January 2017


January 31 2017

I am a repeat visitor to Vaidyagrama. Over the past few years, Vaidyagrama has truly evolved into a large healing village. They are Staffed with dedicated doctors, who are experienced Ayurveda Practitioners

As always, they have been attentive to my problems and have constantly worked to resolve the same. Besides the doctors, they have sincere and warm therapist and support staff.

I love the personal care and attention they provide to each one of us who come here from far and wide for our treatment. I want to thank all the doctors, therapist and staff for their care and attention to all my needs.

Every time I return to this place, I am so happy to see my other friends who come here for their own treatment. I truly feel that we belong to one big Vaidyagrama family.

Love and respect to entire Vaidyagrama




January 30 2017

I had such a wonderful time at Vaidyagrama. Am sad that it’s over and hopes to be back again someday!

Dr Ramadas and Dr Aruna were so kind and caring and also so nice to be around. All the other doctors and staff also made my stay so enjoyable.

Am leaving so much lighter and happier much more energized and rested. Thank you so much for everything! This project and the entire healing village are so beautiful and special. I felt so at home.

Lots of Love and Gratitude.

Maureen Walsh



January 30 2017

Thank you for making my India experiences something extraordinary. I had a fear of India before this, only because of what witnessed on T.V and western news.

My dear friend Jaisri told me I would do well to come, so I came and ignored all trepidations I held. I am so glad. I have grown so much, the staffs at Vaidyagrama is amazing but now I realize there are more people like this in this part of world. I am grateful for this opportunity. I know I am stronger and my CMT is a challenge for everyone, I am not alone. 

I will return and continue on this journey of mine.

Dr Harikrishnan you rule!

Dr Kesari, I love you!

Dr Radhika and Dr. Adhulya, you are so sweet!

I will miss you!

Dr Mubash I will miss you too.


Suzanne Butterfield



January 30 2017

Christmas and New years were so much fun- cooking class wonderful, satsang by Dr Ramkumar and Daniela, Saturday night group dinner under Preethi expert touch, all healing to the soul. Thank you Kalpana and Nimmi for your treatments and Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Kesari, Dr.Adhulya, Dr. Radhika, Dr.MubashI felt so well taken care of and completely trust the leadership of Dr Harikrishnan.

I return home with new eyes and ears, now focussed on right action and on my practice and service.

This is a very special place and I am so grateful to those who get me here and those who welcomed and served me here and especially shared their open hearts with me.

I am grateful for Jaisri, Laurel, Suzanne and Mary for making block 7 a safe, fun and interesting place to learn and grow.

Thank you to the cat with 3 black spots on the back. You are very wise and patient.

Love to you always.

Tosh Hyodo



January 30 2017

My 6 week stay at Vaidyagrama has come to an end. What an amazing experience.  I arrived here feeling very heavy in my heart and body and now I feel so much lighter and cleanser. I t was just the reset I needed and I learned so much about how to really create the conditions for health when I return home. So I appreciate vision of this place- the holistic approach, the community outreach, the sensitivity to the environment. And of course there are the amazing staffs.

I felt very care given by the doctors and therapist. Day after day they show up with skill and open hearts a truly remarkable team. Special thanks to Dr. Kesari, Dr Harikrishnan, Dr Mubash, Dr Radhika, Dr Adhulya and Kalpana. Willingness to connect on a humour level.

Also thank you to the office staff who were always lovely, kind and Preeti who is a treasure.  I actually had a lot of fun as well as healing (Laughter is a great medicine) and it was wonderful to share music together.

I also met some fantastic people here and got so much from satsang with Dr.Ramkumar.

Thank you

I will be back

Love and Light

Laurel Murphy                      I

Vancouver Canada


January 29 2017

And once more a most wonderful experience at vaidyagrama.

Gratitude to each and everyone who is partaking in their endeavour in their vision for a better world, gratitude for the excellent and an loving care especially bindhu and team of block 2, to Dr. Ramadas and their crew, to Hakeem and everyone last but  not least to all the birds who made joy through their sounds.

