to have worked with amazing doctors and therapists whose dedication, sincerity and heartfulness is unique and unfamiliar to me in Healthcare. 

Some suggestions:

* It maybe explaining to patients about when to take Kashayam or medicine in relation to taking food. (I didn’t know that I need to be wait between kashayam and food)

* Recipes 

* Good to explain what the Pooja Means

Thank you so much for everything with love and gratitude!

Kaitlin Wachsberger,


January 7, 2020

May your dreams come true.                                                                                                                                                                

May the plants smile and grow.                                                                                                                                                              

May the birds roar out of laughter. 

May your heart heal.                                                                                                                                                                                

May the Lotus flower eternally open and close!                                                                                                                                

What a brilliant gift and opportunity to be here.

We will return; we are profoundly grateful that this place exists.          

Thank you!

Mr. Jordan Sebastian Grinstein,

Ms. Madeline XU Lam,



January 7, 2020

The relief from suffering, be it physical, emotional or mental, that is what has brought each of us to this place of true healing, Vaidyagrama. Even to seek out and actually find such a place is, I think a turning point in one’s life. I feel myself most fortunate to have spent these past days in this unique Ayurveda community. Everywhere I look, care and nurturing are seen and felt. From the doctors and therapists and treatment staff, from the administrators and office staff, from the many blessed facility staff seeing to the smallest detail of comfort and order; from the gardeners, the farmers.

How to describe the radiant effect of so many smiles in one day, I can only say it feels like a flash of happiness. Here, this opportunity for Ayurvedic health care is an unparalleled healing relationship with a dedicated team of doctors – each one bringing experience, knowledge and caring, thinking together, all focused on one’s individual improvement of health. With each day’s consultations, they have created a rapport of confidence and trust. Each doctor’s precious skill in reading the pulse, their questions and genuine interest in the state of one’s well-being, all this nurtures one along the path ahead, so we can be open to receiving and participating in the practical details to one’s healing.

Thank you Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Sreeji, Dr. Soniya for your great blessing of Ayurveda knowledge and care!! And thank you to my therapists Shreesna and Vidya, each dedicated and so highly skilled; Dhanwantari’s offerings surely flowing from their hands!

And the opportunity every day to wake up to Mother Nature’s Kingdom of healing trees and plants, of many birds, of sun and warmth, to the sound of the ringing bell and chants to enliven and give thanks to the Devatas, the Pandit’s visits and blessings of the sounds of the Veda. All of this is interwoven into the fabric of each day, a sweet and also very memorable blend of Vedic life in India.

And the satsangs, Dr. Ram Kumar - sitting together, each question asked was so welcome, helping to bring forth such invaluable wisdom and insights into all areas of life. Thank you Ram Kumar!! Such essential knowledge deeply touches and changes one. It moves one forward on one’s individual path of evolution. And at the same time, move us all forward together towards sharing wholeness. Your thoughts, these truths, will stay with me to ponder and learn from over and over again very precious.

Thank you. Vaidyagrama and with Punarnava, here is that new paradigm of which Dr. Ram Kumar has spoken; here is a new paradigm for a better world; here is the ancient model revived and made live again, live in wholeness. Thank you, each and every one of you at Vaidyagrama. Every day spent here with you all has been a teaching, a true gift! This beauty and balance is imprinted in my heart and in my physiology, I will carry all of this, each of you, your community and your village, with me to my home.


Margaret Evanne Menz,

Washington, USA


January 6, 2020

First and foremost, I would like to thank my cousin Mr. Arwin for sending me here to Vaidyagrama for 21 days of treatment. I also want to give thanks from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Soniya and therapists Sajith, Gireesh, Ratheesh, Lakshmi, Deekshitha, Sreeshma, Anusree, Susheela for the warm, care and advice and personalised professional care. I will miss this place, but looking forward to coming back. I will strongly recommend Vaidyagrama to family, friends and others. I strongly feel one should be blessed to be here. The prayers on the morning and evening I looked forward to. The satsang with doctors is very informative. The garden around Vaidyagrama is very nice to walk around. Again thanks to one and all at Vaidyagrama for everything.

Deepak Bondade,

Andhra Pradesh.


January 6,2020

Based on my 7 days stay… The ambience is very nice. There is a sincere, dedicated team of Doctors, staff up to the cleaning crew. Their philosophy and science based concept is impressive. Their activity in charity (food for needy villagers, Balagrama) is adorable. I participated in almost all prayers and satsang. I like the way it is conducted. Very refreshing and brings to more focus.

Some observations (can be considered as feedback):

a. Small improvement in closet seat alignment; shelf locks fitting can be taken care of.

b. Regarding some satsangs…. You have great stuff to deliver, but delivery could be more impressive. We cannot expect all doctors to be experts in delivering. We could choose someone good in it (as you are focusing on a different level of audience who are in a state to enlightenment or are impressed upon the concept)

c. Balagrama children can be taught to take care of cleaning their rooms themselves, which can help them in the future as an independent human.

