February 2017

February 28 2017

Dear vaidyagrama

Thank you for your wisdom, love compassion and patience. I pray we will see each other again soon. I am grateful my uterus is free from cancer and I thank you for that.

Western medicine is very cold and sterile here at vaidyagrama the medicine is not a prescription it starts with compassion patience and mixed with the treatment, Ayurveda wisdom medicine and the result of Amazing.

My life is enriched because of you I have a wonderful team that I am hopelessly in love with Heart but I had liked to thank you all equally important to the whole.

Please know you have changed my life in so many levels I will be forever grateful blessings of perfect health and wealth.

Kathryn Emerson Fortin


My spiders are big my chocolates are small 


February 27 2017

Oh dear Vaidyagrama

Thank you for being here. You are a very welcome gift. I was warned that I would have to be a patient surrender and accept care while here.

It sounded ok but also like little scary.

Now a month later I really how much I needed it and how good it has all felt.

I am so grateful to the entire staff to make up the amazing place of such profound healing my doctors and Therapist have been so kind gentle, wise and know everyone here is the entire process has moved me and I travel home More at ease and more at peace with myself and the world I will be saving My pennies and dollies etc to come here next year. Until then leave you in love and gratitude 

Margaret Sherwood Packham



February 27 2017

My Vaidyagrama family wow, wow, wow …

What an extra ordinary life changing in 28 days you have given me how can I begin to thank my stunning team of doctors Harikrishnan Dr. Kesari,  Dr Radhika and Dr Adhulya such compassion caring and amazing treatments and medicines.

I truly feel I now have tools up on my re entry to implement to make the changes necessary for my continued health.

My Therapist so sweet strong but gentle I will miss you all I will be back you have been warned

With my love and laughter

Wendy herlosky



February 27 2017

Except for kanji and ghee I’m really thankful about the amazing experience I have lived here.

My mind is quite and my heart wakes



February 26 2017

Thank you vaidyagrama for all your help

I will see you next year J

Deepak Kharbanda



February 26 2017

Dear vaidyagrama what a true gem you are in the world you work is magnificent maybe my husband and I will return here. I look forward to returning. My love to all of you. You are an angels and healers

Breathe Ayurveda

Much love 

Susan Weis Bohlen



February 26 2017

What a beautiful Vision the goal was to feel better than I came and I do

Thank you to the wonderful staff doctors Therapist cook housekeeping you were all wonderful I am gratitude

Rose Ann Rose



February 26 2017

Thank you again everyone at Vaidyagrama an extraordinary place of vision care healing and dharma I feel so blessed to be able to return to you each year. With deep gratitude and much love Om Shanthi 

Durga Leela



February 26 2017

Vaidyagrama has the power to beckon us come stay, Heal from a great distance. From my home on Hornby island of the West Coast of Canada I heard the call between then and arriving I knew in my heart that I was coming for a very special place these days it's rare and cherished to enter into an environment and Sanctuary of healing that carries such tired and the tradition with deep and sacred intelligence.

I have found this here at vaidyagrama in the Ayurveda the kindest doctors and care staff given, the harmony of nature's ways and the love permeating it all. In brimming with gratitude for the depth of care and healing at vaidyagrama provides as I leave the journey has just begun and I will remembering every bit of it in the days meets and months to follow.

Thank you Dr Ramkumar for your divine Vision wisdom and knowing how to make the world a better place in the creation of a heaven on earth

Thank you Durga

Thank you Dr Ramanandan for your clear and steadfast care, wisdom and patience when the going got tough.

Thank you Dr. Mubash and Dr Harikumar for your warmth and tenderness.

Thank you Devaki for your observe, Grace and thank you to everyone at Vaidyagrama for everything I leave you with love 




February 24 2017

Thank you. I was very happy to come back for a third visit not because I have a medical condition that needs repeated treatment (by the grace of god) I find the whole experience so beneficial and rejuvenating that I like to come back.