May all be happy in their presence!

Christine Burri



January 29 2017

The time to be happy is now and the place to be happy is here, and the way to be happy is to make others happy and we will have a little heaven down here.

Many thanks and heart blessings to the land, spirits, and sentient beings that gracefully ushered us into rebirth.

Keep smiling

Om Shanthi

Jasmine Panchal



January 29 2017

I am blessed to be here at an amazing place Vaidyagrama. I want to take this opportunity to thank all the doctors and the entire staff to make our stay here comfortable. It was a unique experience and a dream come true that of all a greatest gift so far of my life on my 60th birthday to be with my husband and daughter and rejuvenate my health.

I pray this place keeps growing in every way.

God willing hope to see all of you soon. This experience has given a different outlook on life and health.

Much gratitude to all of you, for taking care of my health and sharing your wisdom.

Love and light to all

Meera .P



January 28 2017

Hari Om

I shall return!!!

Rose baudin.


January 28 2017

It was not an easy decision to come to vaidyagrama although regular visitors for 6 years.

In December 2016 Natacha my wife and I decided to come to vaidyagrama. It has been an exceptional experience to stay.

Exceptional because of the kindness, spirit, helpfulness and all the people. Doctors, staff, therapists

Exceptional because of the medicine and treatment which makes me feel so much better.

Exceptional because of spirituality, oneness and nature and respect for each other.

It was continued me to spend 10 days of relaxation, reflection, contentment, detachment and peace.

May vaidyagrama continue in its philosophy they will lead to further success. We look forward to coming back.

Thank you

Anil Currimjee



January 28 2017

Vaidyagrama is an extraordinary vision by a group of doctors who intended to make a difference to people around the globe.

It has certainly made a difference to my life .I have become more aware and mindful of the health and what I eat. The experience has also awakened me spiritually and wanting me to go back to basics and close to nature.

 I would like to thank Dr Harikrishnan and his team especially my therapist Vidhya and the entire staff of Vaidyagrama who have been very caring. I enjoyed the Satsangs and prayer by Dr Ramkumar, Dr Ramadas, Dr Ramanandan and my doctor.

All the best in transforming this vision into reality.

God Bless.


Kuala Lumpur.


January 25 2017

My wonderful stay at Vaidyagrama has once again been come to an end. I have cured in a healthy state of mind and a promise to return soon.

As always the people of Vaidyagrama are part of cure.

The wonderful smiles ever ready to help and find a solution

The Kindness and gentleness of all in this heaven creates a beautiful aura.

Even the food is so much better!!! As always thank you to all of this wonderful Dr. Ramadas he is magician and Dr. Aruna and all other doctors.

Thank you to my therapists shiny and jaysree.

 Many thanks again meet next time.

Anjali Mathrani



January 25 2017

Vaidyagrama family,

Thanks to you. With a very warm heart and sharp mind, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the exceptional care you have given to me. I came here knowing almost nothing about you. But I feel much wiser, healthier and so much happier.

This place is resonating with so much loving and healing energy.  A true heaven for anyone who wishes for a natural way to optimal health, Everyone and everything here is expertly working to see that everyone is well taken care of. Thank you to the doctors, therapist, assistants, cooks, housekeepers, administrators and all working behind the scenes to provide this incredible place of deep healing for anyone who needs it.

You are all precious gifts to me and my wonderful fellow patients. I will return soon as I cannot imagine being away for too long. I will keep you close in my heart until then.

Much peace, love and joy to you.

Jonathan Duran



January 25 2017

We loved the team here in our block, the therapist and the supporting staff who are always smiling and helpful through all our needs big & small.

The doctors are all cheerful and keep you up beat during all the treatments, day & night.

The admin team were all very helpful, yet light hearted. It’s nice that you do the daily prayers as that adds some spirituality to the place, which aids in the healing process. We will be telling all our friends and family to come here for their well being.

Lots of love to you all,

Sumer Suri and Archana suri



January 24 2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you.For the most wonderful experiences, for the love and care, for the smiles, loving healing to our body and soul.

