January 31, 2019

Coming down without expectations for this week long lifestyle correction programme, feels nice. I believe a lot of younger people can benefit.

Rishabh Jain



January 31, 2019

Once again an incridible visit. Thank you so much for all the care and healing. I am looking forward to return.

Mr. Anurag Gupta



January 31, 2019

This is my third trip to vaidyagrama. Each trip is better than previous trip. It is like a second home to me, I feel that way. This is a unique village in the world. Where they take care of their guest. Physical, Mental and emotional healing meet. People working in this village are always looking forward to help their guest. This community full of love, Joy and affection. As soon as you get out of from your room you are welcome with a big smile and greetings. No need to understand each others language. People come from all over the world and are ready to mingle with each a time international grama. In addition to the treatment lot of information is provided about Ayurveda and medically, healthy living. This 6000 years all science is amazing. It does not treat one ailment. But treats the whole body.

Doctors are just amazing and brilliant and on call 24 hours a day. Dr. Ramadas ji and his staff have been looking after during my last three trips. Dr. Ramadas is a very compassionate, caring, loving and multi talent individual. He is an excellent doctor, musician, spiritual leader. Gives good and easy lectures on Ayurveda and health. He loves birds has a good collector of their photography, takes good care of his staff. His physician under him are an excellent. Always giving care, love with smile Dr. Harikumar, Dr. sivajothi Dr. Sajna are always there  for my need.

Therapist work very hard but with a beautiful smile on their face and love in their eyes. My therapist kalpana is one of the best therapist. I was very lucky to have her. I am disable person with severe back problem, cant walk without workers. She understood my needs without telling about these. She took care of me with love and respect. Other two therapist Geethu, Vaisnavi very caring.  I am touched by each staff member of this village. Their dedication is amazing. Also they are looked after very well by doctors and other members. What a beautiful international community like minded people gathers here. I look forward of coming here again next year.

Mrs. Kamlesh Gupta



January 30, 2019

This is my 4th trip to Vaidyagrama. Every time I felt that I grow and deepening to this family. I feel more healthier than I have ever in my life. I am grateful that the treatments are in gentle this year Dr. Harikrishnan assure me that I do indeed get better every year. He is so kind and I trust him deeply. Dr. Harikesh has also been wonderful and therapists as well, especially Maya and athira. The special highlight this year was attending Dr. Ramkumar's satsangs. That's really helped me to break something important and open for me and I am grateful. Gratitude is the key word whenever I think of Vaidyagrama. You have immensely entered my life.

Diana beach



January 28, 2019

Almost time to leave and looking back to 4 weeks of intense processes, both on mental and physical level. Grateful for all the old stuff flowing up and being released. Grateful, that the powerful place found its form out of a vision, grateful for all the people, therapists, doctors, maintenance … the cows, birds, …Vishnu , Dhanwanthari…who made this place and the healing processes possible. Healing for individually, communities, environment

With love

Regula, Switzerland


January 28, 2019
With lot of gratitude for the holy place Vaidyagrama. I will continue my journey and look forward what process will show up. Thank you all specially doctors, therapists, cooks and all the great people who work for the place. I learned a lot from the satsangs, watching birds from my terrace, from just being with me. To start and end the day with prayers in the temple was special for me. See you all again in this holy place.




January 27, 2019

As always, I have come out of this experience with Vaidyagrama learning more and more each day about my body mind and functioning of both in parallel. This is my second visit back and upon coming I did not think there was more to learn and encore and what all interesting things my body is undergoing. I am grateful to Dr. Ramanandan for his patience in answering my questions as well as his humor. Many and my sincere gratitude to Dr. Athulya, Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Anupama for their care. I am also sincerely grateful for the wonderful therapists who took care of me from the early morning to the late night Vaishnavi, Lavanya, Aishwarya, Radhika and many others so many more names to mention but I leave it now.

Thank you all for your smiling faces.

with love 

Rina. G. Patel



January 27, 2019

Vaidyagrama is an amazing place, thanks to the loving, caring, kindness a dedication of its staff it is beautiful architecture overall design and green spaces. All this being part of a great vision of sustainable deeply rooted community life. This project gives me hope in the future of humanity I have kept it in mind and often quoted mentioned it since my last visit in 2013.