I continue to be amazed by the quality and attitude of the staff, the whole vaidyagrama environment and the Satsangs and supportive programs. Great vision, well executed

Subhash Patankar



February 24 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to experience a healing space and community vaidyagrama allowed me to discover Ayurveda as a life style I will continue and gratefully before understood. The duty allowed me to go with the flow, to be flexible, to be respected without judgement. This freedom and atmosphere delivered to me space and time to heal and live in the essence of being loved.

Love needful for the experience of surrender i.e. I trust you in the process of treating and healing with Ayurveda.

Thank you for healing, listening, satsang, laundry, soothing environment, cooking classes and lightness of being.

Cynthia Abbott



February 24 2016

Indeed lord Dhanvantari has blessed this place including the Drs. and therapists who put their heart and soul to heal you. The serenity and positive vibrations of vaidyagrama heal the soul and the mind.

Special thanks and gratitude to Dr. Ramadas and Dr. Aruna who make you feel at home.

Thanks once again vaidyagrama.

Sangeetha Kulkarni



February 24 2017

Thank you so much for your amazing service. 

Every encounter with each doctor Therapist and rest of the staff I could feel the love and care that goes into each detail of Vaidyagrama, I don't think I will ever need Western medicine again hopefully thanks to what I have done here about maintaining my health and Wellness I am amazed that both my body and mind feel so clear so that makes me feel determined to keep in this way.

Thank you so much and see you all soon

Hari Om

Tarini (Shanna Dadisman)



February 23 2017

I am grateful to Dr Kesari and Dr Harikrishnan for their care and devotion to my well-being. I thank Arun and biju for their care .I feel truly believed to have had them work with me.

Over all everybody presented only love and humility to me the request was too big and was graduated with only love.

I think this place is fantastic I'm so happy to know Ayurveda firsthand congratulations

Thank you dearly 

Kavir Mootoo



February 22 2017

Thank you again all the doctors Therapist and everyone behind the scenes of therapy and Vaidyagrama although receiving the various forms of therapy may not be an enjoyable experience Vaidyagrama teaches us if we choose to let go of that through this experience and understanding of longer period of rejuvenation is worth waiting for us outside lies a world of instant gratification

 If anything can be learned here at vaidyagrama instant gratification is not best for the health and soul and overall well being of body mind and spirit 

Craig Dickson



February 22 2017

The atmosphere and beautiful surroundings were as healing as the medicine and treatments.

I lost weight, feel lighter, more flexible, less agitated, calmer, clearer and much happier. I made many friends and enjoyed every day. I even gave satsang and taught 2 clients and am staff member meditation. I snuck out a few times to watch the sunset through the palm trees as well.

I will surely recommend vaidyagrama to friends and students. The doctors and staff are extraordinary and kind.

Thank you for everything

Theodore Burkhandt



February 21 2017

To all the doctors and Therapists at vaidyagrama and in fact all the ancillary staff the patience and kindness of all in such a lovely peaceful settings has made this very unforgettable experience I also enjoy the talks and other activities. A healing village is a wonderful concept and may it long continue 

Patricia Macnamara



February 20 2017

Thanks very much for making a place for me at short notice.

Even though the place was crowded the doctors and staff are attentive to all.

Every department is co operative to the maximum possible extent

Thanks again for providing a wonderful treatment and nice extra activities for mental development.

Krishnan kutty



February 20 2017

Much thanks to everyone at Vaidyagrama!

Every person here all my doctors and Therapist have enhanced my life deeply. Vedic culture and Ayurveda practice give special meaning to all of us who are healing our selves here body mind spirit you have a special healing Sanctuary here.

Being here has helped me in many ways with gratitude.  


February 20 2017

Is there Ayurveda here at vaidyagrama?

Yes, authentic Ayurveda is living here!

The doctors, the team of therapists, the people who are in the administration and people who work in the kitchen, those who work in the garden area integrated with the blocks of buildings (or may I call humble aboard of life) are all full of life. The ambience in each block is a manifestation of nature or “prakruti”

Doctors and the people are all spiritual in terms of their service to each of the patients here. Doctors not only give treatment but give the most vital part of treatment – the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda life style.

The truth is a day in vaidyagrama is a day of living life in harmony believes in it!! Because it is the truth!!