We came here totally clueless about the place. Fell in love in an instant with this place.

Genuine warmth and love as such hard to find in this world anymore. Thank you to all the doctors, therapist, gardeners, admin staffs for helping us heal with so much love and care. I hope this place grows stronger every year. Vaidyagrama is world’s hidden treasure. Much love to you all.

Archana suri



January 23 2016

This was my second time here in less than a year. So good to be back in the capable hands of doctors.

The therapist Reshma, Reshma, Praveena was wonderful and took such a good care of me. So fortunate to have witnessed and participate in the sarpa pooja. My favourite time is 6 am and 6 pm prayers and listening to Dr Ramadas melodious voice.

Hope to come back in a year once again. With great gratitude to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Harikumar, Dr. Siva Jyothi, Mubash and all the rest.

Vani singh



January 22 2017

Ohm Shivaya ohm shivaya ohm shivaya shankara

Ohm shivaya ohm shivaya ohm shivaya Nama shivaya.

It has been an extraordinary experience for both of us. We enjoyed the peaceful and spiritual experience here. We appreciate the care, everyone has taken for us.

Our sincere thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Harikumar and also the staff who very lovingly attended on us

We depart today with great satisfaction and remembrance of this place.

Sadhana and Sridhar Andhare



January 21 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama,

I have had one of the most beautiful experiences coming here. Though it was a big surprise for me, I have found peace coming here and I feel like a new person.

 Everything has been great from the ambiance to the doctors and the therapist knew their job very well and the staffs have been so helpful with all my needs.

The only drawback was the food that could have been a little better. And if you could provide a T.V and internet in the room, that would be superb, could have made my stay even more beautiful.

A special mention to Dr. Ramanandan, for being so patience and understanding throughout this journey and making it as much easier with his sense of humour

And my therapist Devaki, who made the effort of coming for me even on her day off, such a kind lady. Actually the whole staffs have been very kind. And  not to forget  Preeti for taking so much care of my food and also emotionally supporting me ,though my best friends Archana (my soul sister) and Sumer stood by me emotionally. Overall I am extremely happy (credit goes to Archana) to have come here as it has helped me so much.

Thank you

Mani Chadha



January 21 2017

Take a few deep breaths.

Inhale pure joy, pure energy.

Tonic for healthy mind, body and soul.

Indian tradition of Ayurveda merged with spiritual

Vedic chants. You will find all this and much more at Vaidyagrama.

Eternally thankful to all the doctors, staff, the therapist for the love and caring.

Hope to come again very soon.

Sunali Rathod

Mamtha Periwal



January 28 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama

Philips thoughts on the previous page would have been my expression too.

I am not a big writer therefore.

Thank you very much for all your support given to me.

I will be back

Mauricio Bernd



January 20 2017

An oasis for body, mind, spirit. From arrival my every need has been taken care of with care, smiles and grace.

Thank you to all the staff who works patiently in service to all of their patients. Biju and Lakshmi in block 8 made me feel completely at home and relaxed in my room and during treatment and I am very careful for that. Dr Harikrishnan inspired absolute confidence in the treatment with his calm manner and assured knowledge of anything I needed to ask. His team of doctors Dr Kesari, Dr.Adhulya, Dr.Radhika were always available for consultations and reads race. Their daily check INS strengthened my commitments and faith to let go and concentrate on my recovery.

The daily Satsangs with Dr Ramkumar and Dr Ramadas were valuable source of laser sharp Ayurveda wisdom! Finally thanks to my fellow patients for their support and good honour throughout this adventure!!

Philip James



January 20 2017


Is a golden gun

It was not easy to hold it against my head and fire!

I needed great faith in my master

To suffocate myself

With his holy bag

Full of truth.

I needed great courage

To go out into the dark

Tracking God into the unknown

And not panic or get lost

In all the starling new scents, sounds, sights or lose my temper

Tripping on those scheming

Night and day around me

Effacement is the emerald dagger

You need to plunge

Deep into yourself upon

This divine path to recovery

Upon this path

To God



January 20 2017

This place helps us reach a deep inner silence.