The doctors, Vaidyas are truly dedicated to the patients, their traditional sciences and world view.

Thanks to all of you for your awesome achievement, your passionate visions and loving care!

I wish you all to keep your vision serene passion alive, to reach out more people here around the world. We need your inspiration vision

Hope to be back soon.


Oliver Talpain



January 26, 2019

Arriving after 16 hours flight to Singapore and then on to Coimbatore navigate the lines of truck and late-night activity we arrived here. As we entered, we were greeted by welcoming group.  A few snapshots of a passport and visa and then we walk down this covered path. It was orderly, open and exuded a sense of serenity and precise.

We laid our head on pillows surrounded by an and elegant draping mosquito net. Once again feeling of comfort and protection. 

It's on 5th day here everything has been said as should be. The level of professionalism compassion, attention and gentle present has been assuming. Recognizing a place of care, nourishment we have decided to return in 6 weeks for a 28 days treatment Thanks to all people who have put and continue to attend to a peace and greatness

Ariane Flore Morainvillers

Gregory Johnson

Michele Morainvillers



January 25, 2019 

Words do not come easy. But that is all I have thy heart is full 

My questions answered, some, there are many more for which I’ll come again and again. 

Aishwarya’s smiling face, Dr Ramadas’s warm welcome and reassuring words, Dr Ramanandan’s willingness to answer my endless questions. 

Dr Ramkumar’s willingness to accept different paths. The team of therapists made up of Vaishnavi, Lavanya, Aishwarya occasionally Mridula and Abhila. 

Dr Anupama, Dr. Athulya and Dr.Arun’s caring attitude. 

I can’t thank you enough. My heart swelled even more as I got to know Geetha and the amazing projects you have undertaken. I’ll be here again. 

Thank you, 

Latika Mangrulkar


January 25, 2019

Finally, home,

That was my first thought when I arrived here.

After 18 days, I was also at home in myself again, because my body, My mind and my soul were matched again.

So  I can leave as a whole with a deep gratitude (thanks) in my heart for.

The empathic gentle and wise leadership of Dr. Harikrishnan through my process. Dr. Mini for her warmth, her translation gift and loving all round support.

Dr. Neethu - She even provide me with decoction during the night, when i was in pain.

Dr. Harikesh for his Introduction in Vaidyagrama and his ongoing support 

The entire therapists are all incredibly empathetic caring and professional 

And all who works here - they all radiate such an incredible warmth of heart. And also much more, I want to say thank you.

Irmgard Reiner

Salzburg, Austria


January 24, 2019

At Vaidyagrama we felt very well treated by you and the other doctors, so the stay in India was a full success for us. Cooking the medicine is well integrated in our daily life.

Thank you very much for all the patience that you had with us and our quiet bad English skills. You and your team made it a wonderful time for us.

Many warm greetings 

Ingrid & Reinhard Lampert



January 24, 2019

I am so grateful for the care and the success of the treatments I received at VG.

Dr. Harikrishnan and his team was so kind he was so very encouraging. Dr. Harikesh was a joy to be around with his great smile at 6:00 am ghee treatments. Dr. Neethu went out of her way to have the medicine transport documents translated into Spanish for me. Dr. Ramadas morning and evening chanting of the prayers evidenced the fact that not only body, but spirit is treated at VG. Dr. Ramanandan kept our minds joyfull as the host of the weekly community dinners. My therapist a great team of guys and I especially want to thank to Anish for his care. Dr. Ramkumar Satsang evidenced the system of the the philosophy. I Will Forever remember him when I hear the word ‘practices’.

Chandramauli (Charles Hayes) 



January 24,2019

This is my second time at Vaidyagrama and I feel very grateful for having the experience here. From the wisdom of the doctors and the gentle kind touch of therapists, everything combined to heal my body and soul. I look forward to coming back. Thank you to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Mini for their support throughout my treatment. 

