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January 30 2012

Vaidyagrama is wonderfully offbeat

As ailments with pure love (and ghee) they treat

But as the root of each imbalance they unseat

And body, mind & spirit they get (you) to meet

You realise how sweetly they pull off wonderful feats!

Thank you one and all at Vaidyagrama – the caring ever smiling staff, the doctors so evidently living in their craft, the therapists with “magic” in their hands, and the senior doctors along with Dr.Ramkumar to give us a “little heaven on earth”.

(Not to forget the wonderful diverse interesting fellow “inmates” one gets to meet)

God Bless

Johnny John



January 30 2012

The morning I leave I am so full of gratitude for the loving kindness I have felt during my stay here. I am in awe how such a group of people can collectively come together with such a strong sense of duty to their life’s work and believing in God taking care of everything else.

I feel truly blessed to have had such heartfull care from Dr.Ramdas and Dr.Harikrishnan. For watching them EVERY DAY TO DO SO MUCH, it was a gift for me to watch you. I thank you both and Dr.Ramkumar for always trying to answer my questions. Helping me to let go of troubles in my mind and body. I will remember our talks as they are felt in my heart.

Thank you to Maya for her healing touch. She is such a “mataji”; so much love and faith and all the other girls with their service in helping with therapy and bring food and medicines. To Dr.Om Prakash for yoganidra and his devotion to his work.

To all of the staff for cooking food (that is probably a little too tasty!); to the gardeners and cleaning staff for taking care of the space.

The vision here is truly heartfelt.

I have a place in my heart for you all…and already feel a little “homesick for you”.

Some suggestions

Have us eat kanji more regularly and the food a little less rich…IT IS TOO GOOD

Love the satsangs and all we learn maybe key things shared in the beginning about how to eat, why & what not to do to make the most of your treatment

Dinner more simple and earlier

Therapists..some need more experience

Much Love




January 29 2012

Thank you to the doctors for taking care every day and listening to my insecurities. Thank you to the girls for being loving at treatment time – and bringing food, water and medicines. They are very busy and I hope each gets good break time in the day and a day off in the week.

I love the food and eat everything.

I am so happy for the paradigms of ayurvedic living being shown here. I will come back.




January 29 2012

We are deeply grateful to the excellent doctors for their skilled care and priceless knowledge. Our lives have been blessed by the amazing staff of Vaidyagrama who have been outstanding in their respective positions. Thank you for so many wonderful and holy experiences. We send our thanks and best wishes to each of you.

May all beings thrive in your gentle and masterful hands.


Henri & Val


January 28 2012

To all at Vaidyagrama

From the first moment of our arrival, we felt comfortable and knew we are at the right place. Sometimes we even didn’t feel like we are in India. So quiet, so peaceful, so much effort to care for environment and nature…!!! A professional attitude goes through all fields in this village, “the wonderful doctors, cooks, therapists and all the other kind members of the staff, including lovely Aparna and Kavitha from the city office”.

The unexpected highlights have been –

The evening satsangs where we get so many answers and inspirations

The moving chants

The pujas

Thanks to Dr.Ramkumar to stay firm to his vision of authentic Ayurveda.

And yes, there is enough space for improvements…

Information/communcation in the first few hours/days of the stay for example…

And if you could provide a load of cushions for the meditation hall, that would be a delight

With love

Daniela & Flo

Germany / Austria


January 27 2012

This has been a wonderful part of our long trip in India. The premises and environment is great and we do appreciate your aim for ecology. A new world – the ayurvedic – has opened up for us and given us insights of do’s and dont’s. All of the staff have been very kind and we have felt like king and queen receiving your gentle treatment and service. We were lucky to be here in a period when important pujas have taken place which has been very exciting.

Rejuvenated and brighter, body and mind, we would like to thank all of you for what you have given us. We will do our best to spread the Vaidyagrama mission in Sweden.