Light playing through the shadows is divine.

Everyone is working with a smile on their face.

People shine differently, probably from care of the body but mainly from their radiant spirit

Thank you for opening my eyes on another luminous and joyful path

Arnd Amand



January 20 2017

Thank you to all beings in vaidyagrama

Who brought lightness to all souls, warmth to our hearts, health to our bodies?

May the community progress and find happiness in all care and given.

Thank you

Diane Marie



January 18 2017

To the beloved doctors and staff at vaidyagrama a light bulb went off in my being and now it has become tolerable of treatment. I love the journey loving what I feel in my body. Where could I go and get all the treatment care, questions and answers with no judgement

I love you for your work and who you are

From my heart to yours love.

Thank you

Greta Marcella Cobb



January 16 2017

Vaidyagrama is a place, so we are told, wanted by the collective effort of many. Thank you all for the energy and devotion you have put into enable us, who are passing through moments of pure peace and harmony.

We have strengthened to face the outside world with many a happy memory to hold in our palms for a long time. Accept my grateful thanks.

Good place for health, meditation, peace of mind, feels like being at home, link with the infinite universe

Is Om tat sat

Christian Sale




January 16 2017

To all the staff of vaidyagrama

The Doctors, therapists, cleaners, gardeners and all other smiling people that you meet whilst staying here, you all have been truly a gift. My time has given me such rejuvenation of the mind, body and my spirit, more than I could have anticipated. I will be spreading the world about this piece of heaven in mother land.

PS- Those Abhyanga and herbal water pouring along with the takradhara truly magnificent

Shyni you are an angel and Jaysree and Manjusha

Sunday Lucia



January 14 2017

No thoughts....... no words....... silence


January 14 2017

I have been very happy to come to vaidyagrama when I needed it so much.

Thank you to Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikumar, Dr. Sivajyothi and all doctors who gave classes like Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramkumar and more.

The staffs are mostly very helpful and kind thank you. Also a special thanks to Aparna.

Vaidyagrama is a very special place.

Lynne Perry



January 12, 2017

I had like to acknowledge and express gratitude to all and everything that had created and continue to sustain this healing village.

From the plants and insects to the animals and cows, to the staffs and to fellow patients and every contributor in between

Thank you for all you have done for me, all the healing that you continue to promote.

May the light of lord Dhanwantari continue to shine upon and through you all, so that you may continue to spread love and healing to the community? I look forward to sharing the abundance you have given to me in my community nice I return to my part of the world.

Thank you to Lakshmi and Kalpana for healing hands


Elana Takur



January 12 2017

Excellent place for body, mind and soul- wellness

The combination of supportive staff and excellent doctors and good atmosphere makes the vaidyagrama experience a significant to me.

Special thanks to the team of Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr. Kesari and Dr.Radhika

Best wishes

Charles Santiago



January 12 2017

Thank you Dr. Ramadas and the people behind vaidyagrama

It is a relief to be able to get Ayurveda treatment in such a supportive environment. The ability to restore all health issues is an absolute blessing.

This place has such a strong foundation in the ancient Ayurveda healing science.

This is pure grace in this world

Love from

Narmada Smith



January 11 2017

Thanks for having me and my daughter as a patient and my son as a guest. This place is like a heaven on earth.

In this village there is food for mind, body and the soul. The whole environment is very mesmerising especially when I compare it with today’s busy world. In addition to our physical needs spiritual needs are also taken care of.

From doctors to the working level staffs all are extremely polite and caring. Any request you put in is taken care of.

I am looking forward to come here again.

I am thinking happiness and good health is back with me. Community dinners are a great idea.

I am pain free all these time.

Thanks for everything

Kamlesh Gupta



January 11 2017

Dear all at vaidyagrama

We are grateful for our time here. We are fortunate to be guided here by the caring spirit of Dr. Vasudevan of AVP.

The holistic environment is very healing.

The attention to detail and therapy at all level is greatly appreciated. The action filled with indications finds its way to soul.