All in all, I am very much impressed and will surely come again for longer stay for treatment.

Thanks for asking the comments.

Sundararajan venkitachalam,



January 06, 2020

This is my 3rd visit to Vaidyagrama and I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for taking care of me and smiling and also making sure we are in  the best comfort. It is a special experience. It took 3 years to realize that this has to be a way of life and not something one does for a “Detox” 2 weeks. It is a time for inward-looking and letting all out.  There are so much physical and emotional stimuli. The staff on all levels is always present. Special thanks for all the treatment staff. I feel great as there is so much to learn. Hope to meet you next year.

Thank you.

Salim Carrim Currimjee,



January 6, 2020

My beloved Vaidyagrama team,

Our heart melts with the tender love that every one of you have shared with us. Your patience, care and warmth brought so much love into our lives. We came here looking for a motherly care and we have found it on you. We have felt protected since our arrival, just what we needed. 

Thank you from our hearts, Love.

Daniela and Claudia,



January 6, 2020

Dear doctors and all members of staff at Vaidyagrama Ayurvedic village. This place has opened our eyes to a new world of patient care in harmony with nature and the divine spirit of learnt gurus. Our experience has been revering and a great learning experience for me in particular. Being a doctor myself I can now have faith in the humanity and humility of the doctors here. Their dedication is Paramount with good ethical behavior, excellent manners and kindness.  The treatments were brilliant. I also wholeheartedly agree with strong religious backbone, Chanting mantras, pep talks, seminars and open discussions. Rooms were comfortable and clean. Food was an early issue but with time we learnt to understand the values and reasons of such diets. We will be eternally thankful and Feel our visit to Vaidyagrama was worth its value in Gold.

Thank you once again


Mahua and Ashok Mukherjee,



January 05, 2020

My husband Gulu and I came to Vaidyagrama not knowing what to expect.                                          

We both have problems (not major but persistent).                                                                                                

On the sixth day here, I realized that my body can be healed and today my heart was singing, so was i.                                                                                                                                                                             

We leave soon, but definitely come back.                                                                                                                

Dr Ramanandan is a true Karma yogi. Dr Pramila is so kind and caring.  The place is clean and functional.

But the best is the lovely trees and the bird song, and the smiles of everyone here. Much love Gita.

A big God bless!

Gita Gulu Lalchand Mirchandani,

Gulu Lalchand Mirchandani,

Mumbai, India.


January 4, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama team,

I really want to thank all the doctors and staff members for their selfless love. This is a holy place where people come from everywhere and experience the natural healing process using Ayurveda. I came here with my daughter for treatment, but she didn’t want to stay alone and hence stayed here with her and even participated in the Panchakarma treatment. Initially we found it difficult to stay, but later realised the importance of connecting with nature. I learnt a lot due to Satsang sessions and because of Wi-Fi restrictions. Although my daughter is still hearing voices, I am hopeful that she will fully recover in the next few months. Initially I find difficulty with bland food but later developed my taste buds.

A couple of feedback:

Please inform patients about mosquito situation in advance so that they can bring their own repellent cream spray and patches. This is also true for toiletries example soap and shampoo. A detailed information or guide of what to expect and about stay would help to be mentally prepared, will be helpful.

We were planning to drop our daughter to stay for 3 weeks but a support is needed to stay with the patient; if I knew about this in advance we could have planned flight arrangements accordingly. I had to book additional flight tickets and cancellation was not allowed by Airlines.

To sum it up, it was a good overall experience and with the best of luck to Vaidyagrama to grow further. I would be looking forward for Vaidyagrama to open more centers so that it can reach to wider patients, including set up in Singapore.

Best wishes, 

Ravinder Singh,



January 04, 2020

This is my fourth visit to Vaidyagrama. It is becoming my annual practice to maintain balance in busy and stressful life. Deep thanks to all the Doctors and therapists.                                                                                      Vaidyagrama is not just medical for Ayurveda treatments, but it is a way to find yourself in this busy world. 

Nice to see the expansion, however it is important that Vaidyagrama keeps the same atmosphere and vibration.


Larissa Koursova,



January 3, 2020

I came to Vaidyagrama with very little knowledge of Panchakarma and Ayurveda. And I feel my education has just begun. It is a vast array of application and philosophy - actually it’s an attitude to life. I am looking forward to incorporate my new learnings into my daily life back home. My only regret is that I couldn’t stay for the whole 21 days. My mum who is 79 was the main reason for my coming. But I am convinced that a full 21 day stay will do me wonders. I look forward to come back very soon to continue my healing journey.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the daily routine of Vaidyagrama from the energetic chanting with Dr. Ramadas in the morning at 6 am to the satsangs, group dinners, evening chanting and prayers. Especially the 3 hours of chanting during the solar eclipse was truly magical. The New Year pooja is something I will never forget. Just incredibly beautiful! What a wonderful start to the new decade and the year 2020. We are truly blessed.