Vaidyagrama is a lovely peaceful Oasis


Connie Martin, 



January 23, 2019

There are many birds here in the healing village known as Vaidyagrama. Many of them are magical to the eye with colour and shape a great gift to me while I  was here for 3 weeks. All forms of life are welcome here and I wish always remember two commitment to life us two leggeds th many four legged to be in flight.  Dr. Harikrishnan Dr. Neethu Dr. Ramadas Dr. Ramkumar Dr.Harikesh and Dr. Shiva Jyothi upon my arrival bring much presence to their service human and done each in their own way.

Thank you so much.

I had a number of therapist and each was a particular gift and caring about the world of today and ancient. Thank you so much. I felt the love of housekeeping staff kitchen staff Garden staff maintenance back office guest and patients also so often greet with welcome and invitations of chat. 

Thank you so much. 

Let's all be well let all be good and auspicious. 

Candy Kokinakis, 



January 23, 2019

Wow…. This is the place that I was looking for a long time, combination of medicine and spirituality. Also entire vaidyagrama is environmental friendly. The treatment given by Dr. Ramanandan and his staff was excellent. The chants of Dr Ramadas will be missed. Dr. Ramkumar’s satsangs were very inspirational and life touching. I had enjoyed each and every moments of his class. Therapists were very caring and gave loving treatments. Entire staff is very friendly. 

Thanks to vaidyagrama and am very grateful to each and every one of you. 

Labhu Lavani 

Vijaya Lavani


January 22, 2019

Vaidyagrama is an Oasis of right living in the world truly my inspiration and  gift to all who come here even or to hear about the mission it's incredible manifestation. There is complete consciousness of the environment ecology, spirituality, and living on on in harmony together and with mother earth through all her seasons. 

Everyone involved seen and unseen in the treatments, offices, kitchen, garden housekeeping, IT, maintenance and the cows, taxi divers the beautiful Pooja all are contributing to our healing experience so generously. Aparna and Geetha the first contacts give us help in knowing the programs and the outbreak as well so enthusiastically

Thank you my doctor Dr. Harikrishnan and the whole team Dr. Neethu checking in daily. Devaki, Maya, Athira for all the therapies. 

The doctors here are truly doctors in the real sense of caregiving. Thank you for listening assessing and supporting me especially in the first week of ups and downs are as I adjusted to my program. I feel especially fortunate to be here during a time when Dr Ramkumar was here and his words reminded me and lifted me up feeling free and light in my mind body and spirit. Also morning and evening prayers with Dr Ramadas added much to my stay.

The vision and now the reality of Vaidyagrama is a Lighthouse for the world how to live connected to nature and our divine birth right. 

The lives here of dedication and service are a true example of what is possible. 

The idea to live life in service of the community is a strong message that is lived here. 

In individual community taking responsibility for my health running like a well 

oiled machine. In local community looking for solutions to create benefit for the whole. In global community living a life of purpose in peace harmony and joy with all in our world is possible. This is Vaidyagrama ! 

I am now a spokesperson for your center and programs. 

With love and gratitude 




January 22, 2019

Search deep gratitude for Vaidyagrama. Heartfelt thanks for every single person who contributes to this healing space. 

Of course we see our Doctors and therapist every day. I also hold in my heart the cooks, gardeners, cleaners, care takers admin and maintenance teams who contribute so much in the background.

Everything about this place is sincere authentic and offered in a genuine loving way. 

I receive with humble gratitude. 

Thank you for manifesting this noble vision.

Om Shanti

Durga Leela USA


January  22, 2019

Vaidyagrama is such a wonderful and unique place blending together the ancient authentic modern and sustainable so beautifully. 

I am filled with gratitude for the whole team hear who perform their duties with such integrity and care. In particular I really appreciate the system and care of Dr Harikrishnan. I felt the depth of his knowledge which allowed me to sink into the experience of new treatments medicines which were unfamiliar. 

It was a life alleivating experience. Thank you Dr. Shiva Jyoti, Dr. Mini, Dr. Neethu and all the therapists who took such good care for me. Thank you Devaki. I loved the daily offerings of pooja, prayers satsangs and special presentations this they they sounded out the experience and provided more knowledge. I wish you a smooth good ahead as you continue to grow and prosper! 




