February 28, 2018

It is my great pleasure to come here second time. It is my adopted family now! I feel very much at home; workers leave no stone unturned to make the patient happy and comfortable. All staff greet you with a big smile whenever you are there. Love is permeating all over in healing village. Treat is complete for your mind, body and soul. This place provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world; so the energy vibrations are high. Vaidyagrama is permeating with high positive energy waves.

Kamlesh Gupta



February 28, 2018

Thank you once again for an exceptional and loving experience. I always feel so loved and well taken care of.  I leave with great energy and optimism. My mother does not want to leave it at all, and we know we will continue to improve for weeks to come.  Truly this is one of the best things we have ever found, and are grateful.

Anurag Gupta



February 28, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

This is my third visit and you all are a major blessing in my life. I have learned to follow your advice to the letter, and it has done wonders for my health and well-being. The whole experience here is for my body and soul. I look forward to my monthly refreshing all year.

Even in my 3 years I have watched your wonderful healing garden spring to life. It is a symbol of all that is best here. The doctors, the therapists, the cook, the cleaners, the front office staff - you seem to make each other bloom together & make us bloom.

Special thanks go to Dr.Harikrishnan,  Dr.Kesari,  Dr.Athulya, Dr.Radhika. They have been caring beyond caring, and have dealt with particular things with patience, skill, and creativity; Lakshmi and other therapists have been great.

I am also deeply moved by your on-going and expanding service to the wider commitments at the heart of the Ayurveda.

To all of you known and unknown, I express my profound gratitude for all that you do and all that you are!

See you next year!


Diana Beach



February 28, 2018

Well, all has been said; everyone is delighted with doctors, talks, activities, and the healing process.

The patients / clientele are so expressive, adding to the joy of what is here. Always a smile! I felt very comfortable and nurtured, and hope I was able to nurture others.

My only regret is that I did not stay for 30 days as recommended, but only 9 days. Now that I have learned so much about staying healthy, I will expand my time.

All the best love and happiness to all!

Janey Mink

Vienna, Austria


February 28, 2018

Vaidyagrama provides a beautiful environment for healing and spiritual immersion. The staff are all so gorgeous, smiling and even helpful... My thanks to all of them, especially to the Therapists who are so kind and thoughtful; to the Doctors who were always there, vigilant and patiently explaining everything, constantly observing. Thanks also to the house-keeping staff, always smiling and very thorough. The herbal garden spread throughout the campus is very calming and relaxation. I learned a lot. The morning and evening prayer sessions were wonderful.

Thank you for all the Vaidyagrama once again!

Best wishes to all,

Jayashree Saha



February 28, 2018

Dear team vaidyagrama,

Thank you all very much for the care you took. It has been a wonderful experience. I will look forward to my next visit which I hope will be soon.

Thanks to one and all once again, and wish all of you the very best!

J. Panicker



February 28, 2018

It has been ten years of my association with Punarnava /Vaidyagrama. I am seeing it growing up, and naturally the blemishes are reduced; and everyone here knows that still there is space for improvement.

Mukundan Pullat



February 27, 2018

Thank you to everyone at Vaidyagrama for an authentic Ayurveda treatment.




February 27, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Aahhh...thank you for being here!

Thank you for your caring, healing and love. I laugh when I think of the mental gymnastics I go through here, from crying on arrival. So happy to be back for a second year to the feelings of joy, impatience, restlessness, surrender, peace, grief are there in the course of a day sometimes. You all provide this sacred space to allow that to happen, as I go through the journey and come at the other side, crying with gratitude again; and then it begins again.

You are all amazing and I am hoping to return next year and will certainly be telling people about this!

With gratitude and love,

Margie Sankari



February 26, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama,

Thank you to the staff and doctors. My stay here was amazing and life changing in many ways. Vaidyagrama is like a mandala, from the day-to-day care, treatments and the afternoon satsangs and daily prayers, to the beautiful gardens and campus. I thank you for your commitment and devotion you have that forever touched my heart.

In gratitude,

Lisa Clark



February 26, 2018

Much gratitude to all the staff at beautiful Vaidyagrama! I felt so cared for by everyone. I was taken aback by how attentive, kind and fun the doctors were. The accommodations were lovely, simple, clean and calming.

