January 2015

January 22 2015
Thank you to all the staff, therapists and doctors for their genuine care, knowledge and kindness. Angels on Earth. I felt at home the instant I arrived. The energy of the space felt nurturing and supportive…it still does….
The activities – talks, prayers, poojas, group dinner were all welcomed too and I enjoyed meeting lovely guests on the path of healing and spiritual practice.
Arriving at vaidyagrama
Letting go of Daily Chaos
Creating Space for Renewal
Surrendering Control & Ego again and again
Clearing my Mind again and again Clearing my Mind
Surrendering to the Divine
Feeling Shifts Unfold
Patterns being revealed and uprooted
Reclaiming Sparks of Light within
Feeling Warmth & Acceptance
Opening up to Love, Gratitude and Joy of Life
Whilst Trusting the Signals of the SOUL
Om Shanti
Judy Kater

January 21 2015
It has been long overdue but I am very happy to have finally made it to vaidyagrama. I had expected the treatments to be excellent as they were, but what was really lovely to see was the sense of community you feel part of at vaidyagrama. The guest services was superb with the team here incredibly warm without exception. I am very grateful to all the team, the doctors and all those I did not see but who work quietly behind the scenes to make it all happen for us. I wish vaidyagrama all the very best and really looking forward to seeing the community grow.
All the best
Nekzad Irani
Sydney, Australia

January 2015
My experience at vaidyagrama has given me a refreshing new outlook on healing. The doctors were kind and attentive throughout my whole stay. Problems that I had consulted doctors at home without receiving any answers were suddenly understood and treated. To have them connect the dots of symptoms instantly shocked me. The expectation that I would come and have changes seen was not only achieved, it was surmounted.
I never believed that my condition could be cured through herbs and oils..but it has! I have been at vaidyagrama for only 10 days and have begun to see dramatic changes. Thank you to my wonderful team of doctors and my amazing therapist Unnimaya. Thank you for bringing me my food/medicine and giving me extraordinary treatments and many more kind and helpful services. To Unnimaya you have been the most gentle and attentive massage therapist I’ve ever had. Thank you for making my stay so relaxing and enjoyable.
Many thanks to the whole vaidyagrama community
Amrta & Suzanne

January 17 2015
Vaidyagrama was unexpected. From the moment I arrived I felt a welcoming energy and this stayed throughout my treatment. Each day passed in a relaxed bliss and while I did my best to follow Dr.Ramadas’s instructions to rest I did appreciate the interactions with other patients. I loved the satsangs and prayers which marked each day, most of all I loved the doctors, therapists and staff – always cheerful, caring and smiling. I will leave a little of my heart here. Now as I leave, I am feeling the benefits of the treatments. I will miss these beautiful treatment beautifully administered by the therapists. I wish vaidyagrama an auspicious year ahead particularly with the conference in December and all the projects currently in development. I so look forward to returning.
With love and gratitude
Perry Stapleton

January 17 2015
Though my stay was only for 5 days, these were unforgettable days. Reminded me so much of my childhood days in a “tharavadu”. This is a tharavadu of loving people. You don’t feel you are being “treated” but you are being loved and cared for by the doctors and staff. The atmosphere is so refreshing and calm and peaceful and very close to nature. No wonder my son comes back every year!!
Thank you all..it is a long list to write all the names.
Thank you
C.Leela Menon
Palakkad, Kerala, India

January 17 2015
Thank you for a wonderful healing experience. Our five weeks at vaidyagrama has been a rollercoaster of an adventure beyond what we imagined!!! Everybody has been so kind, caring and dedicated to helping us get well – on all levels. Special thank you to Drs.Ramanandan, Sajna and Prasad for their kindness, patience and humour; to Unnimaya for her gentleness, giggles and beautiful smile; to Chitra for her warmth, lovely musical walk and for teaching us Tamil (nandri!) – and to all the other staff who have looked after us so well.
And of course, thank you to Dr.Ramkumar for his generosity and support.
With our love and best wishes
Will and Kylie Shacklock

