January 2016

January 31 2016

Hari Om,

My gratitude to the entire team of Vaidyagrama. Thank you everyone for everything that you did to make me feel better. It was a really wonderful experience.

Om shanti,

Nayna Vaghela

Sydney Australia


January 31 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama Family,

Thank you so much to everyone who did something for me as the gardener, the housekeepers, the therapists, the doctors, the administration people, the kitchen staff and volunteers and all people who did things in the background that I have not seen.

I thank you all from the deepest of my heart for everything.

It was a beautiful stay with the sight of the flowers and trees. I am sure it will help me for my health and for my way to go further.

God bless you all. God bless the whole Vaidyagrama.

With all the love of my being,

Maria Schrotberger



January 30 2016

It was my second time here. As “always,” the first 2 to four days I ask myself, “Oh god, what I am doing here?” The people who work there give the answer. I am flying away like a bird. I will come back. Thank you (the doctors, therapists, staff…) for that nice and professional ongoing process!!! It is a great place in this world.

Wolf Gang Maritsch



January 29 2016

I’ve spent thirty-three days here in total and I still don’t know how it affected me. The experience has been in so many levels that it is hard for me to express. And it doesn’t matter for now.


I remember all the smiles at every corner, the sound of chants, and guitar, the magical flowers around, the birds, the butterflies. The deep care, personalized treatment. It is such a unique experience in life to be able to experience such a restful time. I hope to bring much of it outside and to shine the “Vaidyagrama” love and spread it.

Much love from heart to heart,

Eleonore Piquet

Canada and France


January 29 2016

Dear “Vaidyagrama Family,”

I would like to deeply thank Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Om for their expertise, help and great advice about my physical and mental health during my stay over the last four weeks.

I would also like to thank all the therapists, housekeepers, garden staff, kitchen staff, administration staff and volunteers for making Vaidyagrama a “little heaven” on earth where one can rest, recuperate, heal, grow and gain more clarity in the mind.

A heartfelt thank you to every member of the Vaidyagrama family for making my stay a very pleasant and peaceful one. I am deeply grateful!

Much love and blessings to you all.

Until next time!!




January 29 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama,

I am giving the most heartfelt thanks to everyone here at this unique and inspiring place. I feel very lucky to have been able to spend some time here, where so much love and care is given on energy level. I have felt safe and looked after for my whole stay, and I am truly humbled by the dedication of all the staff and everyone who helps to manifest the vision here at Vaidyagrama. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a new way of living and for this I am so grateful. Thank you to every person here and I hope that Vaidyagrama continues to grow and flourish. I hope to come back again soon.

With love,

Charlotte Loiuse coutauld



January 28 2016

A vision bringing hope—God’s Grace is with Vaidyagrama—may it grow and be a light for all of us to follow.

With love,

Rupa Sahni

New delhi India


January 28 2016

I am going back from Vaidyagrama feeling much better and I would like to thank the doctors and the staff who helped and looked after us.

We hope to be back.

Manju Taluja

New Delhi India


January 27 2016

Thanks to all at vaidyagrama,

It is a beautiful place, guided by a beautiful vision, which it embodies. The beauty of the surroundings and care of nature matched by the generosity and kindness of the doctors and therapists, Dr. Dr.Ramadas warm manner, sunny smile and deep heartfelt chanting, Dr. Om’s radiance, cheerfulness, reverence and dedication, Dr Harikumar and Dr. Aruna’s gentle thoughtfulness, and the kind,  constant work of the therapists were all gratefully appreciated! As are the wonderful satang offered by Dr.RamKumar and others. The snake puja was extraordinary! An extraordinary blessing. The spirit of discipline which is strong but also relaxed, leavened by a tough of flexibility and humor is wonderful. All of this set a context where the interactions between patients, also, are kind, supportive and mutually respectful, giving a possibility for solitude and community in proportions that work best for each one and create a sense of like minded souls and a large Vaidyagrama family spanning the globe. May we each take the many levels of healing we’ve received and spread that further into our worlds? I’m grateful also for the vision and practice of a truly holistic community, including and embracing the local villages, villagers, and the land. May this vision inspire us all and grow.