It was such a pleasure to wake up with the sound of birds every morning. I loved all the food; so much heart and soul were poured in to each bite. Thank you for holding such a clear vision of authenticity. I learned so much about surrendering to the process, and being patient. What a gift to be able to pause and absorb healing and transformation in such a sweet and gentle way. I am so energized and revived and inspired. I couldn't ask for more.

Thank you Vaidyagrama!

Jade Fielding



February 24, 2018

Thank you! Thank you Vaidyagrama!

Thank you to everyone who makes this magical place so magical! The love you spread is felt by all that come...So, thank you!

Dr.Harikrishnan, I try to figure out just how you make such a difference in such little time. You are wonderful!

Dr.Athulya you have made this experience incredibly fun and enjoyable. Thank you both for everything!!

Love to Samina who made me honoured to have you as a part of all the days we had a treatment.

Love to Kalpana; you are a true friend to me. You have a way of spreading joy to those around you.

Love to all!! Hope to be back soon!

The Mc Queeneys



February 24, 2018

Fantastic 4 doctors! Thank you for your commitment, comprehensive consultations and care and the thoughtful treatments; team and wonderful house mother like Lakshmi and ever smiling Devika looking after the rooms.

I enjoyed seeing your mission to see how authentic Ayurveda can be made contemporary with its value; seeing your broad Vision getting to experience this community of care and community of learning and how you cover many dimensions. It was wonderful to have the focus of food coming together here of a higher purpose.

 One of my health goals has to been to address /change over-eating and somehow regulate the appetite, and that has continued to happen; it is such a relief not to have the incessant and desire.

It is easy to be here and very restful. It is inspired and is inspiring. My only feedback for the improvement is a mattress protector that doesn’t slip. People of Australia don’t have access to healing centres of this nature. I wish I could bottle you all as well as the herbs!

Good luck with your work, and your lives!

Margaret Roche,



February 24, 2018

The experience I have had at Vaidyagrama has been exceptional and  beyond what I expected. Durga Leela has been telling me for years about how wonderful your staff is, and how changed I will be living. She was so right; it is the combination of the warm, cosy, clean ambience along with the attentive, friendly staff; delicious food, and doctors and staff that “really care”.

I am so sad to leave, but I know I will be back; but thank you for the kindness you all have shown and the feeling of love. I love it here and will be recommending until next visit.

All blessings,




February 24, 2018

I am happy to be a part of the Vaidyagrama family. You have cared for me in mind, body and spirit during my stay with you. Now I go out from here refreshed, and will carry this place in my heart through all my travels, in this life and beyond.

Thank you all for your efforts!

May all be well and at peace!

Om shanti, shanti, shanti

David Hilliard



February 23, 2018

“Health is wealth” they say… At Vaidyagrama I learnt the real meaning of “keep it simple”. The self-discipline I managed was very graciously encouraged and assisted by the extremely humble, amazingly knowledgeable team of doctors, therapists and all the management and staff.

Thank you in words is not enough. I hope to continue my wellness routine and soon make it “a way of life”!

Wishing all at Vaidyagrama specially Dr.Ramkumar, Dr.Harikrishnan, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Athulya, Dr.Radhika and the entire team the very best. Aparna and Geetha, stay motivated and inspired! Keep in touch... Miss me!!

With respect and affection,

Darshan Shah

Kolkata, India


February 23, 2018

My heartfelt blessings to Vaidyagrama’s doctors and staff, for all the care and treatment that they provided me over the last month. My body and mind feel better, and the mind is much more peaceful; the community here is beautiful and testament to human potential. My thanks to you all!

Best Regards,




February 23, 2018

It is a major blessing in my life to have this place and have such a sense of belonging here. The whole group feels the same. Each year I see more dedication and devoted service. It’s a truly beautiful Vision, being carried out by a most excellent team. I am truly grateful to be a part of this Vaidyagrama family!

See you next year.

Durga Leela



February 22, 2018

Thanks to the whole Vaidyagrama family with all the Ayurveda treatments, prayers, poojas and your care about the patients. I feel blessed, calm and in healing process. Special thanks to the group of Annapoorneswari temple for chanting Narayaneeyam!