January 15 2015
It has been truly magical to spend few weeks here to be a patient and have a quiet time – thank you all so much for making this healing place and to have built such a beautiful community. Special thank you to Dr.Ramadas and his team for wonderful care and support provided to me. I’ve enjoyed all the chats with Dr.Ramadas and cant thank him enough for his patience. I must have been a really annoying patient – wanting to know everything, have so many questions. Dr.Aruna and Devaki were also loving and making sure I am comfortable. I will miss all the satsangs, pujas and weekly activities but feel so good knowing that I will be back again soon.
With lots of love
Mari Fukuda

January 15 2015
Vanakkam! This is my 2nd visit to vaidyagrama. The place has physically grown and expanded and the commitment to healing – both mind and body – extraordinary. If there is one place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things – it must be in vaidyagrama.
It was a smooth 16 days and the coming together of healing, experience, knowledge and Ayurveda sciences and practice and personal friendliness.
The satsang is a great place to learn and share ideas.
A distinguishing character of vaidyagrama is the exemplary commitment of doctors, therapists, support staff to make the healing more easy.
To the staff of vaidyagrama – it was a blessing to be here and thanks for making it worthwhile
Charles Santiago

January 14 2015
As I am myself an Ayurvedic doctor for more than 20 years, it was the best decision to come to this unique place to undergo Panchakarma.
This century is very loud, in constant turmoil and agitation, so it is a blessing to be here and find inner peace and cleansing from all rubbish – physical and mental. The doctors and the staff are really very open hearted, caring and full of love. They are living examples of bhakti.
I wish you all and vaidyagrama to sustain through all these difficult times, to stay a retreat for “other civilized refugees” from all countries.
I will be back for sure!
With warm wishes to you all
Alexander Pollozek

January 12 2015
Vaidyagrama just keeps getting better. This is my 4th visit and my respect and admiration for this wonderful space just keeps growing. Because most people who come here are by word of mouth, there is a genuine feeling of family and interconnectedness. Lovely!
I am grateful to each and every staff member for their kind and loving attention. It is clear that everyone who works here appreciates where they are.
The vision of Dr.Ramkumarji is so inspiring; to establish a healing village, a children’s home, a retirement village, holistic with its organic gardens, daily prayers and amazing pujas.
Special thanks to my doctors, Dr.Harikrishnan and Dr.Haritha for their expertise and fussing over me! Lakshmi, who seems never to cease moving from massages to meal, tea and medicine delivery, always maintains such a cheerful disposition. She deserves a medal; once again thank you vaidyagrama.
Cant leave without praising Dr.Omprakash’s effervescent personality, his cheerful optimism is simply delightful. Dr.Ramadas’s morning and evening prayer sessions are part of the healing that takes place here…again thank you for the health, peace and love that you spread.
Always love from Rose….OMG, how could I forget all those “behind the scenes”; Aparnaji keeping the matrix together, Sonia, Hakeem, Geetha and Kavitha, the kitchen crew and housekeeping – all add up to the wonderful experience that is vaidyagrama.
Rose Baudin

January 11 2015
This is my 2nd trip back to vaidyagrama after 5 years and I am very pleased to see that it has progressed beautifully and truly to the founder’s vision.
I would like to thank Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Prasad for their dedication and loving care. And of course, to my therapists, Achu, Sashi and Chinnu and all the other “invisible” staff who made my stay very comfortable.
Special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan for his sense of “humor” and strict adherence to the treatments which was very beneficial.
I wish vaidyagrama and its staff continued success with their unique healing skills of tender loving care always.
Warm regards
Yong Wei Ming