It is a place with a vision for earth.

I wish everyone here all very best and blessings of lord Dhanwantari

With love and light

Deepti Gupta



January 11 2017

Short and simple: great quality, super healthy food, peaceful spiritual atmosphere, better 3 than 2 weeks. I will come back.

Alexander Waldemar



January 11 2017

The last 3 weeks were passing very quickly for us, the first time here at this lovely place, we enjoyed it a lot.

Waking up surrounded by the chirping of the birds, followed by morning programs what a nice and inspiring experience.

We came here exhausted and tired, leaving now rejuvenated, relaxed and with new experience.

Thanks to the caring staffs who was always attentive and hard working with a smile on their faces.

Special thanks to Dr. Ramadas taking always good for us. We like your special humour, voice and dedication.

Martin and Christine Rode



January 10 2017

My husband and I have really enjoyed our stay here. We are very impressed by the constant care provided by the doctors and the prompt service given by the therapists.

I was really impressed when Geetu brought my medicines before the group dinner and just after it.

I am also very thankful that the therapists adjusted my treatment because of my inability to tolerate hunger.

On the whole it was a very pleasant stay. My husband likes this place so much that he wants to bring his students one time here.

I am hoping to comeback in a year or two.

Padmini and Chandra Sekar



January 09 2017

Vaidyagrama is a highly distinguished facility for enhancement of wellness and Ayurveda treatment. It is highly desirable model of an outstanding team of care givers, with an outstanding mission. Its natural surroundings are highly congenial.

Because of the exceptional organization that the vaidyagrama is, my life has received several benefits.

This model of natural care giving must be replicated throughout the world.

Best wishes from

Rohit and Nidhi chauhan

Jaipur, India


January 09 2017

Well, this is our 3rd visit to vaidyagrama.

So there is not much to say except it is getting much better and better, doctors, treatments, satsang, food, lectures, prayer, all providing positive effect plus Ayurveda medicines too.

We shall return again.

Lots of love and blessings

Theodore Moser



January 09 2017

For sure I will come back again!

Thanks to everyone!

With love

Jacqueline Moser



January 11 2017

Thank you all for your help and friendliness

After 4 hard days, I feel all the time joy, happy

I’m thankful to this place and all the stuffs which are very supporting.

I’m looking forward to come again.

With love

Carmen Jutta Gundel



January 07 2017

Well, going through cleanse in India has certainly revealed some layers of ‘stuff’ literally, metaphorically! The journey inward towards understanding + knowing I have been given another jumpstart.

Sincere thanks to Dr. Ramadas, I have delighted in your cheeky sense of humour, therapists for your incredibly hard work, diligence.

 Dr. Aruna My goodness what a little intellectual and whole hearted powerhouse you are! Thank you for your care, friendship, especially during my moment’s days of particular struggle. An unexpected delight has been the joy in mingling with fellow wayfarers (Patients)

May you all return to a state of harmony, health and peace?

Enormous thank you to Daniela wolf, the bridge, the unifier, the messenger, your work is tremendously important.

How I wish I lived on the same continent as you!

Thank you, mercy, Gracias

Katie Bryant



January 07 2017

Not knowing what to expect we founded vaidyagrama to be a true oasis of health, fall of flowers, birds and butterflies, where the doctors are efls and princes equally taking loving care of men and women, big or small, young or old.

We enjoyed every moment of our short stay and would like to thank all the helping hands at this lovely place where we found peace, pureness and clarity of mind again

Astrid Powmeier



January 06 2017

Truly fall in love with the place.

Stayed 5 weeks and I have to admit I had first 4 days were very difficult to take especially the confinement.

Therefore I especially thankful to the team of doctors to modify my treatment during the first week

Special thanks to Dr. Ramanandan for his understanding, to Dr. Harikumar to work with me over my difficult issues.

Great thanks to the staff for mainly all the medicines, food, keeping place such nice, friendly and very peaceful. I believe that I got from this place much more than my initial expectation.