Love you all!

Michaela Toapanta



February 21, 2018

Dearest friends,

Wow, so dear in my heart as friends can be!

Until I came to Vaidyagrama I had not known of a place where one could come and in the most vulnerable way be received with complete acceptance, kindness and care. When I first arrived I could not help but think of my many experiences in medical offices with bright glaring lights, the sound of whirring instruments and gadgets, the smell of disinfectant and a doctor whose schedule was always pressing to move to the next patient.

The speed of living here, gentle and wholly connected to the cycle of day and night, the arrival of weather as it comes, with the sounds of activity being that of our daily needs being cared for, and birds and animals simply doing what they do best, the sound of prayers, the sounds of healing - these are the sounds of life as it is rooted in the spirit and the flow of a great force of nature and of universal intelligence.

The care of all here has touched me very deeply. The structure of our day as patients is very balanced, and I especially appreciate the time given to meeting a variety of needs such as understanding and growth (Satsang), group dinner (community and connection), private consultation with 2 doctors (trust, mutuality, being truly seen and heard), treatments- health, nurturance and our wonderful meals and medicines which the caring staff deliver like magic; all combine to allow a deep rest and reconnecting to self.

I leave here with immense gratitude for all at Vaidyagrama and at the Trust. I have gathered my experience into a medicine bundle in my heart to take back to America and to my family and my broader community. I pray with the radiance you have bestowed upon me, and will move through me to uplift others in ways not yet known.

I will not say goodbye as I will surely see you all again.

With love and gratitude,




February 21, 2018

A deep sense of calm descended when I came to Vaidyagrama.  I felt right at home - surrounded by nature and more importantly, by people who care and show in every little way. From the doctors, therapists to the maids and gardeners, this has an immediate effect on the patients, and the healing begins. I also deeply admire the doctors for having the courage and Vision to start the back-to-basic approach to wellbeing. 

Vaidyagrama is unique, and should be nurtured and cherished for future generations. Finally I would be negligent if I don't thank my fellow patients for the good wishes, energy and a deep sense of love and friendship.


Srinath Krishnan



February 23, 2018

This is my second visit here and again, I leave with immense gratitude in my soul. The mind and body leave light and my spirit is happy. I pray for Vaidyagrama. I pray for all that make this place possible - from the diligent leaf pickle, to the cooking staff, laundry and housekeeping, the gardeners, therapists and of course the amazing group of doctors and their assistants. I pray for everyone and their family’s well-being. I wish everyone a  contented journey in their life ahead. Thank you very much for your nourishing kindness.


Madhulika Ghosh



February 20, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama family 

Yes, it does feel like a family - a very welcoming and caring place filled with happiness. I have heard it called a hospital, but it does not have the sterile, bleak and cold environment of what the word Hospital brings to mind.

It's a warm atmosphere,from buildings made of warm colours and natural materials, to the warmth of smiles and healing hands.

The program is comprehensive with its gentle treatments, educational sessions, and organic foods, designed for easy digestion, quiet and birds!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for preserving and making your dream of such a place come true.

Thanks for the daily prayers and Puja and your focus of treating the whole person.

Thanks for getting philosophical and discussing Karma, past lives and the importance of a positive attitude.

Thanks for watching out for your surrounding community and helping them thrive.

Thanks for your endless patience with our constant questions that you have probably heard a hundred times.

I am particularly grateful to Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Krishnadas, Dr.Ramkumar, Manjusha, Jayashree, Shiny, Mallika, Sunita, Veena, Aparna and all the staff for providing a high quality healing experience. Hugs to you all! I hope to return some day!

With much love,

Rudrani Devi (Rebecca)



February 20, 2018

Much thanks, Pranams, and love go to everyone who adds their positive energy to this amazing healing village.

Dr.Ramadas is a good role model in selfless service, compassion, humility, joy and devotion. Coupled with his knowledge and patience, I feel blessed to have had him as my primary doctor.

All of the other doctors that visited me or I learned from in Satsang were equally caring, patient and compassionate.

Dr Ramkumar's knowledge, patience and wisdom were appreciated in the Satsangs he generously held.

The therapists with their lovely smiles and caring nature were a joy to be around. I felt very nurture in their care. 