Thanks to all,

Cynthia Lalita Franklin


 PS. Oh and the temple. So wonderful to have a temple that is so lovingly tended, spreading blessings in that way as well!


anuary 27 2016

Thank you Vaidyagrama for being a place of quiet and slow healing. I feel I will always come back here to see good friends and care for the health together.

Yours in kanji,

Kate O’Donnell


January 27 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

I wish to thank you for the way you handle everything. Every soul here is kind hearted and treats everyone as their own brethren.

The warm care I got here from everyone, especially Dr. Ramadas could not be described in words.

Thank you so much

Hemant Bhagat

Gurgaon India


January 26 2016

The Vaidyagrama Song

From Tim and Lee

Isn’t it warm?

Isn’t it cosy?

At Vaidyagrama

A port in a storm

Where the sunset is rosy

At Vaidyagrama


Leave stress behind

You must!

At Vaidyagrama

Come heal, unwind

and trust

In Vaidyagrama


No traffic, no trucks

And also no Starbucks

At Vaidyagrama


Like your food stewed, ya

Will love the cow puja

At Vaidyagrama


 Om Om Prakash has a way with cattle

And his herbs can delay death’s rattle

At Vaidyagrama


What can it be, that’s sweeping the nation?

Where bucket of ghee are the medication!


Those that are cured

Have become quite inured

To Vaidyagrama

And they have ensured

That what they’ve endured

Stays at Vaidyagrama


But to get well

You go through some hell

So, cards on the table

Here"s my warning label…


Kashayam to start

Induces a fart

At Vaidyagrama


The buttermilk tea

Will cause you to pee

At Vaidyagrama!


Mosquitoes are few — not true!

At Vaidyagrama!


Don’t give them a squeeze, please

The cats carry fleas

At Vaidyagrama

Movement of bowels

With the roughest of towels

At Vaidyagrama


Nothing to do

But chew on bean stew

At Vaidyagrama


No workout, no Pecs — that’s bad

At Vaidyagrama

No yoga, no sex — that’s sad

At Vaidyagrama


No tennis, no ping-pong

But Thursday night sing-song

At Vaidyagrama


Despite what I say

You will still want to stay

At Vaidyagrama


From Paris to Perth

There’s no place on earth

That has a belief in

Whatever’s got a curry leaf in…?


Who cares if you can’t?

Do Sanskrit or Hindi

At Vaidyagrama


Still Dr.Ramadas will chant

And give you a bindi

At Vaidyagrama


Ramkumar’s daring mission is

As radical as nuclear fission is

That’s Vaidyagrama


So let’s…


Give him a hand

To buy up more land

At Vaidyagrama


Pass round the pot

Put a coin in the slot

For Vaidyagrama


Wave toddle look

To your short-sighted medic,

Knock down the brew

That is ayurveda…


Isn’t it warm?

Isn’t it cozy?

At Vaidyagrama


A port in a storm

Where the sunset is rosy

At Vaidyagrama


Prince or pauper, rancher, farmer

The only proper place for panchakarma

At Vaidyagrama


To all who make Vaidyagrama the extraordinary rare haven that it is:

It was our first visit. And we have come away enriched not just by the thoughtful and profound teachings of Ayurveda and the attentive ministrations of doctors and staff, but enriched by the beautiful friendship extended by you all. The warm spirit of the place is taken up by the patients and guests here, so that is a true comfort zone.

Many thanks for the new lease on life you have given us. We hope that Vaidyagrama will grow as fruitfully as the Chinese gooseberry that we were privileged to plant on our last day.

Timmothy and Lee Austin



January 25 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

You are doing wonderful life-giving work and are a great blessing to the world.

I can’t thank you enough for all your care and kindness for me, and I can’t wait to get back next year.

Diana Beach,

Thomaston, Maine, USA

Indeed, too much of a good thing is wonderful.


January 24 2016


Once again I am in deep gratitude for this darshan of the Vaidyagrama family. All who has come leave with something very precious; hearts open, the body heals, the spirit soars!

May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

May all have the good karma to land at Vaidyagrama!


Rose Baudin



January 24 2016

This is our fourth visit to Vaidyagrama and we still make new discoveries! The doctors as well as all the staff have been so attentive and have taken extremely good care of us attending to all our needs. It has been a very restful and invigorating stay and all our grateful thanks to Dr. Harikrishnan and Dr. Om Prakash and Dr Arsha. We would like to wish Dr Ramkumar and his colleagues every success to fully carry out their vision and bring peace and happiness to the community and villages all round.