With love and best wishes for the future

Lena & Jan



January 26 2012

This has been such a wonderful experience. I came to understand authentic Ayurveda and truly found it here. I’ve been taken care of in such a loving way – it’s just amazing.

So thank you, one and all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is a most wonderful vision and may Vaidyagrama become a shining beautiful jewel for seekers of authentic Ayurveda.

With love




January 25 2012

Special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas & Dr.Omprakash (such brightness). You helped me rise with a smile with the rising sun. I am very grateful to all the staff who paid attention to the details; Kanaka has the best smile at 6am. Many blessings to vaidyagrama’s holistic approach to health & well being!

Anni Santhiago



January 25 2012

To all the generous loving souls at Vaidyagrama, staff & doctors,

You have given us your loving care

And we are cleansed and rejuvenated

Learning to be gentle, aware, open, focussed and grateful

Thank you

With every blessing

Ben Bernstein



January 25 2012

Om! Om! Om!

Finally in Vaidyagrama, my doctor Dr.Harikrishnan, along with the other doctors and all the staff, I have my prayers answered. Excellent doctors who truly care about the patients and treat them as a whole. Truly a big dream come true.

I have learned a lot about how to be a good patient, a patient worthy of the doctors here. I stay open, ask questions that will anchor me in trusting the treatments. In another word – do as the doctor says.

Am I feeling benefits after 46 days here? Already I’m feeling clearer, lighter and brighter. Do I still have thoughts, emotions? Of course. But they are not in the driver’s seat. I notice it is so much easier to look at them and let them go.

So thank you, thank you, thank you Vaidyagrama.

Suk Wah



January 25 2012

A wonderful, inspiring, nurturing place. Attentive staff and beautiful food. We feel calm, rested and well. Thanks too for marking my birthday in such a special way.

Karen & Nigel Walker


January 24 2012

We wish to express our gratitude to everybody who have contributed to our well being; the location, the priests who performed the pujas. It was great to start New Year over here with a different perspective in life.

It is amazing how each one is devoted to his or her work which has been well appreciated; we have been privileged to be taken care of; thank you all. Many thanks to all the doctors, especially Dr.Omprakash who will certainly go very far ahead. Dr.Ramkumar for his gorgeous lectures and great sense of humor; Dr.Ramadas for the beautiful prayers. And a special thank you to Dr.Harikrishnan for the treatment, the discreet smile which reveals a lot that cannot be mentioned on paper.

Will certainly think of you all very often.

Also a big THANK YOU to the therapists and all the staff of Vaidyagrama.

With lots of love

Prateema & Joy



January 23 2012

Compliments to the location of Vaidyagrama, strategically surrounded by mountains and a beautiful scenery; very serene. The ambience and aesthetics of the cottages is good. Modern yet antique. Every detail has been well thought out keeping the patients in mind especially the covered pathways; the prayer hall gives a very peaceful feeling.

Special thanks to Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Ramadas (lovely voice), Dr.Omprakash (treats with a smile and concern), to all the therapists and assistants.

Though I was here for only 7 days, I got to know and accept Ayurveda and may make it a way of life. My stay was pleasant and enjoyable; the treatments were ok. I enjoyed the silence and quietness and the attentiveness given here. It felt like being in a second HOME.

Flora Peter



January 22 2012

Greetings of peace, Vaidyagrama – an experience by itself. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Harikrishnan and all the staff here. Thank you so much for your care and concern. I have gained my physical health, have more positive energy and all I’ll have to do is to manage it well when I get back home – the most difficult but nothing is impossible. Will like to express my sincere gratitude to Sindhu (therapist) who always smiled and made my stay here great. God bless her healing hands. Once again my thanks to each and everyone of you here in Vaidyagrama. Oops, before I forget, god bless the little pitter patter of Reetu’s feet walking alongside her father, who gave me so much to smile and just to be around her. It is a healing by itself and thank god for her energy in Vaidyagrama.

God bless everyone!