The Smiles, pranams, and few words we had in common were so pleasant to share with the cleaning and grounds-keeping staff who took such good care of the environment. I didn't meet most of the cooking staff, but their love and care were felt in the healthy delicious food I enjoyed.

I feel so blessed and grateful to have had this experience of cleansing my body and mind and connecting at a deeper level with my True Nature.

God willing I will return.


Since I took up 2 pages I might as well list many of the people who touched my heart...thank you, and sorry if I've missed anyone.

Dr Aruna - Best of Love and joy with your baby.

Dr.Sajna,  Dr.Krishnadas, Dr.Radhika, Dr.Ramanandan, Dr.Kesari, Aparna, Preeti, Geetha, Malika.

Therapists: Shalini, Mythili, Bindu, Akhina, Archana, Jayashree, Mikita

Room cleaners: Sumathi, Bhagyam, Saritha, woman with lovely daughter Darshan.

Sorry for those I missed and for misspelling and mispronouncing your names.

Nandri, Nandri!

Thank you!

Radha/ Deborah Desrochers

California, USA


February 19, 2018

To all the staff, doctors, treatment staff, cooks/kitchen help, cleaners...proper thank you so much for the authentic and divine compassionate care and attention I was given.

Each and every moment of my 26 days I felt completely attended to. First I would like to thank Durga for finding Vaidyagrama. Secondly I would like to acknowledge all physicians - especially Dr.Athulya, Dr.Kesari, Dr.Harikrishnan for taking care of me, and deciding what treatments I needed.

I loved attending prayers, especially when Dr Ramadas sang his heart out at the chanting. I learned so much at each Satsang - everyone teaches me a little more each day. And even though the Yoga Nidra was on tape, it is the best I have experienced. I would also like to thank Lakshmi who really took care of me at each treatment.

I prayed every day to God to help me in all aspects, so I may return to get the full benefits of my treatment.

Love to all of you,

Kathy Shafer



February 18, 2018

Namaskar !

Thank you to all of the staff that come together to make Vaidyagrama happen. Last year was my 1st Panchakarma here and it was one of the best years of my life and it was one of the best years of my life and I am feeling even more balanced and connected to my practices and staying healthy !!

So I am even more excited to see what this year will bring.

This is the most beautiful atmosphere that brings out the kindness in everyone here, and that is all because of the energy and love put into Vaidyagrama. I thank you so much for all you do!

I am so grateful to feel at home and a part of the Vaidyagrama family; I will definitely be back next year!!

Tarini / Shanna



February 18, 2018

This is our first visit in Vaidyagrama. I am very pleased to be here. First two days I thought without tea I would not be able to survive here. After two days I feel so light and relaxed that I decided I would not take tea when I will be back home.

Here I feel so wonderful. The atmosphere is so fresh and looks like a small village. Treatment-wise also, it is very perfect. All the doctors are very caring and knowledgeable. We do not feel this as hospital; it’s also mixture of spiritual, medicine, therapy. The doctors' care and organic food all are fantastic. I would like to say special thanks to Dr.Ramadas for taking my husband with him outside of Vaidyagrama.

Puspha Dhanuka



February 16, 2018

This is my second visit and certainly won't be last. I shall came again year after year and I hope to bring my husband with me to experience the Ayurveda at its best.

Thank you Dr.Ramadas, Dr.Krishnadas, and team. Thank you all very very much. 

Last but not the least, thank you Vaidyagrama family.

Bachi Tamboly



February 17, 2018

My heartfelt thanks to all the staff at vaidyagrama. Thank you for this experience of Ayurveda, this ancient healing process that has helped to understand my body, my mind and gave a glimpse into my soul. This has been a true healing process.

Every one, the doctors, the therapists, the chefs,the maintenance staff always wear a smile. I will learn to take that smile with me on my journey. Lakshmi is wonderful.

May the long-time sun shine up on you all!

Om Tat Sat




February 17, 2018

What an amazingly powerful, yet humble place you have here!

Healing is everywhere - the doctors' visits and medicine, the therapists' healing hands, the most nourishing meals, prayers, satsangs and on and on.

I am humbled to take part in such a wonderful place.

Thank you, Vaidyagrama!