Your “doshas” are not only balanced but your mind is also calm, tranquil and balance.

Carry on this balance in body and mind and it is easier to live a life as you are now a ‘balanced’!

“Vaidyagrama – “g” stands for “green”, while ‘rama’ stands for all the doctors Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Ramanandan, Dr. Harikrishnan, and Dr. Ramkumar who all are “Ramas” Hari is an avatar of Rama!

Thanks very much for such an effortlessly easy treatment but effective for all days to come!

Our special thanks to Dr. Ramadas, Dr. Krishnadas, Dr. Aruna and Dr. Arsha, who are born-healers.

S. Ekambaram and Malarvizhi

Vancouver, Canada


February 20 2017

We have come to Vaidyagrama with very specific health issues and it feels amazing to have watched these issues be addressed and improve in front of our eyes between the three of us 10 kgs lost as well. Feeling lighter and rejuvenated thank you 

P.S.  A big thank you to all the doctors and the Therapist and other staff I'd looked after us attentiuly with a smile on their faces.

Ramya, Usha, lokeshwaran 



February 20 2017

I was introduced to Vaidyagrama after 2 week tour of Northern India. 

The sites were wonderful the people need more financial structure in some areas. Vaidyagrama was relapsing programs; talks were education the food was good.

 I will use this back Home.

 The staffs was wonderful and very efficient and nice 

Thanks to all 

Wendy Sponseller



February 19 2017

This is my second stay here at vaidyagrama and it’s even better than the first.  I have felt very nurtured and cared for listened to support all the staffs is so kind and generous and for all of this I am very grateful.

I have loved the food even kanji, which has been so comforting to my system.

I love the Vision the doctors have for this community and that the doctors really practice what they preach the  Satsang have been informative and inspiring thank you all so much for creating such an amazing healing environment I'm grateful Durga told me about Vaidyagrama and I will be back

Barb Mcallister



February 19 2017


I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience authentic Ayurveda treatment at vaidyagrama. At first Austere and a bit unsettling. 

My week transformed into a beautiful rhythm of prayer nourishment, treatment and reflection.  I feel as if I have only dipped my toe into the ocean of Ayurveda knowledge.  Should the universe unfold for me as I wish I will return for a full 4 week experience many blessings to the all doctors and staff love and light? 

Dattee ranney



February 19 2017

Thank you Thank you Thank you

I am leaving here physically emotionally and spiritually at ease.  This time at vaidyagrama has been nurturing and I have learned much. I appreciated the staff, treatment, Satsang and prayer I even came to enjoy the rice by the end.

I am grateful to my doctors, Therapist ladies of Reception and all the cooks and cleaners

 I wish you all well in this community and know that it will continue to grow in love Om Shanthi 

Celine Calender



February 19 2017 

Hello my journey to Vaidyagrama was though a tour group called beane India we spent two weeks travelling many cities and sites of India, seeing temples forts and of course tasting the food.  At the end we some of us opted for this healing site. She is unusual rustic and somewhat primitive. Beautiful grounds as well as loving and caring staff. Many of the principles of Ayurveda are timeless. I take what works for me prayer chanting simple but healthy meals yoga mudra as well as satsang are all beneficial loved the treatments

Sherrie Todd



February 18 2017

Every aspect of my stay and treatment here at vaidyagrama exceeded expectations, from the quiet, peaceful grands, wonderful villa rooms, great food but most of all the warm, caring staff and doctors.

I felt thoroughly supported throughout my Panchakarma journey and really feel it will provide a solid foundation for me rest of my life regarding my physical and mental health.

Because of the high standards and good reputation here the other guests I found were wonderful, fun, supportive and caring of each other because of the harmonious atmosphere.

Thanks especially to Dr. Ramadas, jayasree, Drs. Aruna and Krishnadas.

Vaidyagrama is an oasis of healing and wish you many blessings for the vital work you all do!


Tricia Bartholomaeus



February 18 2017

After much research and enquiry I choose vaidyagrama for Ayurveda treatment. During my 3 weeks stay here what I experienced is beyond my expectations.