January 22, 2019

Oh my God! How desperately I was dreaming of this date – the date I’ll be going back to home. It is not because I don’t like it here, but because my therapy was more intense than I thought it would be. 

But I knew I was in good hands, I always felt supported. All the therapists are very friendly and knowledgeable. Doctors are professional. I am glad I have chosen this place for panchakarma and would recommend this place to my friends. Special thanks to Dr. Aishwarya, Dr. Anupama as well as Lavanya, Mridula, Vaishnavi and of course to Dr. Ramanandan. 

Dina M


January 22, 2019

I’d like to thank my lovely Dr. Ramanandan for his incredible precision and kindness. 

Dr Aishwarya for repetition and support. 

Dr Anupama for professionalism. 

Dr Athulya for no bullshit kind of attitude. 

Dr Arun for diluting ghee with humor. 

Therapist Vaishnavi for her touch, questions and laughter. 

Therapist Lavanya for her touch and smiles. 

And everyone else at Vaidyagrama whose work I didn’t see but experiences. 

And last but not the least I’d like to thank Aparnaji for accepting the flow of my emails and seeing me this year. 

Tight hug 

Taus Makhacheva


January 21, 2019

I am going to tour more of this beautiful country after spending 3 weeks at Vaidyagrama. I feel healthy and full of energy. Many thanks to this caring staffs.

Cathy callon,



January 21, 2019

This is a place like no other. I see everyone here to be dedicated and passionate. Here authentic experience of healing happened time here.

Kudos to Dr. Ramkumar for his vision and big salutations to Dr. Harikrishnan and his teams for all the care, love and attention.

"Home away from home is what I would loudly say"

Prayer time was made special by Dr. Ramadas. The knowledge gained here will go a long way.




January 21, 2019

Apart from the healing process, there is a lot of learning that occurs during the stay at Vaidyagrama. Hoping to put these into practice whatever possible.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama and Dr. Athulya who took utmost care and were approachable at any time of the day. Therapists here are very kind and hardworking; their typical day starts at 5.30am and ends at 9pm.

Satsangs delivered by Dr. Ramkumar were very informative, the entire community here is very down to earth and every person is committed to the cause of healing patients.

Wishing the very best to the Vaidyagrama community.

Induja Sekar



January 20, 2019

Thank you so much to all the staff of vaidyagrama who has been so helpful, kind, always smiling and caring. It has been a very peaceful and divine experience very special. I loved all the treatments and the caring altimate therapist. Nice and comfort doctors, lovely cleaners, great cooks and everyone who makes this place so special. I will miss you........ 

I will come back next year and look forward to it!

Warmest wishes

Ms. Claude Bride



January 19, 2019

Arrived the first day of the year, Vaidyagrama is a welcoming loving place with all the staff and the guest are also friendly. The treatment very well despite only 7 days here. Thank you for your service.

Hege, Austria

January 19, 2019

I have been coming to Vaidyagrama since it opened and has become and has become an integral part of my life each year. The community life is so nurturing, the treatments so essential for continued wellbeing and the doctors are like benevolent fathers. I now have built a house here at Nivrittigrama and can’t imagine a better place to be as and approach my later years. I shall return.

Rose Baudin



January 19, 2019  


Excellent institution available faculty keeping the patient's requirements in mind. Events at the temple and Mandapam were excellent. Dr. Ramadas prayer sessions were mind blowing. what a voice, god bless him. Dr. Ramkumar explanation pertaining to Ayurveda principles were eye opener. We never thought of life in this perspective.  Every step of Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatment was explained in details which helped us overcome our doubts on the process and path of the treatment.

Dr. Ramanandan

Our physician was excellent. Thank you doctor we did not have several medical issues; how  ever he was always available to meet and discuss any issues we had. We were both satisfied with our treatments and will leave here with good memories

Dr. Athulya 

Thank you for being our next to keen physician. She is not only great physician but a good administrator. She was always ahead of us, before we ask for anything she was already prepared and delivered immediately. She always had our needs in mind and delivered them.  An excellent young physician.