January 10 2015
Dear vaidyagrama
I have not, in all of my adult life, felt so good about doing nothing! All of my needs were amply taken care of by your wonderful doctors and staff. I have, at times, completely forgotten the so-called worries of my life and wished that I had booked for the full Panchakarma treatment – next time!
A special thank you to Sasikala, my kind therapist, who sometimes had to look for around the campus to take me for my treatment. Many times, I felt like going to sleep on the table.
The overall vibration and feeling of vaidyagrama is one of nature and community. The placement of plants, herbs and trees between the apartment blocks and the walkways around the campus made for a very pleasing aesthetic and a way to get around campus without muddy feet or sunburn.
The highlight must surely be the Saturn puja on my first day. So rich, colourful and awe-inspiring. There would not be many places in the West where a young boy can chant ancient Vedas and then next ben seen with a mobile phone filming the pooja in a t-shirt and dhoti.
I will be back some time in the future, but time for longer. I will check on the hibiscus tree that I planted (another great initiative).
Perhaps, as a suggestion, there could be more types of orientation at the start of a stay or if not a campus layout diagram showing where the office, temples and other landmarks are located. I did not know where and when activities were held until the 2nd day into my stay when I was given the missing timetable / schedule and ventured out after my day inside to overcome travel fatigue. Just a small observation.
Finally a big thank you to Aparna at the office who made this all happen and dealt promptly and fully with all the dumb and not-so-dumb questions; as well as my paranoia about arriving at 11pm alone in Coimbatore! Thank you Aparna – you are truly a pearl of great price!
Hari Om Tat Sat
Elaine Jesurasingham
PS – While some may joke about the food, they obviously have not tasted my cooking! I thought it was fine!!

January 10 2015
Although this will sound a bizzarely naïve thing to say, Panchakarma has been for me a much more challenging experience than I expected it to be – at least challenging in ways I didn’t anticipate. Though in retrospect, of course, it makes perfect sense that I faced the challenges I did. I feel I have been confronted with my own mind and reminded of how much work there still needs to be done. In particular, I need to improve the focus and concentration of my mind – to go back to basics with a certain amount of trepidation at the amount of work to be done! Still, now that the jumbled tangle of ugly feelings has resolved itself (shirodhara was particularly tough for me!), I am leaving vaidyagrama with a deeply felt sense of joy and gratitude.
Vaidyagrama is a very special place, and I have often been moved by the attention to detail that is manifest everywhere. Every single aspect of the environment, the points of interaction between staff, patients and doctors/therapists has been thought through very carefully, and organized around maximum space/opportunity, for the patient to rest thoroughly and to focus within. I arrived at vaidyagrama believing that the most important part of the process would be the treatment and the herbs, but leave with the knowledge that it is just as much, if not more, about creating a healing space within. The care that has gone into the design of the compound – the layout of the rooms, the peaceful covered walkways – is an ever present visual reminder of the space that I need to create within.
I have been particularly impressed with the effort that has gone into taking care of the vaidyagrama staff. In particular, the fact that all staff, including the housekeeping and gardening staff, are included in the daily staff meeting, as well as the fact that the committee that manages the emergency fund (made up of 20% of any tips left by patients) is managed by the staff themselves. There is a very egalitarian spirit of vaidyagrama which is a real accomplishment in this day and age of commerce driven transactions.
One of the reasons I chose vaidyagrama was because of the many ways it has been integrated into the local community. In my view, the many community projects eg. The school, the education, the community lunches, free treatment for the local villagers etc. was testament to the seriousness and integrity with which Ayurveda principles are taken here at vaidyagrama. It is testament to the authenticity of the vision and the devotion of the doctors who have created this healing village.
Lastly I would like to thank my doctors, Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Prasad, for their care and thoughtfulness. An extra special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan who went out of his way to give me the time I needed (often unfortunately to complain or give vent to difficult feelings) – I may not always have been the easiest of patients!
With love and gratitude to all at vaidyagrama.
Hope to see you again soon.
Serife Deivish