Pathma Krishnan



January 21 2012

Vaidyagrama is a very unique experience to me. I would like to commend every staff member here. Each one is trying very hard to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Mere words can hardly express the gratitude that we experience. I have gained back most of my physical strength and I feel very energetic & good about myself now. My almighty shower his blessings on this Vaidyagrama all the time so those who come here can be closer to nature with the stay!

Sujatha Patel



January 20 2012

Thank you so much for allowing a short stay. I certainly hope to return. The staff was incredibly helpful. Thank you for the personal attention regarding my imbalances & discussion about Ayurveda. The therapists Sameena radiates such loving concern. I would recommend Vaidyagrama highly.




January 20 2012

So I will continue here to make a Dutch page of this one. I really want to thank everybody here. I learned a lot about Ayurvedic treatment and food and that was a fantastic experience. And for me it was fantastic to see here so many nice and interesting people. I am very curious now how my life will go on.

I felt already very much results in the treatment.

So I just want to say thank to the whole team, and I hope I will come back soon.

All the best




January 20 2012

Thank you so much for this delightful stay at this extraordinary place.

Looking forward to return here in the future.

Pille & Astrid



January 19 2012

I enjoyed my stay in serene and spiritual clean atmosphere. It will come up and I see people are very happy and relaxed. They learn to live by themselves. Itself is an achievement. Treatment, food, classes, everything I relished. I like one thing that I need not worry for medicine; this small little angels will come and give you; also they will track you down wherever you are, medicine is never missed. I don’t think I have been so regular in this area.

Sri.Ramkumarji is highly informed and real person. I enjoy listening to him. I want to see the place getting totally shaped with dining hall etc. ready. I will be back to “home” again.

With love and Om

Swami Pratyagbodhananda



January 16 2012

It is true there is nothing like Vaidyagrama. The concept of ayurvedic healing place is much needed and yet very difficult to find. There is nothing like Indian people and weather to help make this a very enjoyable experience but the reality is that Vaidyagrama is successful because of the doctors. The quality of the doctors is the main thing and I have but only respect and gratitude to Dr.Ramadas and Harikrishnan. I truly find compassion and love of Ayurveda in you. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice!

Amongst all the compliments, I do have one small warning and I hope this can be realised. To truly make Vaidyagrama financially accessible to most people. It would be a shame if this only becomes a rich man’s paradise!

Indeed it is a rare jewel!

Thank you




January 14 2012

Dear all at Vaidyagrama

I consider myself very fortunate to be associated with Ayurvedic style of life through my daughter Renu, and her associates like Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Vasudevan and many others. Dr.Ramkumar had a dream and a vision of Vaidyagrama that he talked to me back in 2008 Punarnava conference in Rishikesh.

On arrival at Vaidyagrama, my first impression was joy and said to myself that I am feeling better already. It smelt Ayurveda as the aura in the air and the welcoming staff were very pleasant.

Treatments have been relaxing and I express reservation on food. Kanji as soft and easily digestible but some vegetables were not cooked thoroughly eg. Green beans, bhindi. Combination of food was not ideal for people with poor digestion.

Group discussions were a source of knowledge and a good learning curve as to how to remain healthy. I feel much lighter and clearer in my mind now than before.


I will recommend anybody & everybody to experience this ayurvedic healing village for personal health (body, mind & soul) at least once.

Madan Gulati

London / Rishikesh


January 2012

Dear Vaidyagrama

I think the place and location is awesome due to natural sounds and silence. Hwoever there are still many unnatural sounds being heard such as from my room where I can hear running, talking & dishes from the kitchen. It is hard to practice meditation or breathing techniques with such noises. Other than this, it is a very nice location to accommodate.

Thank you

Rohit K



January 2012

Sat Nam!

First of all I want to say thanks GOD that I am here in this spiritual healing village in vaidaygrama.

I am bowing to Dr.Ramkumar that he create this place.