Again 70% is done, 30% remain for me to work it out, and for this 70% deep thanks to vaidyagrama

Larissa V. Koursova   



January 03 2017

Dear vaidyagrama I am so very grateful for my time at vaidyagrama. It is so inspiring to see a community that lives connected to and honouring to earth and Mother Nature.

It is so beautiful how you consider the surrounding community offering food and healthcare to those in need. It is nice to see nature all around and medicines growing outside my door!

It has also been such a blessing to be around the spiritual aspects of vaidyagrama. I love being able to participate in pooja, satsang and chanting.

The food is incredible!!! I especially love the idly and coconut chutney. I am also grateful for insight of my doctors and how they pushed me to continue treatment even as it got challenging. I truly trust their judgement.

Thank you Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Sivajyothi and Dr. Harikumar who thought me to make the God in me happy.

Thank you so much to Devaki who has been so sensitive and patient with me and provided me such amazing therapies. Thank you for coming in on your day off to take care of me!

I am truly sorry if I was ever too much asking for things. Everyone has been so accommodating with my sensitive’s and needs.

One suggestion I have is that the noise level is loud much of the time. This can be especially challenging because paneha karma makes us so sensitive. I felt that the talking in the patient block was very excessive and it made very difficult to relax especially during treatments.

I felt that it is very important to have silence while in treatment and while resting and this was almost never the ease while I was here. I had to ask for quite many times which made me feel guilty.

I feel like I should not have had to ask at all. I feel it should be the therapist’s responsibility to know to not talking in the blocks and to keep their voices low.

Other than this with the noise level, my stay at vaidyagrama has been really amazing.

I feel like one very blessed and lucky girl to have had the opportunity to receive such a great Panchakarma with such amazing people.

This place is incredible

Happy new years and blessings to you all


Katherine Gaston



January 02 2017

The stay this time has been difficult. This is the 3rd time I have been here, many changes had taken place.

With new doctors, new staff a period of uncertainty is inevitable..!

Hope coordination, communication and patient care improve over time to provide the best care for people who come to seek treatment.

As usual, Dr. Harikrishnan, Aparna, Suresh, therapists and the support staff has been great!

Pamela Teo



January 02 2017

I am very grateful for the time I have passed here at vaidyagrama.

It is such a lovely place full of peace and beauty.

The whole staffs are attentive and caring.

Doctors and therapists made me feel as if I was the most important of all their patients me

It is a very good place for healing, thank you all

Daniel and Annette Kirsch



January 02 2017

Thanks for all your treatment and service

I really felt pampered here. After a long time all food etc were taken care. Thanks for patient care with patience. You are all very well organised working as a group to take care of patients keep continuing that.

Felt that the entire Therapist cleaning and cooking staff and other staff work very well and patient is your centre of your business.

Very happy to see this kind of customer care in India.

I wish you all the best only the very best in the future. I hope to visit again in few years but my husband will come next of the year. 

Thanks again

God bless you all and your organisation

Roopashree  Kadur



January 02 2017

Namaskar greetings and gratitude we came to Vaidyagrama for Ayurveda healing and received remarkable rebalancing in body, heart and mind.

The deep and gentle care of everyone allowed for a deep healing. It enhanced our connection to the planet as well as rejuvenating our body and expanding our heart and mind

Seeing everyone working in Vaidyagrama going about peacefully with a warm smile was a wonderful example of how to be.

We are learning after 5 weeks and find this peaceful time enhanced our health but also deepened our bond as a couple.


Myorei zeratta and Eshin John Godfrey



January 01 2017

I Could not think of a better environment to be in for the holiday period, such a calming and peaceful place. The four weeks I have spent at vaidyagrama have left me feeling positive and enthusiastic about the future.

Thanks to the doctors, therapists, cleaners, admin, cooks, gardeners and all the rest for making this a great stay. I loved the morning and evening prayers and the satsang and also the family of cats (mother and 3 kittens). I hope vaidyagrama adheres to its animal policy of feeding them twice in day and that they live in harmony with patients and staff are able to share the environment.

Maxine Gail Bourke