It is intact a spiritual retreat where body, mind, intellect and soul are nurtured with great care. The day starts and ends with prayer sessions which makes the mind peaceful and give it strength to surrender to higher power. The doctor explains the treatment so well that I felt a confident that Ayurveda is very scientific and Authentic and it would work for me.

The therapists are very professional and friendly.

Satsangs are the highlights of the day where we learn about healthy living, basics of Ayurveda and spiritual insights of this sequence. The depth of knowledge the doctors have is amazing and admirable.

I am especially impressed by the community service projects undertaken by Geetha, her dedication to vaidyagrama and her selfless service are very inspiring.

I am very grateful for this opportunity to experience Ayurveda at vaidyagrama

Geetha cattamanchi

Andhra Pradesh, India


February 18 2017

thank you so much Vaidyagrama family what a pleasure it was to be here time and space for myself time to grow and let go time to heal I will always be so grateful to the doctors and the staff so nurturing I hope this to be one of the many trips to Vaidyagrama I feel like my body my mind and my spirit have been nourished and lightened

 Much love with gratitude

Lisa caradine



February 18 2017

To all my Vaidyagrama family when I made plans to come here I was not aware of anything about Vaidyagrama. I arrived on 12/2/2017 with group and my younger sister Mona bhatt, and I started having experience of my knee pain, back pain etc .I stayed here with you only 6 days and followed your treatments. today I am leaving with completely refreshed light energetic body I feel like I am again in my normal way because last 2 years I was in pain  and pain on my feet and I was forcible doing in my routine work and job, but now I feel very light I wish I will come again for full treatment.  You all are doing great job for healing the people, you are very humble and polite and taking good care of a patient

Thank you so much 

Yamini joshi



February 18 2017

To the whole Vaidyagrama family

What a blessing you all are and this marvellous place like your mud bricks buildings you seem to have arisen from the earth herself to bring healing and wholeness to us well.

I cannot thank you enough all of you caring skill patience and humour. You are living out the true essence of Ayurveda and giving us a model in our own lives of the integration of body mind spirit. Your work and being are sending forth ripples over the whole world.

I treasure you and the path that brought here and I hope to return again and again

I will pray for everyone every obstacle will be removed and your full potential realized


Diana beach



February 18 2017

Hari Om dear staff of Vaidyagrama

What a team of healers you have here at vaidyagrama.  My time here has gone by so fast.  I have never had this amongst of attention given to me concerning my health ever in my life. I arrived with the group 11 of us in all. So amazed to see the individual treatment we each received even those of us who were getting similar treatment there were variation in the medicine herbs oils etc. truly individualized care for a great assortment of maladies.



I really enjoy the Morning Prayer, Satsang of the doctors and the pomegranate seeds.

I return home feeling profoundly healed in body mind and Soul. 

Thank you all so much for the part you played in restoring me back to self



February 18 2017

Dear Vaidyagrama

I am so happy to have decided to stay with you for 3 wonderful weeks.  The place is so peaceful even scared so that I was able to hear in a short time

The staffs are so helpful and lovely for sure I will recommend Vaidyagrama to others. It is so beneficial to stay with you.

I do not know yet, how I am going to survive my daily massage but time will show.

I will be back for sure

My compliments to all of you

With love and gratitude




February 17 2017

I came here with a friend, with her friends’ recommendation. I did not much about vaidyagrama then. Now I know this is the place for treatments, any kind of healing and spiritual well being.

Regarding my treatment I got better.

The care given to me by doctors and the staff is excellent. I am very much impressed and touched by their care.

Satsangs with doctors was another level of educational experience for me. They have given so much information about Ayurveda and spiritual life along with heartfelt encouragement. I felt like that I have been blessed to be here.

I wish all the best to vaidyagrama and Punarnava trust projects with best regards

Subhashini Boyareddigari



February 16 2017

I feel so blessed to have had the chance to be here at vaidyagrama.

Kindness, generosity, devotion, simplicity, patience, joy are few of the objectives they characterise this rare gene in south India.

A sincere thank you to every member of vaidyagrama, my doctors, my cleaners, the housekeepers

With love

Christian sale



February 12 2017

 I am filled with gratitude for finding this place to the doctors and staff for all they have given me.