Big thanks to Dr.Ramadas for his big heart full of love and compassion. He serve people with love.

Thanks Dr.Mini and Shivaprakash. They are so light and kind and open.

Thanks Dr.Harikrishnan for his comprehension.

Thanks Dr.Omprakash for his smile. Maya and Safira for their big heart, and Sasi that she take care me.

And thanks to all people who works here.

For me Vaidyagrama it is good place where I understood more about truth, about me, what is real and what is not.

I wish all of you a lot of love

Many blessings

With love



January 2012

Dear Vaidyagrama team

Many thanks for all the kindness and patience. This experience will be a turning point in my life; I’m sure of it.  Blessings to Mother Maya for telling me about this place!

Everyone was considerate and gentle, but I wish to thank in particular Dr.Mini for being so caring. Sasikala for being always ready to help, Safira for being a wonderful therapist and person. Special thanks to Dr.Ramkumar and Dr.Ramadas for listening to me and for trying to help.

I’ll be eagerly waiting for the Vaidyagrama cookbook!:)

Long live the kanjee! Just kidding, I won’t miss it that much!




January 09 2012

Thank you all at Vaidyagrama for creating such a beautiful, peaceful and healing environment. Special thanks to Dr.Ramadas for light and laughter, and wise and kind counsel – it helped me through some challenging times as the treatment cleared out what I no longer needed.

Thank you to Dr.Mini for your kindness and smile; thanks Dr.Harikrishnan for your patience and the work and energy you put into the medicine availability for us – thank you Dr.Om Prakash for your focus and efficiency and activity – it is a joy to see you gliding around the paths.

Thank you to Sasikala, Aiswarya and Chitra for bringing us all that we needed; and Aparna for arranging so many things for us; and to Dr.Ramkumar for such humorous and enlightening talks!

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be here; to be care for and supported by the massage therapists also.

I feel clearer and brighter than when I came, the healing has begun and I am excited to experience more of the effects after I leave.

Until our next visit, wishing you peace, joy and freedom

Love and beauty always


London UK


January 07 2012

Dear Vaidyagrama

Thank you for such a life changing experience. Thank you Dr.Ramkumar for such an enlightened vision, Dr.Ramadas for your spiritual light and joy, Harikrishnan for your wisdom and patience, Mini for your delightful way, Omprakash for your smile!

Sasikala and Aiswarya both for their consistent smiles and helpful way while working so hard. The whole team works so well to create such a wonderful healthy environment for people from all over the world. Of course, and Aparna, for dealing with so many of our requests with diligence and care!

Thank you all; may you all continue to grow and be happy & peaceful and well as Vaidyagrama takes us all on its unfolding journey.

With love

Lucy Crisfield

London UK


January 02 2012

Dear Vaidyagrama

What a wonderful and eye opening experience! I first came here to focus solely on treating my condition but learned so much more about treating myself, wholly as a total person. To not only focus on the problem; to also focus on the good and … which can always make things better. I’m still a work in progress but these three weeks have taught me a lot; not only learning from the doctors and staff, but from the other patients / guests as well.

I would like to thank Dr.Ramadas and Dr.Harikrishnan for their care and expertise; Dr.Om and Dr.Raj for their diligence and persistence in working out my treatments; and especially to the therapists who really put in all of the hard work!! Sajitha and Indu were by far the most gracious and considerate and paid me so much attention. I am forever grateful to them and their service. And to the others – Aiswarya, Safira – thank you!

So I will definitely be spreading the word about Vaidyagrama. Again, I’m forever grateful!

Trina Middleton

Philadelphia USA


January 02 2012

Om! Thank you for an enlightening stay. Vaidyagrama has provided the perfect environment for me to begin to understand the power and potential for self-healing that lies within each of us.

Doctors and therapists all excellent, kind and gentle – while being super-efficient, all seem to know when to assist and when to leave you on your own.

It has been a wonderful stay of peace and healing.

Swami Saradananda

London UK