Veena currimjee and Carrim Currimjee



January 24 2016

Once more a most wonderful stay at Vaidyagrama, and it won’t have been the last! My gratitude and heartfelt best wishes for all the doctors and staff of this wonderful place. May the community grow deep roots and bestow happiness and good health upon all.

Christine Burri



January 24 2016

Thanks to all the team for your smiles and very good care!

Vaidyagrama is a real model of practicing Ayurveda. Not only you had a beautiful vision of an ayurveda commune but you managed to manifest it! The energies and the resources pooled into the commune will take care of all the people in the community and that’s WONDERFUL! This is GRACE. It is my second PK at Vaidyagrama and each time I feel even more rejuvenated. You created a place so welcoming and satvic. Already looking forward to my next visit and for Kudi Pravashika.

Love and blessings,

Lisbeth strohmenger



January 22 2016

Hari om

I would like to thank everyone in Vaidyagrama for everything. This is a great example of a close knit family. How great it is in Vaidyagrama. Therapists are great and their dedication is highly appreciated. They are bringing up this community together and helping it grow faster. I have no words for the doctors. They are so humble and caring. Thanking them from my whole heart and they are big pillars for growing Vaidyagrama.

I am very happy that I came to the right place for treatment. I tried many medicines and got adverse effects from those medicines before coming to Vaidyagrama. Today, I am so excited that my treatment went well and I got a lot of energy. Once again “thanks” to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna for taking care professionally. I am sad that I am leaving but I am coming back next year for sure.

Thanks a lot

Chakrapani Rao

Texas, USA


January 22 2016

A big big thank you to all the doctors and staff and therapists at Vaidyagrama!! It has been a truly wonderful experience for my mother and me. Along with the healing, the spirituality of the place and the lovely green, peaceful environment is positively uplifting!

All the activities and satang with Dr. Ramkumar were really enlightening and informative. Thank you Dr. Ramanandan for making us better. Your cheerful manner and your sweet effort in speaking to my mum in Hindi, which you spoke very well!!

We enjoyed every bit of our stay—met some wonderful people from all over the world! Thank you ALL!!

Dr. Ramanandan, Dr.  Arundathi, Aparna, Rema Devi, Hakeem, Geetha, Kavita, Dr. Anjali, Our therapists sajitha, Bindu, Unni, Sowmya and Radhika.

Love and God Bless!

Daljit Arora



January 23 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama Family, dear doctors, therapists, housekeepers, garden staff, kitchen staff, administrative staff and helpers and volunteers,

The great vision and the beautiful integral way of thinking, working and living together are uplifting and inspiring, and contribute a great deal to the healing process of all of us!

I was able to learn a lot, not only from the interesting (and joyful) satang, but also from the inspiring attitude, great care on many different levels in different ways. And the spiritual approach to dealing “with problems in life” may help us to forget the “I-me-mine-myself”—wonderful!

Thank you all

In gratitude and warm remembrance,

Pia Bossi

Zurich, Switzerland

PS Hope to be back again. It was great to meet so many people from all over the globe—there is hope!


January 23 2016

Thank you, thanks you, and thank you for everything.

My fifth time here since 2011…truly a gift from god…. Each visit is so unique, special and brings so much healing, growth and PEACE. Every member of Vaidyagrama is contributing to this haven space. WHAT A TREASURE AND PLEASURE!!

Love, Happiness and Much Gratitude to you all.

Until next time!!

Emily reed

London UK


January 21 2016

It is a pleasure to write about Vaidyagrama. The whole team is so dedicated towards making the stay the most useful in the time available as is possible. It was a joyful experience particularly with Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Harikumar who were so patient and had all the time in the world for us. It has been truly uplifting. Satsangs with Dr Ramkumar were enlightening! Would love to come again.

Veena Verma

New Delhi India

January 21 2016

It was an amazing experience. I am grateful to my sisters for bringing me here. This is not only a physical experience but also a being experience. Everyone is so kind and caring as if it’s from another world.

I hope I will practice this thinking in my life.

God’s blessings are upon you all.

Shyama Singh

New Delhi India


January 20 2016

Hari Om!

