February 27, 2021

Namaste to Dr Ramkumar!

I have been undergoing OP treatment for skin disease for past two years by Dr Harikrishnan. My condition got cured by fifty percentage during OP. Based on Dr Harikrishnan’s advice I got admitted here and underwent treatment. 

During the stay I never felt as I am away from home. Dr Harikrishnan took me very good care and he visited daily. Also Duty doctors like Dr Sreeji, Dr Arun and Dr Prameela made sure that I am doing well by visiting twice daily. 

Thanks to all team. Salini was giving me medicines, food, tea etc. on time. The activities like cow pooja, prayers etc are interesting and relaxing. 

My hearty wishes & prayers to Dr Ramkumar & everyone for the development of Vaidyagrama.

My sincere thanks to Dr Harikrishnan! Thank you.




February 25, 2021

Under unexpected circumstances it was so nice to get to come home for a bit, back to Vaidyagrama. There are so many small things here I will miss. But, mainly my two doctors! Thank you so much for always working to find the solutions for me.

I hope it will not be too long before I see you again. 

Felicity Marshall,



February 23, 2021

As the time comes to say goodbye once again, my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and warmth, counting my blessings to having been directed to vaidyagrama so many years ago! This is my fifth visit, and one tends to forget the journey one has traversed, so ably guided by Dr Ramanandan and his band of helpers!

This year I must thank Dr Aruna PV and Dr Vinod for patiently taking me through my medicines and home routine. And my therapists Devaki, Sameena, Radhika, and the little angel Maya who was so loving and caring as she applied the lepam on my forehead, put the drops in my eyes and kept trying to ensure I was happy.

And of course, the Satsangs with Dr Ramkumar, the Pujas with Dr Ramadas, and the warmth of Sujata, Geetha and Aparna. 

Thank you all, including all the support staff that look after us so well! This is home away from home. I leave a part of myself here even as I carry Vaidyagrama back with me to Delhi.

Till next year - Pranam!


Puneeta Roy

India - Haryana


February 21, 2021

Another cycle ends here at Vaidyagrama! Familiar experiences and yet so new... A big thank you to my doctors and therapists, fellow patients, and the entire team here!

Coming back to heal at  this healing village is like a warm comfortable blanket!

Thank you again!

Mrinalini Chawla,



February 18, 2021

I have benefited in these three weeks. Various therapies, the special diet and the specially done knee treatments have all help in their own ways. My thanks to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Vinod for always lending a helping hand and the therapists who were alloted to me.  Above all to Dr. Ramkumar who kept close track in my healing process.

Navin Chawla, 

India - Delhi


February 17,2021

This is my first time at vaidyagrama.

And it has probably been some of my toughest days, physically, I felt unwell often with the ghee and vomited all 2 days, and could not even lift my head up.

On and off I was sick for various reasons.

But through it all, I felt cared for, I felt nurtured, I felt looked after more than I even have in my life. The therapist Shalini held my head, as I vomited. The cleaner Bhagya asked after me every single day. 

All my doctors, Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Sajna, Dr.Renjisha in particular looked after with so much care, feel like they are our family. I also really appreciated the emotional/spiritual guidance from Dr.Renjisha and Dr.Harikumar and of course Dr.Ramadas.

I hope to put some of these in to practice.

My affirmation for myself is a calmer mind that lets me ask and live in the world.

And a healthier body that let me enjoy my life.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the care and love shown to me every single day.

Sangeeta Pillai,



February 13, 2021

I had a wonderful stay here for 20 days. It is a home away from home. Always feel so comfortable. Doctors are so kind and compassionate, even humorous and so knowledgeable.

Therapists are very caring, like a mother cares for her child.

All the other staff too are very respectful and always willing to be of service any time.

I look forward each time to come back again.

Love and regards to all,

Shashi Prakash,



February 10, 2021

Twenty-one days have passed in such a furry….

I arrived unsure of how I would get past all the treatments and their intensity. Thank you Doctor Ramadas and your team of doctors, Sajna, Vinod, Ranjisha and Vasu, Aruna, for your care and watchful eye and understanding!

Therapists are incredible, Bindhu, Indhu, Lavanya, Maryamma, Shalini.

I will surely miss my time on the veranda, moments of contemplations, introspection, and rebooting all amongst the cacophony of the birds, the temple bells calling for prayer and bhajans, attentive trips, and the lady for ensuring she had the sambrani chatti continuously aflame.

Special thanks to Aparna, Athira, Krishna, Sanjeev, Geethaji, Sujathaji and every other person at vaidyagrama that makes it such an exceptional place to be at, to heal within and to want to return it.

Thank you Dr.Ramkumar for your advice and the promise of hope when all we must do is accepting to change…to heal and to nourish our souls…

And Dr.Ramadas, thank you for reins, filling the faith, that all is good and God is in His heaven..

I will return soon. I am smitten as am grateful!

My time has been indelible and exceptionally memorable.

My thanks again.. Stay always inspired!

Madhu Krishna,



February 03, 2021

I am in my heart of hearts thanking God for sending me to a place which feels like a mother's lap. So comfortable, so safe, and totally at ease with myself. Vaidyagrama has given me a space which is so full of purity, be it the understanding about my condition or what my body and mind genuinely are longing for.

I could have a happy plunge in everything here. This place is a true healing ground. The entire team of "doctors’ therapists, housekeeping, front office people helping in the kitchen is consciously working with the soul and helping me Heal.

The simplicity of the spaces here made me feel humble, yet extremely elated. Every nook and corner have something interesting to accentuate the healing process. In a world of complexities, finding a place which is so grounded in its offering is phenomenal. It is a pure feeling from my heart that "world needs more vaidyagrama". Thankful to each one at Vaidyagrama. Blessed to be here..Hari om!

My heartfelt gratitude to Doctor Ramanandan, Dr Vinod, Dr Aruna, Shiny, Radhika, Maya, Shanmugavalli, Shakuntala. They have been pacing the journey with me. 

My sincere thanks to Dr. Ramkumar, Aparna ji for making the visit to Vaidyagrama possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the Satsang sessions. They were indeed insightful and helpful to steer clear from ignorance and wrong knowledge.

 I am deeply indebted to the spiritual upliftment by allowing the soul to experience the divinity, the temple, Mantra chanting performed by Dr Ramadas are such energizers. They are like the super pills which kept me going.

Getting to eat the right kind of food, which the body needs was a true game-changer; it made a remarkable impact on my healing journey. Commendable quality of food, pure and simple in its form, yet absolutely nourishing for the body mind and Soul.