January 09 2015
Dear Vaidyagrama
This is my first contact with Ayurveda and Panchakarma and your deep intuitive knowledge and gentle guidance allowed me to sink deeply into this process of shedding layer after layer of unnecessary buffers.
This process was both challenging and easeful – helped greatly by the love, patience and commitment of both doctors and therapists (and the rest of the wonderful staff). Sometimes one smile can transform a day.
Vaidyagrama is a sanctuary for body, soul and mind.
Thank you all for your heartfelt commitment, your unerring determination and your sweet surrender into this BIG VISION of vaidyagrama. Special thanks to my doctors Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikumar for their patience, kindness and helping hand on my adventurous journey of Panchakarma.
Based on my experiences here, I have a few suggestions –
Soft padding for treatment table
Room numbers / names – site map in the visitors’ kit
Alternating yoganidra programs (not the same)
Pantry doors should be closed while it is worked in, especially in early mornings
Onsite / oncall counselor available, with understanding of western mind / psyche to help through the emotional / mental turbulence
Simpler wifi procedures (one access code prepaid for whole stay)
Booking confirmation/contract with summary of terms/conditions after prepayment is received
Proper earplugs for shirodhara; the noise around is too disturbing (for me)
With love
Annette Reiche

January 09 2015
A home away from my home and a family away from my family. That is vaidyagrama. Seen the growth in the last few years. This is a blessed place. I love it. Regards to each and everybody.
With love
Mukundan Pullat

January 08 2015
Dear doctors and staff at vaidyagrama
We thank you from our hearts. You are a special team of workers, many of you impressed us. Your smiles and support will surely stay with us for a long time.
Special gratitude to Dr.Omprakash – your positive energy means a lot! Good luck as a father!
Dr.Harikrishnan – Thank you for your guiding skills!
The staff who cooked, cleaned and carried everything!
We will miss the kanji!
Wishing you all the vitality and power for a great 2015. Good luck with your activities.
See you soon.
Love from your friends in Regensburg, Germany
Mark Douglas Albin & Florentine Muller
Regensburg, Germany

January 08 2015
Thank you for all your kindness and caring! I became de-hydrated and had laxative. I kept feeling misery with physical body, and my mind kept being in agitated state by sharing room with person who have different conscious level. As I have much worry to leave here with weak body condition and unsolved emotions, I believe my struggling experience here would bring the key to open the new door. Here Panchakarma remove ignorance of my mind. Next time, I would like to have a course with active participation to surrender.
I appreciate all of you to sustain this environment.

January 08 2015
Words will fall short when trying to convey my gratitude and appreciation of this wonderful place and its amazing staff! Everything about this experience I will treasure, and although this is my first time here, I know I will be back.
Thank you for helping me to feel the best I have, in many years.
With love and gratitude to all
Peter Van Ryan

January 07 2015
Wow, what a way to begin the New Year.
I want to first acknowledge each and every person at vaidyagrama. Thank you, Thank you to each and everyone of you for holding the space for me to heal.
My special love, gratitude and thanks to Dr.Ramadasji and Harikrishnanji who helped me through my roughest times. They not only took care of me physically but also healed my mind and soul. They have given me tools to use for the rest of my life.
There are so many miracles and life changing shifts that I experienced that I will later write in an email form. As I leave, my heart is learning to love and trust life. My deepest gratitude to Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikrishnan. May God bless you with all that you need
Bobby Teacher
California, USA

January 07 2015
Om Namah Shivaya
With so much love and gratitude to everyone at vaidyagrama
I feel I have found a new home

January 07 2015
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of my healing journey at vaidyagrama. Once again it has been an incredibly rich and warming experience. Mostly it is the people here that work so tirelessly that makes this such a special place, alongside incredible treatments.
I look forward to future times here at vaidyagrama.
With ongoing gratitude
Elaana Cohen

January 07 2015
To all that work together tirelessly to bring into existence such a place to heal and connect back to a deeper sense of existence, I humbly acknowledge and pay tribute. These few words will truly belie the nature of your service and large impact in people’s lives which cannot be described.
Thank you, each and all for the tireless work and dedication which makes my (and all others) healing a reality. It is priceless.
Above all your kindness and heart shines through in every aspect of the work and daily life. A true pleasure.
With indebtedness and deep appreciation
Leena Chaugule