Gena Shepherd



February 13, 2018

Dear Vaidyagrama souls,

I truly miss the right words to express my gratitude and love. All you say and do here, we can experience in any next moment. More, maybe we can experience something that you do not say, but I felt it so many times in those lovely smiles and humble moments.

I was looking the place like this - with authentic Ayurveda long time. Now I can say (as for many often things in life that you used to wait patiently for long time), it was worth for waiting every tiny minute.

Thank you so much for your love and devotion. I will take part of it with me and will keep it alive. Life is a flower 🌸

With love,

Kaja Keil



February 12, 2018

Thank you all for your devoted, loving care... for the buzz on my door at 5:15 am just like a hospital.

 I forgot this is a hospital... the yummy cup of sweet tea we all look forward to at 6 A.M.

It's more like a huge family being enveloped by a large loving family who makes us all better from the inside out, as long as we take our medicines.

The food has been great.

Who ever thought I could eat lentils and rice for breakfast, and look forward to more!?

Thank you kitchen staff for all that preparation. Exciting to lift the lid on the tiffin box to see what surprise was in it today.

We may all starve the first week at home, but I know I will return soon to be healed and cared for by you all again.

You have a very unique environment here, an oasis in the desert, where the people of the world come to be nourished and cared for.

A special thanks to Devaki and her crew in block 4....so much love shared with me.

Many thanks and hugs,




February 12, 2018

Immense gratitude for everyone at Vaidyagrama who made my stay so special.

This is my first Panchakarma and it surely won't be my last.

Tremendous transformations have taken place in my mind, body and soul. Connecting with Nature has allowed me to experience my wholeness and to feel healthy, happy and holy.

Dr. Ramadas, you are a such a boss! Your healing is pure magic; without you I would be lost!

So much love for the friends that have turned into family in the short month I have been here. Loved the daily satsangs and plan to continue to study Ayurveda back home.

Love and light,

Devie Amundsen

BC Canada


February 12, 2018


Thank you Biju! The snake catcher, for the wonderful massage today! My last day of treatment after 29 in total. Truly authentic, a unique gem I am grateful to have finally arrived here after 7 years when I first found out Vaidyagrama at the Salt Spring Center of Yoga, Canada.

So much love and healing intentions here, permeating through the smiles, the plants and animals. I love the care provided here, and the food is the best I have ever had! Luckily I get to stay for an additional 10 to 20 days of rest and will continue to enjoy the prayers and satsangs.

Thank you to my Dr.Harikrishnan and his calm and confident approach. I feel cleansed and am now rejuvenating. Many thanks to all the other doctors and therapists for all they lovingly provide.

I will for sure come back, with friends and family.

My very best wishes to Vaidyagrama staff and the greater community of Punarnava Ayurveda trust!

Om shanti

Andrew Brunning



February 11, 2018

Thank you for an amazing experience here at Vaidyagrama. The scenery was beautiful and peaceful. The staff and doctors were wonderful and a huge help. Although the ghee treatment was tough I am  glad it is under my belt. The satsangs were very helpful and I enjoyed the saturday evening community dinner.

There were many times when I was bored and reading would not be helpful although that is likely the goal - it is the only feedback (constructive) I have, something to help with the boredom.

I was blessed to have been able to be here with your wonderful doctors and staff I will carry this with me for many years . I hope to see you all again in the coming years, Ghee free!!

Alicia Blevins



February 10, 2018

This is my fourth and longest stay at Vaidyagrama. I kept on extending. Is it possible to become addicted to Panchakarma and Vaidyagrama?! Every year has been a different experience but always enriching. I am blessed to be able to take this time to reconnect with nature and my own nature in this beautiful and authentic environment that is always nurturing and Soul healing.

Give Thanks to the visionaries of this project (Dr Ramkumar et al.), to the doctors for their good care and especially this year to Dr.Ramadas who represents pure Bhakti and always having wise words to share.

Thank you to all the caring therapists and special thanks to Shiny who shines like a star, and to all the Vaidyagrama family and staff.

Love and light,

Lisbeth Strohmenger



February 10, 2018

I feel so sweetly and kindly nourished by all of you. It has helped me remember and sit in the part of me that is kind, steady, present, warm. It is like a Mother's Womb as Dr Ramkumar says - steady rhythm of each day so restful.