I want to thank Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr. Ramkumar, Dr. Soniya, Dr. Aruna, Dr. Sreeji especially for taking such good care of us. And of course, the therapists Lakshmi, Deekshitha, Anusree, Sreeshma for being so kind and loving. Thank you Vaidyagrama community – you are wonderful!  See you again in 2020 and that’s a promise!

Niti Bhujang,



January 03, 2020

I sincerely would like to thank all the Doctors, therapists and all the staff for the treatment I received. Each day I was treated with care, courtesy and compassion.  I appreciate everybody’s profound knowledge and hard work. Thank you.

Louise Claire Goodvach,



January 3, 2020

My son Swami Paramananda, who is Jennifer’s friend, had been here last year. After my both knee replacements he wanted me to come here for recovery. My daughter Niti, accompanied me as she also wanted to take treatments.

Vaidyagrama is excellent facility and that is my observation. The staff is loving and caring. The best thing among the people here is dedication. Everyone is dedicated to give his/ her best. Even the lady working in the garden, I found was doing her job very well. The doctors Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Soniya, Dr. Sreeji and Dr.Aruna, all are very gentle and caring. The therapists Lakshmi, Sreeshma, Deekshitha, Anusree are very friendly and full of care.  I was happy to come here and may come again. I wish all the success to Vaidyagrama

Nalini Bhujang,



January 2, 2020

Dear Vaidyagrama Team,

Thank you for the excellent attention of my therapists Devaki, Meghala, Anita, Shiny and many more of the day team in making my stay comfortable. Thank you to the team of doctors Vinod, Ramanandan, Ardent etc., for the care and dedication towards our wellbeing. Wishing everyone in vaidyagrama happiness and good health in 2020!


Kate Sim,

Delhi, India.


January 2, 2020

This is my first visit to vaidyagrama. What and amazing experience this has been! I really have to thank Arun Pandala Sir for suggesting this place. The environment is serene and calm. The food simple, the doctors and staff very caring and fully invested in my journey of healing. It takes a lot of work and effort and patience to build and run a healing centre like this and I very much appreciate what the doctors and all the staff put into this to make this happen. Besides my wellness, I am going to be taking back a lot of fond memories. I have already started recommending this place to my friends and family! Thank you Dr. Harikumar & Dr. Ardent for the personal attention you given to my needs and conditions

Keep up this excellence!

Narayana Yellapragada,

San Jose, California,



January 2, 2020

No words can fully convey how grateful I am and how deeply healed I feel after almost 3 weeks here. I know nothing about Panchakarma before coming, and are now left with a profound sense of awe and respect for this ancient system of knowledge, philosophy and healing Ayurveda. I feel transformed and renewed, cleansed inside-out, and at peace and joy throughout at physical, mental & spiritual dimensions of my being. I have learned so much not only about health and balance but about myself.

My heartfelt thanks go especially to Dr. Harikrishnan, whom I felt I would trust from the very first instance. I felt completely at ease with him and really appreciate that he took the time to check up on a daily basis. His professionalism together with his ease, humility, friendliness and gentle presence are a rare combination of qualities in the field of medicine (in my experience at least) and made all the difference to me - enabling me to just surrender into this unknown times, and also a challenging journey of healing. Similarly the friendliness, smiles and competence of Dr.Sreeji and Dr.Soniya as well as the many lovely therapists, had enabled me to feeling relaxed and to just receive. Thank you all “block 8” - Also the friendly support staff, cleaners, administrative personnel – all around.

A few aspects that I especially enjoyed & appreciated:

·      The Garden!

·      The trees, birds, butterflies and other creatures

·      The peace and silence & having my own space

·      The ecological values and natural elements is everything from construction material,

·      Organic food, no chemicals, no plastic in toilet paper etc

·      The small details, like the fresh and gorgeous flower arrangements at every entrance

·      A “pond”

·      The beautiful music played during the day

·      The food pre-post- treatment was Delicious

·      The daily yoganidras!... Bliss

·      Dr Ramkumar’s satsangs & other interesting topical talks

·      The library

·      The weekly community meal where we can share from our hearts & creativity

·      The communal works with nearby villages

Some suggestions for improvement (all very minor):

Make sure that there really is someone to pick up the guest from the airport, especially if the guest has confirmed & reconfirmed the pick-up even just 2 days prior. I had to wait an hour at the airport & ended up having to use my international phone account to call to get someone to take me home. Not a great first impression, unfortunately. Would be nice if not all the activities (talks, satsangs etc.) were always just in the afternoon. I ended up missing most of those as my treatment was almost always in the afternoon.