January 06 2015
Dear All
My deepest thanks for all of you here in vaidyagrama. With your deep understanding of what humanity needs, you bring the divine love to earth in the wonderful healing place here. Not only for our bodies but also for our inner growth. All your heart smiles are healing power. The prayers and pujas increase the energy here. May the seeds you put here spread out in the whole world. May peace and love grow faster and faster with each person that has the chance to get blessed through the heart grounded work all of you do in vaidyagrama day and night.
My deepest gratitude and all blessings
May peace and love grow everywhere
Rose Maria
From the Egyptian desert

January 05 2015
Thank you so much
The depth of your love and care has touched me deeply
The doctors wisdom and love, the therapists touch and open hearted giving and easy smiles. The prayers and pujas have been especially important for me bringing that spiritual dimension into my Panchakarma has inspired me deeply.
I leave a better person to share my own gifts.
Thank you
I go from here deeply nourished on all levels, mind, body, spirit and emotions
I love the vision and I love how you all are bringing more peace and love and healing here.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Jacinta (Yashodaji)
Mullumbimby Australia

January 04 2015
I go away from vaidyagrama having made new friends here with some of the most generous skilled loving and healing people I have ever met.
The vision that drives all that you do here is truly inspirational and much needed in our world.
The values that you aspire to on a daily basis are demanding and great reflection of the generosity of spirit alive within you all. It is who you are being day in and day yout that distinguishes you far beyond what you do with great love and skill.
Thank you for your gifts
My best wishes and love to all
Brendon McNutt

January 03 2015
Hare Krsna
First of all, I have to express my deepest gratitude to all vaidyagrama because from 2011, when I spent my first 6 weeks here, my health greatly improved.
It is nice to come again and see vaidyagrama fully built and full of trees and healing plants.
One important thing where I see some room for improvement are therapies. Therapists, which I experienced this time (6-7 of them) were untrained, inexperienced and unfocussed. So it felt more like modeling in a massage school where girls just heard about treatments, and now they are trying it for the first time, than having an Ayurveda treatment.
My very special thanks to Dr.Ramanandan and his team, for tolerating my impatience, my mood switches, and all misunderstandings my agitated mind has produced.
Lots of love and see you again

January 02 2015
I have returned to vaidyagrama after 5 years, and am amazed to see how it has grown, prospered and developed into a true healing centre. The dedication of the doctors, treatment staff, house-cleaning personnel and the gardeners, and all others, is evident in the smooth running of the village. The detailed attention to my healing programme has given me a new zest for wellness and the need to look after my health.
Dr.Ramkumar, as always, has been a pillar of support. Dr.Ramadas has been available for me whenever I needed him. My doctors, Dr.Ramanandan and Dr.Prasad have looked after me with great care and attention. Dr.Ramanandan, in particular, has completely understood all my problems and made me realize that I need Ayurveda in my life, in order to keep well and age without complications.
Inshallah, I shall be back for further treatment as the need arises.
Thank you one and all
Tarifa Barma

January 01 2015
Om Namah Sivaya!
Om Namo Narayanaya!
Blessed doctors, staff, therapists of vaidyagrama
Thank you for your dedication and courage to put in practice all your ideals of oneness in consciousness and oneness with Mother Nature. You have created a home for all to return to, a healing, wholesome, holistic home, restful for the senses, mind and emotions where the body tuned back to its innate intelligence. All blessings to you and the team
Swami Sitaramananda
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm
California USA

January 01 2015
This is my second time here. The treatment, staff and environment is as well as I last remembered if not better. Thank you for the nurturing approach towards the patient. Will be back again.

January 01 2015
Thank you all at vaidyagrama!
It is a great experience to be here. It opened new doors to perceive our lives, and that is so beautiful!
With lots of love
Monika Danka & Georg