It is my second visit to vaidyagrama and I tried to be present for my treatment more this year. I think I have been successful and the results have been unbelievable.

To Dr Ramanandan and his staff thank you with all my heart and many thanks to the therapist, if I could spell their names I would but I can't I am blessed to be here


Marb (the storyteller)


February 11 2017 

Vaidyagrama words are inadequate in describing my experience here and vaidyagrama the entire staff starting from Kitchen, Garden, Therapist, doctors Junior Doctors, and front desk in the office was

I came here to get mental clarity and healed body

I'm going back with that and much more.

The Panchakarma offered was so authentic just like the other entire Therapist I would keep coming back and recommended this place to all who might be interested.

Thank you once again to Dr Ramanandan Dr Mubash, Dr.sivajyothi, Therapist Reshma, Devaki, Maheswari I could not have done this without you all.

 Lots of love best wishes

Toral bhansali



February 11 2017

Namaskaram and Pranamams to the great Vaidyagrama of felicity

Although I am quite familiar with Ayurveda and its proven benefits on me time and again decided to visit this great facility this time.

I am very happy I did the Ambience and tranquillity officer healing atmosphere to the most needed treatment.

 A very thankful to Dr Ramanandan, Dr Harikumar, Dr Siva jyothi who are so patient in listening to me although many times I keep asking the same question over and over again. Dr. Ramanandan kept assuring me that I am on the right path when you are uncertain of the path.

The therapist Reshma and Devaki were very nice and helpful, tried to relieve me of my pain and aches by constant comfort of massages. Thank you both very much.

Great thanks to the kitchen staff, who provided the nourishment with their meal preparation, which helps in comforting and nourishing.

Thanks to housekeeping Especially Deepa who helps to keep the place always clean over all the experience was staying with an extended family.

Important just a quick feedback on my thoughts for improvement. 

Hope the pharmacy for kashayam distribution and Therapist are kept separate. As many times the mixed duties seem to take a toll on the Therapist.

Also if a cart can be used to bring the hot cases instead of carrying them one by one will save a lot of time.

Sincere thanks 

Padmini parthasarathy,



February 11 2017

My humble Pranams to the lotus foot of Devi Dhanvantari

I thank her for connecting me to this wonderful and incredible experience for both my mind and body.

I am grateful to have received it from her divine instruments in Vaidyagrama.

Dr Harikrishnan I trusted your mysterious silence.

Dr Kesari as had you not been my doctor you would have been my partner in crime. You tolerate my mischievous.

My two beautiful doctors Radhika and Adhulya you proved your gentleness during my most feared treatments ha ha ha….

May you be blessed with knowledge and wisdom to serve on hands that Heals? My blessings for both of you.

 My most dedicated Therapist Lakshmi Nimmi, Anitha, and abhila.

The sincerity in providing their service with only one goal that is to see the best result we come for I can't thank you enough.

To all the Annapurna who provided us nourishment throughout our stay we pranams to you.

To all the unseen hands that made my stay here as pleasant and comfortable.

I thank you


Till we meet again

Sai ram god bless

Shanthi mosilamoney

Kuala Lumpur



February 10 2017

Vaidyagrama came highly recommended from friends in allopathic medicine and it has met and exceeded my expectations.

I leave vaidyagrama after a short stay, feeling rejuvenated and content and will return at the end of this year for an extended stay.

The experience at vaidyagrama is complete with caring, healing and wonderful staff. An oasis of humanity.

Dr. Andreas



February 8 2017

Both I and veena would like to sincerely thank to Dr Harikrishnan and Dr Kesari as well as their colleagues for their treatment and making us feel at home.

This is our fifth stay at Vaidyagrama and every time we enjoy it more than our previous stay we with Dr Ramkumar and his team of doctors continuing success.

We hope to see you in the next year,

With warm regards and best wishes

Currimjee and Veena currimjee   



February 06 2017

Thank you to the doctors and therapist for the treatment it definitely has been a good Iyer with experience by the grammar is such a green place and beautiful is surrounded by Greens the treatment given in such a tranquil place definitely rejuvenates oneself overall it has been a wonderful experience and definitely want me to come back again soon all the best to the doctors in Therapist and supporting staff.