Would have been nice to get / borrow a printed copy of the songs sung during morning & evening prayers so all are able to sing along, and with translation or summary if possible! Soften lights in the room please! Or then some lamps shades - Especially for those of us with sensitive eyes more regular change of towels.

I had to ask to get fresh clean towels after more than a week had passed. A blanket or shawl for sitting out on the terrace (for warmth but also to cover from mosquitoes), and also matches that actually work. More benches in the garden; perhaps situated slightly off the main walkway for more peace. Precise info via e-mail prior to coming here, especially on post-PK phase & what to expect/ plan for would have been appreciated as I don’t tend to read website carefully. Hope the above is of some use & thanks for the request for feedback.

I will DEFINITELY highly recommended Vaidyagrama to family and friends (I already have).

I truly hope that this place maintains its quality despite expansion and inspires for the replication of many more heavens like this around the world. Thank you once again.

Aili Pyhala Helsinki,


January 01, 2020

In Vaidyagrama one would forget everything including today’s date, that’s why you observe 2019 got changed to 2020. Though challenging for a first timer like me, one need to go through this cleansing for a healthy living. What works for Vaidyagrama? Tell me, what doesn’t?

·      Promoters, who are intact even now thus, following their commitment for a universal health.

·      Grass-root staff who are well trained & enthusiastic inspite of not English skilled – but they are the best.

·      Second rung team of Doctors, ready to serve any time.

·      Availability of the doctors 24*7 inside the campus.

·      Non-depending on “my doctor”- a team of doctors are aware of your case ‘within a cluster’.

·      Excellent therapists.

·      Living with nature including chirping of birds.

Suggestions for improvement:

First and foremost, please find an alternative for ghee treatment. It virtually made me cry. But end result matters. Till then should bear it.

Was just thinking why only ground floor is constructed? Not high risk – but at least one floor would have meant additional capacity without compromising on quality.

Big thank you to each & every one of you!


Ganapathy Kamath,



January 01, 2020

Before coming to Vaidyagrama, I had no idea what Panchakarma consisted of, apart from simply getting massages! But after spending 3 weeks here I can honestly say that the experience is no like other. From waking up early in the morning to have my bitter kashayam to the doctors asking me about my bowels before anything else, the experience of a rollercoaster of physical and mental challenges which were all overcome by the help of Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Sreeji, Dr.Soniya, Dr.Aruna all the therapists and staff. The wisdom and knowledge gained throughout the stay here has helped me gain a better outlook on Ayurveda and how it can be incorporated back at home. Satsangs with Dr.Ramkumar, prayers with Dr.Ramdas and group dinners where we could show our talents, will all be missed when we leave. Vaidyagrama is a safe, heartful village where we can escape to from our busy lives and balance our doshas (not dosas-) and I wish all the best to everyone here! As much as we all complained about kanji and ghee, we will miss them when we are back home.

See you soon,

Paavan Vaghela,



January 1,2020

Vaidyagrama for me the heaven on earth!

It is a place where you can leave the world behind and enjoy the peace + tranquility of the nature and its surroundings. The three weeks here have flown by & it’s time to head back home. The Vaidyagrama community works so well in harmony with one another, from the doctors to the therapists and the staff. I have felt like I have not left home when coming to stay here. Most patients here would rather not eat then eat “kanji” But eating kanji and taking ghee has given me so much energy and even though the mosquitoes have eaten me alive, I have still enjoyed every moment of the past three weeks.

I hope the growth of Vaidyagrama is continuous, switching with the success of the founder’s vision to create a sustainable and eco-friendly place to live and practice Ayurveda. I have to support their efforts from my world to be a continued part of the Vaidyagrama and Punarnava community. I have felt very loved and cared for during my stay and won’t forget Dr Harikrishnan and his favorite sentence “Let’s see” as well as all his advices given along the way. I would also like to wish a big thanks to Dr.Sreeji, Dr.Soniya, and Dr.Aruna for checking up on my daily, giving by smiles and sharing some of the knowledge. Thank you to Shalini, Athira, Vidya, Anjali and rest of the therapists.

Lots of love & Jai Shree Krishna

Manisha Vaghela,



January 1, 2020

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to everyone in this blessed place for taking care of me, their love, and understanding and to cool for giving the infinitive wisdom to come here. There have been major improvements in my conditions and I feel like new and feel again. But it is not just the treatments that I have received here. The healing facilitated in this place goes beyond the physical. This place has recommended me to my spiritual practice and inspired my thirst for further studies in Ayurveda even more. I will miss your satsangs and listening to Dr Ramkumar. And I will really miss all the doctors who gave me so much love here - Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Sreeji, Dr Soniya, Dr Aruna and the therapists! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Until next time!


Oxana Weber,