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the entire Vaidyagrama staff. It has been a healing education on every level! I’ll be back!

Peace and Joy!

Swami Karunapremananda



January 20 2016

All staff of Vaidyagrama,

I enjoyed my stay. Thanks to all. I am feeling better and leaving with good health.


Gunvant Vaghela



January 20 2016

Vaidyagrama is like my mother’s place for me. I come here to rest, recuperate and am pampered. The doctors and therapists take care of my problems and put me back on my feet. This visit was equally satisfying and addressed all my health issues. I am going back happy and peaceful. Thanks to the entire Vaidyagrama family.

Satyadurga Subramamyam



January 18 2016

Namaskar Vaidyagrama family!

Nandri, Nandri, Nandri!!!

Thank you so much!!!

I truly appreciate your dedication to an ayurveda healing center mixing the classic text wisdom with the modern times as best as possible. It’s truly remarkable. I’m grateful for my time here on many levels. I wish continued success, learning, and healing for all involved at Vaidyagrama. May you all and those touch by it be filled with love and light!


Douglas Neal



January 18 2016

Dear Doctors,

We had a lovely time here and in order to continue the great work you are doing, we have a few suggestions to make:

—Doctors, please do not use your telephones during consultations

—If there could be silence during the treatments that would be beneficial, and no cell phones used

—At Balagrama medicine time was irregular. Meds should be given at the same time every day

—At times we are concerned for the hygiene and after the fifth canisters came back dirty

—Also have concern regarding how the medicines are prepared at Balagrama.




January 18 2016

Vaidyagrama staff,

Our time here felt like a gift from God. One thousand times “thank you!” We are leaving happy and peaceful. And with bigger hearts.

Emily Glaser and Leszek



January 18 2016

Thank you for an amazing and transformational healing time.




January 13 2016

To my New Second Homeland family

Thank you so much for your kindness and loving care.it is the best!

You are all amazing people and thanking of you will inspire me each day to be myself.

The simplicity and sweetness from all of you helped me to see that in myself. Thank you

Thank you thank you!

See you again soon.

With Love

Myra lewin


January 13 2016

Each time I do indeed leave something a new that was before hidden from view buried deeply in the mountain long ago!

Only to be joined again in the present at the correct time and place. Many blessing to everyone the work labors that partake at a place called vaidyagrama in the south india.




January 13 2016

I am grateful! At Vaidyagrama I got to live in a process of being present in a community where I let go of results and focused on experience. I felt embraced and welcomed by a staff that is caring, commited to my healing, non judgemental and available.

Before I left home I told everyone “there will be no contact from me or from them to me” Also my intuition was to trust ayurveda and trust the doctors to interpret that science.

Therefore my mind was quiet about the s and could focus on listening to myself and healing not only physically but emotionally, mental and spiritual.

I chose silence and to eat kanji good choice for me. I met wonder people and learned a lot.

The beauty of this place can be seen, felt and known.

I received for more than I expected and will be back.


Lynda Robertson.



January 12 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama family

Words cannot describe how I feel after 3 weeks of staying here.

It has been pure bliss. I feel like some sweet beautiful nectar has been pumped into me.

I feel rejuvenated and happy before coming here I was lost, depressed, everyday was hard to face. I even forgot how to smile, laugh to be myself.

Well, I have to thank you all the staff for their relentless dedication. They have so much of love in what they do that you can just feel it the good vibes.

There are so many things to enjoy and love here. I truly enjoy the morning and evening prayers, the pooja that was held on New Year Day. The sat sang were informative, garden walks, cooking classes OMG the list is endless. Ps the committer

I came here not knowing anything about ayurveda and I still don’t know much but it is definitely a good practice to heal their lifestyle and well being. It has changed my mind set for the better. I am determining to follow through.

I think I have come to paradise. Vaidyagrama embodies so much of love and care from the doctors, to the staff behind the scenes vision and mission. I think it is unique and so giving.

Lastly I would like to thank you my doctors who took exceptional care of me, Dr.Arundhathi (Going to miss you), Dr.Ramanandan, Dr. Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.om,Dr.Anjali and Dr.Ramkumar (for giving me the best advice). Also thank you to all the therapists, Sajitha, likitha, Bindhu, Soumya, unnimaya, and all the rest gardeners, the cooks(who cook beautiful food), the amma who comes to clean my room everyday. I would like to thank Aparna my first point of contact, Geetha, Kavitha, Hakeem. If I have felt out anymore, I am sorry.