Thank you


February 06 2017

Last time in April the night before I left I dreamt of Dr. Ramadas, all lit up in white, telling me everything would be alright and that I was not alone. When I returned for my second treatment, I felt so much love here it me to tears. Thank you to all of the staff here, no matter what your role is, the contribution you give is transformative. I can’t wait to see what I dream tonight 

Teresa Ann Obrein



February 06 2017

Came here with my wife for her problems and had no knowledge to on what to expect.

I spent four days here and was stress free

With excellent support from the staff.

Fantastic people, best attention.

Amazing place with very nice atmosphere nice treatment.

My wife will spend two more weeks

Thank you for everything

Pradeep Kulkarni



February 04 2017

After a world trip 1 time out in 2010/11 which took me to Ayurveda in India as a first stop, the topic + the art of living has never left me since then. Life has been a rocky road for some years now and major personal decisions are to unfold just now. So it is just been logic for me to seek this place after one intense business week in India as well as far moil business and private wise for last 6 months. Vaidyagrama with its heartful and dedicated doctors, therapists has proven once more that Ayurveda has got something very special to it to really help you on your personal way for body, mind and spirit.

For me it gave me the rest desperately needed, the hints on how to take care and really pay attention on body’s needs as well as on the minds focus and o the possibilities for the new direction my life will be going to.

I leave with an inner smile reassured about the path started in 2010.

Thank you from my heart.

Eva Maria



February 04 2017

I have forgotten the year, my credit card, pin no all my aches and pains at vaidyagrama.

This is my second visit here I came in 2015 for the wonderful Ayurveda conference and few massages, this time one full blown 28 days period.

I feel like new women inside and outside, uplifted, energised, cleansed and bouncy as anything. So thank you all of you the doctors, therapist, cooks, gardeners, cleaners for their lovely smiles.

You have made my stay here unforgettable and I have made some like minded friends. A wonderful experience

Thank you

Vanessa Gheorghiu



February 03 2017

And the things

I could ever wished for happened in my heart at vaidyagrama

I will never forget and I am forever grateful for you

Natalie Eve Doris roper



February 03 2017

Few days ago we left London that morning that we were going towards one of the most amazing experience. In vaidyagrama we found friends, spirituality, healing and a door opened.

We felt honoured to have been able to go through this together.

We are leaving today feeling differently about life.

Federica Alberta Carla



February 03 2017

My experiences at vaidyagrama have changed the way I believe in living my life. The doctors, treatments and natural environment have a way of instilling peace into mind body, but I have a real tense that the whole-itic healing that takes place here operates on an even deeper level that of the soul.

I have been surprised at the extent to which I have benefited them from my short time here and very much moved by the soul to soul connections with other patients and staff that seem to form so naturally at vaidyagrama.

Another gift of this place is that it has strengthened my passion for healing. Awakened my inner healer. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have learnt (and continue to ...)

Learn more about the fascinating science that is Ayurveda directly from those who embody this wisdom. I will visit this place many times again in body and heart.

Many thanks

Beatrice Anna T Vermeir



February 03 2017

A great place for learning and healing.

Wonderful doctors and stuff

Insightful discussions

Exceptionally healthy food

I’ll keep vaidyagrama in my heart!!!




February 01 2017  

Thank you Vaidyagrama and its entire staff for the stay.




February 01 2017

In 28 days, what an experience in this amazing place with absolutely fine doctors doing the best to make us feel good.

Thank you to the beautiful ladies giving massage and bathing us with a smile and care.

Thank you to the administration desk for being present when we need them, thank you to all people participating to the cooking I enjoyed kanji and khichdi, even though I miss my French food .

Thank you to all, the one I have not seen but are there to make the place beautiful dream.

Everything is here to please the guest and entertain them with traditions, Puja, Satsang, group dinner, cooking class.

I am grateful to have the chance to be here and be healed in such a way.

Namaste merciful

Brigitte Belliardo