Dr. Arun 

We had few meetings with Dr. Arun both of us found him knowledgeable and always ready to help.

The Therapists

Thank you Santosh, Ratheesh, Ranjit on men's side and Akhina, Radhika and Abila on the ladies side for being patient with us and providing as excellent unforgettable therapy. They work hard and always smile no matter how difficult the treatment procedure. Jaya our housekeeper was excellent. 

Overall our experience was positive and we will recommend this facility to others

Mr Laxmikant Devanshi Patel and Sudha L Patel

New York 


January 19, 2019 

Thank you for giving me and my family a divine experience. It was beyond our expectation living quarters were spacious and clean. Surrounding was beautiful and natural. Treatment rooms are designed very well. All the doctors are well experienced and knowledgeable. Prayers and Satsang’s were very helpful in healing mind and body. Basics of Ayurveda and different Satsang’s on treatments are very helpful. Would like to see improvement in coordinating treatments timings, staff is very polite and ready to help anytime.

I would recommend anyone who want experience and authentic Ayurveda treatment in a peaceful, natural environment.

I wish the Vaidyagrama to grow into a big healing village.

Mansuk and Manjula kaneria

Los Angeles



January 19, 2019


Not knowing the details of what I was walking into Vaidyagrama was nothing but and I open experience from the architecture of the place to the treatment given to the patient is phenomenal.

Being Indian I knew Ayurveda was ancient form of medicine practice. The knowledge I received at Vaidyagrama in regards to Ayurveda was amazing. I am very curious to learn about Ayurveda and get the most benefits from it. After Vaidyagrama experience I truly believe Ayurveda has power to heal the body through the help of nature. Vaidyagrama is also a self-sustaining community which was great to see. They have made most out of the resources provided to them. Apart from the treatment activities provided by Vaidyagrama was very knowledgeable for people like me who did not know much about Ayurveda. I came to Vaidyagrama thinking follow my spiritual find / spiritual path. In the process I found Ayurveda. The knowledge all the doctors hold is amazing. I got to know so much new information about me and my body. My Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Athulya and Dr. Arun have been great

 My personal favorite is Dr. Athulya, she is amazing and I could easily relate to her. She was very detailed in explain the procedures and its outcome. She was always available whenever we would have any questions. From deep down from my heart I would like to thank each and every person who made me and my uncle aunties stay amazing. Especially for my uncle. May Vaidyagrama continue impacting people life in positive way.

Thank you

Gunvant Rai kaneria

Anila Kaneria

Ruchita Ghetia



January 17, 2019

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for another wonderfuland helpful stay. I am so grateful for being in this wonderful environment with fantastic doctors, Therapist, House keeping, Garden keepers and office staffs. It is such a healing place also with the medicinal plants, birds,cows, cats and dogs. 

I am grateful 

Ms. Katinka




January 16, 2019

Thank you Vaidyagrama....

For everything it was a great experience to see here enjoy the silence to do nothing, the treatments, the food and also I like the moment when I meet someone and have short talks. I like ok the moment to be alone. New I let me surprise what time I will change my life I look forward to come back to India



January 16, 2019

Thank you

My first trip to India and my first trip to Vaidyagrama was beyond my imaginings.

To combine care, medical knowledge and compassion from housekeeping to founders, shows a truly exceptional organization.

I was served excellent a fresh food, a medicine diagnosed using a deep knowledge of the body.

Special thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Mini for a strong team of intellect and discernment for my many physical and emotional needs.

Dr. Harikrishnan like a cool pond that sees deeply-spirit and care.

Dr. Mini - like a flowing river that bends and offers love as the force.

Both with a space that allows for many variations. The housekeeping staff were so attentive and curing as were the therapists.

I am stronger and know myself better. What place could offer so much all with spirit?

Denise Gaylord yoga of recovery Durga Leela, 



January 14, 2019

Thank you for a divine experience at Vaidyagrama. We are very grateful for special attention and care by doctors, all staffs. We look forward to visits, heal, reflect and rejuvinate.