Well god bless all of you all for the great work you are all doing.

Love and kind regards




January 12 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

It has been an enriching ten days for me here filled with learning, and a bit of going back to my roots. I have been thoroughly enjoying the environment that you have been able to create here. I feel it is beyond words to describe. This place is blessed with a lot of energy and it is all because of the dedication of the Vaidyagrama family.

I am thankful to all my doctors and therapists who have taken good care of me. I wish each one of you all the best and my God shower more blessings on this wonderful institution and give you strength to take it to the highest level.

Kind regards,




January 11 2016

Many many thanks to Vaidyagrama divine doctors and wonderful staff!

Very special thanks to the amazing professionals and wizards in their healing job—Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Harikumar.

Moreover, we both feel an enormous gratitude to the soul of Vaidyagrama, Dr. Dr.Ramadas. He is not only a doctor sent to our planet earth by the Lord himself, but also the centre and the kindly blessing spirit of all social activities going on in the ideal atmosphere of our dear Healer’s House. Finally, he is just a warm friend, interested in the issues important to each of us—as well as an artistic personality in everything he does, be it lectures, singing, telling jokes or conducting prayers.

Many thanks to our therapists of Block 1 for their professional and caring hands.

Let all the AuERA living dreams come true!


Aija and Janis

Ventspls, Latvia


January 11 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Thank you for the food, medicine, shelter, gardens, flowers, smiles and care.

Thank you to the doctors, the therapists and all the fabulous staff.


Jeff and Steph


January 11 2016

Vaidyagrama is an oasis that I had imagined. A place that is based on authenticity, honesty, love, trust and all components functioning close to Nature as the Universe intended everything and all to be. I credit the doctors, therapists (Bindu was amazing! and so was Radhika, Unni and all others who I saw daily). This is a place I see myself retiring to. Thank you vaidyagrama for giving shape to my imagination. Every soul associated with Vaidyagrama (working here) is an example of piety, as they serve with authenticity. Wishing only the best for this organization. May ayurveda flourish and proved to the world that the five thousand year old science is still ever pervasive. Vaidyagrama is an integral part of this movement and hence I salute Punarnarva. Doctors, all of them, are fantastic. Thank you.

I am sure to return again and again. You have returned my peace, my health back to me and I am ever grateful.


Toral and Bharath



January 10 2016

I am feeling sad to leave the supportive environment here. I also feel very grateful to all the Vaidyagrama family. The light of consciousness here shines very brightly. It has uncovered the light of self inside of me that was hidden behind some big tomasic clouds before I came. What a precious gift!! God bless you all! Especially Laxmi my Mother and my sage illumined Dr. Harikrishnan for imparting skilled words of wisdom. All the wonderful therapists, Indu, Jameela, for your patience with my tears…. I leave much richer and stronger. The sat sang was especially precious…so much wisdom and authenticity. I pray you all receive 1000 fold what I have received.

Dr. Louise Carrol



January 10 2016

Our first visit to Vaidyagrama and we were really pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Having been to other ayurveda centers in South India, we were definitely not expecting what we got. We came with some medical issues, bad eating habits, even worse living habits and stressed beyond repair (or so we thought!). Now leaving after a two-week stay completely relaxed, almost cured and spiritually enlightened. Something we really didn't expect. Since it's the teamwork that makes this place special it would not be fair to say thank you only to specific people. The doctors, the therapists, house-keeping staff, receptionists, gardeners, cooks, etc., etc, did an amazing job and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely!!

The satsang opened channels in us we didn't even know existed so thank you for that, too.

We look forward to coming back at the end of the year (have already made our booking!) and until then, we wish vaidyagrama all the best with the healing village as well as all the new ventures—Balagrama and AUEra. Projects we thing will definitely soar!

Love and best wishes,

Aparna and Guido

Berlin, Germany


January 18 2016

Clouds roll by (The Mind)

The sun shines (The Light!)