The birds, the plants, architecture and especially the community of wonderful therapists and doctors and admin staff - It is growing beautifully.  I am inspired to take this pulse of village healing and kindness back home to my village neighbourhood. Many thank you to all who have chosen to dedicate themselves to making this village home with a huge inclusive Heartbeat of healing.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have stayed here twice now.

I hope to return again in the future.

In gratitude,

Annie Stocker



February 10, 2018

Taking home the memories of a very pleasant experience of this healing village called Vaidyagrama. I am extremely thankful to the doctors,  therapists, especially  to Dr.Ramadas and therapists who did my treatments and the staff as a whole.

Enjoyed the pujas conducted here, the daily prayers, weekend group dinners and the Satsangs. There is so much to learn at every stage of life.

This sort of holistic healing is so beneficial to the body and mind. Thanks for everything!

 With love and best wishes, looking forward to coming here once again.

Yours sincerely,

Shyamala Ramachandran



February 8, 2018

Dear all at Vaidyagrama,

This is my second visit I am even more grateful for the work being done here to promote healing of body, mind and soul - to promote love,light and caring. The vibrations stay with one for a long, long time.

Best wishes,

Deepti Gupta



February 8, 2018

Dear all 

Heartfelt thanks to all those who work in the spirit of Vaidyagrama! We learned quite a lot here about Ayurveda and ourselves!

May God help you every day in reaching your goal, in creating unselfish, nurturing, healing community who cares for each and every creature in this world.

All the best,

Mario Muller and Carina Tidden



February 8, 2018

I had been told about vaidyagrama by a friend, more than a year ago; but I resisted coming here as I did not feel it would be help me. I am glad I finally did give in, and came for the course. I have had a very relaxing, comfortable stay of 6 weeks, wherein I have had sessions of different treatments. The doctors, those who administer the treatment have always been kind,cheerful and helpful with smile. They have never been impatient or angry, but always smiling. I feel the treatments and medication will help my long lasting medical problems, and I hope to come back in a few months.

Thank you all for a comfortable and soothing stay.

Wishing all the people here a happy year ahead!

Kamala Muthaiah



February 7, 2018

Dr.Ramadas et al.

You asked me on admission what I was here for and at that time I stated "an adventure".  Thank goodness I had little concept of how true that would be.  These last two weeks have provided much solitude giving space for the occurrence of subtle shifts and quiet awakenings. I leave here knowing that my arms are an extension of my heart and their task is to continue with good works.

I thank you for the care and guidance and providing just enough but not too much information. My thirsty mind learned to quell itself and trust!

Always with the greatest of love,

Julie Conway- Beaulieu



February 7, 2018

Dear All,

My stay at vaidyagrama has been a journey of ups and downs, but always towards health and wellbeing. The more I let go it seems the better the treatment results. You are also very kind and caring. This place is a special sanctuary during these times of fast paced living. Vaidyagrama reminds us to slow down, to pay attention and to be kind to our self.

Thank you to each of you, for your loving care!

I hope to return with more family members in the near future.

All my best! I will remember you and all your kindness...

Jane Johnson

Florida, USA


February 8, 2018

To the Boys!

You are the best treatment crew at Vaidyagrama!  I couldn't ask for better treatment than I received.

Thanks a million!

See you next year,

Paul Mark Saunders



February 6, 2018

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, good advices, great care and the passion you gave me in these 3 weeks. It has been a challenging, but wonderful experience.  Please extend these thanks to all the staff. 

I am going back home with the awareness that we have to honour and be grateful for the body as it is - this wonderful temple we can inhabit for a while, this marvellous miracle we all are.

With love,

Elena Declara



February 4, 2018

Thank you all for your great care and dedication to all the people that flock to Vaidyagrama.

What a most wonderful project this is, that you are continually expanding. The daily doctors' visits and the treatments - embedded in light heartedness and love - are so supporting. Healing by kindness, knowledge and prayer is truly holistic and greatly beneficial!

Having brought all of this into our hearts, we will take it home in gratitude.

I thank you all so very much.

Great love,

Mary Alwina Gunning


Holland and France