Mr. Vikash

Mrs. Pragna

Mr. Mukund



January 14, 2019

I feel extremely blessed and ever grateful for my stay at Vaidyagrama.

The doctors exceptionally attentive, caring and thorough checking in everyday several times, this was very comforting.

The therapists are so warm caring and kind.

I am so happy and made this journey. It was phenomenal physically, emotionally and psychologically and spiritually. This has been a wonderful and blessed experience. I am taking this experience and knowledge home with me as I continue my journey. I hope to return!!

God bless everyone in this beautiful place.




January 12, 2019

Thank you for finding space for me at such short notice when it is your busiest time of the year. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to have one more panchakarma before the surgery (if needed to have it).

Thank you for the warmth and kindness of everyone at Vaidyagrama, but a very special thank you to shiny who works such long hours, looking after us all. shiny has such good and beautiful nature. I feel very lucky to have her as as a therapist

And lastly, thank you for the great opportunity to remind myself of what is important to have the space to reflect and relays. I always struggle to keep the strength alive, once I am back home, but I will keep trying - and at last I can always come back.

Lots of love

Seriffe Hussein Dervish



January 12, 2019 

Dear friends at VG

This has been my third visit along with my mother and brother. It is always remarkable. We have been organising the whole year schedule to make for our annual visit from Canada.

One cannot say in words about the evident guidance for our physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing given by all the doctors. Their own humble Lifestyle, discipline and commitment to services is inspirational.

It is amazing to see how the community has grown with more young doctors and therapist joining the family the intentionality of creating harmony with environment and villages around. The extension of nurturing and caring elevates personal healing to greater responsibility. I feel I learnt so much hear each time I come. The After effect reflects in each aspect of life.

I feel truly blessed to receive the gift of VG and all those who make it possible.

To doctors, therapists, cooking staff cleaners, maintenance, reception, IT, hospitality all others.

Thanks for your smiling, loving presence and care 

Love, light, blessing always

Deepti Gupta



January 11, 2019

Gratitude for this tremendous experience inner and spiritual transformation physical reset. Beautiful people with sweet care.

Thanks for this inner travel” that all members of Vaidyagrama community made us possible with kindness and awareness. Thanks to the doctors and therapists, room cleaners, cooks, man who put in gola fumes for prayers   and satsang poojas etc. love peace ,joy, and of course health to you all. Make us know when baby doctor love!




JANUARY 11, 2019

This is my 3rd stay (of long series to come) at Vaidyagrama and once again it has been incredible. A time needed for relaxation, a pause to get back on sattvic tracks…Dr. Ramadas energy, Dr. Renjisha care, Nithya, Archana, Athira gentle and loving attention, and yes i love the food, and all people making this place a blessed, and the birds,

Thank you to all of you




January 10, 2019

Thank you vaidyagrama for creating a wonderful healing environment, soothing, calm, natural, peaceful and quiet engaging.

Thank you, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Anupama, Dr. Aishwarya, Dr. Arun and all other doctors, for patiently listening to us, diagnosing and presenting the right treatments and medicines, for being there whenever we need even in midnights, for putting us at ease, for opening our minds to this wonderful power of Ayurveda, for explaining and demystifying Ayurveda.

Thank you Ratheesh, Arun, Mridula, Lavanya and all other therapists who cared us every day, made us comfortable, explaining every little question, always there to help us, always there to feed us, with a lot of compassion and love.

Thank you to all our caretakers, for keeping our rooms clean, for making our stay supremely comfortable, for keeping entire vaidyagrama clean and healthy, always working and helping us.

Thank you Kavita, Geeta, Hakeem, Aparna, for the great hospitality, Sonia, for helping us with every request, for ensuring comfort and transportation and for creating a friendly environment.

Thank you, Dr. Ramadas, for the enriching prayer sessions and satsang, your voice is amazing.

Thank you to the founding members of vaidyagrama for creating a holistic community with lots of care, lots of concern to preserve the nature, lots of attention to the surrounding sustainable community.

Thank you,

Vijay and Anupama




January 09, 2019

To everyone at Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for all the care and support over the last 3 weeks. To give the great Ayurvedic treatment that you do here is already an amazing thing, to compare it with the spiritual environment and learning is even more special and beneficial, but the true blessing comes with the love and heart felt care that accompanies each consultation and treatment. Am truly grateful for all that I have received.