We grow! And are happy

We love you all

Benjamin bernstein and Sukwah Bernstein



January 10 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama family,

You all have taken care of me so well. I did not imagine it to be such a nurturing and loving environment. Thank you s much Devaki, Sasikala and Reshma for providing love and care from the bottom of my heart. Without the ultimate richness that Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Hari Kumar this place would not have been possible. Last of all, Dr. Ram Kumar whose talks (satang) were the most incredible experience and opening we all needed for this to work.

With all the blessing and love to all of you.

In gratitude,

Mukta Mudgal



January 09 2016

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thanks for a great time of healing and retreat at this great place. What I like most was that all the doctors and people of Vaidyagrama are really living ayurveda and Sanatana Dharma.

There is so much bhakti and so much prana in everything.

I will come back! Thanks for everything.

I felt it was the best place on earth to be for my first panchakarma. I started to do Agni hotra and simple Lalita sahasranamam and was really happy to see that Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Om are doing this with so much devotion. Talks of Dr. Ram Kumar are uplifting! Lalu is funny and has a big heart! Dr. Aruna  is so nice to see with Hakim and their little girl! A great place to be. So much inspiration for me!

Thank you!

Johannes Vogt



January 08 2016

To all—doctors, therapists, gardeners—thank you for your care, kindness and smiles that made us feel at home. This is our first and inspiring experience in Ayurveda, we are at the beginning of the journey. Congratulations for having thought, planned and built such a place and for running it so efficiently day after day. It is really a healing village where we found health and peace.

Merci et au revoir

The French sisters,

Brigitte and Myriam



January 07 2016

Vaidyagrama is a really special place to heal in nature with good and loving company. I really appreciate the experience of pure ayurveda guided by the fabulous doctors. The therapists and all the staff are friendly, kind, and giving. In addition to the great doctors' care, treatments, and food, the activities here increase the power of the healing. In particular, the morning and evening prayers and fascinating satang give Vaidyagrama a unique spiritual character that will continue to inspire as I leave. I can't wait for my next visit!

With much love and gratitude,

Lynn Hickey



January 08 2016

When I arrived I landed in "heaven." My wish was to heal my inner child and the wounds it had carried on until today and which were showing on the physical level in the form of Leaking Gut Syndrome.

As a psychotherapist, this was a boundary that had not yet been "conquered." It is difficult to reach out for a child of 1-2 years of age and its wounds it cannot speak about.

The oils, the special care, the time I had for myself without ever being pushed into anything I didn't want helped to open an inner door that had been closed for fifty-five years. Gently and without drama it opened to free my heart.

I got more than I ever imagined I could ask for. This medicine is direly needed in the West.

Thank you all for your love, devotion, skill, care and help! With all my heart!

10 Stars out of 10! **********

Silke newmaier



January 8 2016

Vaidyagrama — a place of peace, efficacy, challenge, inspiration and healing. What a beautiful vision of lifestyle and healing you have created here for the entire world to come and grow in.

You have all left a lasting and loving impression on me both in my previous visit and in this one.

Thank you for your professionalism, skill, knowledge, patience, caring and loving ways.

You have created something very special here and you have inspired me to do likewise,

Thank you deeply,

Brendan Mcnutt



January 5 2016

Vaidyagrama has opened up a whole new beautiful world for me!

All I knew about Ayurveda way that it involved popping herbal pills and getting massages to treat a disease and I have discovered here that there is a deep connection between mind and body and spirit and this discovery has lead to getting a glimpse of how I really am. I am so looking forward to exploring more of me through Ayurveda :)

Vaidyagrama is beautiful—the air is so fresh and the place has so much positive energy that I felt as though the air itself was releasing me of deep pain from my body and soul. Everyone here—the doctors, therapists, helpers, all are the epitome of compassion and kindness. I feel especially blessed to have had Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Hari Kumar personal attention and Devaki, sasikala, and Reshma continuous flow of love.

A special word of gratitude for Dr. Ram Kumar — Thank you for creating vaidyagrama. Without Your vision we wouldn't have gotten this beautiful heaven on earth!

I especially felt enriched by morning and evening prayers, question and answer sessions with Dr. Ram Kumar and spiritual guidance from the doctors! I am definitely coming back. I feel I belong here.

Thank you Vaidyagrama Family!

Manisha Mudgal

Mumbai India


January 3 2016

When I arrive I felt that everything is important.

Now that I'm leaving, I know that nothing is important.

Namaste and blessings.

Nora Coers

Amsterdam Netherlands