In addition to the personal interaction, am truly inspired by the bigger community vision and intention to give back that Vaidyagrama Champions and is looking to implement.

May God give blessings and swift passages to all those intentions.

With much gratitude 

Warmth’s and love

David Steve’s



January 07, 2019

Thank you to everyone in the vaidyagrama community. After last year I discovered so much. “LIVING WITH NATURE” and have benefited so much health wise and in general awarness. I was imperative that I return was not an option. I have felt really wonderful since being here and it has been another very positive healing/learning experience for me. Two things I wanted to say. First this time i was really affected by the mosquitoes and second one I felt the canter is crowded with patients that is some tension. I neverthless want to say thank you to the whole team and will share the positiveness of this place with all. I am very blessed to have been treated so well. Love and Happiness to everyone.

Mr. Salim Currimjee



January 05, 2019

Vaidyagrama restored my faith in Ayurveda. A heaven from the outside world.




January 05, 2019

It was good to come to a place where they not only talk about the Nadis, but actually make them flow.




January 5, 2019

It is always a pleasure to return to the tranquil settings of vaidyagrama, away from the rat race for a peaceful and relaxing rejuvenation treatments. Many thanks again to the doctors, therapists and the supporting staff for their sincere love and care throughout my stay.

Special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Aishwarya, especially for the eye treatments, Dr. Anupama and Dr. Arun. Also thanks to Sameena and Dr. Ramadas for their magical fingers.

Sincere thanks to Vaishnavi, Mridula and Aishwarya for my daily treatments and they are great.

Wei Ming



January 04, 2019

Our stay at Vaidyagrama was interesting and fulfilling experience. We thank Dr. Harikrishnan and his team doctors therapist etc.  who took care of us and made us feel at home.

 We look forward to continue this journey on well being and  self discovery in the future 

Thank you




January 3, 2019

This is my second visit to the lovely place, Vaidyagrama. I spent a peaceful and useful 2 weeks under the able and professional care of Dr. Ramanandan and his team of dedicated doctors and therapists, particularly Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Arun. They took very good care, receptive to the inputs given to them and gave suitable treatment which I would say was very relieving and satisfying. I am much better physically and mentally than I was on reaching Vaidyagrama. I had interactions with other doctors also and their friendly informative talk was very illuminating on the subject. Special mention about Dr. Ramanandan as he heard and explained each and every query, doubt or problem that was told to him by me, which was by itself refreshing.

Happy to have been in Vaidyagrama.

Thank you

P. Swaminathan 


January 2, 2019

Gateway to good health – Vaidyagrama

We are glad that we came to know about Vaidyagrama a few years back and now it has become a part of our yearly calendar. We always loved this place and the people here. They always cared everyone. They made us feel at home, treated us right and healed us.

This year Dr. Ramanandan was awesome, ably assisted by young doctors like Dr. Aishwarya and Dr. Arun. Also their team of therapists were good.

Wishing them good luck till we meet again.

Julian O Heany



January 02, 2019

It has been an amazing experience of rediscovering body healing mind and rekindling spirituality and amidst such calm and serene surroundings under supervision of caring and considerate doctors and their assistants.

Vaidyagrama is an attempt resurrect ancient wisdom way of life in the sphere of health.

Health is the most fundamental component of any robust society. 

Ayurvedic treatment here focuses on both health of body and mind as well as spiritual and emotional healing 

I am grateful to my friend Mr. Jay Krishnan Ramachandran for introducing me to this place

I would particularly thank Dr. Harikrishnan Dr. Harikesh doctor Dr. Shiva Jyothi for their extremely courteous kind and very personalized affection I also thanks from behalf of my wife Mrs. Manisha. Also the members and the staff especially the therapists. My wife Manisha particularly found strength by participation of different poojas organized to by the temple or activities, satsangs at management. 

We are going back rejuvenated physically emotionally and psychologically and sense of gratitude to all those who assisted 

J K Ojha